How to Tell If Your Snake is Male or Female | Pet Snakes

How to Tell If Your Snake is Male or Female | Pet Snakes

Randy Schultz

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45 thoughts on “How to Tell If Your Snake is Male or Female | Pet Snakes

  1. Eddie Pardo says:


  2. CinnamonDutchToast says:

    Howd i get here….I dont even own a snake O.o

  3. iMuaaz أنا معاذ says:


  4. Bboy Seven says:

    Madness i say!! Fuckin Madness!

  5. hardstyleEDM says:

    Instructions not clear enough got my dick caught in a celling fan

  6. Ghostgungamer says:

    Snakes used to have legs ?

  7. Dom says:

    Probably sedated. I don't think an awake snake would mind a human messing with it's weird junk.

  8. Mary Johnson says:

    Thank you I actually did learn something I did not know thanks

  9. doom81300 says:

    My snake does not have these marks is it a leg less Lizerd?

  10. Landon Diaz says:

    ohhh my god thanks I tried popping my snakes and it didn't work so thanks u fucken liying dumbass

  11. Mango says:

    those arent hemiphenes on the outside they are spurs

  12. Mango says:

    those arent hemiphenes on the outside they are spurs

  13. Mango says:

    those arent hemis on the outside they are spurs

  14. Mango says:

    those arent hemis on the outside they are spurs

  15. Jordan Sanchez says:

    just kidding

  16. Simone Pardee says:

    Bro, I am not molesting my snake anytime. 0_0

  17. Wicked Jack says:

    I'm not doing this to my snake

  18. cyn :p says:

    I have a girl normal ball python. I thought it was a boy. I've had it for about 3 days anything I should be worried about with her. like any health problems girls can get but boys can't.

  19. GenericYoutuber says:

    who dafuq cares İ mean what difference is it ?

  20. HS4L says:

    do snakes in captivity hibernate if so what do you need in case they do

  21. Mollie Gadson says:

    derrickpalmer love it

  22. Mario1611 says:

    That snake should file a lawsuit.

  23. Silas Wingert says:

    thx 4 help i has ball python

  24. hinfung cheng says:


  25. Jack Fg1 says:

    yeah I'm not raping them but thanks fam lol

  26. Suzanne Lewis says:

    I have a baby cornsnake

  27. Stepdaddy Li Step says:

    wanna sell that snake

  28. BlackSunOfNile says:

    OMG did the presenter just ASSUMED SNAKES GENDER ?! triggered

  29. king Reyes says:

    do carpet pythons are the same??, i bought one long time ago and the told me she was a female, but i see two very small spurs =

  30. Paula Jewitt says:

    They where legs millions of years ago ????

  31. Akseli Rautio says:


  32. ImJustMe 616 says:

    Still sounds a bit confusing but it's not like I handle snakes so it doesn't matter.

  33. Borderguy342 says:

    In some snake species and lizards it's easy to tell if the it's male or female in some boas,pythons and anacondas any in this family of snakes the females are generally bigger then the males but in rattlesnakes,kingsnakes,king cobras or cobras in general the males are bigger then the females now on to lizards when it comes to lizards in some species the males are bigger then the females now here are some lizard species leopard geckos males are bigger then the females, bearded dragons the males are generally bigger then the females komodo dragons the males are definitely bigger then the females. Now onto alligators and crocodiles the males are bigger then females in these kinds of species. it all depends on genes and traits that they inherit.

  34. wheezy_mc_breezy says:

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  35. regina tenebris says:

    Yay! Found the answer on my most ancient question.

  36. ImageResultForCirc says:

    Anybody else holding a snake right now

  37. John Santos says:


  38. Todd Livingston says:

    Also if it changes its mind every 30 minutes, it is a female.

  39. Lily Billy says:

    Do only male ball pythons have the spurs in the sides? I NEED ANSWERS

  40. PickAxe PixelGamer ROBLOX & More! says:


  41. Ckyah Cinai says:

    In the criminal justice system

  42. Ali Al-Ahmad says:

    Are you sure

  43. FlowerKitten 0w0 says:

    I'm scared I think my Ball Python is a male and ive been thinking for almost 2 years now that's she's a girl. I'm not doing 'that' to her but idk

  44. Naser abu faiçal says:

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  45. Just-in K. says:

    So snakes have legs huh what are they hotdog snakes?

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