HUNTING DINOSAUR TOYS! Toys R Us Is Back in the U.S. Jurassic World Jumanji Toys / WD Toys

HUNTING DINOSAUR TOYS! Toys R Us Is Back in the U.S. Jurassic World Jumanji Toys / WD Toys

Wow goodies Toys R Us is back this is
the brand new Toys R Us website I am super excited I missed my Toys R Us the
only weird thing is their whole website is back but when you go to check out you
actually check out through target’s website I don’t know I guess Toys R Us
in Target I’m gonna be selling the same toys or you know basically you’re buying
from Toys R Us maybe but anyways I love HUNTING DINOSAUR TOYS! Toys R Us Is Back in the U.S. Jurassic World Jumanji Toys / WD Toys we got Geoffrey’s top picks let’s see
what his top picks are okay we got some Almo nerve Baby Alive Lego train your
dragon’ some superhero lego sets Harry Potter paw patrol will they get a new
paw patrol ship it’s the more Lego set let’s see what they have for Jurassic
world III you know guys I’m just happy the website back I mean I missed
I’m just happy Toys R Us is back I missed my Toys R Us guys I used to go
there every week to check what new toys they have so you know I even though I
don’t have a store in my area you’re not just seeing the website brings back good
memories now let’s check out what drastic world toys they have so it looks
like pretty much the basic ones colossal t-rex alpha training blew a bunch of
Lego sets I doubt it they’re gonna have anything
new you know I can’t say how happy I am just
to see the website back up come on start spreading Toys R Us I need some more
Toys R Us is I don’t know they almost seem to have more stuff than the actual
target itself some of these drastic world stuff here I did not see on target
this is one I really wanna buy the imagine X Jurassic world
megamouth t-rex that’s a brand new one from Mattel and it’s actually 35 bucks
here I think that’s a buck 50 from what I’ve seen most other stores but also
let’s go ahead and check PJ masks PJ masks
okay so let’s check out what PJ – toys day PJ masks I contacted the company
several times and I mean they don’t give back to me most toy companies will send
me the toys I can’t afford to buy all their toys but they have some really
cool stuff here we have a mystery Mountain playset transforming cat boy
you got PJ masks seek your missile seeker toy vehicle bunch of new vehicles
fold and go play set that looks awesome ok so here we got more vehicles
supermoon adventure playset light up deluxe car set looks like we got some
blind bags radio-controlled cars oh the one thing they don’t have is the
big robot ones Walmart has the big like Robo exoskeleton suits that each one in
the PJ masks characters could put on and it looks awesome but anyways let’s go
ahead and check out some more things on this side so now they have toy reviews
so I guess if you click on here you can actually get toy reviews it says by now
at that that’s hilarious oh they do have reviews of the toys here
too so they have like YouTube reviews okay so they have their own reviews
that’s kind of cool treasure aliens oh I wonder if they reviewed
these these are ones I haven’t done yet and they look awesome okay so that looks kind of oh that’s all
the toy reviews so they don’t have that many toy reviews let’s say let’s see
okay hockey new let’s check out 130 Harry Potter Lego night bus and Bakugan
Dragonoid Maximus Bakugan has the big transforming figures
oh I gotta get my hands on one of those that looks awesome
blob and then the Harry Potter Lego bus so that looks like a lot of
okay let’s see what else toy trends see what’s going on here these four toys it
kind of gross but kids love them let’s check it out
wonder if this is a video or is just gonna show some toys okay plumber pants
and some doggy doo I have reviewed that one very fun toilet trouble looks fun
and mr. pop let’s see what else DIY activities what is here like a photo
frame so what are these okay it’s showing you how to build a
photo frame for your favorite photo awesome
that is cool so showing you how to make a bunch of different stuff crayon slime
oh cool so it’s actually showing you how to do it so here it’s showing you how to
make slime awesome else we can noodle braces masking tap tape Speedway okay
how about principals okay so these are like word searches and stuff like that
okay that looks cool so you could actually print it off and here is stores
where to play but they only have two store locations if you’re near any of
these let me know because I’m super jealous
one is the Galleria in Houston Texas and the other is the Garden State Plaza in
her pair must New Jersey oh man I want Toys R Us okay so pop-up interactive
play laying in so the new Toys R Us is will be a lot of fun now let’s see shop
by category action figures in playsets what do we get here so I think basically a lot of the stuff
they have is what target come on like I said it seems like they have more stuff
than target so I don’t know how this is working okay so that’s some of the action
figures baby toddler bikes building sets and blocks let’s see if they have any
cool Lego says hey I got a lot of these Legos learning outdoor play for ten
playing dress-up vehicles and boat control ok shop by brand with the Funko
Hasbro games Hot Wheels leapfrog Lego little tyke lol surprise Melissa Merrick
Nickelodeon paw patrol PJ masks Play Doh Star Wars and DK when they
forgot the new Star Wars set they got the biggie Millennium Falcon 800 box
back we can’t afford that and then we did check out Jeffrey’s top picks so
let’s do this I want to just see it’s supposed to bring you over to targets
check out let’s see what happens if I purchase something exactly where it’s
gonna bring me ok yeah it does say buy now at so you know what one
thing that would be cool if targets starting to open up like little toys r
us is so here see you are at Target so ridin up right away is switched you over
to target so you’re checking out at Target ah target and please search
Jurassic work ok so when I went to go ahead and check out and brought me right
over to target’s website so it looks like they got pretty much the same
jurassic world toys but one thing I seen guys they have the Brachiosaurus
and stock Wow let’s go ahead and find that and there it is
Jurassic world Legacy Collection Brachiosaurus they have it in stock how
cool is that Wow I’m going to buy these guys I’m gonna be doing a review of it
it is awesome okay well guys so basically Toys R Us is
back but it’s kind of Toys R Us Target mix well anyways you know I’m just so
happy to see their website back maybe that means they’re gonna be coming to
Target stores or they’re gonna be building a lot more of the interactive
stores which I would love okay go ahead and put that in the comment
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