– Hey good morning, everybody
and welcome to the vlog. Today, we are gonna do
a baby snake update. We have some incredible baby snakes and a little bit feisty ones, too, that have now shed out and eaten. And they are absolutely incredible. We have a busy day ahead of us but I wanted to kinda start it off with a baby snake update. And the thing is, guys,
is that snakes change so much from that first
shed to a few meals. I wanted to update you
on some ball pythons and some colubrids and
other things, as well, and just see how amazing they are looking. Look at this bumblebee bamboo
ball python right here. Oh my god, that bamboo just really changes the looks of things. Absolutely incredible. So again, lots of really cool snakes and trust me, I’m only
gonna be showing you guys a little bit because there
are thousands of snakes down here that are unbelievable. It has definitely been a banger of a year. I produce a lot of banana stuff because they are so absolutely gorgeous. Some of my favorite stuff this year was the banana chocolate
stuff and this is a banana chocolate pinstripe, hoohoo doggy. I’m tellin’ you what, look
at the purples coming through in that animal, absolutely a ripper. Lots of cool baby colubrids
hatching this year, too. Look at this little T+
albino Nelson’s milk snake that pooped all over me. Of course that T+ gives
it that purplish look and stuff like that. Oh my god, that’s incredible. And again, these are allelic
so when you breed these to a normal albino, half the
babies come out like this. A little dirty monkey, peeing all over me. Time to go wash my hands. (laughing) If we’re gonna stick
with banana chocolate stuff, hoohoo doggy, I tell you what, this is the super chocolate banana,
my gosh, that turned out good. You guys know that I wanted to produce the super chocolate banana
pinstripe, the camo banana, haven’t hit that yet but I did hit some camo banana pastels, I’ll
show you guys in a little bit right here, but the purple
in this guy is breathtaking. And like I mentioned,
I’m gonna show you guys a lot of banana stuff
because I just love it, I just think it’s amazing. This happens to be a banana
woma pin enchi het russo! That’s a lot of genes. And it just makes it look really weird, I’ve never seen this before. I think this is a world’s first, I’ve never seen anyone else produce it so I am blown away at how beautiful it is. I wanna hit you guys with a
couple scaleless corn snakes because they’re crazy. This happens to be snow
scaleless corn snake right here. Now interesting with the snow scaleless, sometimes they have no pattern at all. This one has a little
bit of cool patterning down his back, which I think kinda adds a little character to it. So it’s really cool, but
good year for scaleless. And we have some pretty
incredible ones, hoohoo doggy. I tell you what, this is actually an anery diffused scaleless
corn snake right here. I tell you what, that is a ripper! I tell you, that is insane. The anery and diffused go together so well and then you get that
into scaleless and wow! Doesn’t get much better than that. This one turned out really beautiful, this is actually an
enchi chocolate spinner, so it’s enchi, it’s
chocolate, it’s spider, and it’s pinstripe and I tell you what, I wouldn’t have expected
it to look that way. It look freakin’ awesome. This is definitely one
of my favorite snakes that I’ve produced this year. I mean this kinda all purple snake and it’s the result that I didn’t expect it to look this way. This is actually a silver
streak cypress pinstripe. So it’s a super pastel,
it is a black pastel, it’s a pinstripe, and it’s a cypress. And I mean, holy moly. – Holy moly. – Not in my wildest dreams
did I think it was gonna turn out this way. This happens to be an
albino scaleless corn snake. So again, the albinos
are recessive mutation, scaleless is a recessive mutation, so this is just a double recessive animal. And little corn snakes are definitely the wiggliest babies but they
mellow out as they get bigger. And the albino scaleless,
hoo, that’s a beautiful snake. This one turned out really good, too. This is actually a super
x-treme spinnerblast. The spinnerblast is a
pastel, it’s a pinstripe, it’s a spider and then
that super x-treme gene actually reduces the pattern
and just makes it look absolutely ridiculous. I was absolutely blown
away at this one here. This is actually a
chocolate, it’s a mahogany, and it’s a pinstripe. Now this super chocolate
pinstripe is camo ball python, looks very similar to this,
but when you mix the chocolate and the mahogany, they’re
obviously on the same alleles so they make, it’s
basically a super version but the difference is
the camo is more brown, like really dark brown. This one is bordering on black. So you guys know I want banana camo, now even more I want the
chocolate mahogany banana pin, that’s what I really want. ‘Cause this one is gonna
be much darker than a camo banana but I tell you what, these guys turned out ridiculous. People always ask “What’s
your favorite snake, Brian?” Well, you know, I can
never pick a favorite, just like I can never pick a favorite of what we hatched each year. But I gotta be honest with you, this is definitely pretty crazy. This is actually an albino diffused, or an albino bloodred,
