How to solve the snake cube puzzle

How to solve the snake cube puzzle

Here’s how to solve one of
these snake cube puzzles. The first thing
is to unwind it so it’s all one
straight line. This one is a bit
more precise. Typically it might look
a little bit like this because there’s a lot
of slack inside but I’ll show you how
to solve this one. You want to search for
this little jaunt here. And the first thing to do
is to flip that like this. And then to flip
this part here like so. So that you got
this thing sticking out here and this coming
around like so. And once you’ve got
it to this point, everything else becomes
almost obvious. So, now you’re gonna
fill this cube here so we bring
this over here, come up here, and then we snake
around like so. Then we snake
around here and we gotta come
down on this side. Back up here,
around here, around here,
and then around here. And it’s done.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “How to solve the snake cube puzzle

  1. Jose Martinez says:

    Slow the fuck down, you’re supposed to be explaining a method for solving it, it’s not a race. MR BAD ASS 239 has a much better, cleaner, slower method that actually helped. Live and learn!

  2. peachybeach says:

    You suck, like so

  3. Phillip Lincoln says:

    8hr. 1min thanks for the solve.

  4. kate ray says:

    G. C gun. Vmnn, n,van n. No cmvmcnn van. N. V.

  5. James Reisinger says:

    Oh thank god for this video

  6. malayalam video says:

    Its done,thanks

  7. Paul King says:

    So what is the formula to this algorithm?

  8. Kayleen Leigh says:

    The toughest part for me was the second step.

  9. Eclipse at Midnight says:

    I'd rather kill myself than do this

  10. liam ben salmon says:


  11. Thomas Blair says:

    slow it down for us slope heads. Thanks

  12. Pasha Haletskiy says:

    just go to woodprix if you'd like to make it yourself.

  13. Vinoth Kumar says:

    Very nice and very easy and very clear

  14. Recense says:

    Woohoo thanks I just subscribed!

  15. adwait natu says:

    Thanx. I did this by myself 4 times with different patterns before watching the video but I couldn't remember the steps each time I did to solve and so I had to come here!😌😌😌😅😅😅

  16. GDChris M says:

    <3 love it! it works! and your the best!

  17. Thy Duck says:

    Put video speed at .25 for normal tutorial speeds

  18. Methodical Favors says:

    theres no love button so you have to settle for a like XD

  19. PoGixViRuS says:

    Now I can finally put this away haha

  20. Nolan Sullivan says:

    How to: Confuse your viewers even more than they already were

  21. Dave Zasadnyj says:

    i still dont understand!!!!!

  22. Dominique Vyborny says:

    Hiya! I'm really surprised by how many people thought it was too fast, I found it to be perfect. Other videos take so long I was getting bored. But hey, brains are different 🙂

    I really liked how you started from inside the zigzag, and it all flowed naturally from there.

    In fact, I was hoping, do you know how to do a 4×4 snake cube puzzle? That's my next challenge 🙂

    Thanks so much for being awesome!

  23. King Of The West says:

    SLOW THE FUCK DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Verj says:

    Do you want to slow down or no

  25. shubhangi purnapatre says:

    Smart Brain

  26. Sash Potato says:


  27. Kathern Pernell says:

    Good to see that the woodprix has new instructions to save my money and energy to build it.

  28. Ashley Endres says:

    Dude how about go a little fucking slower and move your sausage fingers. You stress me the fuck out

  29. elzazo says:

    Thanks, the upper version is so much difficult because some movements seem to be forbidden due to resistence and it's that damn inside elastic instead :@

  30. Marika Marika says:

    The easiest and most logical by far…thank you

  31. Shantelle Adeline says:

    I made it by myself. I used woodprix woodworking plans for that.

  32. Zion DeShields says:

    take a shot every time he says “here”

  33. ishy mas says:

    thank you very much you are very helpfull and you are legaly allowed to say you have my blessing 🙂

  34. Houda Rhout says:

    Bro he does so fast and I have a project for school too one like equals savior for me he barely showed the cube at all he just covered it with his hands

  35. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Helps if you run it at 0.5 speed 🙂

  36. Andrew Parsons says:

    yeah…."obvious" to YOU. slow down.

  37. Cedar Flipss says:

    This is a shitty tutorial

  38. Erik says:

    we are all cheaterrs. 🙁

  39. Hobo Hobbit says:

    Every time you say to do something you do two to three moves.

  40. Sam Katalaveno says:

    Cheers mate, you were so right in saying it's obvious once you do that first setup, I finished it in literally seconds after that setup

  41. Josh Whitaker says:

    I really didn't want to look it up, but this thing was driving me crazy lol thanks for that video!

  42. Prince mona says:

    Fuck offf u fool

  43. Saantube hd says:

    You are doing it very fast

  44. Mr. Burnham says:


  45. MNS gaming says:

    Fuck ur mom

  46. bobbyisking says:

    Took me an hour to figure it out. I started with the other end. But this one is much easier.

