How to Take Care of a Corn Snake | Pet Snakes

How to Take Care of a Corn Snake | Pet Snakes

How do we take care of a corn snake? Now to start off with, this little fellow
that I have in my hand is actually a king snake, but they are very similar. They are of the same class. They’re constrictors. Corn snakes and rat snakes are almost one
and the same, and as you can see from the pictures, they have more of a marbled appearance,
instead of the colors as the king snake, the California king snake. They come in quite a few different morphs
nowadays and you’ll get very, very interesting patterns and colors with your corn snakes. Be careful, the colors come from breeding
and inbreeding, genetics, and unfortunately what we’re finding is, is the more unique
coloring’s and morphs have more health problems, so it’s very important to talk to the breeder
about the quality of the snakes. You want to make sure that your corn snake
is active, shiny, round. They should not be concave, nice and clear
scales. The eyes, the mouth, the tongue should be
moving. The snake should be as inquisitive as this
little guy here. Corn snakes, when they hatch are about 10
to 14 inches long. As adults they could be up to anywhere from
3 to 5 feet, so when you buy your corn snake, be aware number one, they’re wonderful snakes,
they’re docile snakes, but they are going to grow. You want to make sure that the terrarium that
you have for your corn snake, most of the time 20 or 30 gallons does it, but an easy
way of doing it is measure the length of your snake, and the length and width of your terrarium
should be a little bit longer than the length of your snake. So there’s a good basic rule on the size of
the terrarium. Snakes are ectothermic, they’re cold-blooded. So they need to heat themselves in the warmer
area of the terrarium for their immune system to work, for their digestive system to work,
and you’ll notice that they’ll move from the warm area to the cooler area. It’s important that for your corn snake, you
have either, they have heating ribbons now that you can put underneath of your terrarium,
that gives kind of an even heat, and then a heat light that is screened and away from
your snake, because they will get close to them and burn themselves. It’s very important to control humidity. Corn snakes require about 50 to 60% humidity. It’s very easily controlled. They need to have a basking area, so putting
a tub of water in the terrarium, so they can get into the water, they can drink from it. It keeps them moist, helps with the humidity,
helps with them going to the bathroom. The other thing for our corn snakes is they
are shy, so they always need a hiding spot or a hiding box. An easy thing to do is use a plant pot, turn
it upside down, cardboard box, but it needs to be about the size of the snake so it can
ball up and be very comfortable in there. You can have a hole in the top or the side,
so that they go in to hide away. They are nervous snakes and if they do not
have a hiding spot it can be stressful and cause illness. There’s a few tips for taking care of your
corn snakes.

Randy Schultz

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    Its colubrids not constrictors you idiot

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  11. Chris Thompson says:

    isnt there a snake which cant open its mouth? im looking to buy one for my 11 yr old girl,

  12. Chris Thompson says:

    isnt there a snake which cant open its mouth? im looking to buy one for my 11 yr old girl,

  13. Chris Thompson says:

    isnt there a snake which cant open its mouth? im looking to buy one for my 11 yr old girl,

  14. Chris Thompson says:

    isnt there a snake which cant open its mouth? im looking to buy one for my 11 yr old girl,

  15. Sebastien Paradis says:

    So what do you mean by concave? My baby corn snake has a small indent on its back when it moves. I just realized it a few days ago and I knew I heard something about it and I immediately related to this video…

  16. Melvin van Zantvliet says:

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    How to care for corn snakes:

    First, take a look at this King snake, because corn snakes are hard to come by these days.
    Get yourself a 6-foot long tank of unspecified depth, and put a nice cardboard box in there as a hiding place.

    Basically that's it. Put your snake in the tank and all will be well until it escapes, dies of stress or hunger or whatever.

    Take a look at this amazing King snake one more time.

    K, bye.

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    He never did that before
    Now, I'm scared that he would hurt himself so I want to know
    Why did he bite himself and how can I prevent it?!

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    BHB reptiles made a Scaleless Ball python morph that did not have any health issue's and had everything normals had

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