How To paint a Fire Breathing Dragon Acrylic Painting tutorial for Beginners

How To paint a Fire Breathing Dragon Acrylic Painting tutorial for Beginners

[bell ringing] [whir of a machine starting] [thumping] [high pitched buzzing] [BOOM!] [BOOM] [footsteps] [growling] [growling] [booming explosion] [harp playing] *Cinnamon: Hey! Happy New Year’s. How are you guys doing? It’s Cinnamon Cooney. I’m your art sherpa. And that fabulous intro has an incredible back story. I hope you guys liked it. A lot. Cause we loved sharing that with you. That’s actually a blast from our past. Today I’m gonna be guiding you through how to paint a fire breathing dragon. I know that’s something a lot of people wanna paint. A lot of people would like to create. And I’m gonna share with you all the processes of how a fabulous, fantastic fire breathing red dragon is painted. Step by step. However, if you want to know what you’re getting into, in the iCard is a three minute time lapse. [John laughs]
*Cinnamon: So you can see the whole deal. [Cinnamon chuckles]
*John: Yep. *Cinnamon: Real quick and be like, “I’m willing to take that on,” or like, “Ooh! No! I’ll just enjoy that for the art that time lapse is.” So we made both of those for you today. This is our dragon. One thing I would love from you guys today, um…. Especially, like, afterwards. I’d like you guys to, in the comments when the video’s over, leave the name of the dragon. I haven’t named this dragon. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And I’ve learned from Maymay, name a dragon. That voice you hear over there going, “Yeah. Yeah.” That’s my husband John. He is my co-captain today. *John: Yes I am. *Cinnamon: And it’s also his birthday. *John: It is. It is my birthday today. *Cinnamon: But then only the day this video is live, and then after that that makes no sense. [chuckles] *John: No. It’s everyday that this video plays from now on. I get to celebrate my birthday. *Cinnamon: It’ll be John’s birthday for now and forever! [laughs] So I hope you guys are excited. If you’re here on the replay, you’re gonna love this. This is gonna be a lot of fun, though I really hope you guys can make a live show. There is an instruction at the end of this, and you know all you gotta do is look for that live playlist and click set reminder and a subscribe and YouTube will theoretically tell you when a live event is. *John: I have to say, thank you to everyone who has this just out pour of happy birthday’s happening in the comments right now. Oh my gosh, thank you so much. There has to be, you know, a couple hundred happy birthdays out there, just scrolling by. So. Thank you so much everyone. I really appreciate you guys coming and sharing, uh, sharing your time today with us. So. *Cinnamon: Pretty- Pretty pumped about it. Um, we will have a traceable. During the live it may not be here, but it’s like, during the replay it probably will, but in the description, I like to put materials. Like what you might paint with. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And then I also generally put a link to the finished painting. *John: Yes. *Cinnamon: So that you can print that out. You can have that somewhere to be looking at it. Cause it does make it easier if you have the finished painting to look at. Plus I’ve been posting that all over Facebook and Instagram and… [chuckles]
*John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Just everywhere! *John: So, I have to say the coolest emoticon just came by. *Cinnamon: What was it? *John: It was- So, uh, Flame Gremlin, who was especially thinking of when I was making today’s intro. *Cinnamon: Yes. *John: Put a couple of emoticon pears. [Cinnamon laughs] [Both laugh]
*John: So- *Cinnamon: Oooh! It’s gonna be the year of the pears. [both laughing] *Cinnamon: I’m seeing pears. I’m loving pears. We’re gonna have an official place for you to put your pears but I am grabbing them as I see them and saving them, so I know that they’re happening. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And boy, that’s gonna blow everybody’s mind. I’ve got my watercolor pencil. *John: Yep. *Cinnamon: To sketch in on my sixteen by twenty canvas which also has the centimeter conversion. *John: Oh yeah.
*Cinnamon: In the description. Like I don’t have it memorized, but it’s sixteen by twenty inches but there’s also centimeter conversion so you would know- I don’t know, in the whole rest of the world what size canvas that would be. *John: Cause- Cause- Yeah. *Cinnamon: [chuckles] Cause yeah. *John: Cause dragons be metric. *Cinnamon: Dragons can be metric. They can not be glitter though. That’s what happened to us today.
[John laughs] *Cinnamon: This dragon said, “Uh-uh. No glitter!” And there’s been so much discussion about the dragon. I pre-sketched this in again. I always have to draw them twice, so they tweak a little bit between the initial design and then this. I got my watercolor pencil to draw it in, but first we have a very important thing that we have to do, especially on New Year’s Eve. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: We have to put some wishes from our community. *John: Yes. *Cinnamon: So, while I’m doing my coffee, my pumpkin spice latte coffee. Sippy sippy. Oh! And I’m gonna out her. My mother in law is in the studio today. Linda Cooney. She’s come to join John for his birthday. And she may or may not talk. We don’t know. But we’re gonna try to get her to. And you’ll certainly get to see her in the party. *John: Hmm. *Cinnamon: Cool. *John: So, you know, Janie says that, uh, that there’s another birthday I think today for Josie Boo, so whoever Josie Boo is. Whether that’s a little brush or a big brush. Happy birthday. *Cinnamon: Happy birthday, Josie. And then also kind of one day belated to Maricha. *John: Oh, yeah. Maricha’s was yesterday. *Cinnamon: Maricha. The Junkin’ Data Girl, had a birthday yesterday! *John: There’s a- There’s a crew of us who were born right here, you know, as tax savings. [Cinnamon laughs] *John: So.
*Cinnamon: Yes. That was the mad plan. John was a tax break. [laughs] *John: [laughs] So… *Cinnamon: Tactical! *John: Yep. So we have a lot of wishes out there today. *Cinnamon: I’m really- I’ve got my watercolor pencil. I use watercolor pencil cause graphite will bleed into your paint. *John: Yes. *Cinnamon: Alright. So we’re gonna do some all around where I know that it can…. *John: As you can imagine there are a ton of wishes for prosperity in the new year. *Cinnamon: Alright. I definitely wish for prosperity for everyone in the new year. *John: Mm-hmm. Yeah. I think that we’ve got six or seven of those already. And there’s a- I see a great wish for Mona for health and happiness in the new year. *Cinnamon: I definitely wish for Mona health and happiness. I’m loving Mona’s YouTube channel. *John: Hmm. Oh yes. Yes. Oh. And we have a, uh, a wish for Ally’s great aunt to stay in good health. She’s in her late nineties. Rock on. *Cinnamon: We have a wish for Ally’s great aunt for good health. She’s doing pretty good if she’s in her nineties. [laughs] [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: Let’s wish that she makes it into her centaurian. Oh, good health into the century. *John: Oh, and Josie is also six. *Cinnamon: Josie is six?!?
*John: Josie’s six. Yeah. *Cinnamon: Happy sixth birthday, Josie. I hope you’re painting today. *John: Mm-hmm. Oh my gosh, and everyone is cheering on right now, cause we have a hundred and twenty seven people with us. Just right now, all wishing good wishes. And I have to say that’s some pretty good energy. *Cinnamon: We made it into the hashtag live playlist of YouTube for the first time. I have no idea why we did, we just suddenly did. So I don’t know if that- How that will impact our community and how we view and how we chat. If you’re coming in for the first time, finding us from the hashtag live playlist, this is a really fun space. It’s a really positive space. And if that’s what you’ve been looking for, we’re it. But we also have like a bunch of moderators. [chuckles] *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: So we’re ready. *John: Yep. *Cinnamon: Thank you to all of our moderators. *John: And thank you very much to all our moderators who are hanging out with us, making sure that we keep our channel you know, nice and lovely. *Cinnamon: I agree with that. *John: We appreciate that. So and, uh, we have a couple of quick wishes for quick recovery for surgeries. *Cinnamon: Oh. A return to health quickly. *John: Mm-hmm. And wow, there’s a lot of wishes for prosperity in the new year, and happy- Happy new years for everyone. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna wish that either the time lapse or this painting like explodes up on YouTube. *John: Oh my gosh! That’d be awesome! *Cinnamon: Our dragon goes viral. I’m gonna wish for that. *John: I could wish for a viral video. That’d be awesome. *Cinnamon: Yeah. It would be really cool. So I’m gonna wish for that. We need one heart community. [John chuckles] *Cinnamon: It’d be really good for us, and so hopefully I- I hope you guys like the time lapse. I’m pretty excited about it.
*John: Go check it out! *Cinnamon: Yes. Definitely.
*John: We definitely loved doing it. *Cinnamon: Oh! And I want to put a wish out there for Dawn, for inspired creativity. I think she’s got a special purpose happening and I- I wish for her to find that spark. A really fantastic painter. *John: Oh yeah.
*Cinnamon: Yeah. And I have to say, there’s a bunch of people out here just giving great feedback on all of the wishes that have come true and how there’s been a lot of people coming back from health, and uh… You know, Stephanie was saying her mom is back and doing well. You know. So. *Cinnamon: Ah. That’s excellent Stephanie. I’m- I’m really glad. We were thinking about your mom a lot. And your mom’s watching today, I think, so, Hi Stephanie’s mom! *John: And we’ll get one last wish in if we can. *Cinnamon: Mm-hmm.
*John: For Arlene’s little boy. *Cinnamon: Ok. *John: And wishing him health and happiness. *Cinnamon: Yes, we wish him- All of us wish him health and happiness. Now, listen at home. I encourage you to wish on your canvas. They can be serious wishes. They can be silly wishes. Like, I just wish that dog would stop barking. At midnight.
[John laughs] *John: What- It’s- It’s, you know. *Cinnamon: I wish that I get cake that’s yummy, with buttercream frosting. That’s my mom’s wish. [chuckles] *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Alright. So, Arlene. For him to have health, happiness and joy. *John: Yeah. And we appreciate everyone taking all those other wishes that get in the dark here and there, and putting them on your canvases so that all that gets out there. *Cinnamon: You can put somebody else’s wish on your canvas. *John: Absolutely. *Cinnamon: You can wish for somebody else. It’s absolutely ok. It just makes you feel better. John: Yup. *Cinnamon: And that’s why we like to do it. I am loving my sippy sippy coffee today. Oh! Let’s wish Bunny Meyer, the Graveyard Girl an incredibly happy new year. *John: Oh yes. *Cinnamon: She’s been certainly an inspiration to me at Hart Party and I know all of you. She helps us be goofy and be ourselves. So we definitely want to cheer Bunny Meyer. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Wherever she is, whatever she’s doing, I’m sure it’s something awesome and funny. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: I just assume she’s funny twenty four hours a day.
[John laughs] *Cinnamon: Never quiet. Never still. Red lips all the time. Funny all the time. Cause of course we’re exactly like we are on our YouTube channel. Twenty four hours a day. *John: Yep. That’s exactly it. *Cinnamon: I would like to share the palette with you guys today. *John: What is our palette today? *Cinnamon: Ok. So our palette today, which is also in the description *John: Right. Hold on. Let me get over there. *John: Wwhhh-chu!
Cinnamon: Ppshuuuuuu! Shooooo! *John: There it goes. [shwooh] *Cinnamon: Now see there-
*John: There’s the buttons! *Cinnamon: Ok.
*John: I have so many buttons to push. *Cinnamon: So we have yellow ochre here. Also sometimes called yellow oxide. Mars Black, but I have to tell you the black is not that important for the process. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: I used both burnt sienna and burnt umber. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And you can tell, those are very different browns. Phthalo blue. Dioxazine purple. Titanium white. Cad red. Yes! Cadmium orange. And cad yellow. And yeah, you can kind of get an orange when you mix cad red and cad yellow, but you just don’t get a cadmium orange like cadmium orange, so. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: For the purposes of creating this great fire effect, I don’t know who’s excited to learn how to actually- Like, what the secrets of painting fire are. Cause it’s one of those brain break painting skills. That is really simple to do, but breaks your brain when you try to think about doing it. Um, so I’m hoping you guys are super excited about that. Today my big goal is to not dip my brush in the canvas. *John: Ooh. *Cinnamon: And I’m gonna start out- I’m painting acrylic brushes today. *John: Which ones? *Cinnamon: I am going to paint, something about, I think- Ah. I’m gonna get my Simply Simmons out. Cause I’m really liking this. I think I’m gonna go get a whole set of these. This is the Simply Simmons, and they’ve got some crazy guarantee on these. This isn’t sponsored. They’re not a sponsorship with this video. I just, um… I think I got this from my mom. Who may be watching today so hi mom! [Cinnamon and John laugh] *Cinnamon: I has your brush! [chuckles] *Cinnamon: And I really like it, and I keeps it! [Cinnamon and John laugh] *John: It’s not going home. *Cinnamon: [laughs] It’s not! But what it is is it’s got these- It has teklon fibers and they’re real stiff. So for working heavy bodied paint, that’s quite nice. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: I often paint Creative Mark. This is a number ten, but as we talk about all the time brush sizes are not standard. So I like to kind of show you, like, with my hand like, the size. And I think this is about a one inch wide…. Brush.
*John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: You know. So… It’s a- Cause you can see here like… This is a six in Creative Mark and this is a ten, and there’s not
[John laughs] four millimeters of difference between these two. [chuckles] Right? You just try to figure out, there must be some sensible measurement and a couple of the companies use it. A sensible kind of measurement, but most of them are like, No! Why, why bother? [both laugh] *Cinnamon: So I’m gonna get my brush wet. And what it is is I’m getting it damp. I’ve been asked to talk a little bit more about the amount of water. It’s just damp. *John: Where are you? You keep hiding. *Cinnamon: I don’t mean to hide. I’m right here in the palette cam.
