– I’m pretty excited right now, ’cause you guys know that. How could I not care?
– I open the container and said what the hell is this? – The thing that’s interesting of course, this is parthenogenesis because
there’s no male in here, and they look like they’re fertile. It’s really gonna be this really cool nature kind of thing
where there will be like shows kind of like
Animal Planet or Nat Geo, but on YouTube. A leucistic king cobra. – Oh my God. – [Brian] White King Cobra with blue eyes. – Nothing venomous, nothing venomous. – So I’m thinking about maybe
hiring on a business person, someone that really knows business. Not just someone that’s passionate, but someone that can maybe
help mold all our companies into something bigger and better. (dramatic music) Hey good morning everybody, and welcome to the vlog. Hope the start of your day is amazing. I’m pretty excited right
now ’cause you guys know that we had a couple clutches of mossy tree frog eggs. Because you guys know that we had a couple clutches of mossy tree frog eggs that didn’t hatch because
they were basically infertile. Well today, I was walking
by and guess what, they are in amplexus. So basically what happens
is when frogs breed it’s called amplexus. The male will actually grab the female wrap around her and that’s how they actually fertilize the eggs. The first two clutches were infertile ’cause we never saw amplexus. Now that we’ve seen amplexus, I’m assuming that this girl is gonna lay eggs within the next 24 hours. And when she lays eggs, hopefully they’re gonna be fertile and hopefully we can hatch
some baby mossy tree frogs. I am so excited about this, because, again, I’d kind of given up. We had four males and a female. I thought, maybe they’re
just never going to breed. So now we’re one step closer to hopefully having some mossy tree frog babies. That would be so cool! And in this vlog today, I actually have to ask
you guys for some help on a couple things. Maybe you can help me out. But in the meantime we have a bunch of other things going on, let’s have a great day together. – [Brian] Lori, I just
want to know one thing. Who ratted me out about the snake? – What snake? – [Brian] The Retic. How did you find out? – I literally walked down the stairs. – So no one told you,
no one ratted it out. – No, no, I saw the container
– How can I not keep… – I opened the container and said what the hell is this? – How can I not keep a
secret from you, ever. – Because you’re the worst, you’re just like the
kids, like you don’t know how to hide or do anything. Which is fine by me. Clearly disappointing
to me, but (laughing) no, you’re the worst. – [Brian] So you mad? I mean, okay.
– Yeah, no I’m not happy. – [Brian] Why? – Why would I be happy
about another retic? – [Brian] Because it’s a mochino retic. Do you know what it’s name is? – Bye-bye? – No, it’s name is not bye-bye. – [Lori] (laughs) Yeah. – I came up the name, I asked you guys yesterday what name, I’m sorry, I came up with the name on my own. Let me know if you guys
like it down below. And I think once I tell you this name, you’re gonna to love it. And then, it’ll endear at you. – No. – [Brian] It’s name is Almochino. (crickets chirping) – I’m gonna call it Bye-bye. – It’s Almochino! – Bye-bye is what it’s name is. – No it’s not.
– And anybody who’s interested in re-homing Bye-bye, email me. – (laughs) Don’t email her, Almochino’s in the Reptarium for a long, long time. It’s gonna change peoples’ lives. – Bye-bye.
