I’m a Pterodactyl – Dinosaur Songs from Dinostory by Howdytoons

I’m a Pterodactyl – Dinosaur Songs from Dinostory by Howdytoons

[acoustic guitar intro] [electric guitar chords] I’m a Pterodactyl I’m flying high in the sky I’m a Pterodactyl I’m not a dinosaur ’cause I can fly I come from an egg that’s laid in a nest Like the birds I’m related to I grow up to be strong and before very long I’m flying like my parents do ’cause I’m a Pterodactyl I’m flying high in the sky I’m a Pterodactyl I’m not a dinosaur ’cause I can fly We’ve got lots of different types, like a
Quetzalcoatlus With his wings 35 feet long Some eat meat that they found sittin’ on the ground And some eat fish like the Pteranodon I’m a Pterodactyl I’m flying high in the sky I’m a Pterodactyl I’m not a dinosaur ’cause I can fly We’ve got hollow bones to help make us light So it’s easier when we fly We’ve got crests on our heads, some have beaks,
some have teeth Listen and you’ll hear us cry I’m a Pterodactyl I’m flying high in the sky I’m a Pterodactyl I’m not a dinosaur ’cause I can fly Everybody! I’m a Pterodactyl I’m flying high in the sky I’m a Pterodactyl I’m not a dinosaur ’cause I can fly Sit and watch me fly Up into the sky

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “I’m a Pterodactyl – Dinosaur Songs from Dinostory by Howdytoons

  1. Kooka Man says:

    Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a Pterodactyl!

  2. free yes says:

    The only thing is that you are cooler

  3. Randy Schultz says:


  4. UI Goku says:

    IT'S A PTERANODON!!!!!!!! >:3

  5. Miguel e Brincadeirinhas says:

    meu irmão ama

  6. efe_rottweiler the kukulkan says:

    i listened alot this song when i was 4 yeas:DGreat job best music ever!!
    i like who agree?
    if you agree like the comment

  7. efe_rottweiler the kukulkan says:

    it's ptererdon not pterodyle sorry tell me if i type wrong im 8 years

  8. Pterodactyl Mommy翼龍媽咪 says:

    (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و ♪This is my favorite Dinosaur song ♫✧.* ♪
    💛💜💚💙❤Thank you for your lovely music (♥ω♥灬)💕

  9. efe_rottweiler the kukulkan says:

    Hey howdytoons i changed my userName its me Dragon keeper!

  10. efe_rottweiler the kukulkan says:

    This was my first song that i ever heard in my life

  11. Marley Burner says:

    BTW pterodactyls are not dinosaurs they are reptiles

  12. Galvatron74 says:

    pterodactyls dont have teeth

  13. efe_rottweiler the kukulkan says:

    Can we reach 97872762726B likes for howdytoons please😉

  14. evanisovich says:

    You can tell the guitarist really, really likes The Who.

  15. Marcelo Pirangi says:


  16. Enola Lemonade says:

    1:16 Drug 🙁

  17. Isobel Chambers says:

    i love this so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Miguel Balau says:

    ,,, mas

  19. Lorencegaming28 says:


  20. jinfrozenfire says:

    I always thought that pterodoctyl is a dinosaur

  21. Omayra Lopez says:

    that's not a pterodactyl, that's a flying dinosaur called a pteranodon.

  22. NobodyNobodyButYou says:

    you dont have teeth

  23. Larry Osit says:

    I'm an actual pterodactl

  24. j r says:

    uhm they actually arent dinosaurs
    calling pterodactyl a dinosaur is the same as calling dog a bird

  25. Zaibun Zaibun says:


  26. Maeveee says:

    OMG! This is my favorite dinosaur song !!! ❤❤❤

  27. Carissa Hoop says:

    Just because A pterodactyl can fly doesn't mean it's not a dinosaur this song is lying I pterodactyl is a dinosaur

  28. Roman Vasilchuk says:

    Pterodactyls are my favorite even though they Went instinct well actually they didn't because birds remind me of pterodactyls and of course I love birds too

  29. Roman Vasilchuk says:

    The sounds of the beginning of the song remind me of phoenix simulator when you attack it sounds like this in the beginning

  30. irenka horvatova says:

    i love this song

  31. Rosalía Solano says:

    amo esta canción

  32. Josh Malench says:

    My spirit animal

  33. Alesha Mcdonald says:


  34. oreo the dog says:

    i love you howdytoons

  35. Goji98 says:

    that's a tapjera not Quetzalcoatlus

  36. TishaTheBrave says:

    My little cousin sings this all the time!

  37. C Jones says:

    Howdytoons I REALLY LIKE THIS

  38. C Jones says:

    Pterodactyl: I'm Flying!
    me: Oh crap
    pterodactyl: tries to catch me
    me: holds fish
    pterodactyl: OH YAY
    grabs from fish

  39. david johor says:

    I love this song😍😍😍😍😍😍

  40. Christie Davis says:

    Pterodactyl: hi
    Me: hi
    Pterodactyl: wanna ride?
    Me: yep
    Pterodactyl: ok going up
    Me: yay
    Me: oh no

  41. Sir Beanhead the 21st says:

    Pteranodons didn’t have teeth their name literally translates to toothless wing

  42. Sir Beanhead the 21st says:

    Also where are the picnofibers

  43. Chillin Like a Dylan says:

    I love pteradactyl

  44. Lizzza Petals says:

    actually these guys didnt have teeth

  45. Boss 29 says:

    I love it!😍😍

  46. Sea Flame says:

    There HUGE like a air plane!