*John: Ok. *Cinnamon: And so I’m gonna take a little bit of my burnt umber over to my phthalo blue. I mix from the outside of my paint plops. And this is important cause this helps me conserve paint. I’m gonna add a scoach, a smidge, a small amount of titanium white To this mixture. And I’m gonna come up here and paint it. Now, I might, if my brush is very dry add a little water to increase fluidity. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: You don’t want to be adding more than thirty percent water. to your paint. And mostly, most of the time, it’s just a dampness. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Oh, you know what I didn’t do? *John: What you didn’t do? *Cinnamon: I didn’t draw in the dragon. *John: You didn’t show them how to draw in the dragon. *Cinnamon: I didn’t show them how to draw in the dragon. *John: They’re gonna be like- Everyone in channel’s like, “Wait! You’re not drawing!” *Cinnamon: I’m sure. And to you at home on the replay, I’m really sorry. I usually catch these [chuckles] things when they happen. John: I believe you. *Cinnamon: I pre-sketched these in so that I can be explaining to you more in depthly what I’m doing. And then sketch them in darker so you can really see it, and this time, um, just start a painting. *John: She’s got it sketched in so light, you can barely see it on the close up camera. *Cinnamon: Yeah. That’s the issue. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna show you about… Oh, if this is the halfway mark, a couple inches over and down I’m gonna make a little mark and that’s gonna let me know where his head is gonna be. And then I make a nice, big circle. Not a giant circle. A nice, big circle. And that gives me the bridge of my skull. I’m gonna come down his little forehead. His little sloping forehead. Swoop in, and this is his other far eye socket. Scoop his nose. Give him a little nostril lip. His open mouth. John and I talked a lot about my type of dragon.
*John: Oh, yeah. *Cinnamon: Right. And it scoops down. Go down… Scoop it open, and give a nice little perspective there on the open mouth. Cause I gotta have a place to shoot fire out of it. Give him a little jaw bone here. A little chin bone, and come up into the jaw. And that lets you know his little skull shape here. Now listen, if you’re not somebody who draws that’s cool! We’re gonna have a traceable. It’s gonna be in the description. You just transfer it on. Um there’s a bunch of videos on how to transfer an image onto canvas. You can print them out at any size at Kinko’s. You know. Or you could just do this piece on an eight by ten canvas from home. So, I know where my eye socket is. And if you’re real close, if you’re a young artist and you’re just trying to figure out how my drawing dragons, how am I drawing fantasy creatures. There’s some things that you know. If there’s an eye socket here there has to be on this curved line another eye socket over here. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: So it lets know where I can put my eye even though I don’t have this creature to observe. Right?
*John: Right. *Cinnamon: And when an artist is at Disney and they’re making a fantasy creature, or they’re working in a video game company, generally what they do is they do a bunch of sketches- I’m gonna come down here and put a little nostril. It’s gonna curve around and have a little lip. And they look at the way things are built. *John: Mm-hmm.
*Cinnamon: Right? And then they- And then they utilize that architecture, to start to cobble together these fantasy creatures. I will tell you after I’ve sketched it, cause John and I have talked about this. What architecture I tend to use for my fantasy dragon. Cause I’ve been doing this dragon a long, long time. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Now I’m gonna make a little nose bone here. And I’m gonna also tell myself there’s right down the middle of his face, down this middle of his face is going to be this indention and that’s where the skull’s gonna join up. *John: Well…
*Cinnamon: Right. *John: I wanna say thank you to the CAC, who came and joined us in channel. *Cinnamon: The CAC is here?!? *John: And so is Angela Anderson and…. *Cinnamon: Hi Angela! *John: And Mona and KimSim and Bonnie and Jane and uh, Josh, and gosh. Just a whole crew of people who I could just go on and on and on about, but I wanted to make sure I said hello to a couple people who are just jumping in to say hello. *Cinnamon: Oh! I so appreciate that. I curve a neck down here, and I want the neck to be- And hi everybody! Hi!
[Both chuckle] *Cinnamon: Hi everybody! I know I’m like I gotta draw this dragon in!!! [Cinnamon laughs] *John: We have a lot of dragon to do today. *Cinnamon: We have a lot of dragon to do today, and so John’s gonna be my social- Social person, and I’m gonna be like, I gotta get this dragon in. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: When I come to where I feel the base of this neck is, then I curve out and I give him a nice, broad shoulder muscle. That his front haunches are gonna be standing on. I also, under the neck, create this center line, that comes down, and this is gonna help me do my plating. And then I’m gonna bring out this nice little line here. And then one right here. Hopefully you guys are seeing this ok. I don’t even know if it’s showing up on the up close cam. *John: Yeah, it does. *Cinnamon: Ok.
*John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: So then I can bring these plates down to a point. And arch them out here. Now because I’m using a watercolor pencil, even though this is black, guys, this is gonna vanish into what I’m painting. If I was painting a white dragon, I would not use a black pencil. Even a watercolor one. I would use something light blue. Something that would vanish into…. See how that creates his front plating? Now, I felt like he needed horns. So I created this little temple bone here, and I arch in this little line. *John: Can you get your close up camera on that? *Cinnamon: Yeah. I can get the close up camera on that.And I’m kinda doing this for, again, for- If you’re, like just at that breaking place of drawing where you’re- You’re real close and you just need a little help thinking about how this is done. *John: Mm-hmm.
*Cinnamon: Right? And I know a lot of you are at this place, where you can really basically draw, you just need a little guidance for where you’re going. But listen, if you’re not there, and you’re like, I got a little one in my life- I’m making a matching mirrored little horn that’s on this other side. And it’s gonna be a little shorer than this one. Gives it a little bit of that perspective. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: If you’ve got a little one in your life, and you’re like, I gotta paint this dragon for my- my person in my life, or maybe just personally in your heart you have this dragon, you’ve been reading Pern, and you’re like in a [?] and you’re like, “I need a dragon on my wall!” That’s what the traceable is for. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Don’t- Don’t let the drawing be the yes-no reason that you come in. He’s gonna have spikes but I’m not gonna draw those in because we’re gonna be painting in sky. *John: Yeah, and you know, if you’re having, uh… If you have to, you know, to pause and draw stuff in, and then rewind and do it a couple of times, that’s- We leave them up here for that.
*Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: So, don’t feel like you have to keep up with us. The whole reason we do this is so you can hit pause and then rewind, and fast forward, and skip over all that parts that you wanna skip over, come back and watch more then- *Cinnamon: And if you’re doing it and you want to see it again, we’ve got the time lapse. You can watch that in like two minutes and go, “Got it!” *John: Yep. *Cinnamon: Alright. So, here and here on his shoulders… Let me see if I got this down here. Here and here on his shoulders, directly across from each other, is the point where the wings come off. Now, my canvas has got these stretchers, so it kind of messes with my line, and I have to generally look over here just for that. And then I’m gonna come up here to just above his head. In that nice curve. That sweep. I make an inward arch. And then I come up and out. It’s a reverse curve there. Now, I know I’ve got a joint here, and it’s gotta have support bones coming down. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Cause I’ve looked at a bunch of bat wings. That’s how you learn about these types of things, is you look at creatures and then you go, I’m gonna say his little wing is torn here. Because often in nature, these little creatures have torn wings. They get in little scafuffles. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Out in the wild. And I’m gonna say I want a little inward tear here. And I’m gonna want a little inward… Tear here. See? He’s been scafuffling. John: Scafuffling…. Cinnamon: Scafuffling. It’s a technical dragon problem and they do it, and that’s what happens. And I’ve come and kind of given that wing. Now…. I’m gonna just sketch in so I know that it’s there, a nice little bone. That I’m going to have to paint in and define. It’s about a quarter of an inch. And these will both have this down. I just need to remember that this is something I’ve got going on. As the bone goes out it gets narrower. Kind of like trees. And I’ve got another parallel bone that comes up here. And comes in. And that’s the basis of how I drew him in. Right. Once you have this map in you can go back to what I was doing earlier. Thirty percent water, blah, blah, blah. Acrylic paint… [laughs] I’m gonna come back over to my phthalo and my brown. Sorry I forgot to sketch it in first. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: I’m so excited to be teaching him today. Y’all do not even know. *John: Yeah. And, uh… It’s pretty exciting. There’s some folks asking where the time lapse is, and it’s in the i-card. *Cinnamon: I put it in the i-Card. But here’s the thing. What I don’t know is, does the i-Card show up during the live event, or is it after the video has processed? *John: No, it shows up there. I just- I just checked it.
*Cinnamon: Ok. *John: The little floating i in the upper right hand corner, if you click on it, it’ll make a drop down. *Cinnamon: Yeah. Ooohh! And I almost went into my coffee! *John: Whoa! Did you get it? *Cinnamon: Nope! *John: Do I need to refresh or are you ok? *Cinnamon: No. We don’t need to get new coffee. I’m all good!
[both laugh] *Cinnamon: My mom would just drink it. She’d be like, “It’s good! It’s good!” And I’m like, “Mom, it’s cadmium paint!” She’s like, “It’s fine. It’s fine. There’s no proven studies…” [both laugh] *John: You have to get your close up camera there. *Cinnamon: I’ve been drinking cadmium! Forever!
[both laugh] *Cinnamon: And I’m still alive! [laughs] So I’m just working- I want my sky on him to be darker up at the edges of my canvas. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Right? And there’s a lot of different skies. Look. This is my sky, and I’m showing you this sky. But say you’re an artist and you’re trying to break into your fantasy groove. Right? *John: Yep. *Cinnamon: You can experiment with somebody else’s sky that you see on YouTube that you like better. You know. The nice thing about fantasy art is, uh, it’s pretty much what you feel like it is. If you feel like your dragon has little spikes coming off, then your dragon has little spikes coming off. If you feel like he’s a big headed dragon like John wanted… [Cinnamon chuckles] *John: I just all- You know, you generally need a dragon with a bigger head to eat all the villagers. *Cinnamon: So we realized I- Now that we’ve sketched him in, right. My strong anatomy is in…. North American animals like horses and deer and stuff like that. So that’s where I have a very strong familiarity, so when I do my dragons, they’re actually based in that anatomy. *John: They’re vegetarian dragons. *Cinnamon: They’re not vegetarian, but they’re- I realize my dragons come from Pern. My dragons are ridable. John’s dragon, like in the intro, eats the village. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Everybody in the village is gone. I’m kinda thinking about brush directionality here, only a little bit in that, you know, I’m trying to say that this is sort of a, ummm….. smokey sky. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And I’m just sort of thinking about that and enjoying that. As I’m going down, I’m gonna add a little water to my brush. Grab a little more white. If I get too much water…. It can cause a problem and I might have to wipe it off on my… towel here. And while this is still wet, I’m gonna start blending. If you get to your paint while it’s still wet, it’s very easy to blend. If your paint is drying out on you, you can use things like slo-dri. Blending medium. *John: So there may be a vote that this is a vegan dragon that cleanses through fire. *Cinnamon: Ok. Alright, vegan dragon.
[John laughs] *Cinnamon: Well, we’re naming the dragon and we’re telling this dragon’s back story, cause every dragon needs a back story. Every dragon needs a tale. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Because dragons are noble, intelligent creatures with lots of magic, and so they need tales. *John: And sometimes eat villages. *Cinnamon: And sometimes eat villages. As you have to. In John’s world. John, would you like to tell everybody where the dragon in the intro came from? *John: Sure. So, uh… I’m- There was a game called Rifts, which is a tabletop role playing game, created by a really creative guy, Kevin Siembieda. *Cinnamon: A friend of yours. *John: I’m very lucky to call him a friend of mine. He owns Palladium Books, and a few years ago, I went to him and asked if we could- Ran the idea of making a Rifts MMO past him. And he really liked the idea, and we went to try to put that together, and you know, it was a- It didn’t come to market, but we, we ended up putting together some promotional footage, and some work from that. And that’s- That’s what that was. That’s back from when we were gonna build Rifts the MMO. So… *Cinnamon: So we actually had dragon footage that we owned today! *John: Yeah.
