How to Take Care of a Garter Snake | Pet Snakes

How to Take Care of a Garter Snake | Pet Snakes

Can we keep garter snakes as pets? Yes, you
sure can. One thing that’s important to understand with garter snakes is number one, they can
be finicky eaters sometimes. Because these guys can be used to eating fish, earthworms
and things that we’re not normally ready to feed our snakes, because they normally are
more commonly eating mice and things. So it’s very important to understand that, because
when you get a garter snake as a pet, you need to ask the breeder has it been switched
over to mice? Because they can eat mice their whole life and do very, very well, but it’s
very important because if they have not, then you’re going to need to switch the snake over
from earthworms and fish to mice. Now some garter snakes won’t do that, so what
you’ll have to do is the smaller ones will eat a few earthworms and they’ll eat every
few days. Now earthworms are not very nutritional. They’re deficient in calcium, so if the garter
snake is eating solely earthworms, you’re going to need to supplement. Now a lot of
times these guys will eat fish. Little guppies, Platys. Don’t feed goldfish and there are
several other fish that you shouldn’t feed, and there’s a lot of fish out there that have
what’s called thiaminase, which is an enzyme that breaks down B vitamins. So if they’re
solely on fish, then there’s a possibility that we can have B vitamin deficiencies over
time. The one interesting thing about a garter snake
over your more common pythons and king snakes, and milk snakes is a garter snake will eat
on vision or they need to see their bait moving more than the other snakes. The other snakes
it’s more olfactory and heat and things of that nature. They don’t necessarily have to
see movement. But these guys like to see many times that their bait moves. Okay, well feeding
a fish, guppies I like the most, head first and they’ll see them moving. It’s very easy for them to take them or putting
the fish in a small, little bowl. These guys are not aquatic snakes. They don’t swim and
they don’t live in water, although they’ll eat fish. That’s a very important fact to
know about your garter snake. You can feed fish fillet, but again fish fillet can sometimes
be a little nutritionally deficient. So my message to you, yes we can have garter snakes
as pets. They make very good pets, but we need to make sure that, either they are already
eating mice, or be ready to get them on mice. It’s healthier for them, they do better and
you can enjoy them for a long time.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “How to Take Care of a Garter Snake | Pet Snakes

  1. John Stevenns says:

    You don't have to switch to rodent diet if you don't want to, its just healthier for them.

  2. Abraham Lincon says:

    I caught a garter so I'm keeping it in a shoebox.

  3. Kaylee Meade says:

    how do you get one
    I have to have one

  4. RoadKillFrog says:


  5. Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas says:

    the main reason why i whant a garter snake is because i don't want to deal with mice…

  6. Savannah13 says:

    I hate how he says gardener snake. it's GARTER

  7. Go trump says:

    I have a lot of those snake

  8. Hao Ran Lee says:

    can they onky eat fish and live?

  9. Snatched. says:

    that isn't a garter snake lmao

  10. Mackenzie Olson says:

    do not ever listen to this guy

  11. Michael Young says:

    thanks for the impfo

  12. Kanari Mentos says:

    hi i catch one of these but try to byte me but she run away from me is she dangerous
    then i have now snake in my room almost 2 month i was thinking square its was black snake 4 feet longer i have her in cage now is she dangerous i give her mouse she is not eating but she is not biting me

  13. beastsoultaker says:

    if the garder snake won't eat a blue gill cut up they will eat minos

  14. Arik Price says:

    dis dude is lying, thats not a garter snake and plus not all garter snakes attack on  movement cause theres a video with a garter snake eating dead food and it wasnt even moving

  15. Brandon Dula says:

    I have a wild caught one I caught today 4/28/16 I think dats the date

  16. ibesweetp2 says:

    Just a notice for anyone thinking of buying a garter snake: I have a pet garter snake and they are very fast and some are very flighty. A slower moving less spastic snake, something like a ball python, may be a better choice for a first snake.

  17. Tony says:

    I want a snake that only eats insects.

  18. Jac says:

    It's a good video but I can't understand some words XD

  19. Lafayette Cathey says:

    you can feed them worms

  20. Meraly Garcia says:

    Do all animals drink water like the gardener snake bc I might get one a baby one and ya so I really dont know that much about snakes

  21. Raging_Crocodile says:

    I caught a northwestern gartersnake a few weeks ago, and I can't get him to eat. I have tried giving him earthworms, wax worms , and mealworms by putting them in a bowl or shaking tuyem in front of him and he won't eat them. I have even tried feeding him tadpoles and leaches and he still won't eat, why?