– But I can’t believe, I mean literally, you couldn’t
have been in the building for five minutes and you found that snake. How’s that possible? I hid it from you! (she laughs) – Worst hide job ever. I literally tripped over
it, that’s how. (laughs) – Sheesh, I guess I gotta
get better at being sneaky. I’m pretty excited guys, because we have these
little tiny mourning geckos. They are so cute. These are adult mourning
geckos right here. And they’re two females. The reason we got them
is we wanna put them in with some of our dart
frogs because we have, like true polarium. Paludarium. ‘Cause we have some true paludariums where basically we have fish, we have the frogs, and then
we have the mourning geckos. But the thing that’s really cool is, take a look at what we just got! Right here, looks like a couple eggs. The thing that’s interesting of course, this is parthenogenesis because there’s no male in here. And they look like they’re fertile. So it looks like we’ve got some fertile parthenogenesis
mourning gecko eggs. – Is there any other alternate
pronunciations please? – That is so cool. I’m not exactly sure how long
these guys take to incubate. But when Bruce and
Jessica get in tomorrow, ’cause today’s their day off. They probably know all about them. They are hatched really
small ’cause you can see how small the adults are. But it’s gonna be super cool to hatch little mourning geckos. And eventually like I said, we’ll hopefully put them in
all of our dart frog cages. And that is definitely a first for here at the Reptarium. So there’s really two
things on my mind today I want to share with you guys that you may or may
not be able to help me. You guys know that I’m
really looking at trying to relaunch Animal Bites TV. – [Announcer] This is a ABtv,
Animal Bites Television. – That’s really gonna be this
cool nature kind of thing where there’ll be shows
kind of like Animal Planet or Nat Geo, but on YouTube. You know, something like that. Well, we got some people
that are happy to be involved as far as the talent side of things. Obviously we do a traveling show, these really cool like high-end shot literally TV shows that
are like 15 minutes long where we’re traveling around the world doing animal adventures. We also have Andy Brandy
Casagrande for sharks. Maxstrong, has showed interest
in maybe doing something, a few other people have expressed interest in maybe being a part of Animal Bites. It’s gonna take a pretty
considerable investment to do it the right way because
we’re gonna have to have film crews, we’re gonna
have to have travel, we’re gonna want really great
kind of sponsors’ involvement in it and I think it could be really big, to be totally honest with you. I’m not really 100% sure. But the reason I’m asking you guys is because I figure, why not? I’m bringing you guys along the journey. So why not ask you guys? We’re probably gonna need
some major investment behind this project
because the first year, we’re gonna be in production. We’re gonna be traveling the world. We’re gonna be filming,
we’re gonna be doing stuff. And it’s gonna take a pretty
considerable amount of money to kind of fund the whole thing and hopefully it’s gonna
turn out something big. If you happen to know
someone or you’re interested in maybe being a partner
on a project like this and you have the ability to
kind of help invest in it, it’s something I’d love
to talk to you about. Again, I’m not begging
for money here guys. I’m just saying that I don’t
know that I have the resources to make it happen by myself. So if I could bring someone
on as kind of a partner in the project, it makes sense. If you do, I’m gonna put
a link in the description to my email address and you guys can go ahead and email
me with your thoughts. So the year is definitely coming to an end when it comes to production. We actually have a couple
little colubrid clutches here that are the last kind
of corns, kings, milks. We do have a mangrow clutch that is due to hatch in about a month or so. But you can see these little
monkeys here have pipped out. Looks like one egg is out. I don’t know where the baby is. It’s gotta be in here. So, oh, there it is, right there! Oh, it’s a little butter corn snake. So that it is it. It’s a bummer when we get down
