I Purchased Halloween Costumes for My Pets

I Purchased Halloween Costumes for My Pets

Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Halloween edition Video on my channel my pet video Halloween edition don’t really know how to word it What makes this video Halloween edition you may ask well I got some pumpkin Well, I have some pumpkins. I got this spooky hourglass, and we’ve got real spiders. Just kidding That’s not a real spider, but this one is. so today’s video is something I’ve been wanting to make for a while, but I had to wait for all of the parts I ordered to come in the mail. I ordered a lot of outfits from some people on Etsy.com, one person in particular. I ordered about 13 outfits from… 12, maybe? maybe I’m being maybe a little less than that… I don’t know. I ordered a lot and all of these costumes were for sale advertised as for bearded dragons So this lady probably thinks I have so many bearded dragons. probably thinks I’m crazy But no no no, I just have 24 pets. So today, We are going to be dressing up my animals for Halloween I’m gonna try to do this to the best of my ability, but if my animals don’t want to cooperate I am NOT going to like hold them down and force these costumes on them I am NOT trying to go to jail for animal cruelty, and yeah, I could not do that to my animals So we’ll see how well they want these outfits put on them, but it’s probably gonna be a disaster Let’s do it! alright first up. We have bindi (hi baby) bindi is my Blue Tongue skink, and she is going to be a mermaid Which probably really hates me right now. Just gonna say that bindi bindi you look. fabulous. thank you for staying still (send help pls) Think she’s given up on life because she stopped moving so I’m gonna take it all off of her now Come on one more. bindi. It’s beautiful! isn’t that all you’ve ever wanted in life Oh, my god. Sliding it right off of you. Okay, that’s for a picture No, okay, that’s cool Well, see you later bindi. I guess come on Let’s get your little legs Here come on bindi come on ???? She does not want it to happen, okay? This one’s probably not gonna be successful, but I just had to give a try we have their couple here Drogo and Daenerys, they are dating and in love and I wanted to make them Minnie and Mickey Mouse We’ll give it a go see what happens You know if I don’t tie it it might work. Just fine. Yeah there we go Drogo go can you look up for me? Thank you. can you look into the camera? Show them how cute y’all are, oh look at that, it’s adorable Looks like they’re going to Disneyworld Hats are a little big, but that’s okay They’ll grow into them Okay Next up we have Gus and I have chosen a very special outfit for him. I can get him to stay still Gus is… Pizza Rat, oh come on Gus This was supposed to fit a small rat, so I didn’t believe it was gonna fit him But I had to give it a go. I had to try it. Do you have to poop on everything? Anyone who actually succeeds in putting these on must have the most patience in the world Because I’m already losing my patience. like I cannot tie this on him. There’s no way. I don’t, I can’t do it Fine. Gus you won’t be anything for Halloween I definitely got to go wash my hands real quick before I get out the next animal unless I want to get bitten to death. So we are back. Now we have Maui who isn’t too excited about being out right now. all right, Maui Who do you want to be come on Maui? I’m not gonna force him open or anything like if he doesn’t want to come out I’m not gonna make him come out. The reason I chose him instead of my other ball python is because he’s a little thicker. he’s thick So I thought these costumes would maybe fit him a little better, but he’s really just not having it tonight. So now he doesn’t want to be dressed up. this video is just going… Great. so Maui was a no-go, so now we’re gonna try Louie. Louie’s a little friendlier than Maui, see there… He just he shoots right out Starts exploring, okay, Louie. Let’s see if we can get a costume on you. Okay. Where are you going? Where are you going? What are you doing? I mean… Kind of just looks like you’re getting eaten by a shark. that doesn’t look like you are a shark. looks like a shark is Spitting you out. You know there’s probably a reason the dudes are labeled for bearded dragons It’s probably because they don’t they don’t work on other reptiles, but you know, I imagined myself making this video and it was gonna be so good but Instead none of my animals want to cooperate so it’s cool. It’s fine. Oh… Louie is hiding in his own skirt Louie. That’s a skirt. You’re not supposed to go up skirts. Even if it’s your own skirt, I don’t know if it’s okay to do that publicly. get the skirt off. yeah will you be a mermaid please? c’mon. I don’t know my own children’s names. Why do you move like that! you look like a little worm. What are you doing? Oh now, now you want to wear something, okay? I guess you want to wear the hat on your tail Atta, can you say hi, okay. Let’s try to get an outfit on you, Atta. I don’t even know what would fit you out of any of this. I don’t think anything would fit you here. I Had a lot of high hopes for pizza rat, but it looks like it’s not happening so maybe… Pizza Gecko Wow, it actually kind of fits… nope, but it doesn’t let’s try The baby hedgehog out, let’s try Ella She is a lion, she’s a lion… oh My god, I’m sorry ella Ella so confused. Let’s take this off you baby. so now we have Celia and for Celia. I very poorly Attempted to make a tiny witch hat to put on her, in which we will see how well that works. hey! Grumpy, I know you don’t like people that much, but I’m not doing any… Hey. I’m not doing anything to you Celia, don’t do this come on, you choose today to be a brat. Celia, I’ve got an even smaller one what about tiny tiny one little bitty Wow. you’re the one that should have the devil wings because you’re being a devil. There. I give up. Out of curiosity, I’m gonna try Asteroid okay. He’s already hopping For some reason, I really thought Asteroid would be sitting still, but He’s not. Can I put a hat- No! Bad frog! No! now you’re peeing. stop it. stop it. Stop it There. see was that so hard? …okay, little hat c’mon, little hat. Trick or treat, oh no. This guy doesn’t even have to dress up. He’s already all spooky *spook noodle enters* Where are you going? Let me put a little hat on you. Let me put a hat. let me put it. oh no. okay, I’m putting you away. Okay, Echo Let’s see how you do with all this crap. hi. Can i put a witch hat on you? Thank you. Oh, you’re going away. Witch hat. this is very ugly, witch hat. I tried my best though. Echo may be the one that saves the day. He may be the one that lets me put everything on him. Oh look. He’s wearing a hat. That’s a beautiful hat on you, sir That’s uh let’s try another hat No. Beautiful, exactly like I pictured this going. Okay, you know what I’m getting Bindi back out. Bindi is my last hope with these outfits Bindi, you’re so much bigger than everyone else. I didn’t know if you need that. You’re a shark, bindi. That’s the most believable shark. I have ever seen in my life. How you feel Bindi? Well, well, that went about just as awful as I expected so thank you for watching, and I’m sorry I’m a disaster. subscribe if you’d like to. This video probably did a really poor job at making you want to subscribe, but do it anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚ Or don’t. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed even though it was a mess. If you want to try out any of the Halloween costumes that I had, on a bearded dragon… Because that’s clearly what they were made for and not all these other squirmy Animals that don’t like to sit still, you can go ahead and check it out. Also the Hedgehog outfit and the mouse outfit, all of that is in my description Thank you, for watching. I’ll make this video. What makes this video. Well. I got some pumpkin I Got some pumpkins It’s spooky you see, skulls make it scary. That’s not a real spider, but this is. but this one is. but this one is. but this one is. But this one is but uh this one is I’m gonna try to do this to the best of my ability but if the animals don’t want to crop. cooperate… subscribe if you’d like to ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s a hair in my eye Is that my contact is messing up so I have to keep blinking because it’s like Rolling around in my eye. Thank you for watching, and I’m sorry that I am a disaster

Randy Schultz

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