  47. ImperatorZor says:

    Dinosaurs can fly, they're called birds

  48. Sarjo Adams says:


  49. Ryoko The Magic Tiger says:

    I'm Amazed! I sing it at school in 4th grade but I sing it in my head so it isn't weird

  50. Hillary Davis says:

    Beginning was straight from The Who’s Tommy pinball wizard

  51. Lady snake84 says:

    If only the pterodactyl Bullzeye from Extreme Dinosaurs can be this free to fly.

  52. Kay Cuthbertson says:

    this reminds me of Zelda for some reason

  53. SinovenatorSam YT says:

    Yo hol up. 1. This a pteranodon, not a pterodactyl. 2. Pterodactyls were actually around the size of a fruit bat. 3. They were not related to birds

  54. ELECTRO Sloth22 says:

    I use this to wind up my dad

  55. Darklady 80 says:

    Terodatli ma na na

  56. Frank Garrett says:

    "Pass the aux fam"

  57. Josephine Aarami says:

    No a pteranodon

  58. Kim Laporte says:

    If your not a dinosaur then what are you ??🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 are you a bird 🤔🤔?

  59. triangûlo dançarino says:

    pteranodon not pterodactly

  60. triangûlo dançarino says:

    pteranodon not pterodactyl

  61. julia capone says:

    come on,i subcribed and liked your video and everything,so when my spinosaurus idea will come? i tell you,spinosaurus is a carnivore and have a spiny sail on its back and bigger than a T-rex and a little bigger than a gigantosaurus and hunts fishes because it can swim in water and run in land

  62. super babo real super peacock says:

    so Biutiful 😮😊😉😃

  63. Darlene Reyes says:

    I love it this song

  64. апа галаган says:

    I LOVE 💞 pterodactyl

  65. Onii Kitty735 says:

    Me: hi
    pterodactyl: Wanna ride?
    Me: sure
    pterodactyl: let's find some fish
    pterodactyl: never mind Extinction event
    Me: OH NO!!!

  66. Curt Steven Rodaste says:

    My favorite song

  67. KrabzAga says:

    they are not related to birds

  68. dinosaur mic bankston says:

    This animal is a flying reptile

  69. Gabriela Palma says:


  70. Bonnie Simpson says:

    im glad you know there not dinosours

  71. Dragon Zilla says:

    Back in college we had a theme of flight session where we could make models of something that fly's and me being a big Dinosaur fan made a Pterodactyl and if I saw this video before, the song would be playing in my head. 🙂

  72. Lyra's Life says:

    It is 3:45 in the morning, how did I get here? XD

  73. Teruashi Kusuo says:

    This is so childish and Cringey delete it

  74. Anne Puspayanti says:

    I licked this song soooooooooooooooooo much

  75. Courtney G says:

    it is a dinosaur because for example peiguins are birds but they cant fly so..

  76. Sheiker5002 says:

    This is pteranodon!!

  77. Bernaliza Casareno says:

    I watched this when I was still a child…….
    It hasn’t changed it’s still great as ever

  78. Super Mario Logan Fan says:

    Pterodactyl-Winged Finger-Europe

  79. Betty Marsh says:

    There is also a great one called ornithocirus

  80. Rand0m Things You May Like The Pangolin says:

    They’re not realated to birds and don’t have teeth

  81. Ciona fernandes says:

    I like it very much 😘

  82. Dinosaur Studios says:

    Pterodactyl is not a real name

  83. Betsy Arana Cadillo says:

    Rcfxv hvivvk

  84. Billy Honda says:

    Why didn't you hear the pterodactyl that gone to the bathroom

  85. Umbreon Oak says:

    I really love this channel

  86. Cail Dane says:

    at 2:14 I see the group but jenny is now a boy

  87. David Fisher says:

    Love this song. I wrote a similar song. My wife is a pterodactyl. I wanna meet this singer.

  88. bunny bear says:

    pterodacty is a reretila

  89. Emma Field says:

    This song makes me think of my little 2yr old boy who is dino obsessed and loves these videos. He tries to sing this song, its so cute 👶🏻🦖🦕🎸

  90. kacey says:

    they cant fly because theyre dead

  91. Randy Schultz says:

    I like this song

  92. Jay23 ge Yohan's World says:

    Pterodactyl looks good to dinosaurs in 2:57 ptery as long as school petry the pterodactyl

  93. puffball wolf gacha life bfb girl Lillian bien says:

    yaya so cool

  94. jose palacios says:

    Howdytoons did you know pterodactyl is also known as Pteranodon the reason why is because both of them have a big wings and both of them have the boomerang like heads

  95. Harpy Eagle says:

    the earth is 6 thousand years old

  96. rahnal21 says:

    Think you mean pterosaurs cause yes some have beaks and some had teeth and some had both and some scavenged and others caught fish and queztalquatlus was the size of a bus

  97. Leiquon Smith says:

    They made this for kids yet those eyes though

  98. Bacalhau da Noruega says:

    but dinosaurs can fly….

  99. Jennifer Moore says:

    My 3-year-old grandson, Jack, and I discovered "I'm a Pterodactyl" by accident today (09/09/19) while looking for the sound Pterodactyls made. We both fell in love with this song and a few of the others – T-Rex, one with Terri the Triceratops and Jenny the Ankylosaurus and a Stegosaurus, a Woolly Mammoth song, and a few others … all wonderful kids' songs which we both adored! We listened to them all, especially "I'm a Pterodactyl", over and over. The music is brilliant! I even had Jack headbanging with me to the music to Titanis, The Terror Bird! Love your work, Mike Whitla!

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