I Live With 5 Tigers And 2 Lions | BEAST BUDDIES

I Live With 5 Tigers And 2 Lions | BEAST BUDDIES

COMM: 68-year-old Remy runs a private rescue centre for big cats in France. COMM: Four years after, Remy decided to make big cats the focus of his life. COMM: So, Remy set about making his property into a place for these animals to live in.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “I Live With 5 Tigers And 2 Lions | BEAST BUDDIES

  1. 5P says:

    Beautiful cats!!!

  2. Kelly Xiong says:

    I wonder what would a cutie tiger do if I say “meow” …nah probably the tiger just meow back at me…🐅🐅🐅 beside it’s an pussy cat after all lol 😆

  3. skopevideo says:

    I love this video as my 10 lb tabbi cat has the same mannerisms

  4. shubham kumar says:

    Nothing i live with 5 taddy dogs

  5. Marcos Villavicencio says:

    4:32 the male lion is the most intimidating of them all.

  6. Neonmirrorblack says:

    This is a very stark contrast to The Lion Whisperer, who not only has an actual full sanctuary (in Africa) for the lions to roam around in, those that he raised trust him completely, and he also does not have the cynicism this guy has around them. Might help that TLW also has a degree in zoology though. He even fully acknowledges too that one day there might be an accident, but they hasn't been one yet, and he's not going to live life around them worrying about it.

  7. jock drop says:


  8. Spongeblonde1 says:

    “I’m alone looking after my animals”..No sir, your animals are looking after you, to make the wrong move..I hate to see these majestic animals in such small enclosures! They dont even get a choice as to where the live..I commend his efforts, but how would you like to be greeted with a stick everyday! Tigers are VERY sensitive creatures! If you need the stick, then maybe this isnt the gig for you! Might as well walk around in a steel suit!😏😑🐯💖😻

  9. Broweouthere 8 says:

    You should wear a jacket with big eyes on the back at all times to see if that stops them running after you when your back is turned.

  10. Mylena Jaime says:

    That's Nothing, that's easy ,i live around humans .

  11. Liliana Gonzalez says:

    Those enclosures look way to small

  12. E. N.Akasha says:

    i dont think he has any real idea….sure experience,but judging their body language,he doesnt have the space either…

  13. Capt Jack Sparrow says:

    He looks like young Pablo Escobar

  14. Megan Allen says:

    Animals shouldn't be kept in these cramped condition

  15. braveheart musliman says:

    Strange people🙄

  16. Flix Arber says:

    this is so sad…. u are not accepted by them, thats why you have to hit them with the stick, and they dont have enough space, they need to run………..

  17. nevzeethewizard says:


  18. Ahmad Alfian says:

    I love big cats

  19. trio's says:


  20. trio's says:

    I hope they eat you one day and set free and eat all your neighbors as well

  21. chado1919 says:

    so if i pet my Cat right on the Spot of her Back where the tail starts she goes full ahegao Mode …wonder how big cats would react O.O

  22. chado1919 says:

    so i'm no expert but isnt trying to taim/train them a bad Idea in general, cause in order to do that u need to be Boss right and if you are Boss you need to keep your dominant Position up right so basically a little trip and you are dead?! i think i'd prefer to be just friends with them…

  23. Mad Max says:

    He is old. He has few more years to live. He needs someone with him to feed them or let these animals live in the wild where they should be.

  24. wisdom seeker says:

    He's an idiot .
    He'll end up like Grizzly Man.

  25. VISHNUPRASAD V says:

    Why 383 dislike?

  26. The Aggressive Royal Bengal Tiger says:

    Look at that white tiger..it is so beautiful and strong one

  27. issaciams says:

    This dude does not look legit. He basically has a bunch of pet lions and tigers which really is not good for wild animals to be. How in the world is this video getting so many likes when all the comments are negative? This guy is removing the dislikes for sure.

  28. Hello World says:

    Wild animals aren't property, they don't need just food their pride and freedom are precious to 'em ; let ' em in their habitat they can deal with thier own business.

  29. lee hollebon says:

    I like goats 🐐 who else likes goats 🐐🤣🤣

  30. TAME IMPALA says:

    How is this even legal ??It's illegal in India

  31. Lara Zanette says:

    these animals can’t live in a cold place like that

  32. A Status says:

    I want white tiger baby plsss give me

  33. LifeIsMusic says:

    He didn't say " passionate" he said " PATIENT" ….

