I stepped on a snake!

I stepped on a snake!

It was a hot Sunday morning and I was
inside my room reading a comic when I heard a cicada singing outside my
house normally I would just ignore it but this one was close, very close
I could tell judging from the noise it was making it was pretty loud. Naturally
I wanted to catch it and keep it as a pet. I used to have one a few years prior
to that incident but it flew away after I had it for only an hour or so. I came
out of my room and saw it resting on a tamarind tree but I was really surprised
to see it, there was something different about it it was a cicada In every aspect
manner but to me it was an entirely new species. I had never seen nor heard of
this creature before. yes I do hear them singing every summer but I always
thought it was the rhinoceros beetle that was making that noise don’t ask me
how it was just a hunch that I had and the pet that I mentioned before I
was actually talking about the rhinoceros beetle
anyway after seeing the cicada for the first time in my life I felt that I had
to catch it. The cicada was resting in a pretty low and exposed part of the tree
however it was out of my reach so I went back to my room and took out a bamboo
stick to try and catch it. Now some of you might be wondering how the hell did
I find a bamboo stick inside my room well! I was going through my ninja face
at that time okay and since I didn’t have a real katana
or a kendo stick I substituted it with a bamboo stick now bug off. Anyway I came
out of my room with the bamboo stick and slowly tried to approach the cicada but
I was not gonna let it escape me I started following it it was fast but I
was able to keep up with it. Now at that time my house was located just
30 meters away from a river and that damn cicada was heading straight for the
trees near the riverbank despite the fact that there were plenty of trees
nearby. I was so fixed in chasing the cicada that I didn’t even bother looking
at where I was going and just a few meters away from me there was a snake
behind the bushes it was a pretty large snake about a meter long or maybe
slightly less. I don’t know if the snake saw me
coming or maybe it didn’t get enough time to react which was a good thing by the
way, I headed straight for it and then I instantly felt a weird sensation the
sensation was almost very similar to the time I stepped on my dog’s tail except
it was much softer I instinctively turned around to see what it was and then *screaming* Man that really scared me normally I’m not really scared of snakes but at that
time I was ah! who should i put this surprise scared it was kind of like when someone
creeps up from the corner and goes Weh! and you get scared and jump in
surprise yeah it was kind of like that anyway after realizing what had happened
I was able to quickly gain control of myself
I looked at the snake for a couple of seconds doing its weird thing that’s
snakes to whenever someone steps on them and I realized that I had actually
stepped on his head I was very lucky if I step anywhere else other than its head
things would have been fatal for me so thank God
anyway I was still holding the bamboo stick with me so yeah I killed it. I’m
sorry if you love snakes or animals in general but what can I say, I had to kill
it beside it was too close to my house anyway. After I buried the snake I
realized that the cicada I was chasing was gone. I knew where it went but seeing
that there were more trees and bushes in that area I was like nope not worth it.

Randy Schultz

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