scaleless corn snake. I mean, come on now, that
doesn’t even look real. I mean, that literally
looks like a kid’s toy that you’d find in a toy store. Absolutely ridiculous. I can’t even imagine what
this thing is gonna look like in six months or a year from now. This one came out wild, this is actually a chocolate banana pin, just
like I showed you before, but then it has pastel in it. And it’s amazing how that
pastel really changes the color palette unbelievably. Unfortunately, when it
comes to the camo part, I’m gonna show you guys in a minute, it kinda dulls it out. So in some cases, having
that pastel gene is awesome, in other cases it’s maybe not as good. But in this one, I absolutely love it. And by the way, down in the comments, let me know if you could have like any dream ball python, or
any snake for that matter, what would that dream be? Whether it’s a combination, or maybe even a combination that hasn’t happened or something that you really
want to see in a snake. I mean just (toy squeak)
just swing for fences, guys. Go down in the comments, let me know what animal you would
love to see produced, what color and pattern
and so on like that. I’m anxious to hear what
you guys have to say. And this is the first time I’ve actually showed these guys other than in the egg. This is the pastel banana camo. Again, this is the snake that I wanted to produce so bad but I wanted
it to be without pastel. We actually produced
three of these little guys and again, you can tell
the difference between that pastel chocolate pin banana and the actual chocolate pin banana how
different it actually looks. So that’s how these guys
look a lot more blown out. When you take the pastel out of this, this should be dark purple
and absolutely amazing. But from a genetic standpoint, this is an absolutely great snake. We have a creamsicle scaleless
here, really cool animal. Now the creamsicle is much
like an albino corn snake but it was actually mixed with Emory rat many many years ago, about 25 years ago. And that gave it the more
orange looks to it for sure. And so it definitely changes things and then you take it into scaleless and it’s pretty interesting. I wanna know from you
guys, what scaleless snake do you like best? Is it corn snakes, is it
rat snakes, ball pythons? You know, give me some specifics. What do you like the best
about scaleless animals? Are you in the camp that you
don’t like scaleless at all? This is a project that’s near
and dear to my heart for sure. This is a coral ghost corn snake. The coral comes from all that pink in that animal right there. It’s polygenic, just
meaning that every time we breed, we breed the
most pink animals together and each generation, they
get more and more pink. And this generation is
gonna be the best by far. When this animal gets
another six months old, it is gonna be fluorescent pink. This thing is a beauty. We produced a bunch of
anerys, coral ghosts, and coral snows this year,
all of which are amazing. I know I’m bombarding you
guys with banana stuff but again, it’s like I said, they’re just absolutely beautiful. This is actually a banana cinna-winner. – (yelling) I’m a banana! – Which is just a banana
cinnamon, a pinstripe, and a spider ball python. But that combination together, (laughing) that makes
for an awesome snake. This was definitely one
of the cooler snakes that I hatched this year, this is the super Lori leopard ball python. And it’s doing really
well, eating like crazy. It looks so cute, that white
is really coming up its side. Again, it was a lot more blue when it was an absolute baby. It’s kinda turned more of a silvery color but absolutely incredible. I mean, I tell you what, I
can’t get enough of this snake. We have a bunch of black
and white cal kings just like this guy right here. This is actually a 50/50 aberrant black and white cal king. And the aberrant just means kind of a jumbled pattern, basically. These guys come in banded,
they come in striped, almost all white, and again the aberrant like these guys with
different levels of layers of the percentage of white. I’ve been saying this for a while. I think that the black
and white cal king project is like the next colubrid
project to really blow up. Kind of like the Mexican black kings. ‘Cause look at the contrast in these guys, they’re absolutely incredible. I love ’em and we have a bunch of ’em and I can’t wait for the future. I’ve told this a million times but my passion for snakes really started with garter snakes when I was a little kid when I walked around
the woods catching ’em. So this is a little granite
checkered garter snake. And we produce a bunch
of normals, checkereds, albinos, albino checkereds,
all of the garter snake projects we work with
are absolutely amazing. Just such cool pet snakes,
super cool dispositions. Super easy to care for. And if you’re ever in
a position where like you want a snake but
your significant other or your parent says “No mice in my house!” Well garter snakes are great ’cause they don’t have to eat mice. So this is a great example of an animal. If you wanna get a pet
snake but you don’t wanna feed it mice, garter snakes
