I Am The Lizard Queen But It’s A 3-Piano Dub

I Am The Lizard Queen But It’s A 3-Piano Dub

[Security 1] We found this one swimming naked in the fermentarium. [Lisa] I am the lizard queen! [Security] Give her this, and this, and then these. (descending glissando) [Marge] Oh, thank you doctor. [Security 2] Oh, I’m not a doctor.

Randy Schultz

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42 thoughts on “I Am The Lizard Queen But It’s A 3-Piano Dub

  1. London Morean [Loochino Mo] - Mo Bros. Studios says:

    I AM THE LIZARD QUEEN! BTW, great work you've been doing with only one hand. Hope it gets better soon!

  2. StickMaster500 says:

    She’s the fake queen!

  3. Patryk Wieczorek says:

    Recently (thanks to the Archive of American Television) I started to really appreciate the work that Yeardley Smith and other voice actors put into an episode of The Simpsons. Really great. And now our beloved Finn M-K enhances it even further with his brilliant piano dubs. Well Done!

  4. Bad Cactus says:

    0:11 the pain pills Finn gets for his wrist

  5. John Doe says:

    the piano part for when she says "I am the Lizard Queen"
    Could be fleshed out into a Doom Metal song in the vein of Ghost

  6. Baka - Chan says:

    This guy is so insane he does this shit with a broken hand

  7. Lucifers Loli says:


  8. Prince Fleaswallow says:

    no more shoulder view ):

  9. Matthieu Hurtubise says:

    DA QUEEN MY BRUDDERS! … Oh, wrong video. Sorry! Well done as always! 😀

  10. Crispy Creme says:

    Another wonderful video! Get well soon Finn ❤️

  11. Alex Hooke says:

    Fantastic just like all the others 😁

  12. Parker Miller says:

    I just noticed your broken hand

  13. Taser Tag says:

    Spit on her, broddas!!

  14. daniel campos says:

    You are, the Piano dub ki…

    You know, this sounded better in my head and I don't even know what to say now so…

    Love you~

  15. The Dude says:

    I skipped math to watch this

  16. samiyaa m says:

    can you make a "don't you mouth off to me or im gonna smack you in the pen*s" piano dub? ( it's from family guy xD )

  17. Janis Sepulveda says:

    Hahaha "Oh, I'm not a doctor." 😂 Even with a broken wrist, these piano dubs turn out so good!

  18. Matthew Fauria says:

    So happy I subscribed, even if its little diddies like this it still brightens my day.

  19. hamoudziane says:

    I may be dead inside but this was a good video

  20. Otamer says:

    Queen Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

  21. Bcuz Dtm says:


  22. Crow The Guy says:


  23. Pavel Blinov says:

    Should have put some Doors references there

  24. Double Slash says:

    Now that I think about it… Sub Kilohertz Oscillations probably cursed your wrist to break after the collab

  25. Tom Smurf says:

    Mad respect for finding a way to play piano for your videos with only one hand. Get well soon!

  26. Mister Artist says:

    Hey, I think this should be called a "Multi-Part Piano Dub", just so we get the message this isn't a normal one
    Btw the first one where your wrist feels better should be called "(Title) But My Left Hand's Feeling Better"

  27. valake says:

    being a dude who also broke his left wrist, hope you feel better; doing things that seem easy like typing and eating must be a pain in your ass

  28. Edu Melero Verdú says:

    Fantastic as always. Get well soon!

  29. John Iowa says:

    If Lisa is the Lizard Queen, who's the Lizard King?

  30. Dylan Leggett says:

    I have t-shirt of Lisa yelling "I am the lizard queen!" while riding a human sized lizard. in fact, I'm wearing it right now.

  31. tehcookiecat says:

    My favorite Simpsons scene

  32. Chris Hutch says:

    I thik this might be my new favourite.

  33. The 9th Planet says:

    Could you do the krennic Darth vader scene from rogue one ?

  34. Sam Prudence says:

    Please do "Worst line reading ever"!

  35. Oula says:

    Now do steamed hams but my hand is broken

  36. Sheila P says:

    hey nonny nonny with a hoo and a haa and a nonny nonny heeeyyy

  37. Nicholas Emanuel says:


  38. Roland Thompson says:

    "I AM THE LIZARD QUEEN" sounds like the map stinger from Ghouls 'n' Ghosts

  39. Sad Moe says:

    Welcome to music theatre pit playing

  40. Phil Wood says:

    Lisa Simpson is living her best life 😊

  41. Gillian Backhouse says:

    Marge? That's Selma.

  42. Ray Ross says:

    I'm the first one to comment on 5 months

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