Iguana And Hamster Went Missing Inside The House?! | Kritter Klub

Iguana And Hamster Went Missing Inside The House?! | Kritter Klub

I made sure that he was there.. And then, opened the door and left 2 hours later.. Chorong~ Where are you? Chorong went missing?! PD/ Who’s Chorong.. A dog? Mom/ No, he’s an Iguana An iguana?! So this fella.. Went missing in the house..? Mom/ We used to have a hamster with the same name She went missing as well, and we haven’t found her yet PD/ In this house? Mom/ Yes Is this the Bermuda triangle…? We looked for him all day yesterday Where the hecc are you man.. Mom!! I see something small! Come over Here, look! There’s something inside Perhaps he’s behind the fridge? What is it?! PD/ Did you find something? Kid/ Nothing Kid/ I found the iguana’s claw, foreal PD/ Really? Kid/ Nope. Lol shameless kiddo Kid2/ Whenever he’d run away, we’d always find him in 5 min But this time, we searched for him almost all day but still couldn’t find him So we’re worried Where are you, Chorong.. Lowers the room temperature Reptile expert/ The temperature has been set to 32 degrees, and because he’s starved for a while.. So he’s likely to come out for food Oh, wait! Is Chorong there? Who’s this lil cutie pie? There she is Gotcha! I’m Chorong, but.. This is wrong!! Mom/ While looking for Chorong the iguana, we found Chorong the hamster This time.. we’ll get the iguana! Kid/ Uh? Chorong’s over there! Mom/ Where did he come from? Kid/ By the floor. We looked over there, and now you decide to pop up like that? Carefully.. walks around the house Mom/ He hasn’t eaten anything for 3 days, and he used to not eat well as well What should I do with him.. We gotta catch him then Nothing.. Huh? I heard something For sure? / Yes, a ‘ding’ sound Sounds like it’s coming from the guitar There’s something inside! I see his head! Yay we found him! Lol this is so random.. Dad/ I would have never thought.. PD/ Good thing you found him Dad/ Yeah.. Privacy pls.. Mom/ Chorong, come out~ Good boy~ You’ve been through a lot.. Kid/ We were worried. We lost sleep over it You must be hungry~ Kid/ Hope he eats well and gets along with our family so that he wouldn’t feel awk Live happily with us You will do that, right? 😉

Randy Schultz

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2 thoughts on “Iguana And Hamster Went Missing Inside The House?! | Kritter Klub

  1. MAI TRANG says:

    5:19 my god what shot ! 😍 2:36

  2. Trần Thế says:

    ㅋㅌㅋㅌ 밀당 5:15

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