[Cinnamon laughs] *John: So, and there’s other footage that went along with that of glitter boys and, uh, big fights and things. But, you know, it’s uh…. *Cinnamon: It’s a pretty long trailer. *John: Yeah. And you know, those are, those are all- Glitter boys aren’t in our topic today, so. [John laughs] Cinnamon: They’re not. We’re not painting glitter boys. Though I guess I could now because we have glitter boy footage. If we have a surprising number of, uh… [chuckles] Rifts fans. *John: That’d be awesome. *Cinnamon: We could do some glitter boys. I like to show that kind of shiny, metal… Like how that’s done. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: You know, it’s like, I’m very glad to have the time lapse, cause I spent some extra time with this dragon after- After the lesson portion of him was done. Just to be like, how far could I take this? *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And I realize that’s a lot of fun to do. And also to give you guys on idea of like, if you wanna spend another two hours or something fiddling and scaling and enjoying, what you could do. But it’s really fun to do, but it’s not always that exciting for me to do timelapses cause, like, the fact that I can paint metal is not that exciting. I’ve been… [laughing] I’ve been working at it a long time. I should be able to paint metal by now. One would hope. Well, and pears. [laughs] *John: And pears. *Cinnamon: And pears. *John: And dragon fire. *Cinnamon: You guys are doing so good on your pears. *John: And so- *Cinnamon: And dragon fire. I’m so excited to show you guys the basis of fire. Oh! You know what I really love about this brush, guys? Is I’m not working to get the paint into the canvas. The Simply Simmons brush I am becoming more and more a fan of. On my little budget I’m gonna go out and get a whole bunch of these exact little deals. Um, it’s-It’s quickly becoming my, like… Baby. [ both chuckle] Just really liking it. So I’m adding a little more white, and I’m gonna come along the bottom of the wing, even though I’m coming up with some smoke and some things. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Just because….. And we’ll define this stuff out more as we go. I just wanna- When you’re layering this up, and you want it to look right, you need to have particular layers going. And I’m gonna just make sure I’ve got some blue here. I know that’s not quite the right blue. I’ll be coming back with it. And then make sure this tear’s thought about hear. *John: Now you’re just- To get this wonderful effect- Wonderful effect, you’re just sort of paying attention to your brush stroke? *Cinnamon: Mm-hmm. *John: And blending this wet in wet? *Cinnamon: Wet into wet. Though I just learned, isn’t that, um… Did we just learn that wet into wet has been copyrighted by Bob Ross, Inc.? [chuckles] *John: Oh, I think that his- That his method of wet into wet, you know that he called it something. I don’t remember, uh- *Cinnamon: Which is real funny, because like we’re talking a lot about teaching, um… Like how you would paint these paintings in acrylic, and one of the things acrylic painters always try to do is to duplicate that technique with the acrylic paint, which acrylic paint does not do. Except for the opens, and I don’t really like the opens. Um… How I paint his paintings is completely different. I don’t use his wet into wet technique at all. I use acrylic technique to get the job done. And I’m- I’m done pretty quickly. [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: Cause it’s acrylic. *John: Yup. *Cinnamon: So that’ll be sort of interesting cause even though we’ll be doing some of those, like we’ve talked about, we’ll see if they get left alone to be up. Um… That, uh, I know Clive has done some. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And he- He- He- He… Does the wet into wet technique with acrylic. But he’s done some stuff, so if you’re like really hunkering to do some, it’s right there and you can go do them. *John: You have to adjust your close up camera. *Cinnamon: Do I gotta adjust my close up camera? *John: You do. *Cinnamon: Generally, even if I don’t have something, somebody online somewhere has something. [both chuckle] Cinnamon: Like, we were gonna try to do a new year’s eve, and we realized we were gonna be tired. We have kids. and that’s just rough. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: But hey! Uh… Craft Shack and CeCe’s Creations have a party tonight. At midnight. *John: Yes, they do. They- I think they’re starting at nine and going for like, five hours! *Cinnamon: Yeah! *John: So there’s gonna be quite a party over there. *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: You know? *Cinnamon: We may try to come by if we’re not exhausted. *John: Yeah. If I’m not completely exhausted. But, yes. I think we will stop by on the way just for saying hello. At some point. *Cinnamon: I’d like to. Yeah. *John: Yeah. Uh…. I- That’d be awesome. I have to say thank you to everyone. I’m having a pretty fantastic birthday today. Just… Cause everyone keeps asking in channel and wishing me well. So. *Cinnamon: Oh, that’s awesome. I’m just kind of working this out. I just want to get this layer of paint on here. Cause I can. *John: Now, when you go to get your Simply Simmons brushes, do you have a particular set of sizes you’re looking for? *Cinnamon: So here’s what I’ll say. I don’t know their exact numbers, and when I go buy mine, I will. What I’ll say is, you always, see me, and I have my master list of brushes. I want a bright in a one inch, a half inch, and a quarter inch. I want a filbert in one inch, half inch, and quarter inch. And I want at least three sizes of detail and an angle brush. And I have to have those to do a painting. That’s like my bare bones of brushes that I have to have. And.. And…. Now on my big paintings, I have a whole different weird set of sizes that I use, but for stuff this size, that’s the sizes of brushes that I’m gonna work it through, cause I wanna be able to go, you know. Have some fairly big stuff that I can work in quickly and then I want to be able to work some details fairly quickly and so those sizes- So if you’re looking and you just even have a ruler, like, what’s about an inch? What’s about a half inch? What’s about a quarter inch? Right? You can add to that because the sizes give you control. And I want a- I want brights. I want filberts. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And I want rounds. I want a fine detail round. I want a pretty small detail round, and then I want a round. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: You know. And that’s what you want. And that works on any brushes. And if you know like, it’s gotta be this wide, then whatever crazy number they put on the brush, you don’t have to care about. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Mmm! So we have him in. Basically. *John: And now, that’s- This is really just a graded background here? *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: So…. *Cinnamon: Just a graded background. Cable in my way. *John: Whoop! *Cinnamon: It’s ok. *John: [whispers] I don’t see the cable. Where is it? There it is! *Cinnamon: Yes. It’s an ombre. We all understand that, right? [both laughs] *Cinnamon: We all have ombre’s in our lives. [laughs] *John: A fade. *Cinnamon: A fade! So I’m gonna come get some just burnt sienna. And I’ll even add a little burnt umber to it. All of the natural pigments are burnt today. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And I’m going to just put a coat of this down where the wing is. The wing has to have- The thing about a painting like this, and about fantasy painting in general is unlike abstract painting, which can be a single layer of paint, you’re gonna be a couple layers of paint in on any fantasy subject that you do. And you have to have them to make the techniques work. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: So this is- Now, I’ll think about directionality of brush stroke here. Oh, I’m really loving this brush. [John chuckles] *Cinnamon: Gotta get ten of them. Again, not sponsored. I’m just having a moment here with this brush, as I’ve kidnapped my mother’s brush. *John: That’s awesome. *Cinnamon: She said to me, “Do you have my Simmons brush?” and I hadn’t seen it And I was like, “NO!” And then I did see it and I was like, “Well, is it any good?” She seemed really concerned. [both laugh] *John: And now you know why. *Cinnamon: Now, you know, this- From getting into her makeup to now I’m in her brushes. It just never ends with kids. *John: Nope. They never stop stealing your stuff. *Cinnamon: She may stop by today. *John: Oh! That’d be awesome. *Cinnamon: She’s gonna maybe try to stop by and say hi. She’s got some classes to teach. Cause, you know, she’s a working shark. *John: Yes. *Cinnamon: She never stops teaching art. She’s always teaching. Your mom is so quiet! *John: She’s over here reading the comments with me. *Cinnamon: Is she? *John: There’s a bunch of comments. It’s a really fast channel. *Cinnamon: She knows what you’re saying, guys. She knows. *John: She’s here hanging out. *Cinnamon: Yeah. [Linda talking off camera]
[Cinnamon laughs] *Cinnamon: You totally do. So I’m just working this in. I’m just getting this coat. Now here’s something you’ll notice as I’m painting. The… Burnt sienna is a slightly transparent color. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: It’s not completely opaque. And so a lot of times when we’re working with paint and we’re expecting an opaque brown, that can be really frustrating. And you can always check. The tubes of paint will tell you the opacity. Like, how much coverage they have. Right there, on the tube. So it doesn’t surprise you, or you don’t find yourself frustrated with a result that you’re getting which is actually just that that is the formulation of the paint. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: You know. Um… More often than not, it’s not a you problem. It’s a materials problem. Just understanding the materials, which is why I’m so excited about the big art quest in twenty sixteen. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Cause it’s gonna- We’re gonna cover how to deal with all of that. Now, what we’re doing in our dragon is a true underpainting. We are blocking him in with paint. And he may become a she. I don’t know. It kind of happens as you get painting. That’s… They take on characteristics. You get a little refined with the… *John: Yeah. Now, did- *Cinnamon: The scaling and stuff. *John: Uh, Maricha was asking if… *Cinnamon: Maricha! *John: If Simply Simmons is also Daler and Rowney. *Cinnamon: Yeah. That is the same company. And I wish Maricha would introduce me to them. Cause I think she’s friends with them. [chuckles] *John: Oh! Interesting…. *Cinnamon: Or they love her or something. Every art company on the planet loves Maricha. They just send her art supplies. *John: As they should. *Cinnamon: As they should. Cause she actually really does some good testing. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: She’s like- She can tell you like, how your stuff is working. She does interesting projects. I really- I really like it. If you have not seen her channel… Uh, the Junkin’ Data Girl, she right now has this crazy mid-century modern series of holiday projects going on. So if you just need to get your brady on, with a little Dr. Suess. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And all like really fun stuff. Like how to make these retro snow globes, but it turns out the stuff was like a bottle. Like, like a soda bottle. It was crazy! *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: So if you haven’t seen that, she’s got that over there. And then of course she was in the Doctor Who collab. *John: Which was awesome. *Cinnamon: And I really appreciated it. Really, really appreciated it. So. I think she’s really close to breaking a thousand, which is her first big thresh hold. *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: On the YouTube, so. You can go by and give her a little sub and she’ll have a crazy day. [laughs] *John: Yay! Go sub. *Cinnamon: Cause it’s her birthday. *John: Yes, so she should have some birthday subs. *Cinnamon: She should have some birthday subs. That’s a new thing that we just made up. *John: Birthday subs! *Cinnamon: [laughing] New on YouTube! Birthday subscriptions! [both laugh] *Cinnamon: For Maricha’s birthday, please go by and and subscribe! [both laugh] *Cinnamon: Just so weird! *John: So we’ll have to have her share a link for her channel here. *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: And- Yeah, so after- After we’re done with this long tail dragon painting. *Cinnamon: Yeah, it is long- Shhwwooo! [Cinnamon chuckles] *John: So once we’re done with that, we’re gonna take a very brief break while we wait for the- *Cinnamon: Depends- Yeah, we’ll see- *John: Machine to reboot. *Cinnamon: how brief, depending on how long we are painting on our wonderful dragon here. *John: Well, yeah. I mean the machines- It takes- It takes the machine fifteen minutes just to recycle. *Cinnamon: Oh. Ok. *John: So it, you know. For whatever reason. I don’t know why it is. It’s one of these caching things. It takes forever. *Cinnamon: It happens, man. *John: But once it wakes back up after it’s, uh… Broadcast slumber, I can hit the rebroadcast button, and we’ll, uh… We’ll go back on. We’ll have a little unwrapping and… Party time. *Cinnamon: So John, I just have to say it again. This is completely solving my coverage problem. *John: Is it? *Cinnamon: Yeah. I’m just literally going out to Michael’s after today. [Cinnamon laughs] Spending your money. [John laughs] *John: Yay! [Cinnamon laughs]
John: More brushes! *Cinnamon: For your birthday I’m gonna go buy better brushes. Does that sound good? [both laughing] *Cinnamon: Happy birthday to you! *John: I think it’s awesome, though. *Cinnamon: Yeah, it’s really good. Well, cause these less expensive canvases from Michael’s can really resist the paint. *John: Yeah. You have to grab the close up camera there. *Cinnamon: Ok. You just let me know whenever I gotta get close up. *John: All the time. *Cinnamon: All the time. You just tell me. Cause you make me a much better art teacher, thanks to you. Cause then otherwise I’ll get into the painting. I’m like having so much fun. Cause I’m like you guys. I just have fun painting. So I can have so much fun painting, that, um, I forget to do things. [chuckles] *John: If I only had a- *Cinnamon: Like move the camera. [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: Like move the camera… So now I may have to move to a smaller brush and I betcha I’m gonna see a real difference in how it performs. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And that’s gonna really annoy me. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: I am gonna get a filbert. That’s too small of a filbert. *John: What is that? *Cinnamon: I need a mid sized filbert. A filbert is rounded. *John: That’s what it is. It’s rounded. *Cinnamon: But maybe I’m gonna do this bright. I’m gonna go to my- My- Cause this is pretty stiff and I don’t want to keep fighting the canvas. *John: Other camera. *Cinnamon: Cause once the paint is on- *John: That camera. Down. There it is. *Cinnamon: Yeah. It had a number on it but you can see what happens to your brushes if you leave them in water. J*ohn: And- And- But do you leave the Simply Simmons in water the same way? *Cinnamon: Um… Yeah. And this brush has survived my mom but it’s got a solid plastic handle, or- I don’t know. It hasn’t popped. *John: That’s cool. *Cinnamon: Which is good cause I probably have to return this at some point to my mom. But only after! I’m taking a little dioxazine purple and mixing it in with my yellow ochre. Great gray, right? *John: Mm-hmmm! *Cinnamon: That’s cause it grays the purple. And I’m gonna make sure that I’ve got the close up cam here. So, I’m gonna come on this side and just paint… Kind of following like what I had here. This side darker. Try to with your brush stroke and the way you’re painting keep track of your little rib lines. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Now, if you’re real worried you’re gonna lose it you can always just paint in some rib lines with some black paint. But I actually want to do that later when I can blend. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: So I’m just trying to hold the shapes that I designed in here. I love his little rib- His little plate lines. How excited is everyone to be painting a dragon at home? For real. A fire breathing dragon for real. *John: It is just- I mean, like the- Everyone is just in shock that they’re- That there’s a dragon you can paint. *Cinnamon: There’s a dragon you can paint. *John: That’s achievable, and like a lot of people are really nervous. They’re like, man, do I have to do it all at once? *Cinnamon: No. You can do this in stages. *John: And I can say we’ve attracted a lot of new people to the community with us, so. *Cinnamon: Welcome new people to the community. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: We do goofiness like this sometimes cause… *John: It’s fun. *Cinnamon: [chuckles] It’s fun. *John: And we’ve been talking about probably doing some other fantasy creatures. *Cinnamon: I would love to! What are the top leading fantasy creatures? I just wiped my brush, and now I’m gonna get some pure ochre, but I’m gonna let it be tinted by the purple that’s already there. Cause you know me. Laziness. *John: Mm-hmm… *Cinnamon: And I’m doing that on this side. Now the yellow ochre’s gonna be translucent enough where it is… Gonna even let my pencil lines show through. *John: Hmm. So fairies are, apparently, a big request. *Cinnamon: Oh, really? *John: Oh, yeah. Cinnamon: I was gonna think it was gonna be unicorns way out front. *John: Oh, well, unicorns, yeah. Unicorns- Vote- That was like immediately after fairies. *Cinnamon: Oh. OK. So fairies, unicorns…. *John: We had a goblin and pegasus request in there. *Cinnamon: I’d be happy to do a pegasus. Pegasus’s are fun. *John: So, uh, let’s see here… *Cinnamon: John knows from out D&D days that I enjoy me some fantasy art. *John: Mmm. *Cinnamon: And I will help you flush out your character. [Cinnamon laughs] *Cinnamon: Graphically. [both laughing] *Cinnamon: It’s kind of like- It’s kind of like being a police sketch artist, but you’re like a D&D sketch artist. *John: We have a request for a kraken. *Cinnamon: Oh! That would actually… Those are a lot of fun to, um… Paint, and there’s just this one technique you have to get down, which is the twist of the tentacle. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And how you express that tentacle twist. And once you have that, you got kraken cause it’s just a ball with this technique attached to it. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And some water skill. I’m just really glad to be showing some smoke and fire. Cause people get stuck on things like smoke. Fire. Water. Glass. *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: And they’re literally not any different than painting a ball. *John: [chuckles] Maricha was saying you could paint some trolls. *Cinnamon: I- Yes! I could but I worry that it would attract some trolls.