  22. Epic Face says:

    can they eat crickets?

  23. Just Pinez says:

    How often should I feed my garter snake

  24. RossHD FTW says:

    what if its a wild baby one?

  25. DJ_Wolfie Vlogs says:

    Do you keep a wild Checkered Garter Snake??? I found a baby and it was injured.. idk what to do!!???

  26. 1234567890 says:

    where can you buy garter snakes

  27. Zaku186 says:

    this was very informative. good work.

  28. Alice Dahlberg says:

    Do i have to feed it with mice or can i only feed it with fish and earthworms?

  29. Dominos says:

    THEY SWIM I saw one swimming

  30. SpaceClown404 says:

    Do snakes like being pet or rubbed?

  31. Skye Anderson says:

    What if I found one in my back yard. Is ok for me to keep it?

  32. Steven Hogan says:

    what kind of fish do they eat

  33. Isaac Wayne says:

    Don't they smell? I remember catching one and holding it for about an hour in a good sized jar and it smelled. Jar was open btw, just really tall.

  34. Tate Mushroom says:

    thats the reason im thinking of getting a garter snake is to feed insects rats/mice are to cute

  35. MrCrappyUploads says:

    Garter snakes can swim .-.

  36. Francis Aleman says:

    How big can a Garter Snake get ?!?

  37. E-ki Tsune says:

    Damn he is manhandling that snake

  38. Epickingedward Water lettuce says:

    Can you feed them all three

  39. Noah Pohlson says:

    Garter snakes are pretty good swimmers… I have one as a pet and he can fly through water!

  40. Egg says:

    they swim dude.

  41. Ian Wilkinson says:

    isn't it healthier for the snake for you not to be wearing your watch

  42. Punisherfan123 says:

    My Canadian friend clears garter snakes out from underneath his university in Spring and Summer. He said he could mail one to me. Would that snake be safe to take as a pet, both for me and the snake?

  43. Midnight Foxfight says:

    Is it true that, besides earth worms, they can eat types of maggots? I know they can't eat bugs with an exosceleton, they can't digest them. But maggots do not have these and I know where to get maggots locally.

    Besides that, if I feed both fish and worms/maggots, am I missing out on any type of nutritience?

  44. Loop says:

    i found a "gardener" snake in my back yard. I put it in a bucket and WAHLA!!!

  45. Titus Killion says:

    Thanks I always wanted a garter snake for a pet

  46. Motokid1270 says:

    What happens if it is in the wild can you like train it to not bite you

  47. Yxng ball Edits says:

    You dont have to feet them mice

  48. Martyna Obrycki says:

    GARTER snakes have to stay on fish and earth worms,they adapted to eating them.Switching them over would be impossible.

  49. Shining Asteriscus Luck says:

    So feeding them guppies is fine?

  50. Mickie Starcala says:

    wow. I've never heard of a GARDENER snake before. must be a new species.

  51. Lexa McDermott says:

    "small little bowl"

  52. 7SleepySouls 1 says:

    It's garter not gardener.

  53. Christe Hunter says:

    Snakes can swim there in my pond eating fish !

  54. Lucas Dyer says:

    I recently caught a garter snake in my barn and am wondering can they survive on worms and fish?

  55. Aquila db says:

    Try saying x quikly for a while

  56. Pana Lemontzis says:

    they have a garden producing food so they will feed themselves

  57. Sofia Brotton says:

    when you have guppies and mice and you love them but also love snakes….

  58. littlefashion corner says:

    We have one

  59. Josh Draws says:

    Where can i buy a garter snake?

  60. Gumuzizt Qulzami says:

    They smell the worst among all snakes I encountered, but very calm

  61. Ethan Haney says:

    I want one of these snakes because they're everywhere where I live and they don't hurt when they bite

  62. leei95 says:

    A so called expert that calls them "Gardener" snakes. Damn

  63. brailwolf says:

    Oct 31 St and it's cold outside I just found a garter snake she is very friendly .I'm not sure to keep her till spring or let her go, I'm kinda worried cause she shouldn't be out this time of year . What should do with her? .

  64. Zaku186 says:

    So if i get them on mice can i occasionally feed guppies just for fun?

