Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds on His Guilt as a ‘Unique Mormon’ – Extended Cut

Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds on His Guilt as a ‘Unique Mormon’ – Extended Cut

Hello my friend. Well hello. It’s good to see you. You too. All right, so I
was lucky enough– Dan sent me an advanced copy
of this when he finished it. And I just, and I– I hope– you saw some
of it today, right? Everybody– we showed them
as much as we could today. It’s so good and so important
and I’m so proud of you. I love you and I’m a fan
anyway of your music and you. But I think this is really cool. So explain where you grew up and
a little bit about who you are and how this happened. Cool. Yeah, I grew up in Las Vegas,
raised Mormon, family of nine– so eight boys, one girl. And yeah, Mormonism is– anybody who’s raised Mormon
knows that it’s very– it’s not like a religion
where you just go on the holidays or something. It’s like your whole
life is based around it. I was a little
rebellious growing up. Not anything crazy, but always
a little bit of the black sheep of the family. And then ended up
getting kicked out of BYU, which is like the
Mormon college that you go to. And I got kicked
out for having sex with my girlfriend
of four years. And that was a really
devastating moment for me. A lot of kind of like
needless shame and guilt. And it was the first
time that I really felt conflicted, where my
heart and my mind didn’t align. I felt like why is this thing
that feels right also something that gets me kicked
out of college and shames me in my
community and made me feel all this guilt. And I don’t know, that’s kind
of where my first, like– I felt like something
needed to change, I guess. You know, I grew up and
I had a lot of friends who were gay and Mormon. They couldn’t come
out to their parents. They couldn’t even come
out to me because we just wouldn’t talk about it. But it was kind of known,
you know what I mean? Yeah. And watching their
struggle for me was awful. And then feeling a bit of
shame in my life over something I shouldn’t have been
shamed about help me to kind of identify
to some degree with what our LGBTQ
youth face all the time with an orthodox
religion, which is feeling guilt and shame about
something that’s beautiful and
perfect and normal. Right. And– Yeah. [CLAPPING] So you’re feeling all that and– but what made you, because
it’s one thing to feel all that and to talk about
it kind of low key. Because you have a career,
you’re doing very well. What made you decide to
be so vocal about it? You know, I have an
incredible therapist, which I’m trying to
de-stigmatize that word as much as possible because I think
it’s really powerful to have a therapist, who told me
I needed to live my truth. And it was something I’ve
known for a long time, but I hate to hurt
people’s feelings. And I love my family. I never want to disrespect my
family or Mormonism or anybody. You know, because I just believe
that you can’t ever understand someone else’s story. You can’t speak for them,
you shouldn’t judge them. But on the same
note, you know, he told me basically you need
to offend people sometimes. You have to speak your truth. And if you don’t, you’re
just kind of suffocating. Like you’re not even living. And I realized I hadn’t been. And so for me one of my big
truths that I needed to speak, that I felt a weight about was
guilt. And I’d lived with it. Like every Imagine
Dragons song– I know most people
think like they’re about like radioactive
like zombies or something, but they’re really not. It’s all about,
really, a lot of guilt that I’ve dealt with
since I was very young. And depression and
things that stemmed from unnecessary judgment. Yeah. And so, yeah. So you’re helping so many
people by doing this. I just have to
say the Utah youth suicide, the leading cause
of death for Utah kids ages 11 to 17 is suicide. Suicide in Utah has increased
141% because of the shame they feel from
the Mormon church. Nationally, the rate
increased an average of 6%. LGBT youth are at
eight times higher risk of suicide because of this
shame that society puts on them. So and it comes from
every angle, you know. I mean, speaking as
someone who grew up knowing that every magazine
is a man and a woman, and every billboard is a man– You know, it’s just,
even if it’s not spoken, it’s just you know
that you’re not part of what you’re supposed to be. So for you to speak out and
to do something like this is going to help so many people. You’re going to
save so many lives. So I thank you. And there are going to
be so many kids that are going to be alive
because of you, because of what your doing. [CLAPPING] And not to disrespect
any religion at all, but sometimes I think when
you are raised in a certain– it gets, they get
inside your head. And it’s just repetition
from generation to generation to generation, as you
see in this documentary that you put out,
that people don’t even think for themselves anymore. They’re just doing what
they think they’re supposed to do because of this religion. Tell everyone–
last week you asked your mother this question. And tell them what you
asked and what she said. Yeah, I think this is
an important question because it really
sheds a light on what it’s like to be conflicted
about your faith, but also what you
feel in your heart. So me and my mom has had a
lot of dialogue about this. My whole family is super
active Mormon still. I still, I qualify myself as
a Mormon, but a unique Mormon. And so I was sitting
down with my mom. And I asked her, you know, mom– and this is probably a terrible
question to ask of your mom. But we were arguing about
things, not arguing, but– yeah we were
arguing a little bit. And I said, you know,
there are two train tracks and I was tied on one. And the other was
like, I think I said like Jesus or God or
Joseph Smith, something that symbolized a lot of
weight to my mom spiritually. And I said, you know, both these
trains were coming, which– who are you going
to save, you know? And my mom was just
kind of silent, and I think she just said, I
can’t answer that question. I don’t know. And for me, I have three
daughters, I’m like, come on, this is like
such a no brainer. Like, you know, I
would save [INAUDIBLE].. And the thing is, I
know my mom said that. I know 100% my mom
would be running over, untying me, and
be like, you know, getting me off the train track. There’s no question. But for her to
see how conflicted she was even with that question,
and me being far enough removed from– like taking a
step back from religion and spirituality even to
deal with like my own things. I don’t know, it was
like, I know my mom, I know what she would do. But that really reflected to
me how when it’s in, you know, it’s your everything. Mormonism is like everything. Judaism is your everything. It’s your culture. It’s like, you know, when you’re
raised in these really orthodox religions, it’s,
you know, you can’t separate between
who you are and what this was that was
taught to you every day. And if you don’t, that
can be really dangerous if you’re taught things
that are incorrect. Yeah, yeah, just
and, you know, not that anyone is teaching hate. But any kind of intolerance
is basically, it’s a different form of
judgment and not accepting. And, you know, it’s really
hard to tell not, for me, to not understand that we
should love our uniqueness. We should love how
individual we all are. And how, and that’s
what makes us special, is how different we all are. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared or
saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer. And also some videos of
Ellen and other celebrities, if you’re into
that sort of thing.

Randy Schultz

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    Ellen, you who are not at all religious, should not be having an opinion on what your perception of religion is. Your comments are not even to close to what true religion and belief is. It’s not passed down dumbly from generation to generation. I don’t know about Mormonism but speaking as a Christian, Christianity is a tolerant religion and we love everyone. We want to bring everyone to Christ. So please don’t spread your bigotry and negativity about a religion you know nothing about. Thanks

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