How to Train Your Dragon and Find Gold Treasure in the Hidden World In Real Life!

How to Train Your Dragon and Find Gold Treasure in the Hidden World In Real Life!

This video is sponsored by Moose Toys! [Adventure music] Oh no, oh no! He’s after me! Jack, Jack! What, what’s wrong? Do you have the Traveler’s Stone? No, I thought we hid it in
the back of our sock drawer. I know, it’s not there! I’ve been looking all over
for it and I can’t find it. Why are you looking for it? ‘Cause we’re out of Treasure X! I wanted to go back in the dinosaur’s lair to search for more gold. What, without me? No, I was gonna take you. Hey guys, have you guys seen Jazzy? I haven’t seen her for hours. I’ve already called
around the neighborhood and I’m starting to worry. [Gasps] Jasmine! What, do you guys know where she is? Maybe! Kaden, let’s go check outside. Don’t worry, dad, we think
we know where she is. In the meantime, I guess
I’ll call Ninja Kidz, maybe she’s with Payton? Hey, look, there’s the cave right there. Jasmine did take the
Traveler’s Stone and used it. I knew it! She doesn’t know there’s
a dinosaur in there. She must be in trouble. No time to lose, let’s go! Look, Jasmine’s footsteps,
they go right into the cave. Yep, it’s Jasmine’s footsteps alright. Choose courage over fear,
choose courage over fear! [Adventure music] Oh no, oh no! He’s after me! [Panting] [Whooshing] Whoa!
Whoa, where are we? Okay, now where do we go? The trails all go to different directions! How do we know where to go? Wait a minute, what’s that? [Exciting music] It’s Treasure X, it’s Treasure X! Cool, looks like there’s
a Mini Dino inside! I’ve never seen that before. There’s gold in this one, I can feel it. I call this for opening. Let’s save this for safe keeping. Wait, I see something else! Whoa! It’s another Treasure X! Yes, this is another one! Put it in my backpack. This is like Easter, finding
hidden treasure on the trail! Maybe we won’t have to take the Treasure X from the dinosaur this time. Yeah, it’s almost too easy. There’s another one! This is awesome! Maybe we’ll find a Treasure
X treasure chest this time. Look, it’s Jasmine’s backpack. And another Treasure X Mini Dino! Wait a minute, this is
starting to make sense. Those Treasure X’s along the trail were falling out of Jazzy’s backpack and it looks like she lost
her backpack right here. Oh no, she’s been to the dinosaur’s lair, that’s where she got
all of this Treasure X! It looks like Jazzy’s
footprints are right over there. Yeah, come on let’s follow them! [Dinosaur roars] Oh no, it’s the dinosaur! Maybe she’s got Jazzy! Quick, over there! Oh no, how do I tame a dinosaur? [Adventure music] Oh no, here she comes! Choose courage over fear,
choose courage over fear, choose courage over fear! [Enchanted singing] [Singing starts to echo and reverberate] What’s that sound? It sounds like someone singing! [More enchanted singing] Look! There’s Jazzy. What is she doing?! [Singing] It looks like she’s trained the dinosaur! No way, are you serious?! It looks like the dinosaur’s
in a trance when she’s singing. I can’t believe it! Hey, Kade; look! It’s the dinosaur’s
golden treasure chests. Quick, let’s take the treasure chests! Uh, okay! Choose courage over fear,
choose courage over fear, choose courage over fear. Yes, we got the golden
dinosaur treasure set! [Gasp. Singing stops] [Gasping] Why’d she stop singing? Oh no, the dinosaur’s
coming out of her trance! [Dinosaur roars] [Resumes singing] Jazzy, run; as fast as you can! Quick, back to the cave! [Adventure music] Run, Jazz! The dinosaur’s right above us! [Adventure music] Run run run, Jazz! [Panting] Guys, what are you doing here? Getting more Treasure X, of course. [Dinosaur roars]
[Gasping] Oh no, the dinosaur’s right above us! Run! Quick, the cave is right there! [Heavy breathing] Whoa, that was a close one! [Ground rumbling] Whoa! Hey, there’s the Traveler’s Stone. Jazzy, you shouldn’t use
our stuff without asking. I was getting something out of your room and then I found the Traveling Stone. I had no idea that it was a transporter until I threw it out the
window and then I saw that there was a cave in our backyard! Well, next time just ask. Okay, okay–sorry. But, where did you get that
stone in the first place? I’ll tell you after we see what’s inside the treasure chest. There’s guaranteed gold
in each treasure chest. Come on, it’s time to rip, dig, and ooze. So, how does this work? There are 28 levels of adventure! Yeah, there are 10 levels for the dinosaur and finder’s bricks and eight
levels for the Mini Dino. Look, inside of each Treasure X chest, there’s one dinosaur, one
Mini Dino, and one finder. [Kaden] There are 28 levels of adventure! Cool, so what do we do? Step one: find the map. Step 2: rip the gold layer. What’s this? Oh, that’s the dinosaur eye! You have to look for the eyes on the map. So, look through the dinosaur eye. Right there! It’s right there. Wow, that’s the X? Yep, that was step 3, step four is to get your digging tool. Ding! Let’s soak our bricks for 30 seconds so we can get ready for step 5. Great idea. Step 6 is to discover all the bones. Sweet, now it’s time
to rip, dig, and ooze! [Whistles] Oh yes, yes, yes!
Whoa! You’re going, like, fast! I think I’m gonna start right here. Oh my! I am so fast at this. It’s like this. Jazz, this is the best tool,
Whoa! The driller one. I can see one, I can see a piece! Oh, I got a piece, I got a piece!
Oh, it’s gold! It’s gold! Oh, I found a ring and it’s gold! I got a gold dinosaur,
I got a gold dinosaur! I think this is all the
pieces to the Mini Dino and I think I got a snake. Look, I found a little gold, it’s really shiny right there. Even if you don’t find any
of the gold-dipped treasures, these are so fun to build and collect. This is kinda like Easter, where you try to find for your treasure. Yeah, Treasure X is the ultimate surprise reveal collectible. There’s a lot of layers
to reveal cool figures. And the chance to find real treasure! Time for step 7: build your dinosaur,
finder, or Mini Dino. [Upbeat music] This Mini Dino is called Rich Ranger. It looks like my finder’s
name is Treasure King. This is Myth Master dinosaur. [Growls] The next step is to
find the treasure chest or the dinosaur’s heart. Let’s open it up. Oh, I found the dinosaur’s ooze! Oh, that’s super slimy.
It’s so slimy! It’s gold inside, I
think, yeah, it’s gold. It is? I’m pretty sure it’s just
in a little container. Guys, look at this. Wait, wait–
It’s got gold, open it! Open it! It’s got gold!
Open it! That is real gold! Oh my! Here, let’s see if we can get it out. What? Real gold, guys. Real dipped, gold treasure. How many of these cool figures are there? There are 24 Mini Dinos, 24 finders, and eight dinosaurs to collect. And 24 ultra-rare, gold-dipped treasures. Yeah, there’s eight new teams to collect. There’s guaranteed gold
in each treasure chest. And we also dug up these cool figures. And look how much gold we found! You said you’d tell me how
you found the Traveling Stone after we opened the treasure chests. To find out how, you’ll
have to see part one. Click down here. Make sure to like and subscribe! And share this video
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us when you’ve had a time that you’ve chosen courage over fear.

Randy Schultz

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