How to Smoke a Brisket | Recipe | Kamado Charcoal Grill |

How to Smoke a Brisket | Recipe | Kamado Charcoal Grill |

Hi, I’m Randy with We’re
outdoors enjoying this beautiful weather, and today I’m gonna show you how to smoke
a brisket on this Primo Oval XL.. let’s get to it.
Alright, let’s get this grill ready to go.. I’ll fill it up about half way.. Right around
the level of the vent holes should be good. Kamados are really efficient, so you’d be
surprised how long a batch of charcoal like this will last.
Guys, I never use lighter fluid.. Especially with porous ceramic, you don’t want those
fumes soaking into your grill. So I’ll toss a few of these quicklights in to get it going.
While the fire starts, close the lid & open the vents… this will let the coals catch
easy with more airflow. Now let’s get to trimmin our brisket. What
you are wanting to look and feel for, is the hard fat. Any soft fat that you feel is totally
ok, and will render during the cook. I’ll just work my way around the brisket and shoot
for about ¼ inch of fat left evenly across the whole brisket, however, I like to leave
a few pockets here and there, so that the seasoning and smoke have an opportunity to
soak into the meat itself and don’t forget about the fat that separates the flat & the
point.. I’ll give that a little trim.. because today, I want to keep this brisket whole.
Keep an eye on the grill while it preheats, we don’t want it to get crazy hot.. so I’ll
dampen down the vents to stabilize the kamado.. I’m shooting for a range of about 275- 300
for today’s cook. As for the seasoning, I like to keep it simple
with kosher salt and black pepper. When smoking, I normally go with the classic
temperature of around 225 degrees.. but this brisket is big.. weighing in at about 17Lbs.
I’ve been hearing about some of my buddies achieving some pretty good results with their
hotter and faster methods.. so I want to try that today.
Ok, let’s get smoking! I’ve got some applewood chunks here, and I’ll throw those in a few
different spots, so that we get some good smoke throughout the cook.
Setting up for indirect cooking is made pretty simple with these racks and deflector plates.
This is also the perfect spot to put your drip pan. It’s your best bet to go with
a disposable pan for this guys, it will be useless after a long smoke.
I like to go with a mix of apple juice and bourbon to keep some good moisture going.
We may need to refill it as the hours go by. To keep a closer eye on my grid level temp,
I’ll set an ambient probe right on the grates. After setting in the heat deflectors, I’ll
go ahead and let everything come back up to temp.
Once there, we’ll lay this bad boy in.. fat cap up. It’s moments like this that
I love the oval shape of this Primo, it fit this massive cut of meat just right!
Kamados are so stable with temperature, I go about 2 hours before even checking on the
progress, and to see if we need to top off the drip pan liquid. The edges are starting
to get some nice texture and color! I’ll top off the drip pan and let it cruise!
We’re at six hours now.. this is about the time you may want to grab your spray bottle..and
mist the outer edges, so they don’t char too much. My preference is a 50/50 mix of
apple cider vinegar and water… and the cider really sharpens the flavor of the meat.
Alright, now we’re 8 hours in.. I’ll go ahead and stick the internal probe in, so
I can keep an eye on the brisket’s progress. We’re 9 hours in.. I’ll give this one
last spray before removing it to wrap. Really getting some good bark on this.. now the hardest
part is waiting. Try to use some heavy duty foil.. We don’t want any of the juices escaping.
After it’s wrapped, I’ll look for an internal temp of around 200F. Now, remember guys..
with barbecue it’s hardly ever going to be an exact time frame for every cook. Personally,
I like to get a good feel for the tenderness. I think it’s time to get this brisket off
the grill & let it rest for about an hour.. due to it’s size.
Let’s unwrap and see what we got! Wow, it smells good… I’ll set these juices to
the side.. too much flavor here to waste. Now it’s time. YES.. Just look at how the
edges just fall apart. I’m really happy with how this came out. Man, the nice thing
about a big brisket like this is, you’ll have leftovers. Me, I plan to make sandwiches
and some gravy with that leftover jus. But of course.. If you are cooking this for a
party, leftovers may not be an option. There is a reason why I set these burnt ends aside..
Mmmm. Still tender & Juicy, with great smokey flavor. Thanks for watching today, and remember..
at, we smoke.. the competition!