[both laugh] *John: Hmmm…. Painting internet trolls… *Cinnamon: Ugh…. You know. I mean we have a pretty lite troll here over here in art, you know. It’s the, “You suck!” [Cinnamon laughs] *John: [chuckles] Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: Troll and it’s… Fairly easily defeated by the delete button. [Cinnamon laughs] *John: Oh, yeah. We don’t need to feed them, though. *Cinnamon: No. No. If we fed them they might breed. It could be like tribbles. There’d just be trolls, like that Gremlin movie, just coming out of the woodwork everywhere. *John: Yeah. There’s been a lot of requests for a thestral in here. *Cinnamon: Really?!?!? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Like a lot? *John: Well, yes. There’s lots of exclamations, and thestral, thestral please. So. *Cinnamon: Ok. *John: For those of you who would like undead flying horses. *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: We can do it. *Cinnamon: Yeah. I’m… Sure. Again, simple techniques. Was it Mark? Did Mark start that?
*John: No. *Cinnamon: I feel like Mark started that. Just cause we’ve gone into zombie territory. *John: No. I mean it’s kinda Harry Potter land, but… *Cinnamon: Oh. You know what, man. Angela and I are making some noise about fairy tale creatures and doing something special for that. *John: Ooh! Albert. Ooh, that’s a good one. Goblin. [Cinnamon laughs] *John: Tribbles. *Cinnamon: Well, yeah. Fluff. I think I kind of already painted tribbles. *John: We could cover that. I guess the… *Cinnamon: Oh, and I see, like, here’s the thing I see up here. *John: You have to adjust your close up. *Cinnamon: I missed- I missed a spot with my sky. *John: Oh yeah!
*Cinnamon: That happens. You’ll be painting along and you’ll be like did I just… What happened there? You just had a moment and… Just go back and paint it in. It’s not a big deal. [chuckles] It just happens to everybody. *John: Mmmm… *Cinnamon: You know. And you just mix the color again. And that’s why knowing how to mix the colors is so great. I actually had an art instructor who was like, you gotta save all your colors in baby food jars! She had a masters in art. A masters, and did not know how to duplicate a color. *John: Wow. *Cinnamon: And from a really good art school. *John: Hmm. *Cinnamon: I’m not saying I blame the art school at all. I’m just saying that sometimes… *John: You just don’t pick up those skills. *Cinnamon: Yeah. They don’t teach the skills, and that’s the skill you need if you’re gonna paint anything, I promise you, is being able to mix a color. *John: Oh yeah. I mean I- When I first started this… You know, all this. Meeting you with paint and all that stuff, I, you know, I painted models and stuff but it was always directly from the bottle. *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: I was afraid of this whole concept of, what? You have three colors of paint?!? What?!? [Cinnamon laughs] *Cinnamon: I know! *John: You were like, I’ll mix that paint color again. I’m like, you can’t do that in automotive paint! [both laugh] *Cinnamon: I can do anything I want! [both laughing] *Cinnamon: Yeah. I- I- When we were first- First dating and together, it was really fun to paint miniatures together. I don’t know if anyone here has ever done that. Probably you’re sensible people and have not. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: But we have. So I’m just taking this. This is a little bit of burnt…. Uh, sienna and yellow ochre, and I’m just coming along this little nose line here. What I’m gonna wanna do is his head’s going to be slightly more complicated. I’m not even rinsing my brush. I’m gonna grab a little bit of purple, guys. I’m gonna come right down the middle. I’m creating shadow lines. I don’t wanna use black yet. Though I will be using black in this painting. Right. And I’m looking for places that I can… Already start to talk about lights and darks and how this head is shaded out. And it can be very, very rudimentary. *John: This is not our typical… One to two hoot painting. *Cinnamon: Um… [chuckles] So what I would say is we’re gonna take him to at least a three hoot location. I don’t know if we’re gonna get to the full four hoot. The full four hoot is definitely in the dragon time lapse. Where I was just like, how far could we take these scale? Oh yes. Pretty far. [chuckles] *John: So this is achievable for anybody? *Cinnamon: This dragon, we’re gonna get it to an achievable place. I would say this is an intermediate beginner. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Then it would be easy. So if you’re just, I’ve never painted before, I say watch this, get inspired, and do… Like, I don’t know, ten paintings and get some art skills, so just the language and the process here isn’t stressful. *John: Right. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna get a little more purple. Right. Cause we get real basic in some of the lessons. Like my birch trees, winter birch trees. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: That’s very chill. The silhouette row boat? That’s super chill! You know, and if that’s where you’re at, that’s ok. You’ll get here. *John: Yeah. Absolutely. *Cinnamon: This is a place you can get. So, this is a place anybody can get. And that is- Uh. I think that’s so important, especially in fantasy art. Cause I remember coming up. Like, the fantasy artists…. Sometimes they’re kind of, uh… Stucky uppy. [Cinnamon chuckles]
*John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And they make you feel, you know, you’re never gonna get there. That you just missed the talent train to…. To possibly ever be able to do this. And then…. You know, you discover, oh this is just skills. I just have to do more anatomy drawing. Ok. So listen. If you’re a young person and you’re coming up and you’re wanting to break into the fantasy art world… Fill that notebook up with sketches. *John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Just fill it up. Fill it all up with octopi and… And seahorses and every kind of lizard and bird and do feather studies and study stone textures, and you just study it, study it, study it, study. If you do that in a dedicated way for a year, you’re gonna way outstrip people that supposedly just have that freeborn talent. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And- And that’s what it is. I had a friend. Uh, um… Eric Hayes. Cutter. And he was- When he started out, he really wanted to be a fantasy artist. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Is what he wanted to be. I’m pulling this around here. I’m gonna get darker again. Maybe pick up some purple. Um, and what he did was just practice. That was what he put his time into. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And what do you know? That was very very effective. I’m gonna come around the eye here. See I’m coming around the eye? Listen, if I’m doing complicated things, you can always… And then I line the eye. Like eyeliner. I’m gonna come under the nose here with just a little bit of this. Just putting this shadow in. Now, I’m gonna wipe my brush. And I’m gonna get some just burnt sienna. And paint the rest of this in. What do you think of that? *John: I think it’s pretty cool. *Cinnamon: Just very gently and delicately painting this in. This is super fun to do. And again this is just- I wish someone had- I had to get there and kind of grind my way through this, and look at pictures, and guess, guess, guess how they did it. John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Let me come around this little curve here with a little of this burnt sienna. [John laughs] *John: Maricha just came in there with, like, oh my gosh, she just got like this list of- Of fantasy creatures to do. *Cinnamon: Really? *John: Nymphs. Cheshire cat. Uh… Creatures of Tabular- *Cinnamon: The Tubulosa? *John: Uh…. I can’t even pronounce that. Sphinx. Gremlin. Griffin. Uhhhhh…… There’s a whole bunch- Where did the other one go? She had a little list of them there going. *Cinnamon: I mean, we gotta have a clear plan here. We can’t just paint all of these creatures! [Both laugh] *Cinnamon: Well, I guess we could. We’ve got time. We’re doing them three times a week. [John chuckles] *Cinnamon: So I guess we could, in very short, short order be painting everything. Everything, everything, everything. So see how I’ve just blocked in his little facey? *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Super easy. I’m gonna take a little bit of this burnt sienna and just block in his eye. *John: Yeah! *Cinnamon: Now, we’re really gonna drill down on his eye, even in this lesson, because I think knowing how to do this fantasy eye, that is some awesome sauce. If you’ve painted with me for a while, you know eyes are kind of my easy space. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Like I understand my eye. I love sharing with you guys how the eye is done. And because I want to be able to layer in the highlights into the mouth, I’m gonna come in with a full dark purple here. Inside this mouth. So you’ll have wanted a lighter purple with the yellow ochre and purple and that way this dioxazine is really just in here, because when I come in and put the cad in, it’s gonna create that reflective awesomeness that you need. And we’re gonna need to do some real work inside this little mouth to make this fire seem like it’s coming out. *John: Oh yeah. So now there’s a- *Cinnamon: I’m gonna line the bottom of this lip here with the dark purple, by the way. *John: There’s this great debate going on what should go first. In the fantasy creatures. And a fairy- *Cinnamon: What should go first? *John: Well, fairies are in high demand, but dragonflies. Mom says something with glitter. [Cinnamon chuckles] *John: So I’m sure it’ll be glittered. [Cinnamon chuckles] *John: We can assume that things will be glittered. *Cinnamon: Somebody will be glittered. Well, I gotta- I can do cute glitter, but these high fantasy ones are pretty… Pretty rough for the glittering. *John: Yeah. We- We were thinking about glittering this one. *Cinnamon: I really thought about it. *John: And it was just- It was so cool that we were like, No! Let’s just go here. *Cinnamon: Yeah. And also, you know, I need some time to work it out. I gotta invent a technique to glitter something like this. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: I’ve been looking at the glitter art movement and I’m like, there’s a couple artists that are sort of working in that space of high detail with glitter and micro mixes and custom mixes to shade out. But it’s a really small group. And so of course there’s nothing written on how they process that technique, which means basically that I gotta invent a technique. Which always takes a little bit of time. [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: I don’t even mean to be cheeky. It just does. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: Just if you gotta invent a new technique, you gotta… *John: Oh. They say you should do a zombie. In glitter. *Cinnamon: That I think is totally doable. Just to mess with Mark, I feel like, if I give him the zombie finally, but I glitter it. That’s the right amount of like giving it and yet taking it away! [both laugh] *Cinnamon: I don’t know why it’s so fun to mess with Mark, but it totally is! Did Ian make it today? He was gonna come by and say hi. *John: I- You know what? The chat has just been on fire today. You know? Our dragon has brought in- We’ve got- We had a, like a hundred and seventy people here was… With us. We broke our record there just a couple minutes ago. Cinnamon: Wow! *John: It keeps fluctuating up and down here. But, uh… We were- I forgot to mention we were over one seventy there. *Cinnamon: That is incredible. I guess people are just ready to paint a dragon. They’re like, I would like to paint a dragon! And again if you wanna see what this is like before committing to it, you could just watch the time lapse. *John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Like, Oh. That is something I would do. Or like, Never! Never would I do that! [John laughs] both laughing] *Cinnamon: That’s not happening at all! I’m gonna get a small detail brush. *John: How small? *Cinnamon: This small. Mm-mmm. *John: That is small. *Cinnamon: That is small. I’m just gonna put some black on the nose. Ugh. My paint’s already skinning from the lights. *John: Is it? We’re gonna- I hope to upgrade to LED’s soon. *Cinnamon: Yeah. Angela Anderson has LED’s in her studio. *John: I know. It’s, like, so awesome. *Cinnamon: I’m so jealous. I’m putting a little black sliver here. Which hopefully you can see. Maybe I need to zoom that in. There you go.
*John: Looks good. *Cinnamon: And I’m just putting a little black sliver in here. We’re gonna, you know, of course work this out a little bit more, but we just want to…. My ridable dragon. And John’s like, “His head’s too small!” *John: It can’t eat enough people in one bite. *Cinnamon: But it can burn them with fire! I don’t know. He doesn’t seem that weak to me. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: Alright. *John: So, are we gonna start posting up time lapses for everything? *Cinnamon: Anything that’s hyper complicated, yeah. Or has a hyper complicated side. I- I can’t tell you guys what it is but I have something so exciting coming in twenty sixteen that I’m gonna teach. It’s not taught anywhere on the internet. Nobody would even conceive of teaching it. I- Really two percent of artists even know the skill and I’m gonna break it down to you. And I- Just- *John: You’re excited.
