I’m Basically an Exotic Vet! – Testing My Reptile’s Fecals

I’m Basically an Exotic Vet! – Testing My Reptile’s Fecals

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “I’m Basically an Exotic Vet! – Testing My Reptile’s Fecals

  1. Sprocking says:

    A few things for you to look up before treating any animals on your own (from an actual vet):
    -Different dosages for different species – toxicity can definitely occur if wrongly dosed
    -Parasitic resistance to dewormers, and repeated deworming can induce resistance
    -Intermittent excretion parasites
    -Not all endoparasites can be diagnosed via fecal flotation
    -Not all parasites can be treated with pyrantel
    -Please…do use a vet before starting treatment, parasites can be very tricky to treat

    This would be illegal to do in Europe..

    P.S. those were definitely not parasite eggs

  2. Arizona Vivariums says:

    Vets with decades of schooling and experience:

    Am I a joke to you?

  3. Pet 4ever 1 says:

    Ha this was funny ?

  4. RMZ life says:

    Thinks I just killed my snake doing shit I learned from you…. going to Brian's channel to learn how to do it right…..

  5. Georgina Le Saux says:

    As a microbiology student who has to do stuff like this everyday this hurt to watch. Enjoyed it but also all I could think of is gloves and no aseptic techniques aaaaaaa

  6. DumpyJ0 says:

    Very concerned Geniuses in this comment section I see. I’m glad that so many can decide that they know more than others, while also being rude to assert their dominance and show just how good they are inside.

  7. Albert Constantine says:

    Will 4,294 pounds of my anaconda's fecal matter be enough for you to test, if I officially sign ownership over to you for the period of time you work with the crap? I mean fecal.

    I knew I was saving it for a reason.

  8. Kelly That’s me says:

    Wat is happening to Goherping

  9. Bok Choy says:

    Alex to Brian Barczyk: “ok boomer”

  10. Kim Jongdae says:

    Alex: I’m not a vet.
    Also Alex: I’m basically a vet.

  11. Half Normal says:

    Nice vid

  12. guns,knifes,and reptiles says:

    I need to breed my beardy so would u like to breed urs with mine, mines a girl though

  13. BarczykFan! Hilger says:

    Alex: dont ask me stuff about ur animals…. In not a vet I just keep animals
    Also Alex: I'm basically a vet…

  14. Aoi Ookami says:

    I too drink bio-hazard waste. Yay!

  15. 626Matts says:

    At first im like WHY THE HELL DID YOU SMELL THE SAMPLE… and then he drinks it ?

  16. silver scape says:

    I think you did Ethan wrong by taking over Emerald scales and making him start his own business. He was there when Emerald scales was unheard of and because of your YouTube channel your guys business gained a lot of attention and just because you got a gf you felt the need to part ways. Now he has to start all over with a business that no one knows about. He was the one going with you to pick up animals and do all the stuff with you that your gf does now back when you had no subs and no one knew about your business. Then when yours and Ethan's business gets notoriety from YouTube vids (which he was in a lot of them with you) you desert him and make him have to start all over while you reap all the benefits which is foul to do that to your friend that was a good friend that would of done anything for you. Friends like that are hard to find. I wish I had a friend like Ethan. You did him wrong bro and for that I'll be unsubbing and disliking every video you make. Ethan deserves to be the other half of Emerald scales. Not the fat slob of a gf you have today.

  17. kingy krngy says:

    Can i know your sr ?

  18. janae francis says:

    alex’s humor is so underrated, i died laughing multiple times during the video

  19. Cameron McDaniel says:

    Always smelling things that nobody thinks to smell.

  20. Sabrina Mitchell says:

    Uhm I think its awesome of you to care so much about your animals that you take things like this that you are capable of into your own hands. Who could you trust more than yourself when it comes to caring for your animals?

  21. Corrina- Leigh Forster says:


  22. Blythe Swayze says:

    Good lord I love your sass. ??

  23. peter peter baby eater says:

    ah, biohazard. my favorite drink.

  24. LuCk7 says:

    This is so chaotic

  25. Cheyenne says:

    me, a biochemist: i… uhh.. * intense internal groaning * okay. just. yes. no. * breathe *

    * he’s legitimately certified. don’t worry. *

    aside from some lab protocol adjustments, this is actually something i wish i would have thought of when i had reptiles.

  26. TheVeryMagenta Puppy says:

    I like how he kinda flexed on @Nicole Ward

  27. A Rodent's Capacity says:

    I love you. ?

  28. Hector Luna says:

    I was a vet. Tech for about 6 years you need help dude it's a tricky to spot eggs I can give you some pointers.

  29. Nikki L. McLaughlin says:

    Your wry sense of humor cracks me up! I had to do a double take with you taking that shot of fecal…then saw the red, lol. So was it juice? A great reference to identify eggs and parasites is Klingenberg's "Understanding Reptile Parasites." I did my own fecals a couple months ago, with nearly the same tools and supplies you used, and the book helped me differentiate between coccidia ova and Trichomonas. It has pictures for hookworm, roundworm, and pinworm ova as well as other parasites commonly found in reptiles and herps. Google is a shot in the dark for newbies until they become more familiar with the different kinds of parasites that are found in reptiles.