to the last couple clutches. I can’t believe this one’s hatching, this one should be hatching any time. We got a little baby butter corn that’s absolutely adorable and listen guys, when
these guys hatch out, that is it for production. Again, a mangrow clutch
will hatch in about a month or something like that. But that’s the last colubrid clutches that we’ll have for the year. Got a handful of ball python
clutches and then we’re back into the breeding season again when it comes to boas and pythons. Colubrids go into brumation. I’ll tell you what: what an
amazing year this has been. But it is always sad to
see it come to a close. Well that last clutch
that could potentially prove the banana camo’s is out and I wanted to kind of
show you guys the result. Of course, this was a chocolate pinstripe bred to a banana spinner chocolate. So this is a normal
chocolate ball python here, for those of you guys that are wondering. Just a really cool
co-dominant dark morph animal. We got a couple kind of
variations of spider in here. A normal spider ball
python and then a spinner which happens to be a pinstripe and a spider ball python mix. Then we started getting into some of the chocolate stuff, right? So this is a chocolate pinstripe just like the adult female is. Again, just chocolate and pinstripe mixed. But then when you start getting
into the super chocolate stuff because both the
parents have chocolate in it, you get what’s called a camo ball python. So this is what the animal looks like that I’m hoping would
banana will turn all purple. So this is a super chocolate
and it’s a pinstripe. And again, I gotta imagine
all that dark pigment on him is just gonna turn purple. Of course we produce the
pastel banana camoes, but again the pastel blows out the purple so we don’t know what
it’s gonna look like. So, again, don’t know until next year. And then we produced a
few of these beautiful monkeys right here, these
guys are absolutely gorgeous. Of course these are the
banana chocolate pinstripe. The only thing that this is missing when it gets to that banana camo is the super chocolate version, right? So this has like one
chocolate on one side, but not on the other side. Nevertheless, really beautiful and in the end, we produce
a lot of really cool banana chocolate stuff. I love that combination of animals. We produce banana chocolate pins, we produce banana chocolates, of course we produce the
pastel banana camoes, and a bunch of other stuff. So hey, it was still a really amazing year and that’s the end of the
banana camoes for this year and it gives me something to
look forward to next year. Then we just have two eggs in this clutch and talking about dark animals, this one’s actually a
black pastel pinstripe bred to a mahogany. Now the black pastel pinstripe, of course that black pastel, is a kind of a dark animal. The mahogany is similar to the chocolates a little bit, which is pretty cool, but this happens to be one of these is just a normal ball python. So this doesn’t have any
of the mutation at all. But this guy hatched out and I was pretty darn excited about it. Just look at that thing! That thing has got such busy patterns. It’s absolutely incredible. This is actually a black
pastel mahogany pinstripe. So this is kind of the all gene animal that we were actually hoping for. And it turned out absolutely incredible. I told you before that the chocolate and the mahogany mixed together can kind of produce a super version, so I had never bread it to
the black pastel before. And the results were pretty cool. It’s not like a super version, but you got kind of two
doses of different types of dark animals and then it
really busies the pattern up like I wasn’t expecting. So this again is a chocolate
pinstripe mahogany animal and I love it to death. I think I’m definitely gonna raise this up and start working on it. And again, think about
this in the banana stuff: all that purple coming out, hoo doggy! That’s gonna be a pretty amazing animal but hey, like I said, no
more banana camo potential for the year, but hey, we’ve got something that we’re gonna definitely look forward to hopefully hitting next year. Hey, Lori. – [Lori] What? – [Brian] There’s another
snake I want to get. – [Lori] No. – [Brian] No, no, no, no. Kelsey will be okay with this. – Mm, let me hear this. – [Brian] Check this out, check this out. A leucistic king cobra. – Oh my God.
– White king cobra with blue eyes.
