HUGE SURPRISE AT THE STUDIO! (His First Instrument!)

HUGE SURPRISE AT THE STUDIO! (His First Instrument!)

– There’s a cockroach on the ground. – [Missy] Ew, ugh. Isn’t that cool, Ollie? (laughing) I have a little surprise for Finn. What do you think it is? What do you think it is? – Two, one. (upbeat electronic music) ♪ Wherever you are ♪ ♪ That’s where I wanna be ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ That’s where I ♪ ♪ That’s where I ♪ ♪ That’s where I wanna be ♪ ♪ This is home ♪ ♪ Hey! ♪ Hey guys, before today’s vlog starts, I wanted to give you guys
a quick little heads up. This video is so adorable and I am so excited for
your guys to see it, but it was filmed just like, a few days before Auntie’s wedding, so we talk a lot about that. I think it got totally lost in the mix when I was trying to get
Auntie’s wedding up for you guys. Make sure you give this video a big thumbs up if you do, and enjoy! – Good morning! – [Missy] Good morning, Ollie. Did you wake up happy today? – Yeah. – [Missy] Awesome, and there’s
little Finny back there. He wanted to start the vlog, but I told him, well you were just crying, so we’re gonna let Ollie start it, and then he got all grumpy. Alright, Ollie, where
are you off to today? – School. – [Missy] School, what
are you gonna learn? – Um, I don’t know. – Something exciting, guys,
is that he is all done with his letters. Now, they are officially learning to read. He’s not reading yet, but he’s starting to sound out the words, and stuff, and it’s pretty exciting, and I’m just so proud of you. – I just learned some words,
not all the hard words. – [Missy] Yes, cause you know,
like your sight words, right? – Yeah. – But they’re officially
practicing to start reading, which is exciting. – Math, math? – Math, you love math, huh? – Yeah. – I was always a big math fan. – Let me know down in the comments what is you favorite subject in school. Was it english or math or science? I feel like once he’s really in science, he’s gonna love science class. You know what science class is all about? – Um, science. (bell dings) – Pretty much, you got me there. – Making stuff. – It’s about all kinds of stuff, but a lot of times, it’s about animals, you’re gonna love that. – Yeah, like, maybe lizards or snakes? – Yeah, alright, we
gotta hurry off to school so we aren’t late. We’ll say hi to Finn in a sec. There’s my little Finny Foo, are you feeling shy today? – Mm. – Yeah. (kissing) Did you just need mama cuddles? Um, boys. – What? – [Missy] Where’s your lunch? – Ah! – [Missy] Grab your lunch. – Lunch is my favorite part of school, because then I get to eat
my peanut butter and jelly. – [Missy] That’s right, alright. And Finn, you’ve got the
Daily Bumps lunchbox today? – [Finn] Yeah. – Alright, now that the
kids are dropped off, I’m gonna spend about an
hour at the barn right now. I’ve been feeling a
little like, down lately, I don’t know what it is exactly. It might just be, like, hormones, or really being swamped
over wedding planning, and work, and all that. I just really feel like I need to like, spend an hour decompressing at the barn, hanging out with my horse. I just like, need to listen to music, and like, totally relax a little bit. I was a little nervous
to wear my ear phones, cause I wore them once in an Instagram, and people we’re like, oh,
look it, Missy’s flexing, and I still literally
don’t know what that means. Does it mean like, showing off? Or like, obviously it has
something to do with the ear pods, so I seriously don’t understand. If you guys could not
tell me what that means, like, flexing, that would really help. (noise maker sounds) I’m gonna hang out at the barn, and maybe just decompress. I think I’m just feeling like, a little bit stressed out right now. Hey, Nacho! I am done with the barn,
and I didn’t even vlog, cause I just totally enjoyed
my time with my horse. It was so nice. I honestly feel like a ton better. I feel like my brain just kind of like, was feeling a little foggy, and I swear getting out
and about just like, really helps, being in
the sunshine outside, with animals, of course. But, alright, on with the rest of our day. Boys are home from school now… – Cockroach on the ground! – [Bryan] What? – [Missy] What? – There’s a cockroach on the ground. – [Missy] Ugh, why is this happening? – This is our life, babe, this is our life because we have a farm, okay? (cow moos) – [Missy] This is so, don’t,
oh my gosh, he’s catching it. – [Bryan] Karma, don’t eat it. – [Missy] Put it in
with the bearded dragon. If you guys, don’t know, we just found out the gender of our… – Oh, guys, guess what! – [Missy] What? – I’m getting a leopard gecko. (group awes) – Yes, there’s that, I don’t know. (laughing) Yeah, we found out the
gender of the bearded dragon. If you guys haven’t seen that, be sure to click the
iCard and go check it out, because it was hilarious,
Ollie’s reactions just… – [Finn] Dad, look it. – It’s priceless. – Ollie, I think the cockroach was just giving you guys a homecoming, huh? Cause you just got home from school. (chuckling) – Yes, the boys are home from school, and I actually have been