  65. The Ark says:

    every snake can be finicky eating and you don't have to feed it mice you can only have one on insects and they will be fine

  66. The Ark says:

    they live by aquatic place and they swim really well

  67. The Ark says:

    they also do really well in pairs

  68. PepBuster says:

    i did not know to not feed them gold fish

  69. ninja is Hyper says:

    Thank you i need that

  70. Theresa Webster says:

    I am confused he said they don't go in water but I live by a lake and I see garter snakes in it swimming all the time

  71. Kelli Grundy says:


  72. Michael Arrowood says:

    I've never heard of a "gardener snake"… but that doesn't look exactly like the Eastern garter snakes I'm used to, either. Is that an atypical pattern?

  73. Jeremy Madison says:

    Our Garter eats worms slugs and dubia roaches.

  74. Zinkyeal says:

    Garters love to swim and watching them fish is also fun… what I'm also saying Howcast please do research before posting animal videos

  75. Zilya Kinley says:

    So today I got a western yellow bellied racer. It’s also my first snake. When should I be able to start handling her?

  76. Patricia Brown says:

    you do not have to switch them over

  77. Delilah Ordonez says:

    What if it's a wild garter snake you found on you porch can you keep it?

  78. Depressed._. Hailey says:

    What if u find one in ur backyard and keep it

  79. Cade Grimm says:

    My garter (not gardener) snake eats fish and worms and he's perfectly fine. I got him because I don't want to feed him rodents. So, I'm not switching him over.

  80. Brady Burghart says:

    Can I feed mine minnows?

  81. akitaken says:

    Why on earth are you telling people to replace the snakes natural diet with mice and rats? There’s no need for it.

  82. TheDerpWolf says:

    Well ehh I have a small male one who is injured and I found him out side I was just gonna keep him till he healed but he already likes me ?

  83. Ian Jasper Hermosa says:

    are these venomous ?

  84. Charlotte 444 says:

    i want a snake but i don't want one that has to eat mice or rodents cause i just couldn't do that! Too sad for me! and i was excited cause i thought garter snakes didn't need to but i guess not, no snakes for me :(((((((((((((( ;(((((((((((((((

  85. Mac Goober says:

    Lmao at comments

  86. YellowSnowBird says:

    Can the snake eat KFC?

  87. Cobra A 1 1 says:

    Can you feed garter snakes worms when there little

  88. Lori K says:

    Where did this guy get his information petco?

  89. Slick Slithering Scaly Snake says:

    Garter snakes those lil bois are good at swimin but they dont notmally live in the water they will live by the water but not in it

  90. Cluky3338 says:

    my mom gets grossed out by the thought of feeding snakes mice… are there any NON mice eating snakes for beginners? I know there are egg eaters, i am trying to find the perfect snake that my mom will let me keep.

  91. Adam Burks says:

    They can swim I used to catch them in the water a lot

  92. Zedeye says:


  93. Eunice Jones says:

    I found my garter snake in the wild and he loves earthworms

  94. Ethan Bright says:

    I found the video contained useful information. However, it should be noted that there are close to 30 species of garter snakes, and their food prey and habitat utilization are not the same. Hence, some species do not frequent aquatic habitats, but some do, so their prey choice may reflect their native habitats. Also, there is quite a bit of variation of docility even within a species. This video evidently shows a snake that is perhaps captive bred and used to handling, and is probably healthy and well-fed (a good thing). Avoid keeping wild-caught snakes except for a limited time of study with the intend of releasing: they may harbor illnesses or internal/external parasites, you might not be able to replicate their diet and habitat to which they acclimated, and you might be violating local, state and even federal laws. In all cases, do your research: identify and learn about your species of animal and what kind of cage requirements are necessary, ask about conservation laws, and, if you're keeping the animal, locate a competent veterinarian with experience in herpetology and treating snakes.

  95. Miika says:

    I've only been doing research on garter snakes for about an hour and even I know most of the info in this video is incorrect.

  96. Jaz Adams says:

    Don't swim!!??? Hey bud…..not only can they swim very well…..ALL SNAKES CAN SWIM!!!! GOOD LORD

  97. terzizzas contortion says:

    My mom doesn't want me to have any kind of snake even of it doesn't bite ( I know I shouldn't complain because she lets me own axolotls, mice, geckoes and millipedes)

  98. Brielle and Robyn Wiebe says:

    I caught the garter snake outside today

  99. Sydney Ott says:

    Can they eat minnows

  100. S1eepy Si says:

    If mice are healthier for snakes than fish then why do humans (besides Asians) not eat mice?

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