How we built the Toothless costume

How we built the Toothless costume

Hey everybody, this is Ryan from Magic
Wheelchair. We get a lot of questions about Toothless and how we made him so
we’re going to show you. First and foremost, Toothless wouldn’t have
turned out nearly as epic is he did without the help of the guys at the Stan
Winston School of Character Arts. So the design process…You gotta start
with the design, a simple drawing; you move from the drawing to a
three-dimensional sculpt out of foam. Little bit of art and science. We made I think we made two or three
prototypes using cheaper foams we wanted to make sure that the it was going to
fit right on the chair and it wasn’t going to be too big. These are kids in wheelchairs that are
cruising around amongst other kids and they also need to fit through doors. Toothless is a very iconic
recognizable character he has a very unique head so we wanted to to nail the head. Getting that initial sculpt right really really paid off in the end so
when we were making the eyeballs of material used as a catalyzes kept
melting the bowls that we had the eyeballs in so we had this idea of
floating it and water is it catalyzed and we got a perfect-looking set of
eyeballs there it is there’s the the final head
came out awesome. The wings had to be really articulate so
they can be folded up folded in and moved in a way that he could get through
doors and around people and be able to trick or treat so we made a special mount for the wings
they actually go underneath his seat and Keaton sits on top of them and helps
keep them in place. We had a lot of people want to help
build Toothless I got contacted by a guy back East, his name is Arty and he
wanted to make the legs. That’s how we got the legs – thanks Artie.
So the first attempt with the towels, epic failure and after meeting with Ted
Haines and some guys at Stan Winston School Ultimately there’s no failures are just
learning experiences and now made a second tail through that experience and
came out pretty awesome and here’s the final tail. So with the prototype materials, Lana was
able to put together Bryce’s costume which is a furry gronckle. Lana did that one day. So this is this is Halloween Day, so
this is everything coming together. We pulled in the troops there’s there’s Mikey, Sam and Troy helping out. It was an
awesome day all of us working, putting a Toothless together. So people always ask
how we did the skin and that was actually a tip from Ted Haines and Bill
Bryant as they were building a that characters at the same time we are
building Toothless. It’s just taken a plastic, kind of like a
trash bag, some spray adhesive and a heat gun and gives you that wrinkle dragon
skin effect. So not only do we have to dress up
Keaton’s chair but we had to dress Keaton and Bryce as well. So we had
to have accessories for that. We had helmets and shields and wigs and
swords. And here it is… This is Toothless done, complete and ready to roll. It came out awesome. People would turn
their cars around and get out and check it out. So a big part of these costumes is
inclusion. Helping these kids to feel included and have an amazing time on
Halloween. Not just be a kid in a wheelchair but be
a dragonrider. And that’s exactly what we were able to do for Keaton and Bryce.
People would come out of their houses to to interact and talk with Keaton and Bryce. So there I am with Toothless and I hope
you guys enjoyed watching the video. We really enjoyed making Toothless, it
was an awesome experience.

Randy Schultz

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