running around doing errands. I just got tan. I went to the tanning booth because it is officially
fully blown Auntie’s wedding. We’ve got days left til she gets married, and I have to get myself ready, I have to get her ready, I have to get last minute things together. So, I had to like, take all my makeup off and put on like, a dress that
hopefully won’t crease it. And as this vlog goes on,
you guys are gonna see me get darker and darker and
darker, and hopefully, I don’t get like, orange, or like super dark. I guess we’ll find out
by the end of this vlog. It should be interesting. But now that they’re home,
we actually have a lot to do, so we gotta get out of the house and start running a bunch
of errands, let’s go. – So, I just got done
loading up the truck. – [Missy] Whoa. – And look what I found in the garage. – Wow, is it gonna fly off in here? – Isn’t that cool, Ollie? – What? – [Bryan] Look. (laughing) – Is that cool? Do you want daddy to show you? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Look at that. – A moth? – Yeah. – [Missy] That is so cool, huh? – [Bryan] Don’t touch, don’t touch. – [Finn] I wanna hold it. – [Bryan] He’s just been
hanging out in our garage. I’ve got another full truck load, and we are headed to the studio today. Got a lot of furniture headed over there, a lot of decor stuff. My music studio is
like, basically all done on that half of the side, and the other half is kind
of like, the lounge side, where we’re gonna have like,
a kitchen and a dinning area, and like, lounge space. So I was able to design it how I would dream up a studio in my head. All this amazing stuff
is finally coming in, and I get to put it all together. It’s crazy, you guys, we’re starting like, a business from scratch. It’s a lot of work, but
it’s been so rewarding. Alright, let’s go. – [Missy] Bryan, what ya doin’? – I got it, I totally got
it, I don’t need any help. (giggling) No, it’s okay, no Papa, I
mean, I guess if you’re here. – [Papa] You got it, you got it? – Bryan tried to get
me to help him do this, and when I picked it
up to put it in there, I just dropped it and ran. (crashing bang) – Yeah. (laughing) – And it fell hard. It was like, so scary. – This is important, this
is the studio fridge. – [Missy] That’s it. Thank god I’m not the one doing that. Yeah, we were here a few days ago, and we did a huge load of stuff. We’re kind of just starting
to put things together, like plants, we rolled out the rug. This studio is just starting
to look really cool. You guys, oh my goodness,
it’s only been like an hour since I last vlogged,
and I’m already darker. (screaming) I’m gonna save the studio part
for Bryan to give you a tour, but everything is just coming together, it’s looking so good! – Your dad just said fra-gee-lay, french for toss underhand. (laughing) – Go like that, and like that. – [Missy] Oh, that’s
what fra-gee-lay means? I see. – [Bryan] Got it? Bring it inside. Thanks, buddy. (crashing bangs) – Okay, so Bryan is putting
together his studio, I’m running to Hobby Lobby because it is just a couple days before
my sister’s wedding, and we’re still getting stuff. We need sand. You wanna grab one? – Yeah. – Okay, I’m actually making my sister something really special, so I have to get a few other items so that I
can put it together for her, and I’m doing this super last minute, so I feel kind of bad, but… Okay, you gonna help me out, bud? – Yeah. – You guys are gonna think we are crazy because we still haven’t
figured out bow ties for the boys, and they’re in the wedding, and the wedding is just
a couple days away, ah! But I just found fabric, and I think I’m gonna make them. I found a few like,
instructions on Pinterest, so I’m gonna try and
make the boy’s bow tie. We got all kinds of goodies,
you guys, crafts galore. I’ve gotta get home so I
can work on some crafts. – So, I’m hanging out at my studio. Missy dropped me off because I have a little surprise for Finn. So she took Finn, and Papa
and I just put together this. (drum beats) Yeah, isn’t that amazing? This is the live room in
my studio, by the way. So we just got all the panels put in, which is really cool, because
now the sound is like, perfect, it sounds amazing in here. Whenever I used to film in this room, do you guys remember? It would super echo-y. If you guys don’t remember, this is what is used to sound like. Hanging at the studio today. All the sounds proofing
is in, I’m so excited, we’ve got a mini drum set for Finn. It’s gonna be Finn’s first drum set, and I’m really excited to
have it here at the studio so that they can come visit me, and work with me in the studio, and get to play on their
drum set if they want to. We also have the sound proofing all put up on this wall, too, so these ones are a different
kind of sound proofing. It’s an absorber and a
diffuser, all in one, and it looks kind of cool, it kind of looks like sound waves. And look who is here! Did you get all your stuff done? – I think so. – [Bryan] Awesome, what you got, Finn? – He got a little prize,
