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  1. Boston Mom says:

    I wish I had a boss like you! You are so enthusiastic and uplifting to everyone. It’s so great to see.

  2. Bridget Bushey says:

    brian I will be coming to see u next year and I got a pyied from u and he is doing so great time to get another one from u

  3. Roxanne Falkner says:

    You can do it!!!

  4. Dr. Croc. says:

    Brian. You. Can. Do. This. This zoo is your dream. I’m sure you’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time. So go for it! You got this!

  5. Emi Schaaf says:

    I half a red paint tertl!

  6. Ella Humphrey says:

    Your reptarium is looking amazing!!!!!!!?

  7. The Good Family says:

    Don’t give up hard work pays off in the end. Everything will work out right on time. I’m beyond scared of all the animals you have especially snakes they are my biggest fear but I love all of your videos. Don’t give up you can do it ????

  8. heather morgan says:

    Absolutely love the reptarium you’re doing great! I know you were thinking about selling enclosures at one point, are you still planning on that? I really want to get another python. I had one years ago but I want to wait till you’re gonna start selling enclosures cause they look amazing! Keep up the amazing blogs! I watch everyday

  9. The Steph and Steve Show says:

    i hope you were able to open up. the title is misleading made me think you weren't able to open up at all. never give up. today is my birthday i hope you were able to open it up

  10. Calvin Aguirre says:

    Brian put some names every animals

  11. Calvin Aguirre says:

    In every cage

  12. Calvin Aguirre says:

    Put name tags so people will know who is that animal and what kind of animal is that

  13. Anna’s Animals says:

    I’ve been watching since 2016 and have enjoyed you and your reptiles, it has been fun watching your business grow! And similar title of this video almost makes me cry. Best of luck for you my friend??

  14. Maggie says:

    Is Red Rooster still around?

  15. Molly FromTheDarkside says:

    So exciting!!

  16. Jeannie Mai says:

    So exciting!!!

  17. Abid Barlov says:

    Great video Brian! Happy for you!!

  18. Gray's Reptiles says:

    The place looks great, and Josh's Frogs do have truly amazing frogs.

  19. Anna’s Animals says:

    I wish i could come?

  20. DensestJaguar66 says:

    How do you heat all the tubs?

  21. patrick siu says:

    I wish you guys were closer…I would love to see the reptrium.

  22. Paiiin In The Butt says:

    I ❤️ frogs!!!

    Jessica, I was the one messaging you a few days ago on insta re rabbits ?

  23. Pat Patterson says:

    You have done an awesome job building the reptarium! So cool!

  24. Shannon Unicorn says:

    I got faith in ya!!!

  25. chris it is fun to hold a spider Salter says:

    Brian I like how the zoo is turning out it looks good I hope to come and see it one day if I get a chance I hope you guys will pick me as the winning contestant so that way I can come and see it and I'll see what I can do to get there PS your friend Chris have an amazing day an awesome day and a fantastic day that's all I got for now your friend Chris

  26. Shir-Sure says:

    3:19 pullin a Mikey B!

  27. Chase posella says:

    Down to the grind

  28. Paula T says:

    Wooow! The place is looking great. U guys are doing an awesome job. I love those tiny frogs ?

  29. Nam 3114 says:

    I hope I can go visit your reptile zoo but I’m in Thailand

  30. 1softkiss says:

    OMG !! I'd be in my glory shopping in a place like that for supplies for my snakes !!! Fantastic place and awesome video Brian and I know you're excited as well as probably stressing out about your opening day but I'm sure things will go great 🙂

  31. tiffany ponce says:

    I hope y’all had an amazing first day I’m sure everyone who came loved it!

  32. Nicholas D says:

    I don’t think you should pressure yourself so hard to open the zoo “on time” whenever you are finished is perfect and people can wait 🙂 a few years ago I pressured myself so hard to be ready for a surgery by a certain date and I wasn’t and it stressed me out and made m so anxious and then I cancelled it for whenever I decide I’m ready and my point is to not pressure ourselves 🙂 also I’m just curious are people going to have to pay to visit the zoo?

  33. EddieG says:

    I think like a fish tank, That direct sunlight on the pond is going to produce huge amounts of algae growth, on its glass panels. almost unmanageable amounts. maybe like a roll up piece of canvas sun shade material could go from that wooden poll to the brick wall to block out the sun from the pond if you get a algae problem. an ultraviolet sterilizer is one of the best ways for algae control but I don't know if that's good for whatever is going in the pond.