– Nothing venomous. Nothing venomous, no. – [Brian] There’s a leucistic
hypo we’re definitely curious getting it and I’m gonna get it. – No, you will not get
that, I’m not even kidding. – [Brian] Kelsey. (laughs) (crickets chirping) – Very smart, Kelsey, no! – The other thing I kind of
wanted to bring up to you guys, and again, this just kind of spitfired, I bring you guys along on the journey. It’s been something on my
mind for a little while now. You guys know that I’m an idea guy. I run a lot of different business, I’ve got a lot of other things going on, but to be honest with you,
everyone’s kind of at max capacity here, right? We are just stretched to the limit. I’m thinking about maybe
bringing on a business mind. You know, I’m thinking like
the Steve Jobs type, right? Someone that could come in and help run an entire company, not
only make everything that we do better, but also the
things that I’m trying to do that I’m not doing really well. You guys know the reptile
app game went sideways because I was so busy that I didn’t really manage it properly. Reptile Prime, great coconut bedding. But we want to launch the back drops and a bunch of other products. There’s a whole bunch of business, ideas, not only in reptiles, but
also other business ideas, that I want to launch and get rolling. But to be honest with you, I don’t know that I can do it because we kind of have only so many hours in the day. So I’m thinking about maybe
hiring on a business person. Someone that really knows business, not just someone that’s passionate. But someone that could maybe
help mold all our companies into something bigger and better. I don’t know if that’s something that you or someone you might
want to get involved in, that someone that really buys into it who wants to be a part of the future to take this thing to the next level. If you do, again, I will put
a link in the description to my email, you can send me a resume, your ideas, your thoughts,
and maybe we can talk and we can hire someone on. I think that kind of having
someone that oversees all of my insanity might be
a really good move for me. And like I mentioned, we had an absolutely incredible year this year. I just want to show you a few of the scaleless corn
snakes that we produced. Trust me, it was a really good
scaleless corn snake year. This happens to be a snow
scaleless corn snake right here. Sometimes the snow scaleless
will be completely patternless. This one has the little
white circles down its back which makes it pretty awesome. And one of my favorite
scaleless corn snakes certainly is anerythristics,
or black scaleless corn snakes. I’ll tell you what, there’s just something about when you strip away the scales, the pattern, the color, it looks literally like its shaded with a pencil. Unbelievably ridiculous. Then you can take the
anery one step further and actually add diffused corn to it. So this is an anery
diffused corn right here. Hoo doggy! That thing just looks like
lavender and beautiful and that diffused, of course, blows out all the pattern on the side. This thing is ridiculous. One of my favorite scaleless snakes that we produced this year
is this one right here. This is actually an albino diffused corn. They call them fire but this is scaleless, and oh my gosh, I mean
the color on that thing is, it’s surreal. I’ve never seen a snake that color before. Absolutely insane! And then this is actually
a creamsicle corn snake. Again, another kind of albino. But because it’s got a little
bit of the emery influence originally, it makes it
more of that orange color rather than a red color. Really pretty snake. But honestly, even just
normal scaleless corn snakes, this is just a normal scaleless
corn snake right here. It’s still an absolutely
ripper of an animal. I mean, look at how incredible it is. I never thought that we’d
see scaleless corn snakes 15, 20 years ago, and now some
of the mutations coming out of ’em are just mind bending. And then in that kind
of normal corn snake, this is actually an okeetee or an Abbott’s okeetee corn snake. It’s just got a little bit darker blacks and more defined color. Again, you strip those scales away, and it looks really absolutely amazing. I love okeetee corns, and in particular, the Abbott’s okeetees. But the scaleless ones they
take the cake for sure. And this one here kind of blew me away. This is actually an
amber striped corn snake. Now the amber is actually a hypo caramel, and then of course the stripe. So this is a quad mutation
when you add the scaleless to it and it’s absolutely
just wild looking. And trust me, there is a ton
more that I’m showing you. But I’m gonna end on this one right here. This is actually a scaleless
tesserae corn snake. Ohh doggy. I’ll tell you what, those
racing stripes on this thing are ridiculous for sure. So I wanted to just give you an oversight of some of the scaleless corn snakes we produced this year. And again, I only scratched the surface, to be honest with you. There’s a lot of good stuff. Again, it was a really amazing
production year this year. In the end if you guys
think you can help me out with either thing, maybe
someone that’s interested in the Animal Bites
thing or you’re someone the next Steve Jobs or
something like that, and you want to get involved
in some business with me, I’d love to hear from you, again, the link is in the description
info at BHB Reptiles. Let me know what you guys are thinking. I hope that you enjoyed the vlog. If you did enjoy it, here’s another video I think that you guys
definitely want to click on, here’s a playlist if you
just want to roll through a bunch of stuff. Over here, you can hit
that subscribe button. While you’re at it, turn those
post notifications on for me. Have a wonderful day, be kind to someone, and I promise I’ll see you tomorrow. (upbeat music)

Randy Schultz

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