*Cinnamon: I’m just so excited about it. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: I’m gonna do it! *John: You’re gonna do it? *Cinnamon: It’s gonna be so awesome! Cause everything is awesome. *John: What are you looking for? *Cinnamon: I feel like I’m missing a brush, but… *John: Which brush are you missing? *Cinnamon: Um… It’s my round scrumbler. *John: Oh. [Linda talking off camera] *John: Oh. [Linda talking off camera] *Cinnamon: [?] Take em… *John: One of our audience members, Amber, I’m going to just totally say, Amber. Contact me please. Her husband sells lighting equipment. *Cinnamon: Oh!
[John laughs] *John: You’re like, please! Please, please, please! [Cinnamon laughing]
*John: I need help! *Cinnamon: [laughing] Oh yes. We’re so just guessing, you guys don’t even know. Alright. I’m gonna have to use my Simmons here, because I don’t know where my scrumbler is. *John: It’s very [?] when you look up. *Cinnamon: What is? *John: Our studio. *Cinnamon: Oh. Yeah. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: Yeah. We don’t really share that part with you guys. You don’t even know. You’d be like, the sherpa’s gonna die!!! [both laugh] *Cinnamon: Alright. I’m taking a little burnt umber and some black. At first I’m gonna have a little bit of moisture on this. But then I’m gonna, um…. *John: So, is that scrumbler a technical term or is that just… *Cinnamon: Scrumbling is actually a technical term and it- it- It means what it says there, which is sort of funny. I’m gonna get some just pure- I’m not even adding water to this. I want just heavy loads of pigment. And then I’m gonna probably be through this black. Working this black in. And the thing is, what I’ve gotta do- I really wish I’d- Can you check the kitchen for my scrumbler? *John: I will. I will go do that. *Cinnamon: Ok. I’m gonna just have a s- I will give you my coffee too. *John: Ok. What am I gonna- *Cinnamon: Cause I’ll say hi to everybody or something. Guys, I just need the scrumbler. A scrumbler is like- When I’m scrumbling, what I like is a round, stiff messed up- [chuckles] Stunt Hands. Mr Birthday Hands. Messed up brush. Uh, I’ve got kind of a small version I can show you. See how completely… Not ok that brush is? This is an ideal scrumbler. Things have happened to this brush that shouldn’t have happened. It’s been abused. And it’s transformed. It’s trans modified into one of my very favorite type of art tools. Um, a scrumbler. And then I’ve got a round one that I also like to do splatters with. You’ve seen it. It’s like so beat up. [whispers] I don’t know where it went. And I usually have this kit together before I come on. And paint with you guys. But today, apparently, no. Today is apparently not my kit together. I don’t see it anywhere. Alright. So I have the back up scrumbler. You can abuse a brush into this place. I actually feel like the great untapped resources for scrumblers is painting party places. Yes! Yes!!! I knew I was missing some brushes. Alright. Painting party places have a great resource of scrumblers because their brushes get kind of abused. And they get taken to the scrumble place early and hard. So here is this old…. This is my favorite scrumbler! [Cinnamon laughs] *Cinnamon: It does clouds. It does water. I don’t know what I’m gonna do if something happens to this brush. But you can see I can get this really whispity- Look at that! Technique. *John: Yes. *Cinnamon: With it and that’s what I’m needing because fire and smoke- What I want you to think about when you’re thinking about fire- This is just the first layer. We’ve got other layers to think about. Right? *John: And I have to say, yes. Thank every- I think everyone. Please, feel free to drop us a message on Facebook. *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: And, we love to hear from you guys. And please post pictures! *Cinnamon: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. *John: Like, the thing that would make me the happiest for my birthday would be to see a bunch of pictures of these dragons posted up. *Cinnamon: Yeah. That would actually be, Happy Birthday John. Just tag him, Happy Birthday, John! [chuckles] *John: Yes. *Cinnamon: He would love it. *John: Yes. And, uh.. You know. I- And I have to say that there has been a re-occuring request for an octopus woman. As the next fantasy creature, so I will- We’ll throw that out there. *Cinnamon: What?! Ok, so is it one person- *John: No! *Cinnamon: requesting over and over again? [chuckles] *John: There’ve been multiple- And the meme came up after the kraken. [laughs] *John: And it was just like, “Octopus woman!!!” “Yes, that’s what we need.” And I was like, ok. *Cinnamon: Ok. I mean, they’re all doable. *John: But wasn’t she also a- Wasn’t octopus woman from…. *Cinnamon: Disney character? *John: Yeah, a Disney character too. *Cinnamon: Yeah. Yeah, it’s Ursula. *John: Oh yeah. Ursula. So yeah. We’ll have to. That’s cool. Any of those would be awesome. I have feelings on Ursula. *John: So, I like how- *Cinnamon: I think it’s interesting that Disney makes the middle aged, overweight woman the villain. I’m just saying. [chuckles] Come on! *John: That was kinda evil. *Cinnamon: Yeah. I know who’s evil! This woman! She’s great purple hair and has plans. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: Just saying. Felt a little picked on. [both laugh] *John: You’re so funny. *Cinnamon: I don’t want to go up too far, and I’ve gotta come back and do this. This is just a layer. This is my first layer that I wanna have in. I’m gonna be back visiting this again. *John: Ooh! A white walker. *Cinnamon: Yeah. Totally paint a white walker. *John: A white walker getting eaten by a dragon. *Cinnamon: Uh, I really know that we’ve got a Daenerys Stormborn painting that has to happen. *John: You know, I would not mind having one of those on the wall. *Cinnamon: You want a mother of dragons? *John: I would dig it. *Cinnamon: I still feel- I said mothers of dragons I feel has to happen, and mother gators. *John: Mmmm. [both laugh] *John: Mother of gators! [both laughing] *John: One of the crafty twins just walked in, so- *Cinnamon: Hi Girls!
*John: Hi crafty twins. *Cinnamon: I’m definitely accepting the crafty twins challenge. The crafty twins just accepted my art collaboration. I sent them some art materials for them to be creative with and they did a really really good job. And, um, they challenged me back to paint a portrait of myself with my first hat, so basically the picture I just posted on Facebook with the frog hat. *John: Hmm. *Cinnamon: I’m going to be doing a version of- If you wanted a sherpa painting. [laughs] *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: Do you want a painting of the sherpa? Cause you’re gonna get one. [both laughing] *John: How do you paint the sherpa? [Cinnamon laughs] *Cinnamon: Let me count the ways. [laughs] *John: Hmm. So Sandra said what about mother of pears? [Cinnamon Laughs] *Cinnamon: Just- [whispers] Y’all crazy. *John: It’s never gonna end. *Cinnamon: It’s never gonna end. *John: We could do a pair of dragons. *Cinnamon: We could. I’m gonna show y’all my bright. [laughs] *John: Horse and dragon pairs. *Cinnamon: Hmmm. Do I wanna do a bright? I wanna do this bright. Same bright but it’s got a better edge. *John: The puns shall never end. *Cinnamon: The puns should never end. I like this bright. Bright, bright, bright. *John: Scroll down. Cause you scroll. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna put some black back out because lord knows I need it. And I think I’ll just work the chest plates for a second. *John: Hmm. *Cinnamon: If that’s ok. Cause we gotta get another layer of chest plate in. So a little purple, a little black. Purple, little black. And so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to- And hopefully this is sharp enough to do this. I’m going to make my little shadows for my chest plates. And it is not sharp enough. *John: Oh no? *Cinnamon: No! So I’m gonna switch to this sharp, sharp filbert that I have. This is about a good edge. Sometimes your painting result is about a good edge. *John: You like a crisp edge? *Cinnamon: A crisp, clean edge. And when you’re- When you’re stuff starts to have a little moment. You know. Little more purple than black. But… *John: Hmm. So there was an interesting question. So Jason- *Cinnamon: We have this in here? *John: I was just taking a minute to read that cause it’s a… So Jason was asking if you ever get disappointed when you have to paint over a… Another picture to paint in another area. For example, uh, the fire that you have to paint over your dragon. So do you ever get nervous when you’ve just painted in all this stuff? *Cinnamon: Nervous, yes. Disappointed, no. But I used to. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Like, I had this on the Tardis where you work really hard to tape in this whole thing and then you gotta stick a wreath on there. And you might paint out the handle that you just painted in. It’s like a moment. And so that’s a thing that happens to you as an artist. I think at this point I’m nervous that the result will work, but I’m not that nervous about painting out something I’ve painted in. The fire goes in when he’s about mid way through. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And so that does help a little bit. And… You know, it just…. It’s acrylic paint. Oil painting, yeah, it could be a thing. Right? *John: Yeah. Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: But in acrylic painting- Ooh! I almost went right in the wrong water. [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: Um… You can always put stuff back. If you have the skill to put it in, you have the skill to put it back. And I think that’s one of the first things that you learn as a painter, is like even if it’s the first time you successfully done a skill, once your brain has made those connections, your brain’s made those connections. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And so the skill is with you. And the other thing you start to accept as a painter is that every so many paintings, one of your paintings will just suck. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: And there’s no thing that can change that. *John: [laughs] Gesso. *Cinnamon: Yeah, that’s what gesso’s for. And I mean like, seriously like, one of your paintings will just suck and you can’t pull it out and you can’t fix it and it just sucks, and you’re like, What is going on?! I could paint yesterday… I feel like mine is every ten. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Like every tenth or so. Just tanks. *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: But the next one after the sucky one is amazing. [Both laugh] *Cinnamon: So I’m just kinda like a lot of people get so freaked out by the suck one that they don’t keep going. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: When they really need to. *John: You know what. There are a lot of really good- And people are- *Cinnamon: I’m shadowing this outside edge here. Just letting people know. I’m leaving this lighter. I’m starting to put in these values. *John: So, can you talk about your brush strokes there. *Cinnamon: So what I’m using is, the filbert has a nice clean edge and I’m doing these short little light brush strokes. Just trying to get it a little breath of paint in here. Right? And I don’t mind the tip of the stroke, the end of the stroke, is a bit dry and allows the canvas to show underneath. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: That’s ok. So I use the edge of the brush- Let me know when I need to move it down. Oh. I guess I do. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And to get the crisp, clean lines, right, working this filbert to its advantage. And then here too. And then I’m going to start talking about this shadow. There’s about three layers. This is right about where the line was at where the fox is at. *John: Oh gosh. There’s so much happening out in channel, I have to tell you about. Uh, we’ve got about a hundred- Almost a hundred and eighty people with us. *Cinnamon: Wow. Wow! *John: Thank you guys for all joining us. *Cinnamon: Wow. I hope a lot of you are gonna take the leap and paint. *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: I hope a lot of you are gonna jump in and give it a try. *John: And there’s a lot of really good ideas for some promotional- For some tie-in paintings, like with other stuff. *Cinnamon: Ok, yeah. I’d love to hear it. *John: Uh, game of thrones. Think about like, you know, uh, John Snow’s wolf. *Cinnamon: Oh, so fun to paint. Paint ghost. *John: Or the white walkers, or… I mean, they’ve just been going- *Cinnamon: I’d be happy to paint Game of Thrones all day. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: I like that show. I’m a little mad at RR Martin, but I like the show. *John: Yeah. No. It’s- *Cinnamon: So, this is my prediction, guys. *I don’t think we’ve seen the last of John Snow. John: Mm-hmm.. *Cinnamon: You know what I mean? I think he’s the missing Targerian and I expect him to come back. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: John’s heard this theory from me a lot. Which mean I- I dorked out maybe a little too much. *John: Eh. There’s no such thing. *Cinnamon: But I feel like, you know, Matt Patt would agree with me, so. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: I must be right! *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: To the degree that Matt Patt thinks you’re right, you are right. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Cause he cares about it a lot more than the rest of us. *John: I think he’s just able to articulate it so well. *Cinnamon: Well, I mean, yeah. He has a team of writers though, and I have just my goofy self. [both chuckle] *John: We’re a team. *Cinnamon: We’re a team. *John: We’re a team. *Cinnamon: No, actually, I feel just as blessed as Matt Patt. John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Clearly I’m not, cause YouTube asked him to come talk to YouTube. [Both laughs]