  34. Greenblood Evergreen says:

    egoist human. things like this makes me angry. this man need help.

  35. Murat Karakılıç says:

    Pablo escobar's money was buying so many lions and tigers

  36. Hannah Wiget says:

    It's kinda sad. The living conditions of that lion. The cage needs to be 100% bigger

  37. II Daylight II says:

    Oh you know just walking my tiger in the woods nothing interesting…

  38. tg blast says:

    Imagine walking around seeing this 0:16

  39. Tina Ghosh says:

    Great work

  40. Atif MIr says:

    Those tigers are stunningly beautiful yet brutally savage.

  41. Those Two Girls says:

    I feel bad he pulled that tigers tail really hard

  42. DeAnthony Patton says:

    I really respect what he's doing but he needs to have help. Hes not young and will eventually pass on so what happens to the animals and park? If he dies with no one to help then his big cats will die and his park will be gone. A lifes work lost for nothing. And yes his cats likely will die since it will be hard to place at other parks since they've only know this man all their life and to release them into the wild with no hunting experience is a death sentence. And as he said a accident can happen any day so if something does happen to him then the big cats will starve to death. Like i said really respect the guy alot but he can't be so shortsighted.

  43. Julia Schoeman says:

    walking around carrying a stick whilst with tigeers OWNING EXOTIC ANIMALS IS STUPID

  44. Julia Schoeman says:


  45. Julia Schoeman says:

    gonna carry around a massive stick

  46. Azuan Wan says:

    Semua penghuni hutan serang balik kalau manusia atau bunuh kawan2 kita di hutan lagi ingat sahabat kita di dalam hutan belantara.

  47. fm7 fm7 says:

    Pablo escobar???

  48. fateaglio says:

    hes talking about patience not passion at the end lol. bad tranlsation

  49. Nick Reddy says:

    Out of all these Lion keepers, I've seen Kevin Richardson understanding them very well!

  50. deep152deep says:

    3.06 Ya that stick will be really helpful in case of an attack 🤤

  51. CaptainManzana says:

    This guys doesn’t seem like he is taking care of his animals mentally and physically

  52. Frazzy Blue says:

    He’s not saving them, he’s keeping them trapped in a TINY enclosure for their whole lives! That’s so wrong!

  53. Frazzy Blue says:

    He has no idea what he’s doing and is obviously scared of them

  54. African Pharaoh says:

    Like kevin Richardson said if you need to go in with a stick the you are not sure and don't have knowledge of these animals

  55. Pupper Puppet says:

    Me: ‘oh I just have a cat and some other pets’

    Him: ’I have 5 tigers and 2 lions’

  56. Steven Taumoepeau says:

    Tames his 300kg Tiger with a wooden stick!

  57. Racket Tattoo says:

    5:42 dont mind him, he's just having an afternoon snack.

  58. I_dont_ _even_know says:

    It feels off. Like he hurts them or something, like he tries to force them to be nice.

  59. ArtalekOfDoom says:

    Lol your tigers are pussies they are getting torn to shreads 😂😂😂😂

  60. ArtalekOfDoom says:


  61. kasa says:

    If someone wants to actually help these animals, just donate or work for actual wildlife sanctuary where there's space and professional staff to take care of the animals. Also rehab and release to wild for animals you can release. To me it feels like he just wanted to own some big cats. I mean I'm definitely no expert on wild animals, but I have watched quite a bit of videos from actual parks/sanctuaries with wild animals. But video just made me uncomfortable.

  62. Bhavik Bhandola says:

    So you need to get with them when they're cubs and let them grow into the big gigantic cats they are..

  63. Shaggy 207 says:

    He ran a nightclub, loves "kitties", and looks unmistakable… Ron Jeremy's been hiding in France!

  64. Mr Mellow says:

    You speak French I speak French to I fell good for him but I don’t want the tiger to hurt him like he’s my family and I just hate tigers 🐅 so I hate them cuz I think they might tern on u how u say it agin oh well I just don’t want my family to get hurt

  65. Mr Mellow says:

    I know what he’s saying so uhhh yeah is he ".… oh no 🤦‍♀️ god dang it

  66. Erika Alarcon says:

    Im not even joking though, I feel like he does not have a special relationship with these animals and that the animals will gladly take him anyday they want. He is not treating them as he should be, the sad part is that if the animals do, do something to him the animals are the ones who will get punished. I don’t like this man

  67. Marina Udoekpo says:

    Free animals

  68. THOR ODINSON says:

    He should release Them they shouldn't be kept as pets and I have a feeling he secretly abuses them

  69. Zari says:

    why are all of the takers old(no offense)?

