With two hours delay on the plane Komodo we´re coming Hopefully we will see Komodo dragons and maybe even mantas and we are only 5 persons that is very relaxed, now we are looking for any boat, we just pick the best one out So we arrived at our first spot, no idea where, whats the name… Any? we’ll show that down here somwhere yes, that’s nice that not only I am clueless so great, now we go a bit on the mountains there should be a good view… they say Now we have paid 200 per person, that is 10 euros for that we are allowed to climb the hills and unfortunately we are not allowed to make any drone videos was just forbidden, dont know why tho we have to go there black beach white beach and there the pink beach we found dolphins we swim closer now 5 or 6 of them I guess a whole family So now we are on the way, we want to find komodo dragons and we have guides with us the good thing is that they are armed with
sticks That makes us definitely safer we have learned that they also can kill people thank god we have someone who is familiar how to use a stick wild boar found this one is quite old, it is almost fully grown about three meters yes maybe 2 1/2 meters and over there is another one he’s hiding there So after the first incredible spot we are now at the Taka Makassar reef and look at this view there is an island and there we´re going now and then we snorkel that’s just amazing, look at this water that was something today… we have seen today Komodos we saw mantas, pigs, reindeer, dolphins, turtles and lots of fish I´ve seen a shark, she unfortunatly not but I have seen a baby shark we werent able to record it, he left so fast, we saw a stinging fish Lion fish it is called, no idea how to call it in German looked interesting tho… and did we say Mantas? Oh my god those Mantas… breath taking to swim with mantas … they are so huge it was breathtaking to dive down there to take the pictures and just swimming above them is just phenomenal they just float so elegantly through the water … so we can only recommend you this tour costs a little more, 1.2 million we have paid, but it is worth it completely you get everything explained, the guide is at your side And there are so many boats in Labuan Bayo so it´s difficult to find something there, the boats are somehow rickety and made of wood and it would take 4 – 5 hours to drive to the Komodo islands and so we preferred to take one that is a bit faster a speedboat and you can see everything in one day, rather than like other tours that can go on for days Now we look at the beautiful sunset and treat ourselves
with some Indonesian food We really fell in love with the Indonesian food which you can not see anymore is the fried rice and fried noodles but that depends on how
it was made some can do that really good and in some places it tastes greasy and disgusting … I like the vegetables here and chicken ofcourse and they put
so many chillis in for me that’s perfect, I love it … now I’m getting hungry too, I’m looking forward to it Now we look at the sunset and then eat that was really breathtaking and what
for a day Oh yes, tomorrow we will fly to Denpasar stay there for one night, upload this video there, and then we sit 16 hours in the plane 12 hours? 12
hours jeah… and then fly to? We go, we have to go Manta boy, the best guy you have to the tour with him

Randy Schultz

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  1. Wayne East java says:

    Welcome to my country bro. Komodo island

  2. R29 Seneva says:

    Nice sound like a Jurassic world.

  3. Abizar al Ghifari says:

    What a lovely holiday…nice video

  4. santri panutan says:

    Pawangnya amatiran justru bisa nuat komodo marah

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