Randy Schultz

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42 thoughts on “How to Smoke a Brisket | Recipe | Kamado Charcoal Grill |

  1. Erin Hopson says:

    Looks amazing! Wonderful job!

  2. S W says:

    Great timing on this video. I am trying to decide if I should invest in one of these or another brand. Thanks!

  3. Ken Snell says:

    You all don’t play!

  4. ATOM AU says:

    Great looking brisket mate! had my mouth watering! 😀

  5. nathan rubio says:

    I used to demo Primo's. They really are the best due to that shape. Well done

  6. Red's BBQ and Pizzeria says:

    Hell yes, great stuff!! Awesome video, beautifully done brisket and my FAV burnt ends!

  7. Nayda Pastrana says:

    looks delicious! 👍🏻

  8. The Dime says:

    The end turned into a brisket porn video. I’m going to name that brisket Stormy

  9. Dave Murray says:

    Great video !

  10. Rob Metzger says:

    That’s good porn right there! I love my XLO!!

  11. Charlie Hustle says:

    I need a cigarette..

  12. evolve god says:

    I cannot believe you wasted Bulleit bourbon in your drip pan, this is madness!

  13. riingram says:

    Nice video man! I have been having my doubts about the ability of my ceramic grill to produce a good brisket. This restored my confidence. I am going to try it again. This time i will put liquid in the drip pan. It is also very difficult to keep the cooker at around 250 or lower. Was your cook closer to 300 degrees the whole time?

  14. J. R. says:

    Hot do you like the Hot & fast method compared to low and slow? Do you feel one is superior to the other?

  15. Manuel Bosi says:

    can I ask if you add some liquid when going with the aluminium heavy foil? if yes what and how much?

  16. Larry Stephens says:

    That sure was a pretty Oval XL. The brisket looks great but I think I could find a better use of the Bourbon!

  17. TheAnvil1971 says:

    Awesome Brisket Randy, can´t wait to start my first one.
    My Oval XL will arrive on Monday and I am so excited…
    Greetings from Germany!

  18. Jeff Landrum says:

    Bow chicka wow wow brisket…

  19. Felix G says:

    Cheers for this, will be smoking a brisket tomorrow on my XL … totally psyched!!

  20. Igal Neshto says:

    What am I doing here?! I wasn't even hungry!

  21. Michael Williams says:

    You lost me at apple chunks for brisket then you added liquid. Kamado grills hold so much moisture it's not needed.

  22. Scrap Maker9090 says:

    You only loaded the grill with coal one time and it lasted 10 hours? That is impressive.

  23. Todd Waddle says:

    I've had my Primo XL for 8 years. Love it for the things I use it for but I never was able to accept the briskets it turned out compared to what my stick burner turned out. I will be doing an over night brisket that will be the best of both worlds tonight. First 7-8 hours on the stick burner to set the bark and that beautiful smoke ring, then move it to the Primo at 210 degrees for 5 hours of sleep. The Primo is the best wing cooker, whole chicken cooker on earth. Cannot find a better way to cook a Prime Rib. Great for ribs. Great for high heat searing. I just cannot compare the brisket and butts it turns out to those from my stick burner.

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    Geez brother, that brisket cost big money once you throw in all that bourbon! Looked good though!

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  34. Jonathan Jones says:


  35. Davi Sa Leitao says:

    Quick question, I was told, in a kamado grill, to always go fat down, because the fat layer protects the meat from the direct source of heat underneath. that is not an issue with offseat smokers. Here, you put fat side up. Any differences?

  36. Rxonmymind says:

    Your killing me. Looking good. I swear the smoke almost came through my phone.

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    Wow! that was awesome!! instant subscribe👍😎

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    I got my internal temp up to 202 after bout 11hr smoke but i always seem to have a lot more juices in my wrap after the smoke. Does that indicate I am doing something wrong?

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