  34. Bernadette Richard says:

    This is amazing!!! I love your video so much Brian, they are really inspirational!

  35. Kaiyu Not Caillou says:

    when u said 'reptarium' the subtitles said 'ruff/rough harem'

  36. Burritolord304 says:

    I’m from Australia and I think your other place is better then the reptarium I see crocodile and reptile all the time but what not in Australia is ball python breeding world I’d would love to see the shop and have you explain some things to.me and show me how it works because Australia’s unique ecological makes almost every non native animal illegal to own. Is the other shop available to visit?

  37. JADE STONE says:

    Hope your day goes amazing tomorrow

  38. Bunny VonBoo says:

    Delay the opening day. This is your dream and I'm certain everyone in this community will not mind if you delay the opening in order to really perfect everything

  39. Justin Smith says:

    Congrats!!! It looks amazing. Hopefully I’ll be able to go see it one day

  40. KIMBERLY MCCullough says:

    Good luck buddy

  41. antony slavin says:

    Sending positive vibes to you buddy. So proud of you. It's AWESOME!!! ??

  42. Megan Frost says:

    Brian it’s looking amazing! Y’all should be proud. ???

  43. mikaela shepherd says:

    hope to visit soon looks great!

  44. Kristin Diamandis says:

    Who is Bruce?

  45. STWart - Shannon says:

    Every time we see Lucy now, she’s in her pond. It’s so cute.

  46. FFL NIGEL says:

    I’m a potato

  47. Kristin Diamandis says:

    Good vibes your way??

  48. Lee Eisenstein says:

    Fantastic! Hawaii sends you guys majors, Aloooooha!

  49. eric swinton says:

    Is this located somewhere in the gta. I'm new to this channel.

  50. ATony Biz says:

    I love the reptiles? watched DIY's video and saw what he showed. The zoo looks badass! Too bad it's so far away otherwise I'd definitely go but I did subscribe ha.

  51. Ryan ink Photography says:

    Can't wait to drive down state and see this place !!!

  52. andrew s says:

    In Virgina they found a two headed copperhead in the wild. It looked pretty healthy.

  53. Br Go123 says:

    What about the crocodile what are you doing with it

  54. Becky pureheart says:

    Absolutely love your energy on your videos,, I've just recently become obsessed with watching then especially the snake egg cut, keep going your all awesome

  55. Sean Gere says:

    Glad to see you got some darts. One of my favorite animals. Do you plan on getting Uroplatus Phantasticas (satanic leaftail gecko) for the zoo?

  56. Sarah says:

    Brian, I’ve never really been into snakes or anything in my life. I stumbled across your channel and I became absolutely addicted. I hope I can get a ball python soon for my first snake 🙂 trying to convince my boyfriend who hates snakes..hoping that your videos can change his mind like they did mine!

  57. TheGarrett9687 says:

    I love the noises he makes when snakes get defensive and strike. Killer video like always man.

  58. Molnar Alexandru says:

    Can someone give me any link towards stuart? I've watched every vid about this zoo and heard how he helped with the decorations but I have no clue how to find him.

  59. illyn kimura says:

    woo woo Good job Brian , Lorie and staffs . Good Luck and sending you good vibes Brian.

  60. Minecraft Freak87 says:

    Brian I don’t know if you know this snake but I want to know what you think about it it’s a puff adder it’s a very dangerous snake it I quit common in South Africa if you want try handeling it if you gain get your hands on one just pls be careful it’s venomous when it bites you that body part will rot and btw love your vids my mom said I might get a snake next month I m thinking about a ball python I trust don’t know witch one what ball python do you think I should get btw I’m a girl hope you have a amazing day your vids inspire me

  61. Alex Pullen says:

    I wish I could go sooner than later. Kind of a bit of a trip from AZ. I'll definitely come see it some time!

  62. Roselaylah says:

    the reptarium looks amazing Brian!!! This makes me feel like anything is possible. I would love to come and visit, I’m from Australia and I’m definitely coming to visit you guys!

  63. Johann Roos says:

    thank you Brian you inspired me a lot

  64. Kimetsu says:

    Leave a like if you saw that insane password tiktok ad!~

  65. Adam Dar says:

    I don’t get why your confused when the snakes get angry your taking its kids

  66. Ivan Sanchez says:

    Oh godd the dramaaa. Its cool to see most of your videos. There is no need for this click bait/drama.