*John: That’s true. *Cinnamon: YouTube doesn’t even talk to me. [both laugh] *John: We’re still growing. *Cinnamon: But they put me on the hashtag live! *John: Yes, and thank you, YouTube. *Cinnamon: Thank you, YouTube, wherever you are. *John: Wherever you are, for recognizing us as putting a live- *Cinnamon: As having a live show of some kind. *John: Yes! *Cinnamon: I’d say we are as excited as- exciting as empty eagle’s nest. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: Maybe. Sleeping puppies. *John: Sleeping. *Cinnamon: You know what. I have tried to go by sleeping puppies, just hopefully. Just because I just was really hoping for something from the sleeping puppies. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: [whispers] Super disappointing. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: I’m gonna get some purple and some red. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Now I may have to put paint out, cause again I’m in really hot lights. *John: Yes. *Cinnamon: And so therefore… It can be kind of an issue. And I’m gonna put some little spires up here. *John: You have to get your close up camera. *Cinnamon: Thank you. I love when you let me know. *Both: There we go. *Cinnamon: I’m using again the edge of my filbert, which has a nice sharp edge. I could use a detail brush here. Right. I’m just using the center line. I just want him to have some of these little red spires. It’s a decorative element that I like to put on. And I’m just putting them in now. I could put them in later, but I feel like putting them in now. And so sometimes you get kidnapped into what I’m doing. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And these have a couple layers too, so I just like to- Sometimes I like to get the paint in and drying. There really isn’t just one way of getting a painting in. You know. Um… When you guys are going out into the world, talking to other art teachers, I promise you’re gonna have an experience where certain art teachers are gonna have just really strong opinions of the right and wrongness of something. And all I can tell you is that is much more about them as an artist than you as an artist. *John: Yes. And it’s good to be wrong. *Cinnamon: Yeah. [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: And good artists generally will not- Like genuinely centered, qualified good artists don’t need to trash your art work. It’s really a really weird deal. The better the artist is, they’re just gonna have advice that helps you. But they’re not gonna be like, “Uuggghhh.” You’re not gonna see that face from somebody who’s genuinely good. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: That’s somebody who’s got insecurities and all kinds of nonsense and they’re still working on their process. Really good artists will be like, “Oh that’s really good. I like these three things that you did here.” And you might try this. It will help you. That- That’s actually how you know you’re talking to a decent art teacher. *John: And there’s a lot of good art teachers out there. So we don’t want to say that there- *Cinnamon: There totally are. *John: That there aren’t, but you know, when you’re looking for your art teacher, make sure that they have kindness and compassion in their voice when talking about your artwork. Otherwise they’re probably… *Cinnamon: Not your art teacher. *John: Not your art teacher. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: They might be, but run away. [chuckles] *John: Yeah. But just know what you’re getting there. You know. *Cinnamon: Cause sometimes people just take a teaching job. [chuckles] I’m gonna pull this half inch, it’s like a slightly bigger bright, out. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And I’m gonna start working my wing. *John: Ahh. *Cinnamon: Ooh! I might need some water soon. *John: Oh yeah? I think we can get water. *Cinnamon: I don’t know. Is this… *John: It’s there. We see it. *Cinnamon: Ok. Alright. I’m just making sure. Just, you know. *John: You can move it around some more too. *Cinnamon: That’s fun for me. [both laugh] *John: We’re all along for the ride. We’ll take it. *Cinnamon: So I’m gonna take some, um, cad orange, which is really interesting, over to my burnt umber. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Which is this really cool color combo that you get and I’ve got my little ribs here and I can still see them, but maybe you can’t, so actually I’ll paint my ribs in. Sometimes I might do something in a different order than I might do it. Just so that you guys can see how I did it. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Did that make sense? So I’ve got my bright loaded. *John: Yep. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna work this edge here, and I’m gonna paint the bone in initially in black. If you over thicken the bone guess what you can do? Come back with paint and paint it out. Totally erases. That’s how we erase in acrylic. We just paint the color back that we’re trying to blend into. And we don’t have to worry about these things at all. As I breath into the mic. [John laughs] *John: That’s ok. *Cinnamon: It’s so weird. I try not to, you guys. And you know what the thing is. You gotta breath during art. [Cinnamon inhales deeply] Breath in the good. Breath out the bad. Bringing in the confidence. Breath out the fear. This is just a skill. You can paint a dragon. Even if today is not that day. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: You can. It’s in you. You’re not- There’s not- You’re not somehow lacking dragon. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: You’re just- Yeah. *John: And that was the big thing, when Cinnamon and I were talking about, like she was like, well what did you want for you birthday? Well, how did you want the dragon painting painted? And it was- I really wanted something we could- That anyone could paint. Right? That we could have everyone get and I, you know, I think she nailed it. *Cinnamon: Do you? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: I’m so glad you think so. *John: I love it. I can’t wait to see all the other ones that we get. That’s the exciting part. *Cinnamon: That is for me. To the degree that you guys get the paintings and enjoy them and are successful in your art journey is when I feel like I did a good job. That’s how I decide if I did good. So now I’ve got this black in. And I’m gonna get just a- I’m gonna get a little of my black and brown here. And right here, up in this wing, I’m gonna blend down a shadow. Just right here. Black and brown. Black and brown. Not quite pure black. Black and brown. So you’re like, “Wait! The umber’s already burnt!” Even more burnt, guys. [John laughs] *John: It’s dragon burnt. *Cinnamon: Yeah. This is dragon char. [John chuckles] *Cinnamon: You may not name the dragon char tzar. [Cinnamon laughs] *Cinnamon: That name is forbidden. *John: There was some- There was some name- There were some suggestions for dragons that I had not heard of. *Cinnamon: Hmm. *John: And I wish I had caught all of them. Because some of them were some really cool ones that I hadn’t, uh- *Cinnamon: I’m gonna add just a single spike. I did three in the original but I feel like I just wanna do this spike here. *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: I just wanna do one.
*John: A spike instead of… *Cinnamon: The three prongs. Yeah. Sometimes you’re designing these and you’re like, “Mmmm…” I like that better. [both chuckle] *John: See? That’s less… Uhhh… You know. That’s less talk to the villagers and more eat the villagers, though. *Cinnamon: Do you feel? *John: The spike on the wing? *Cinnamon: Well the other one had spikes. I guess you just felt like they were friendly spikes? *John: They were like little fingers. So. *Cinnamon: Linda’s voting for a spike. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: You gotta leave a comment though. Linda’s gotta come by and comment. [Cinnamon chuckles} *Cinnamon: I’m gonna make her do it. *John: Yep. Well, later on, once we do the other one we’ll all come out and be on camera a little bit more, opening presents and things. *Cinnamon: Yeah. You’re gonna get to see her. You’re gonna get to see John. Alright, so I’ve got that there. I’m gonna rinse this off just a little bit. Now I’m gonna come back with this cadmium orange. And this burnt… Umber. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Right? And here’s the thing. Cause you guys are gonna write me later and you’re gonna be like, “Can I mix orange and then paint in the umber?” Yes! Yes! [Cinnamon chuckles] *John: You can. *Cinnamon: You can. It’s paint. There’s not paint police coming to take your paint away. *John: Ooh! What about painting the Naveen? *Cinnamon: Really?
*John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Ok. I wanted to do that. I- What I wanted to do was a big giant canvas of- John has heard me talk about this. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: A Pandora.
*John: Yes. *Cinnamon: Whole scene.
*John: I want it. *Cinnamon: Yeah. The dragon riders. The whole bit. And then take it into black light, and take it there. *John: Yes! I think we need to do it. On like a forty by sixty or something. *Cinnamon: Yeah. Just some big hot mess of a day. *John: And we’ll do it live! *Cinnamon: Well, what I might do is like a simple painting of like how to paint the Naveen and then we’ll do the time lapse of Pandora into the blacklight. *John: That would be awesome. *Cinnamon: So people aren’t like stuck there for twenty hours. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Cause that’s kind of what it actually takes. [chuckles] *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And that’s the thing. It’s like why I went ahead and did the time lapse of him is because if you spend two to three more hours, where can you take him? You can take him pretty far. You can get him to a wonderful place in the time that we’re together. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: But what if you had more to say? *John: Then you keep putting layers on. *Cinnamon: Then you keep- Yeah. Then you keep going. But you can see how this is just- *John: It really is awesome. *Cinnamon: It’s just so cool! And this is a color I only get with these two colors, really. It’s why I like them. And you can see where just having that burnt sienna underneath creates a richness of color. Because these colors are slightly transparent in all these ranges, so undercolors help. It’s like a glazing. *John: Yeah. You know, I had no idea that- How much the transparency of the paint help build the layering. It’s just amazing. *Cinnamon: And I haven’t even gotten into glazing mediums cause that’s a pear problem. *John: That’s a pear problem. *Cinnamon: That’s a pear problem. *John: It’s a pair of problems. *Cinnamon: That’s a pair of problems. Now, when we- Not- So all the people on the dragon course are being sold on the pear quest. [John chuckles] *John: They’re like, what is the pear quest? *Cinnamon: Well, that’s what questers do. They pear up. [Cinnamon laughs] *John: And they go on quests. *Cinnamon: [laughing] And they go on quests. *John: That’s what you do. *Cinnamon: Ooh! The dorkery jokes that are gonna be happening. *John: Oh. *Cinnamon: Yeah. It’s gonna be awesome. *John: There’ll be some shades of gray in there. *Cinnamon: Ooh! Fifty! And there’ll be a fifty shades of gray giveaway. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: If I can get down there and grab that box of paint. [chuckles] *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: If we get down there and grab it. On the fourth, um, you know I’m gonna be over on this Crafty Life live. *John: Ooh! That’ll be cool. *Cinnamon: Mm-hmm. We’re gonna have a massive giveaway there. If anybody’s needing some paint kit set up. That will be the time to come hang out. And get your paints. And your easel, and all of your stuff. And apron, and also sherpa soap. [John chuckles] *Cinnamon: Well, remember we had that custom soap made? *John: We had some sherpa soap! *Cinnamon: And it’s really cool. *John: Other artists have boutique lines of paint and brushes. *Cinnamon: And we have sherpa soap. *John: We have soap. [both laugh] *John: Not even brush soap. *Cinnamon: Not even. But it’s really awesome, cold processed, really amazing etsy soap that has owls, so. That the community named. *John: The hooty soaps. *Cinnamon: They’re h- Well, I think it’s Owl Be Washing You. *John: That’s right. *Cinnamon: Is what it is. So that’s gonna be really exciting. Excited to do that with MayMay and Melody Lane. Really a lot of fun. I so appreciate the support about the Made By Mommy craft challenge too, guys. *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: That was really cool. And did not know y’all had such a love of paper quilling. *John: [chuckles] That’s right. *Cinnamon: That was such a surprise. I’m like others like paper quilling. I was just kinda like, I hope nobody minds that I quilled here, cause I don’t really… I just felt like that had to happen, and then you guys were like, I love the quilling! *John: Now… Acrylic is a relatively new medium, isn’t it? *Cinnamon: Yeah. It’s a modern medium. *John: Do you know when it came about? *Cinnamon: I’m gonna say nineteen forty… And the originals were soft bodied. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And then, um… You gotta go to Liquitex website. But then somebody started adding some polymer, um… Strengthening building agents and then that’s how they became heavy bodied. And what’s really interesting to me is that to paint in- Ok. I don’t want every oil painter on the planet killing me. But, the truth is, because of the science of the paint, oil paints are not designed for impasto. It’s why there’s so much crazing and cracking. They are designed for thin glazing layers. They were created as a way to handle the issues with egg tempera. *John: Interesting. *Cinnamon: Cause egg tempera- If you think acrylic paint dries fast, you better be like the Flash painting egg tempera, man. Egg yolks and pigment dry out cray quick. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And are, like, so temperamental. So this family, um… It’s the Muir’s, something like that. And… They, uh…. Started adding pigment to linseed oils as a way to glaze over. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: I learned this from conservators. This is absolutely true.