are always a great option and this one is an absolute beauty. I showed you guys the bumblebee ba- Earlier, I showed you
guys the bumblebee ban- Earlier, I showed you
guys the bumblebee bam- Oh my gosh. Earlier, I showed you
guys the bumblebee bamboo. This is actually a
bumblebee bamboo vanilla. So it’s got one more gene in it. And that vanilla gene
just really cleans it up and just makes it incredible. I definitely need to raise
up some more bamboo stuff. I don’t know, for whatever reason, it’s one of my favorite
ball python morphs. It’s a co-dominant morph, it’s in the blue-eyed leucistic
complex, meaning if you breed two bamboos together, you do get a super form that is blue-eyed. And you can do the same
thing by breeding it to lesser and mojave, and stuff like that. But absolutely incredible. There’s probably nothing
that I’m more excited about that we produced this year
than this animal here. This is actually a cinny enchi new gene that we were gonna name
mango but turns out there’s another mango ball python. So I still don’t have a name
for this new gene project but it turns things so orange! It’s absolutely incredible, I mean what an incredible incredible snake. The blushing and the orange,
I don’t know what this is but this project is gonna
be absolutely awesome and it’s gonna be cool
that we produced a few more of these this year. So now we can raise some stuff up and see what the genetics
are, probably co-dominant. Maybe there’s a super form that’s even more orange than this. So it’s exciting times ahead. (laughing) Oh my gosh, as
I’m goin’ through guys, I didn’t even know we produced this. I look at all the baby
snakes as they’re hatching but this one must have
been like hidden out or something like that. I cannot believe Lori didn’t tell me that we produced a scaleless
tessera corn snake. This is unbelievable! That’s one of the coolest
corn snakes I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I am so excited! ‘Cause I knew we had a
chance to produce them but I thought we missed our odds. Lori didn’t even tell me, it looks like this guy’s at least a couple weeks old. I gotta go find Lori later on today and yell at her for not telling me. This thing is ridiculous! Another scaleless corn here, but this is actually an Abbott’s okeetee
scaleless corn snake. That’s incredible, I tell you what. So scaleless corn snakes on their own are absolutely beautiful and the okeetee stuff is really bred for
absolute beautiful pattern and color and the Abbott’s okeetee is really the best of the
okeetees when it comes to the color and patterns. So this guy is gonna be an absolute ripper when it gets older. Can’t wait to see it grow up. Man, it’s so cool seeing these snakes. I’m havin’ such a good time. This is literally just a one gene animal. This is a calico, which
is a co-dominant mutation Remember that clutch, I don’t know, maybe a month or so
ago that we hatched out that had like four or five
really beautiful ones? This is what they start to look like, remember I told you that orange and pink starts to turn white? Well this one’s just
starting to turn white and, oh my gosh, even though
it’s a single gene animal, it’s definitely right up
there as one of my favorite ball pythons we’ve produced this year. Another bamboo for you
here, this is actually a bamboo lemonblast woma
vanilla that has a cool little paradox splotching on it that I think is absolutely great. That’s just so cool, I
love that bamboo gene, does some amazing things. I tell you what, I hope
you guys are enjoying this because I’m excited just to
look through these snakes and show them off. Just going through and seeing
these, it makes me happy. I mean, they are unbelievable. I mean, this is living art, people. This is a pretty cool
little corn snake here. This is a diffused or bloodred corn like we’ve talked about before but the pied sided is what’s interesting. For whatever reason,
there’s another gene that floats around the diffused
corn that’s called pied side which has that big white sides on him. Which is absolutely incredible. You can kinda see it right
here, how cool it is. And there’s varying amounts,
sometimes you can have tons of white, not as much
as a ball python, per se. But still pretty cool to
have that kind of hidden in the diffused gene. So we didn’t even know we were
gonna produce any of these and they kinda popped
out, absolutely cool. This one’s another
crazy banana right here. This is actually a banana
enchi kingpin black pastel. (laughing) That’s a lot of genes. That black pastel and banana
mix really well together and then you get the lesser
and you get the enchi and oh my gosh, that is an
absolute ripper for sure. I love the way that
busy pattern turned out. What a gorgeous snake! Again, a lot of bananas this year, but I love the banana cinnys, oh my gosh. They are, I mean that’s one
of the coolest mutations for sure together, I mean,
just a two gene animal. Two co-dominant animals,
I mean wow is that thing ridiculous or what? I mean you can’t get
much better than that. I mean, that is amazing,
I mean I could have never imagined 20 years
ago that I’d be looking at a ball python that is like that. I mean that is a dream come true for sure. And that’s why I work
