Imagine Dragons – Nothing Left To Say (Art Film)

Imagine Dragons – Nothing Left To Say (Art Film)

Randy Schultz

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21 thoughts on “Imagine Dragons – Nothing Left To Say (Art Film)

  1. Pufidik 123 says:


  2. Dany Argeñal says:

    O. M. G its so beautiful they are under the water?! 😳😳

  3. Yandro Rodrigues says:

    Bom de maaaaais

  4. Ryan Zayn says:

    Imagine dragon best my music 🎶

  5. Lapis Gaming says:

    I love this song so much, it’s underrated

  6. Nayeli Melchor says:

    Reminds me of my DM. Just surrendered him and I know he is going through something deep because I feel it.

  7. Equipped Melon22 says:

    All imagine dragons songs I can name off the top of my head:
    Next to me
    Nothing left to say
    Every night
    Whatever it takes
    Bad liar
    Waking the wire
    On top of the world
    Bleeding out
    Working man
    Bet my life
    It’s time
    Sucker for pain
    I’m so sorry
    Ready aim fire
    Who we are
    Battle cry
    I don’t know why
    😅 am I addicted to this amazing band???

  8. كرافس Mr.celery says:


  9. Jonatan Soares says:


  10. hannah knox says:


  11. María López says:

    I wasn't expecting this. I'm so happy. This is my favourite song on the whole world.

  12. C89-HD says:

    Sea of love , my friend…

  13. Thrasos says:

    Imagine Dragons 2020: Nothing left to say(art film)
    Imagine Dragons 2050: Nothing to left to say(lyric video)

  14. Brooklyn Girl says:

    Magical!!!!! G-D bless!

  15. farideh zakaryaei says:

    Just next to me :))))))

  16. BJR says:

    Around. Of. A. F****. PLAUSE!!

  17. Reymark Cabil says:

    I still see their coldplay vibe. 😎

  18. Soinas Doyi says:

    That one kid in class who can't stop moving

  19. Josh Jones says:

    waited 8 years for this, still not disappointed

  20. ErinSilver says:

    Start the video.. and what if.. I don't like the song…
    End : OMG ❤🥰

  21. Royale Side says:

    Imagine approaching your crush was like that: 0:30

  22. Yaning Wu says:

    they're really taking "drowning in the waters of my soul" to a whole new level huh

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