because he was so good, and he got one for Ollie, too. – Oo, Ollie’s just in the control room, you wanna go give it to him? – Yeah. – Yeah? Okay, cool. (child humming) – [Bryan] Hey, Ollie. – [Ollie] What? – [Bryan] Finn’s got a surprise for you. What do you think it is? What do you think it is? – Whoa, thank you, Finn. – Lollipop! – What kind is it? – It’s nana. – What are you doing, buddy? You’re just chilling,
watching a movie on the iPad? – Yeah, it’s King Arthur,
this kid pulls out a sword. Look it, that’s the sword. (sword unsheathing) – Oh, that’s the sword, that’s awesome! Hey, Finn. – Hey, Daddy. – What? – Mine has cotton candy one. – Oo, cotton candy. – Hey, Finn. – What? – Guess what. – What? – I have surprise for you. You wanna know what it is? – Yeah. – Yeah? Okay, c’mon. Are you so excited? – Yeah. – [Bryan] What do you think it is? – I don’t know. – [Bryan] You don’t know? Okay. – Alright, we’ve got your eyes covered. – [Bryan] Alright, his eyes are covered. You ready? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Alright, walk in. You wanna see your surprise? Alright, and… – Two, one. What do you think? (playful electronic music) – Yeah. – It’s your own drum set,
Finn, come here, look it! It’s perfectly sized for you. – Wow! – Cause that’s your favorite
thing to do here, huh? – Now the grown ups can do that one, and the kids can do this one. – [Bryan] Yes, so this is
the kids’ new drum kit. – [Missy] Perfect size for Finn. – [Bryan] Can you drop
us a sick beat, bro? (drums and symbols banging) Yes! – [Missy] Wow! (laughing) – [Bryan] That’s awesome, dude. – You a little nervous? (laughing) You’re gonna have to
practice on this thing. – [Bryan] Yeah. – How good is this? – This is no ordinary mini kit, guys. It’s so cool. It has everything that a kid
needs to do some drumming. So you’ve got, I think
is like your floor tom, you’ve got your symbols,
you’ve got your snare, which can sound like this… (drum beating) And it also sounds like this! (drum roll) Hey! (laughing) (drums beating) Yeah, and then you’ve got
more symbols over here. Pretty cool, huh? – [Missy] Do you like it, Finn? – [Bryan] It doesn’t work
unless you use a drum stick. – [Missy] Can you test it out? (drums and symbols beating) – [Missy] Can you do that? – [Bryan] Is that pretty cool? (chuckling) – [Missy] Pretty neat, huh? (drums and symbols beating) I’m really good at drums. Go for it! (drums banging) – Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. Can I help you a little bit? Okay, you ready? (drums and symbols banging) Hey, Ollie, what do you
call a fly with no wings? – I don’t know. – A walk! (comedy drum roll) – [Missy] Oh, nice joke. – Hey, Finn, what do you
call a fly with no wings? A walk. (drum beats) (chuckling) (parents cheer) – We’re probably gonna have to have one of my professional
buddy friends come in and give the boys a little drum lesson. – [Missy] Totally. – Cause I don’t know
if they’re quite there. (laughing) – [Missy] Yeah, definitely not. (drumming) (segway motor hums) (child screams) There he goes, careful. How are you so good at that? – I don’t know. – [Missy] To steer, he uses his hands, oh, look at that! You can do it without your hands? (r&b music) How is he good at that? Here you go, Finny. – Thank you. – [Missy] Brush your teeth. Off he goes. Alright, we’re getting ready
for bed, and guess what? Toes are done, what do you
guys think of this color? Um, I went with kind of a purple-y color, my shoes are gonna be gold,
what do you think Finn? – Gold? – [Missy] You like it? – I like it Dada’s toes. – [Missy] You like Dada’s toes? Yes. Bryan actually came with
me to get our toes done. It’s been kind of a new
thing that we’ve been doing, and it’s actually a lot of fun. So let me know down in the comments what color you think we did his toes. It may be in the next video. We’ll show you what his toes look it. Ready for bed? – Yeah. – [Missy] Okay, go to your room. Don’t run over my toes, ah! – Hey, don’t run over my toes! – What are you doing flying
down that hallway on the segway when you know that it’s bedtime? Turn that segway around,
come on, let’s go, come one. – I’m actually just doing
a little night time ride. – [Bryan] Oh, a night time ride? Okay. I just got back from
getting my nails done, too, so if you haven’t commented down below, what color you think I did, leave that comment down below. Alright, you guys, I think it’s about time to get these kiddos to bed. It has been a late night,
but we’ve had so much fun, so thanks for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, be sure
to hit that thumbs up button. Finn, what’s your face? Are you okay? Aw, he’s being a brave boy. We love you guys. Thanks for watching,
we’ll see you manana, bye! – Bye, poop. – [Missy] Look at this. (dog whining) He is tearing apart plastic balls. Karma, do you need toys? He can only pick out toys, snack food… – And parakeets. – [Missy] Karma Chameleon, he wants this. – We cannot get that. (drumming) (peppy electronic music)

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