with a lot of bananas and a lot of banana cinnys. Switching up from a scaleless corn snake to a scaleless Texas rat snake. – Look, Patrick, I’m Texas! Doi, howdy y’all! – And this is really where
the kind of scaleless thing really started. It was the first scaleless
snake that really was being produced,
relatively, in decent numbers before the corn snakes. Certainly before the ball pythons. And there’s been a few
other scaleless snakes like rattle snakes and garter
snakes and stuff like that. But none of them have
really been successful like the scaleless Texas rat snakes were. So it’s always cool. So they’re polymorphic
as can be, just meaning they can look different. You can hatch out 10 and all 10 will look unbelievably different. So this is one of our
first clutches that hatched out and shed and looking
absolutely gorgeous. With Halloween just around the corner, I’d be remiss if I didn’t
show you one of our Halloween Pueblen milk snakes. Now Halloween Pueblan milk
snakes is just kind of an aberrant apricot Pueblan
so it’s got the orange and it’s basically bred
to not have hardly any red or no red at all so it’s basically like a black and orange snake. This one has some red in it but it’s still pretty darn cool. So this is awesome. And again, that’s a polygenic trait that’s spread over
generations just to produce a lot of orange, not a lot of red. And they look pretty awesome. Definitely the perfect
snakes for Halloween. Another two gene animal
that I’m always in love with is this GHI mojave. Again, a super simple double co-dominant. Not really hard to make
but unbelievable results. I mean that thing is
crazy and that’s kinda what I do these days
to be honest with you. I’m looking at just
producing the most stunning snakes I possibly can rather than the most complicated snakes. I just want beautiful
snakes and these guys certainly fit that bill. I love this project so much. This is a snow Texas rat
snake and I made mention earlier about the fact
that I bred a snow Texas to a pink-eyed leucistic
expecting to really produce normal snakes that were
het for all of the above and surprisingly, we hatched
out all snow Texas rat snakes. Now the snow is lacking
the red pigment and it’s lacking the black pigment and then this one would actually
be het for leucistic. Which means that it would wipe out all the other pigment
when we breed ’em back. Really wild, I didn’t expect those to be compatible animals and they
were so I’m super happy. I think we’re just gonna
raise up all the babies we produced this year,
raise ’em up and produce a whole bunch more pink-eyed
leucisitcs in the future. Which are basically just a
white snake with pink eyes. (laughing) Take a look at this one, guys. It’s just crazy. As I’m opening these
drawers, I’m like blown away. This is actually a black pastel
ghost mojave ball python. So black pastel is co-dominant,
mojave is co-dominant, and then of course the ghost
is a recessive mutation. Sometimes called a hypo ball
python but nevertheless, that thing is just insane. And one of the thrills
this year, certainly was hatching out more mangrove snakes. Look how absolutely amazing
this little animal is. And it’s only gonna get
better and more beautiful as it gets some size. I am so happy to have
hatched out a clutch earlier and we have another
clutch that’s due to hatch here relatively soon. Unbelievable. It’s been an amazing year, you know, with pythons, with boas, with
colubrids, stuff like that. I could be here all day, literally, we could have this vlog
like five hours long just going through babies
but I wanted to highlight some things that just
really got me excited. As I was just kinda
opening up drawers going “I gotta show this, I gotta show this!” So if you guys want me to
do another one of these, I have a lot more to show
you, I can guarantee you that. So just let me know if
you guys want me to. And while you’re at it, let me know which one you like the best. And this guy here is ridiculous as well. This is an enchi calico bee so again it’s enchi, it’s pastel,
it’s spider, and it’s calico. Hoo, doggy, I tell you what,
I could stay here all day long looking at ball pythons. And like I mentioned
earlier, I am just touching the tip of the iceberg down here. I mean there is tons of beautiful snakes and I wanted to give you
guys the overall update. If you guys enjoyed this,
first, let me know which one you like the best. Secondly, let me know and I’ll
do another update like this. ‘Cause like I said, I’ve
probably shown less than 1% of the animals down here so. (laughs) I tell you what, this guy is gorgeous, he looks like he’s gonna take
a pop at me any time, too. It’s okay, little buddy. I tell you what, love it. So let me know if you
guys liked this update. Well, I hope you guys enjoyed the update on all of those babies. It’s been a while since I’ve done it and I thought you would enjoy it. Let me know in the comments if you did. If you enjoyed that, here’s some more baby snakes right here
and an entire playlist of awesome baby snakes. Over here, you can subscribe. Turn that post notification
on with that bell, please. Have a wonderful day, be kind to someone. And I promise, I’m gonna
see you guys tomorrow.

Randy Schultz

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