  47. Paul Sargerson says:

    What about a 4×4 king snake puzzle ?

  48. Kumar Kumar says:

    One of my best teacher in my life

  49. rendullic says:

    yes,you are going too fast but we have pause button and back buttons!
    gg and tanks

  50. *cozzie bun says:


  51. Casio Nation says:

    Saala madarchod itna fast kyo kar rha hai be

  52. Roxana Correa says:

    Thank you Soo much this is so usefull

  53. Mi Les says:

    O wow the rest of the solution is obvious after the first part

  54. Shubha Balakrishnan says:

    mine had sharp edges. i have cuts on my hands now ;-;

  55. Gouri Samudra says:

    Very fast
    Not able to solve

  56. Elemental Wolf says:

    Not helpful at all

  57. Brenden Cender says:

    can't even make it into a straight line! xD

  58. Dipali Khawale says:

    Thanks bro

  59. Space Commander says:

    Too fast. Horrible video

  60. Carson Hahn says:

    Thanks for nothing

  61. RebelFX says:

    Thanks, i couldn’t solve it without putting it in 0.25% speed but it was a pretty good tutorial. Tell us where instead of saying ‘around here’ and ‘over here’, where is here?

  62. ARedArrow679920 says:

    First try,,, finally now I can’t Rest In Peace And no one telling me that you don’t know how to do it

  63. ty max says:

    slow the fuck down dude

  64. Radhika Kanojia says:

    Very nice

  65. Elias MC says:


  66. kostas ger says:

    Δεν με βοηθησες καθολου μλκ

  67. stacy weiskopf says:

    I did have to rewind a couple times just to make sure I did it correctly in the beginning but I got it pretty easy after that! Thanks so much. I think you did a great job and it makes me feel NOT SO DUMB! lol.

  68. Jaylyn says:

    … how in the HAIL…did anybody follow that? "…Becomes almost obvious" I'm offended 😂

  69. John Robards says:

    Worked for me after repeated viewings/tries! Was a snake for ages but now a cube again.

  70. Han Thomas says:

    This is insane. Too fast, not obvious at all. Downvoted.

  71. Jennifer Richie says:

    Thank you so much for this. I was loosing my sanity over this thing. 🤪 Now I just feel stupid because I have been close to solving this thing so many times.

  72. nigga crack says:

    Gringo de mierda

  73. Dalton Manns says:

    You are fast but I had a positive video over and over to just solve it thanks

  74. Toys IQ says:

    is this a real tutorial :')

  75. SaLTeD ButtEr says:

    Ma ur goin wayyyy too fast explain pls.

  76. Jase says:

    Was able to follow this tutorial without the audio (I was in class). Had to pause it and rewind heaps of times though.

  77. daniele lubrano says:

    Tank sei il migliorr

  78. Δημητρης Μαυρομαρας says:


  79. AJ Vlogs says:

    You go way to fast! Slow it down so people can see it

  80. little hope09 says:

    You are a god

  81. Greg Brady says:

    My sister does it better than you and your credit score is kinda bad

  82. jex dragon says:

    Remember the snake block?

  83. Sathvick Satish says:

    Omg thanks for this video! My dad bought this puzzle for me when I was a little kid, and finally after 10 years, I found it. I will now try and solve it with your help! 🙂

  84. TkNate987 says:

    bruh this video fucking sucks you go so ducking fast and don’t explain anything you just say go over here there now here snake here now there go there and we’re done

  85. Sudha Srinivasan says:

    Thanks I have solved it in 20 sec visvajidh

  86. lilo albrecht says:

    Hi! I also have one and for a very long time I tried to solve it.i couldn’t watch YouTube cause I didn’t know the name of the cube.and when I looked at this video i was so happy to find it.(I liked and subscribed)

  87. mmee12345 says:

    This does not help your going to fast

  88. jack carlson says:

    I took this puzzle and killed it with fire.

  89. Atha Brawl says:

    I had thе othеr onе how to solvе it

  90. BrokenBoiJay FTC says:

    Bro I spent the whole nba finals (game 6) to solve this and still wasn’t able to do it 😂😂😂

  91. arcticridge says:


  92. Ramya Makkini says:

    Wow…. thats the technique. Loved watching it.

  93. Cyclops YT says:

    Thank you so much

  94. Shareece Vargas says:


  95. Alfie Yeow says:

    Played it in 0.25 still can’t keep up trash tutorial slow tf down man if u want ppl to learn something make it so that they can actually see what the hell is going on

  96. Thorn'Tooth says:

    Hey I did it 😆

    10/10 to me it was getting that first part that was a little tricky. But, as stated in the video, everything became obvious 🤯

  97. Kid_itmejake says:

    DO IT SLOWER IM IM SLOW MO AND STILL CANT SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waste of time don’t watch

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