  30. Senni Tuominen says:

    Ill throw hands if people get triggered over this video ? this channel is GOLD

  31. Zachariah Goddard says:

    Dude is hilarious.

  32. Vintage Vixen says:

    As a Medical Technologist (someone who does this testing for a living and went to school for it) with 20 years experience…I give you a gold star. I mean, if Brian signed off. it HAS to be legit. +1 for your humor!

  33. Sarah Shine says:

    This is great because I work at a vet clinic and have done fecals many times before

  34. Sylvia says:

    All these years and you're still my favorite YouTuber

  35. Natasha Goosby says:

    No chaser?

  36. Random says:

    At 4:19 he sounds so strange ?

  37. Korryn Tyndall says:

    My fiancée is pre-vet and planning to specialize in exotic animals so I'm set for life ??‍⚕️

  38. sandramorrison99 says:

    I was laffing so HARD!!! I ? you!!!

  39. RoxasZy98 says:

    you know what they say:
    "you are not a vet unless you test poop" or how did it go? (ps it was a joke 'just in case')

  40. MacKenzie Karsonovich says:

    This video is so trolly and I love it

  41. Holly Barr says:

    my heart stopped for a sec when he knocked back that fecal test

  42. Amber C says:

    Oh fecals are easy. Used to do it at a vet's

  43. Kluleess says:

    brilliant video.

  44. Reptiliatus says:

    This is great! I’m actually doing a similar video soon as I also do my own fecals on my animals so it’s nice too see others doing it! ???

  45. Sabryn Phillips says:

    The content on this channel just keeps getting better and better?

  46. Saturn Venice says:

    Um so you get "certified" by one of the most abusive reptile keepers I think that's one of the most irresponsible things ever who even taught you and also become a certified exotic vet you actually have to become a certified vet then apply to become a certified exotic vet

  47. Out of The Hat says:

    Alex is a vet in mirrorworld, but in this reality where he clearly isn't we all know that means he's getting 10,000 DMs from people who want him to fix their pet, won't go to an actual vet, and will keep waiting for a response weeks after they DMd because they refuse to get their pet actual medical care when harassing a youtuber is way less effective.

  48. Caroline Witherspoon says:

    I love this, wish I could meet you sometime I live in Charlotte!!

  49. ᴍᴀɢᴇ ᴍʏsᴛ says:


  50. KromedScorpion345 says:

    7:30 wait wait alex wtf

  51. javier diaz says:

    It’s funny how a kid thinks that know way more then a person that has been around reptiles for a very long time n have many friends that have works with thousands of animals in total he uses Brian as a bad person on a lot of videos why can’t he just do a video with out trying to bash on someone for his own person gain smh

  52. flyingrabbit says:

    I know someone who had a really sick rabbit that the vets could not figure out what was wrong with— so a woman who rescues hedgehogs who is on our local rabbit forum, not a vet, and had all the microscopes and equipment looked at the rabbits poops and found a parasite that was not usually found in rabbits, so she saved the rabbit. So the non-vet figured out the problem, not the real vet. Sometimes do it yourself is better than the vet because the owner cares more and will work harder to figure it out. Vets won't always spend the extra time it takes, they are charging you to spend 15 minutes looking at your animal- if they can't figure it out they go on to the next client.

  53. Rebecca Weaver says:


  54. AntsCzech says:

    Can you pls list all the stuff used in the video? <3

  55. Anthony Ocasio says:

    this is pretty yikes dude

  56. carter krueger says:

    I always figured you liked to play with poop

  57. Mandmdiaz00 says:

    You should get a spot at a pet expo and show people how to test poop and drink it.

  58. Kacee Larson says:

    My bearded dragon is in brumation and, as most things I research about reptiles, everybody recommends something different. Should I still keep his lights on? Should I turn them on for a shorter time each day? And help would be great! Thanks!

  59. Skylar L says:

    This guy is so funny, I’ve laughed more at this video than bigger you tubers LMAO

  60. Candle Lynx says:

    Do you want to become a veterinarian?

  61. Katie Perkins says:

    Love your channel so much

  62. Sydney Davis says:

    Just subscribed but have bee curiously watching your videos for a while love the content… of reptile poop

  63. Will James says:

    multiple people thinking you actually drank poop water is sending me

  64. Stacey Roberts says:

    I can’t even count how many times I laughed. Ever thought of standup?? This video was hilarious!! I can’t believe u posted it but that makes it even funnier that u can laugh at it too ??

  65. Ella Beltz says:

    i am a new leopard gecko owner, and i just installed my under heating mat. Im afraid it isnt hot enough, yet i bought the one that says up to 20 gallons, and mine is around 15. I have a strip thermometer on the side of the tank and it is reading 79 degrees currently, and I know it is supposed to be around 86-93. im honestly terrified that my gecko isnt happy with it or that something is wrong. Any advice?

