How to Rescue/Release a Snake |  WAR Episode 1 | Documentary Web Series | BnR Films | Animal Rescue

How to Rescue/Release a Snake | WAR Episode 1 | Documentary Web Series | BnR Films | Animal Rescue

To catch the snake, you need to keep a bag at a good distance. The bag can be a small one or a rice bag. You need to keep it’s mouth open. See, how it has been kept open. If it’s kept open, you will be easily able to let the snake enter in it. If you a have a long stick which has got a hook like this, You can use such a hook. Alternatively you can use the stick used for picking up flowers. You can even use the stick (with a hook) which is used to handle thatch, generally found in villages. You have to lift the snake using this hook and bring it near the opening of this bag. The snake will automatically go inside the bag. Now I am going to show you how you can do this from a long distance. By doing this way, you yourself won’t face any issue, neither the Snake will have any problem. You have to lift it slowly so that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable Lift it lightly. You must maintain proper distance. Lift it lightly. Now slowly it has come close to the mouth. Always try to take it’s head inside the mouth of the bag. Now it is inside the bag. Once it is inside, you need to drop the stick on the bag…like this. Once you drop the stick, you need to arrest the stick from both ends. Once you arrest the stick, you have to slowly pull the drawstring and close the mouth of the bag. After pulling the drawstring, while the snake is inside the bag, you can wrap the drawstring to completely seal the bag opening. The point where you have arrested the stick has now got two sides. One side, the snake is there. The other side is empty. Now you can wrap the drawstring in the upper (empty) section of the bag. You can stand like this and wrap the drawstring. Now, this is done. You can take out the stick. Now, snake is inside the bag. Now, to release it, you have to apply the same technique. We will show you how we can release it. Now, we have come here to release it. I will show you the technique behind releasing the snake. First you have to drop the bag and then drop the stick. After dropping the stick, you need to again arrest it from both sides. The snake is inside the bag, so it can’t harm you. You need to loosen the drawstring now. After loosening the drawstring, you need to fully open the mouth of the bag. It’s done. Now, you need to set up the bag. Now leave the bag and go back. You can open the mouth using a long stick. You need to slowly lift the other side of the bag. It’s done. Now, the snake is free to go anywhere. You should leave it and step back. It will leave on it’s own. You needn’t go near the snake. So this is how, you can easily rescue and released it. Neither the snake will face any problem, nor you. In fact, very safely, you can accomplish this. This is a Spectacle Cobra which is locally known as ‘Naaga Saapa’ (Cobra Snake) We had rescued it from a local’s house. We got a call around 7.30 or 7.45 in the morning…that a cobra snake has entered inside a house. When we went there, we found that the cobra’s length is around 5 ft Roughly 4.5 to 5 ft length It was hiding below a bed. They had some tin box or some waste materials below their bed. Something was packed inside the box. The snake was hiding behind the box. We rescued the snake by moving the boxes. At around 7.30 or 7.45 am. It was surely a tough task to rescue it. Because the way it was hiding, it took us some time to move the boxes and get a clean sight of the snake. It took us around 15 to 20 minutes time to rescue it. After rescuing it, now we have reacehd a place to release it. This place is called ‘Kuntukhal’ Now, we will release it so that it can go back and live peacefully in it’s habitat. So the technique for releasing it safely. You need to open the mouth of the bag where you have kept the snake. To life the bag, we generally stitch a small hook like this on it’s opposite side. Because if we directly hold the bag, there are chances of the snake biting us. That’s why we use this kind of hook which is easier to use for lifting purpose. If we lift like this, then there is no chance of snake biting. You have to slowly lift like this. The snake is out now. You should step back. It will go back to it’s place on it’s own. See, it went on it’s own. You needn’t touch it. Needn’t disturb it. It will go back to it’s place on it’s own.

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