  67. rachael dawe says:

    Sending best wishes to you for your opening and I hope that it goes well for you and your family. I love your vlogs and have loved every minute of your journey with this. God bless ???????

  68. Taylor Huddleston says:

    I love your channel Brian and you are so inspiring

  69. Maddie Vanderheuvel says:

    When the reptarium opens will you guys do birthday parties?

  70. Andhika Sugiharto says:

    Jessicaaa… ???

  71. Zuma Dude says:

    I’ll be opening a reptile zoo one day
    Do you have any advice

  72. Kenneth Reyes says:

    He has been through thick and thin, all from the 1900 century and back to the present!

  73. PotterfanKat87 says:

    Everything is looking awesome. Keep breathing! How can you keep Dart frogs, aren't they poisonous?

  74. Andrew Norton says:

    Nice 1 Brian u talk a lot of sense the reptarium is best collection I’ve ever seen well done u lot

  75. Savage- hyena says:

    For the blue frogs name them blueberry squad

  76. Lock Shock Barrel Kitten chronicles says:

    Brian can i post a link on your page to my channel ? i want to start a trap spay vacc and release of the village cats where i live in northern morocco . would that be ok ?

  77. Miles W. says:

    I love ur vids watch every day since I found u

  78. Teresa Lee says:

    Wow the zoo is so cool and so much more than I thought it would be when you showed the space 3 weeks ago. What a great job!

  79. jcooper says:

    So you own the place we just "accidentally" went to?

  80. Benjamin Mcdougald says:

    Hey brian i want my kids birthday at the zoo so her birthday is july42006 next year so call or commont what time

  81. Kirsty Vaughan says:

    you got this Brian xxx

  82. Daniela Gonzalez says:

    Brian : It’s okey mama (snake strikes)wa we chimney crickets

    Me: what are you saying????

  83. Peter Rydell says:

    Did you name your midnight monitor sunyday or sunday morning

  84. Neil Becker says:

    Don't like snakes or lizards, but the knowledge and excitement the you have is awesome.

  85. Blake Pittman says:

    Commenting from Jasper, Alabama, I have seen the future and you get it finished my friend. ????

    The Reptarium is absolutely amazing and I hope to visit one day!

  86. Evan McCudden says:


  87. The Trillex Devil says:


  88. Ashalee GVIH says:

    Don’t worry about rushing! You’ll always have people coming to visit and the thing people love about zoos (apart from amazing animals) is coming in again later to find something new!
    I’ve conquered my fear of snakes thanks to your channel (I think, I still haven’t seen one in person) and I’m planning a trip to America (gday aussie here) just so I can come see your place! Can’t wait!

  89. short cake91 says:

    Looks awesome Brian ???

  90. The Garlick Gladiator says:

    You CAN do it! We all bellive in u guys!

  91. Jimmy Slims says:

    easter egg. 7:52 is that an escaped white gecko behind brian ontop of the stump?

  92. FROGGY says:

    Ugly fat fuckkk

  93. Gertrude Verdeflor says:

    hey brian, Im Gertrude Verdeflor from the philippines and guess what i really really love watching your vlogs .. how i wish i can visit your zoo someday ! u know what ? the last 3 letters of your family name (ZYK) is the name of my son! how amazing is it ! well by the way keep it up and God bless you, your family and your crew.. and Congratulations to all of you.. and Im really really thankful to you because i have now a bunch of knowledge about reptiles most especially snakes! Thank you so much ! and keep us update always 🙂 God Bless all of you 🙂

  94. Ally Mccarthy says:

    Where did the group of tree frogs that we're donated to you for the Reptarium

  95. Kasha R. Savage says:

    How does he memorize all the animals names!?!? Like… what!!! There's so many animals!!!

  96. DragonFox84 says:

    the poisonous blue dart tree frog is my fav as well. i have a big plush of one….i hope to own some too.

  97. Nicole L says:

    Hey Brien I don’t know if you are you reading this so if any one knows if ball pythons get less stressed in big or small cages pls tell me because I am thinking of getting a ball python from you! Thanks!!!

  98. Melissa Vines says:

    Please please please get into the axanthic ball pythons! I love the black and whites!

  99. Agnieszka Clarke says:


  100. zaida delgado says:

    It’s looking sooo beautiful l just love ❤️ it I’m sooo happy ? for you have a great opening

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