  70. ruth_loveSNSD 9IRLS'6ENERAT10N says:

    The problem now is what will happen to those big cats if something bad happen to him. Im worried about them. he said he's alone taking care of them. Just wondering

  71. Van Bui says:

    The cats need more space

  72. NotherNerd says:

    aw thay are so cute but haw did you get the tiger s im a tiger person myself

  73. NotherNerd says:

    / and a wolf person

  74. Eloy Antonio roa sanchez says:

    Unfortunately for this old French man, he has to carry a stick, showing fear to the wild exotic life. They had picked on that, it is obvious that they don't have respect for the old man. They will not hurt him but they will not repect him. For him, all of it started wrong in the cubhood stage with regard to respect, communication (listening to their body language to respect boundaries ), trust (he monumentally failed there, he does not trust them and that is where the fear came into existence ), attention, affection, love, taking care of (feeding, cleaning after them and grooming ), playing (keeping them from boredom, he also failed there ), friendship (he also failed there, lack of trust, carrying a stick, showing fear ), companionship (also failed there, he fills up the need of feeding but he does not fill up the spiritual, emotional and grooming need of a soul made ), bonding as a family member (if he failed in every thing else, except in feeding and cleaning, he also failed in bonding as a family member. He does not have a family bond with them, carrying a stick and showing fear ). Since human bonding with the wild killing instinct predators is 90% about respect, communication, attention, trust, love, affection, friendship and companionship to bond as a family member which over write the killer instinct gene in these predators, fully allowing the bonding between the human specie and the wild exotic killing instinct predator specie. But he royally failed to do so and that killer gene has not been over written on those tigers and that lion. The killer gene is still active. Therefore these animals posses a danger to him when being around them. Needless to say that this is a relationship based on feeding and cleaning after the wild exotic killing instinct predators.

  75. Vikas Saklni says:

    Tigers look magnificent

  76. Rahul kumar Ram says:

    Wow Man

  77. DiamondBones007 says:

    Just… WHY do people like seeing these animals in small enclosures?! It's disgusting.

  78. supradip sen says:

    Atleast a couple of them are cross breeds. Ligers. Results of Lion and tiger mating. They become prone to several diseases and abnormalities and don't live long.

  79. Gaboose says:

    Please dont breed ligers.

  80. Joyce Wambui Bernecker says:

    I hate seeing big cats in cages. I don't think he's helping them

  81. Mallory says:

    This is so sad. Poor cats pacing, they just want to be free or at the very least in a much larger enclosure. These people that claim to be saving these animals are actually doing it for more selfish reasons.

  82. Gustave Chillaud says:

    I love that lioness

  83. Gustave Chillaud says:

    That guy have gallant

  84. JIMMY TAN says:

    not a good idea to raise big cats domastically, the belong to the wild nature, they were here before human being exist, we need to divide more bigger reservation area for them, very simple and easy to do, but some how some reasons that we r not doing well , don't see those wild cats's number increase, one day soon in the future, they will be gone–extinct

  85. Andrew Taku says:

    4:34 I want to see that Male Lion Clearly… 😔 …. It looks Handsome

  86. OriginalTheUsername says:

    He said 1976* not 1986 (native french speaker)

  87. OriginalTheUsername says:

    He doesn't talk about "passion" he says patient, which means patience*

  88. Ali Alazzawi says:

    Like me orange tiger

  89. lloyd ntsieleni says:

    Never turn your back on your tiger or you will curse the day your mother conceived you

  90. cool 123 says:

    4:49 is that a lion or tiger???

  91. Fouad Fouad says:

    le mec c est un mafieux boite de nuit tigres lion etc

  92. zeta Omantic says:

    u ' re a terrible person pls give those animals to someone that knows how to keep them they dont have enough space

  93. Mangesh Gaikwad says:

    Good job

  94. Kunda Atukunda says:


  95. Kunda Atukunda says:


  96. jimmy matho says:

    is this guy cat food yet?

  97. Ramesh Guruji says:

    You understand the meaning of life.
    Please don't die otherwise who will talk care of your babies.

  98. Lord Prosperity says:

    Julie looks like a liger or tigon. Is that a tiger?

  99. bill keane says:

    i give anyone a free holiday or funeral service if you take away the cats meat lol

  100. WelcomeTo Life says:


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