  66. Joshua Hale says:

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with this guy? I've been trying for an hour.

  67. Spicy moon says:

    He's achieving peak comedy

  68. Stephanie G says:

    Why make fun of ppl? They're is no reason. Just do you.

  69. SinriWoah LIVE! says:

    my gf and i live in the U.S. and we have a GORGEOUS, completely healthy year and a half- 2 year old female Eastern Rat Snake named Little Bit that i am no longer able to keep. i have been looking for a new home for her since before summer with no luck (ppl dont want Rat Snakes, *pfft*) but was REALLY REALLY hoping that you would be willing to take her as i absolutely no matter what refuse to give her to animal control or release her in the wild just out of fear for her safety, and my own conscious wont allow me to but still i am slowly running out of people to ask and dont know what to do… i really hope that you have some available space and that this would be possible… she is absolutely stunning in her patterns(whites with pinkish/peach/orange markings, and every shade of blacks,browns, and grays mixed in for good measure)… she is just a little bit of a biter not to a point in the habit that she cant be talked out of it with just a little attention im sure, but the biting its mainly in her encloser as Eastern rat Snakes are a bit territorial of their home's.. but overall she is a very good girl and totally healthy, at her appropriate weight, and a very willing and excited eater …. so yeah my gf and i would be SOOOO grateful if you would be able to help us out also i forgot to mention we are big fans and absolutely love your videos, anyways thank you for your time and i hope to hear back from you soon….

    Marsh & Skye

  70. Butas says:

    When your getting views for bashing others
    Head is getting big

  71. rebekah says:

    Omg vet supplies from Walmart…. yah.. ??

  72. rebekah says:

    I laughed the whole way through.
    But hey why not!
    U did well.
    And hey, the only way to learn is hands on!

  73. Sadie Collins says:

    So I can send you the entire content of my cats litter box every time I clean it? Cool.

  74. Jackie Obedoza says:

    Just study to be a veterinarian. So you don't have to say licensed vet in sarcasm.

  75. heaven R says:

    Hazardous but ya drank it?! Lol

  76. Kerry Sheehan says:

    “I got this from Walmart”

  77. elliewellie says:

    You could get your vet tech certification in less than 2 years if you want to. It's a community college degree.

  78. Elizabeth King says:

    “I can’t do blood work… right now”

  79. Elizabeth King says:

    If you ask one of the vet techs in your area to give you a run down of how to do fecals they would likely help. There are some other tricks they could show you too to become proficient at looking for parasites and they can help you identify what is a parasite and what is not a parasite based on its characteristics. It’s a cool skill and I bet they would love to help you out.

  80. Meghan Sager says:

    Can you sign my zoologist papers to 100% verify me, haha

  81. bootiibandit says:

    Dude, your channel is rad and I enjoy your style of humor sprinkled in. Don't overdo it and keep up the good work.

  82. Hayden Francis says:

    lmao i'm in a pre vet class in high school and we've recently started doing fecal floats

  83. Aubrey Gallafent says:

    This is the funniest video I've watched in like a year

  84. Ty'waun Spratley says:

    I really want a lizard that acts like (has the characteristics) of the abronia that you uses to have, please help if you find one can you post a video on it and sale it…(DIBS its mine no one else can have it)

  85. Miss Anthropist says:

    Might wanna add that only you can digest biohazards Alex. Us mortals will die.

  86. Ayo Pears says:

    It would have been amazing, if he first tested the process on his own feces ?

  87. Drue Sheffield says:

    I love how all over the place your videos are. It's so entertaining!

  88. Gold Piece says:

    No, you're not a vet. You're an arrogant political gay.

  89. Anthony Caban says:

    Help.Can you do A video on mouth rot and the medicine they are given?cant find a vet were i live and my dudes muth is swollen and need to know were to get the medicine?

  90. Nancy Ruelas says:

    I can't decide what's funnier the actual video or the comments???

  91. Tracy M says:

    I am very impressed that you're a licensed vet now. ? I love the humour. Seriously though. Good on ya mate for what you do for these animals. It's a lot of hard work and dedication. You'll have the fecals down in no time.

  92. Vegan Big Mac says:

    Can you please make another Axolotl video please

  93. Alyson Flathers says:


  94. Ingrid Johansan says:

    Bro I fuckin died.

  95. big dog says:

    Stolen valor

  96. ost324 says:

    Speaking as an actual vet, it’s definitely true that most reptile and other exotics keepers know as much if not much more about those species’ healthcare than we do! At least in my vet school our exotics education was basically nil.

    Edit: I’ve learned way more about reptiles from your channel than we ever discussed at school!

  97. Jean Carr says:

    The title is me after I do anything for the first time

  98. Flordia Bella says:

    Is he high

  99. Vandana Menser says:

    Probably more like 15 to thshsthss 8

  100. ReptiTube - Produced by Table Top Entrepreneurs says:

    Get em kid and dont stop for anyone.

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