[John laughs] *Cinnamon: As a way to glaze over the paints and that’s where oils came from, but they were never designed for impasto because of how they dry and how they process. Impasto. When I say that, what I mean is that really thick palette knife where it’s like, you can really see the paint. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Acrylic on the other hand. That is it’s wheel house. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: It is made for that. Just squeeze that right on out of a frosting tube and have at it. We’re gonna cover that too. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Yeah. We’re gonna be covering some stuff. So you guys are gonna come out of that just really understanding the mediums and what they are. You know. We’ll get into the- We won’t be serious cause we’re questing, but you’re gonna know the serious stuff. Look at that wing! *John: Ooh! *Cinnamon: Does that not now feel like a leathery wing? *John: It does! *Cinnamon: It’s crazy! How wonderfully that comes in. *John: So you have to scroll the camera over. So you’re not really scrolling it, you’re panning it but I like calling it scrolling. *Cinnamon: Like this? *John: Keep scrolling, and down. And now we can see the other wing when you’re doing it. *Cinnamon: Yeah, but you can see the difference. Here’s- Nausea cam! This wing. This wing. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: This is what happens to people in painting. Essentially what really happens to people in painting is that they just- The other reason I like the time lapse is, and a friend of mine put it really great, is you can see the necessity for layering. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: You can see how there’s this layering stage, and also the crazy ugly stages that happen along the way. [John chuckles] *Cinnamon: Where you’re like, “I can’t paint, I can’t paint, I can’t paint!” And then the last twenty seconds it all comes together you’re like, “Oh wow, I can totally paint!” *John: Layers. *Cinnamon: Layers. Alright. So we have that there. We have that there. *John: And which brush are you using? *Cinnamon: I am still using this. It’s a number ten. Oh, let me- Let me bring this up. Alright, so here’s the deal. *John: What’s the deal? *Cinnamon: Because we- I’m gonna need some new water in a second. Um… *John: You always need water. *Cinnamon: Because a lot of artists can not believe they’re as badly sized as they are. These are both number tens. [Cinnamon chuckles] *Cinnamon: Not to be like, a monster over here, but these are both numbers tens. Stunt Hands! Yeah. Some new water would be great. Is that not crazy? These are not remotely the same size. And this is my own thing. And these are established well built, amazing brands of brushes. It- It’s like- It’s not like some of them went for metric and some of them went for inches. You know. And it’s like, I don’t know what- I’m gonna be at the art materials show in spring, and that seriously is gonna be my number one thing. I’m like, explain the sizing to me. Just explain it. What was your thinking? What- If I could underst- If there was a thread of thinking I could share, I’d share it. But this is what? Ten. Ten. This is what I mean. Are you just kinda freaking out? Cause it freaks me out. We’re gonna be covering this too, like when we go over the brush things. And this is what’s gonna be nice about pears is even if you don’t wanna do the pears, It’s gonna cover so many of the questions that everybody always has about art media. Materials and stuff like that. That it’ll be like, even if you’re not doing that, you might just get the brush segment of… The pears. My hot mess. Oh! There’s just water water everywhere. Water water water water water. Alright. So now I’m gonna come here and do again- I’m gonna need a little more burnt umber. Burnt umber. [sings] Burnt Umber. I like it. So much. I don’t wanna lose this brush cause it’s a good scrumble brush. Scrumbly brushes! You know. You could use a deerfoot stippler to scrumble, and I think they actually have brushes in decorative painting that say scrumble. *John: And sometimes they’re not called… Uhhh…. Stipplers, or they’re not called deerfoot. Cinnamon: Hmm. *John: But they’re the same thing. I went looking for them. *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: Cause you know, I was like, what the heck is one? *Cinnamon: So if you kinda know what you’re looking for, sometimes that’s why I don’t give you, like, like a brand or name and stuff like that. I give you a description. Because, again, this lack of stability in the- In the world of- Of the brushes. So I’ve got some burnt umber here. I’m coming underneath. I may need to go back with another coat of black. Just to define that a little bit more. Right? But I just want this shadow. And then I’m gonna get back into my cad orange, which I’m hoping you guys if you got some, or you have some on order, it’s gonna be like that southern ocean blue. Or aqua. You’re like, Oh, I love it! If you’re out of the country *John: Yes. *Cinnamon: My country. You’re in your own country. *John: You’re in your own country but not our country. *Cinnamon: [chuckles] Not our country. Where we live. Um… *John: Although we like all the countries. *Cinnamon: Generally what I would say to you is, cause sometimes like the paint materials are not universally available. *John: No! *Cinnamon: Right? So it’s like, well then if you were doing Winsor and Newton, it would be aqua turquoise green and then… You know what I mean? Try to find the approximation color. Usually the websites will have a color chart. And then you can literally compare my liquitex colors to your locally sourced paint brand’s colors. And close is close. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: You know what I mean. It really is. There are some colors of which I think there are no replacement for, but in general, close is close. *John: So, very very good question from Chelsea. *Cinnamon: I’m happy to have a good question from Chelsea. Chelsea, hi! *John: So, she says sometimes when I paint I put- uh… Uh… When I put water in the paint, it barely shows up on my canvas. Why? Why would her watered down paint barely show up on the canvas? *Cinnamon: Well, um, because you disrupted the pigment load in the polymers, and if you really really water it down then it won’t bind. It does a thing called under binding. You can only really glaze with an acrylic air brushing medium or a glazing medium. *John: Wow! That was a heavy response. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: It’s just… But that’s what it is. You’ve just thinned the paint. *John: Yeah. So. *Cinnamon: Right? And if your paint is already translucent, like say burnt umber. and you’ve thinned it, then it’s like you’re just glazing. You’re like, I’m glazing here. But the issue is if you glaze with water then you are- Every time you use water you’re altering the acrylic medium. *John: Could student paints or professional paints make a difference there? *Cinnamon: Yes. Yes. To some degree, but again at the point- I’m getting a little, uh, phthalo and a little burnt. I want a second coat here. On, um… on him. Just to get a little depth. For the scales to show. I’m getting a deeper deeper color here coming down this neck. Because I really really really want some richness underneath my scales. *John: Pull your close up camera in there. *Cinnamon: Ok. So yeah, that’s really what it is. *John: And if you use too much water you can also- *Cinnamon: It breaks down the binding of the paint. So there’s these little balls that are the polymers And they’re very far apart in the medium. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And then as it dries they get closer together and they lock up. And so that’s how layer upon layer is bonding to each other. And also why when in a hot car, if you have two acrylic paintings facing each other they are now sealed like crazy glue. And you’ve just lost your art. John’s run into that, where my paintings have gotten too hot, and he didn’t know about that. Um, so it’s how they’re really heat sensitive and they open up and they shrink and as they shrink they interlock. Right?
*John: Yep. *Cinnamon: And now we’re into why these paintings need to be varnished, and uh, so that’s what’s happening to you. *John: Crazy. *Cinnamon: That’s just what it is. But you can glaze all you want with airbrush medium, cause it prevents the breakdown. It keeps the polymer beads doing what they’re supposed to do. *John: Interesting. *Cinnamon: And if you ever really really want a long answer- I’m gonna come around here and kind of even more define this space on the face with this. And then just come along here. Cause I just want this deep, dark color. And you can see where it takes just a couple coats sometimes. Even on pro-paints. For sure if you’re doing student, but even on pro-paint. *John: You have to get your close up camera there. *Cinnamon: Right? Even on pro-paint. Sometimes you need a couple- A couple coats. *John: Yep. Now, you don’t suggest using heat with your hairdryer, right? *Cinnamon: Ok. So I don’t because, uh, acrylic paint is sensitive to heat. And if you’re painting student paints or craft paints and you apply a lot of heat to it… *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Right? Now something I’m gonna do here, I’m gonna kind of come up here and I’m gonna round out my shoulder here. *John: Aaahhhh. *Cinnamon: Do you see this little line where I’m rounding it out? Over my defined- I just need to have that shoulder popping a little more. So we’re just doing this. Wow, I know this is a long painting today guys. I really appreciate you hanging in with me. *John: Yeah. It’s, uh, it’s really not complex. It’s just a lot. *Cinnamon: It’s a lot. And that’s why I’m like it’s a beginner because you could be an intermediate beginner and totally do this painting. You just don’t realize how much it is. *John: There’s just a lot of painting there. *Cinnamon: People just don’t know how many layers are involved in creating this look. It’s- It’s like the line. It’s just a lot of layers. Painting is layers. Right? And isn’t that nice there? So we’ve got some wings in, kinda blocked in, and now we’re gonna start… We’re gonna, um…. Really really work this shoulder over here. John: Now, there’s- There’s lots of great questions from- From people coming in here, so. *Cinnamon: I’m so happy to answer questions. I love it. *John: So there’s another question on- *Cinnamon: This is just blue and brown. That way my black has a different resonance on the painting. *John: Ah. Ok. So you’re just mixing a little blue and black? *Cinnamon: Yeah. It may to you sometimes- No. Just blue and brown. *John: Blue and brown. *Cinnamon: The blue and burnt umber will make an almost black, but when I’m doing my fire then they have this different sort of light reflectiveness, and they feel different. *John: Mmm. *Cinnamon: So it keeps his shoulder from looking like it’s made of fire. Even though he’s in fire. Isn’t that cool? *John: That is cool. *Cinnamon: I love that part. *John: So, ok. So now… A couple questions. The first one is uh, how do you, as a beginner, there’s a lot of people in here who are looking at this and they’re learning how to paint and they’re having people interested in buying their paintings for the first time. *Cinnamon: Awesome! *John: So they’d like have some information on how you come to price your paintings. And what you think of, and what you suggest, for people who have- Who are interested in selling the paintings they do here on channel with us. Like if they’re interested in buying one of these dragons. *Cinnamon: Ok. So, my use policy on channel. If somebody wants to buy your dragon you got a family member who’s like, “Oh my gosh! I need your dragon!” Yeah. It’s fine. That’s ok. That is definitely part of our use policy. Don’t put it on t-shirts and then be like, “This is my dragon!” [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: I designed it! And go like bananas. Because the intellectual property of the dragon still belongs with me, but we want you to be able to go out and use it, and we kind of treat it like, um…. Kind of like the Grateful Dead, or Marvel. It’s sort of our policy. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: You guys are sort of familiar with how they engage in the creative process. Um, which is why I’m like, you know, if you’re a sip and paint, you need to get a licensing agreement from me, cause you’re a commercial entity. But if you’re a person who’s painting, and somebody’s like, “I need to buy your painting!” *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: At the frame store, for goodness sakes, sell it. That’s part of your journey. Um… *John: Yeah. If you’re just- If you have a hobby or a small, little, you know, little- You’re trying to start yourself up, it’s great. But as soon as you start supporting yourself on it, that’s when we gotta look at it like, hey. *Cinnamon: And even then it’s sort of like Marvel. It’s like ten to twenty percent. But again, you’re not a commercial entity it’s really interesting when it switches over into that space *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: For pricing your artwork… I price mine by the square inch and I have a formula and again, we’re gonna actually drill down into this on pears. Like how to sell your artwork because I think that just really messes with artists. It’s how you get your emotional- It doesn’t matter how long it took me to do this painting. Collectors don’t actually really care about… They like the story, but it doesn’t impact their buying decision. So I go by square inch, and I know what my square inch price is, by what my market is and I have a way of determining that by how many people I can book in a show that are not related to me by blood or marriage. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Because really, what your pricing is about, is if you had an art show, how many people will show up that are not related to you by blood or marriage. Or have been your friend for 20 years. *John: Hmm. *Cinnamon: People who have no obligation to you emotionally. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: If a bunch of people that… If you can carry a whole show by yourself… *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Right? You can book a gallery wall to wall with people you’re not related to, you can get a pretty good price per square inch on your painting. But if you’ve got a lot of your friends, and then some other collectors then maybe you get less. And there’s this whole thing about pre-emergent, mid-emergent, fully established. Top tier. *John: so you have to look at your local area and find out what that is. *Cinnamon: Yeah, and I have a whole formula about that, and that is going to be in the upcoming pears. *John: Cool! *Cinnamon: we’re going to cover, like, how to sell your artwork. How to price your artwork. *Jphn: But for today we’re- *Cinnamon: I may have to disable comments on those videos because people will be like, “I can’t price emotionally?” Mm-mm, And you can’t price by the hour unless you’re really fast. Commercial artists will explain that to you. *John: That’s true. *Cinnamon: So, it’s just one of those weird deals in the universe. I’m gonna get my big scrumbly brush out and dry it out with my towel. *John: Oh yeah? *Cinnamon: Mm-hmm. I’m gonna really really dry it, pull the moisture out with my towel. it’s gonna be a little damp and that’s okay, but it’s… Mostly alright And I’m gonna get back into my black. Right. *John: You pick out those brushes based just on your experience of what you’re gonna get from them, right? *Cinnamon: Yeah. There comes a point- Again, we’re gonna cover brushes. Pears are gonna answer everything. All answers are within pears. But basically what it is, is that I know what certain things will give me. And what certain kind of impact and effects I’m gonna have. And from that, I make some good decisions. Now, once I have this base in, I’m gonna get some white. A little bit. Over into my blak. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: I want a fairly dark gray. And I’m gonna come, and I’m gonna… Tip…. And- And I want… Let me get down here so you can really see how- I gotta undo that little ball… Here it is! See my brush handle? It’s so cool! One of the cool things that you can sometimes see… Right. The dab is one kind of brush stroke that I can do. To create this energetic fire. The soft scrumble is one I can do. I want dark values. And I want light values. Right? Because that lets me know… Stab my painting! Super fun stuff! Lets me know that they’re- In smoke, and in fire, there is a value. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: I’m sure firefighters could explain it to you like in some sort of thing, but as artists we have to talk about things without that… I’m gonna even let some of this smoke go up over this wing. John: You have to get a close up on that. *Cinnamon: Ok. Thank you. *John: So you were saying the laws of thermodynamics apply to dragons? *Cinnamon: Yeah. And honestly, if you were to take a class on that you’d probably paint fire even better than people around you. When you’re an artist and you get information, you see the world in a very very different way. I’m gonna pull some more black and then I come here and… See? But now when I come in and tell the story with the fire, I have this… What you know is like the soot and dirt and stuff that is getting churned up. Super fun stuff! Alright. Into my dragon head or my neck. One of those two things. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: I think maybe… *John: Everybody wants to see the head come together *Cinnamon: Let’s pull the head together. Well, yeah. Everybody wants to see the head come together. Who doesn’t want to see a head come together? Where’s my filbert? *John: I don’t know. Where did it go? I brought you all of the brushes. *Cinnamon: I know you did. I’m just ok. I’ve got many of these. So, here’s another good filbert. [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: Filbert! See, this is what I mean. Quarter inch, tight edge. So, this is a lot of how I get scales and things in him. And my first scaling…. I’m gonna come down the neck. I know you guys want the head. *John: Start with the neck. *Cinnamon: But we’re gonna come down the neck. We’re gonna work some of these ideas out on this neck. And then we’re gonna fill out into the head. Right? So I’ve got a little purple and a little brown. I’m gonna add a scoach, a smidge, a small amount of white. Not too much though. And this is the burnt. Right? See if that’s really on there. And I’m gonna come in and make these little… Little diamonds. Maybe this little diamond is up off the neck a little bit. That might be too much white. Just wherever you are in that. Right? And this is why having a dark color underneath is super important. Little diamonds. Little points. Easy scales. They protect him. They’ve kept him safe, and he’s very proud of them. And, uh… He really likes them. When I was a little girl, I wrote a story about, um- Oh! See, I got paint on my hand? I gotta fix that. *John: Oh yeah? *Cinnamon: Yeah. It happens! But my paint’s dry, so I can probably get it up with a wet brush. Other way to erase. If it goes crazy on you. See? Not a problem. *John: Just done. *Cinnamon: Just done. I erase it! And I wipe my hand. Happens to me cause I use my painting as a bridge. You can buy a professional bridge. John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And they can help you. So this is sort of this purpley brown. Can you see these scales coming in? How nice they are? *John: Yes. Definitely see them. *Cinnamon: Wonderful little scales that are coming in. And I’m just… Telling their scale story. Anyway, [?] the scales. So, a little girl wrote a story about this dragon that was a hypochondriac. That a princess ran away. Into his, like, cave. To, um, so that her boyfriend could come and save her and then they could get married. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And he didn’t really want to fight a knight, cause that’s not what he does with his free time. [both laughing] *Cinnamon: He’s, you know, he’s got a cold and his toe hurts, and there’s just stuff happening. I’m gonna take this just down to the shoulder and then I’m gonna stop. And, uh… Anyways, he couldn’t breath fire anymore cause he’s had this like five hundred year long cold. And he’s like, “Oh my gosh! You’ve got me, like, killed lady! What are you doing?!?” And so he’s like why are you trying to get married to be happy anyways? [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: Apparently he’s a little feminist. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: So I’m gonna come over and I’m gonna get that orange to my burnt umber again, that we like so much. Orange to my burnt umber. And I’m gonna do the next run of scales in. And so I really, um- Make sure that you’re- I’m using my painting as a bridge, but the risk to that being that I can smear. *John: That’s alright. *Cinnamon: Yeah. See how if you have darkness there… Right? Then when you put these slightly lighter value scales, it creates this really textural depth. See how that’s happening? *John: We do. *Cinnamon: And just really fun and easy and… If you need to add a little water for flow, you can. Or, like we mentioned earlier, airbrush medium. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: If it gets too orange, just come back into your brown. Super fun stuff! *John: Have to be careful out there. Bonnie is…. Is stirring up trouble. She’s telling- *Cinnamon: What’s Bonnie up to? *John: She’s telling people they get to have the day off with pay. And they should just go home and paint. [Cinnamon laughs] *Cinnamon: Bonnie! [both laughing] *Cinnamon: I’m not sure that’s true universally. I’m going to, um, come in and work this neck just real fast, and my shoulder. So, on my neck I know I want… A little of… This burnt orange- This little orange and this thing here. Just a little it right here. I’m coming in. I’m doing a very light brush here. How I get this glaze technique with the purple sort of shading underneath. Right? Is I’m coming in- Can we see this with the… Cause I’m gonna be coming back with like this other color real fast. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: That’s the other thing that’s happening here, is you’re gonna be working some colors into each other. Like you’ve got this here and then, but you might come back with another value or hue. This is a lot like what we had going on with the lion. And I love seeing all of the lions. So proud of the lions I’ve seen. Now I’m going to rinse my brush a little bit. And I’m gonna go purple red. And you’re like, but wait! We went purple black! Well, now you’re gonna be purple red. *John: Purple red. *Cinnamon: Purple and red. Because he’s a red dragon. And he needs to have some of those tones and values. He just does. So I’m gonna come here. Hopefully not- And now you can kind of see how this blends so perfectly into this brown orange that you’ve done. But you’ve still got that nice, deep purple underneath, giving you weight. This is where you got the- You get the big bucks! No. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: I wish I could say that was true. Right? And you can even start to bring this value over to the other side. *John: Everyone’s very excited to see the fire come in. *Cinnamon: Oh. The fire? You are gonna love! I may even tim- You should all- Did you know- I don’t know if you guys know this. But you can copy and time stamp a place in the video, so if there’s a technique that you’re like, “Dude, I need that!” And you don’t want to watch the whole video, or scroll through it to find it, you can time stamp that. People don’t know that, but that’s true. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: So I’ve got this wonderful purple and cad. This brightens him up a lot, y’all! Like a lot. Just creates this beautiful, beautiful brightness. Coming through here. Coming through here. See that- Can you see the little red? *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: Just a nice, nice bit makes a difference. And I’m kinda wanting the student one to… You know, be as satisfying. As the time lapse, if that makes sense. *John: It does. *Cinnamon: It does. Alright. So, now… Maybe a little cad orange and yellow ochre. Titch of red. Right here. See how I got that there? And I’m gonna start coming back. Into this. Look at that. Working that out. Making sure those plates, the shadow of that plate, needs to stay, and if you lose it, just go grab it and put it back. Right like this. See what I did there, John? *John: I do. *Cinnamon: If you lose your blend, if you lose anything, you go back and you put it right in. I think that this orange needs a little more red to it. Because we still gotta get the highlight going in there. Of fire. See, now the little chest he has- And the brush directionality, if you’ll notice, I’m kind of arching my strokes. Ooh, there’s my hat. That’s such a crazy hat. Kinda arching my strokes. Right? Kind of arching my strokes. And that helps build the shape and dimensionality of his little chest plate. Very important, that little chest plate. Protects the heart. Dragonheart was one of my favorite movies. *John: Mm-hmm. That was a great movie. *Cinnamon: Yes. Also small headed dragon. Just saying. Not eat the villagers dragon. Rideable dragon. *John. You can ride a big headed dragon too. *Cinnamon: I don’t think you can. *John: They fight less. *Cinnamon: I don’t think you can. I think that dragon says NO! [laughs] So just work that out. And see how we have that kind of pop there now? *John. Yeah. *Cinnamon: Yeah. Now, on the shoulders… Take a little of your red, and a little of your purple. And you’re gonna build some musculature. *John: Everyone’s outing me in channel. They know how old I am. *Cinnamon: Uh oh. *John: So…. *Cinnamon: Well, good for you. [both laughing] *John: I’m getting outed. That’s fine. *Cinnamon: That happens. So you’re gonna do this, and maybe another- *John: You have to adjust your close up there a little bit. *Cinnamon: Ok. So what I’m doing is I’m just building the highlights that the fire is giving me of his muscles. *John: Gotcha. *Cinnamon: Right? I’m gonna come in here. And…. Just…. Sit there and say there’s some highlights here. Maybe a little bit up into this wing. Maybe a little bit up into this wing. Just a little bit. Is what we’re saying. Some stuff is happening. Just a little bit. Alright? Now. Face. And fire. *John: Fire! *Cinnamon: If you need any extra scales, when you put his muscles in and you put that stuff in, you know, look for scales that you might need, and if you need them, put them in. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Fill in the spaces. Doesn’t hurt. Just those little touches matter. Alright. Up into the head. Let’s give this guy some nice horns. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: So we’re gonna come in and put out more black that I’m- I really go through a lot of black on this painting. Which I never do, and is so weird, and you know, like this tube of black, I usually have like ten, twenty tubes of almost gone paint, and I’ve got this one black tube.
[both chuckle] *Cinnamon: And it’s the one that’s never never on my out list. *John: Right. *Cinnamon: So I’m gonna come back over my purple. With my black. And yes, it does make a huge difference for depth. When you’re trying to paint something- Like a horn- If you think about horns, they have have a translucent quality to them. You can see through the layers. And if you’re trying to paint that on a creature, it really really helps… To paint, like, an undercoat there first. Now, while it’s still wet, I’m gonna get a little of my white, and make a dark gray. And come along the top of the horn. Give it a little shape. See that shape? Am I on the close up cam- Ok. And just give that shape in there. That’s all you gotta do to get that expression of it. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: See, and then you can come in with a little more white, even on top of that. Since you haven’t rinsed your brush and since everything is dirty, you’re not getting too white. Look at that. *John: Cool! *Cinnamon: Pop a horn in. *John: They just come right in. *Cinnamon: They just come right in. It’s like a magic trick. Just pop it in. And you’re like, “Oh my gosh!” That is horn! That’s crazy! And now I’m gonna get into- I gotta see if I can find my weird little brush that I used that I really like for this. Here’s a good one. This is…. A filbert, crazily enough. It is the smallest filbert on earth. It’s a miniature filbert. It’s a pocket filbert. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: And that’s what I like to do all the detailing of the face. *John: Alright. *Cinnamon: But first- First, John. I’m gonna get this- I wanna darken this right here. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: I need to darken it. *John: Darken it. *Cinnamon: Darken it. It’s gotta go dark. *John: What are you using there? *Cinnamon: I’m gonna use a little of my purple and my brown. *John: What brush did you grab? *Cinnamon: Just a bright. Just a small bright. *John: You have a small bright there? *Cinnamon: Yeah. And I’m just gonna come under here, because to get…. The scaling that I need….. I need a darker, darker undertone. Sometimes you need that to get it to show. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And that’s just something to know, is that sometimes you need a darker tone than what you’re… And you’ll be like, “Oh! To get this in I need this to be a little darker. So that the shadows of the scales are showing. Is what I’m trying to do. *John: Gotcha. *Cinnamon: Trying to make sure that the shadows of these scales are showing. So the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna get some just yellow ochre. I might add a little orange to it, but you can add a little cad. Just to keep it from being out of the tube. And I’m going to come and- Let’s really zoom in so we can see this work that we’re doing. There we go. *John: That seems good. *Cinnamon: Let me hit this with a hairdryer real quick. *John: Oooh K. Go ahead. Hit it with the hairdryer. Oh. And denied hairdryer-age. *Cinnamon: You know what? I’m gonna take a break. Do you have the intermission? *John: I can do that in just a moment. *Cinnamon: You’re gonna love this! I’m gonna just have a moment. So I can be calm and centered for the remainder of this painting. *John: And what we’ll do is… We can- We- Oh! I guess what we’ll do since she just unplugged and broke our ears and didn’t tell us anything, I’ll go ahead and, uh, switch over and let her take a break. You guys, we’ll be right back. [intermission begins, music plays]
[intermission is 3 minutes] [intermission ends] *Cinnamon: Whooo! I feel much better! *John: You’re not plugged in, are you? Uh oh. You don’t seem plugged in correctly. I wanna come over, and Stunt Hands is gonna have to check you. Alright. Let me come over and check you. Hold on a second. Can we hear you now? Ok. There we go. You back? We don’t hear you, though. I don’t hear you for some reason. We can see you but we can’t hear you. There’s no on or off there. [John chuckles] Well, this is just kind of odd, folks. We didn’t expect that to happen. Let me see what we can do here. Give me just a moment. Now try it. [loud crackle] Whoa! I gotcha. You’re back. Ok. *Cinnamon: Wow. *John: There you are. Can you talk now? *Cinnamon: I don’t know. I’m afraid to. *John: Oh! My ears are working again! Let’s bring you back up a little slower. Ok. Sorry about that. So. Little technical issue there. *Cinnamon: Well, we haven’t used the intermission before. *John: We have not. *Cinnamon: You probably need to turn me down. *John: That was a new feature. *Cinnamon: Probably- How did we like the intermission? Do you love John’s sense of humor? Who go it? [John laughs] *Cinnamon: Who thought it was funny? Plus I’m so glad to have one now. Cause now I can be like, alright. Instead of like, rushing you through and finishing I can be like, OK.
[both chuckle] *John: And it was my fault. I just didn’t push the right button back here, which is why she was muted. *Cinnamon: Oh. Ok. Well, you know we’re nearly there. *John: So it was my fault. Sorry. *Cinnamon: So I’m back into the color that I mixed before. Which is, you know, a little of this. A little of this. Over into the yellow. Very light. Very light. And then… I’ve got the up close camera where I want it. I’m going to just make little dots. If you need a little white for it to show, add it. You want these to be just slightly lighter. Or darker than the background. Just gotta find it. Add a little more red to it to get it to show. Which is ok, cause he’s a red dragon. And so he can have slightly red… And I’m just dabbing. And going. See that there? Just adding up those scales. And I’m thinking I want… I’m getting my filbert out. And I’m going to just, to make sure I have dark darkness underneath, cause this is the trick of the scaling is having a darker color. Underneath. Just gonna make sure I’ve got my darker color. For the scales that I’m putting on there. *John: And I have to say thank you to everyone for all the kind comments about the intermission. I appreciate it. *Cinnamon: What did they think? *John: They all think it was really nice and they’re commenting on they thought it was nice to have and it was well put together and I appreciate the kind comments. So. *Cinnamon: Cause you- John worked on that crazy hard. *John: Well, I wouldn’t say crazy hard. but I mean-
*Cinnamon: Crazy hard. *John: But I put together a bunch of stuff just so that we have little things to goof off with. *Cinnamon: You are fantastic about that. So I am coming and make little dabs right along his little mouth here. These are his scales. Cause of course he has an armored mouth. *John: Yes. *Cinnamon: Not a golden retriever. He doesn’t have a soft mouth. Right? As I come along the lip, I might make these scales a little bigger as I go. *John: That’s really cool. I think that really looks like dragon lips. *Cinnamon: Yeah. And now, on the inside of the mouth, I’m gonna take my just red. And I’m gonna make a little curve here. And paint this in. *John: Hmm… *Cinnamon: Just to have that in. We’re gonna add some more detail to that in a second. *John: Alright. *Cinnamon: That just needs to be sitting there drying. And I’m going to take this nice color. And I’m gonna work some scaling around the eyes. Put some plating around the eyes with just the ochre. And this is sort of how I work this. I just look for places that I need this plating. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: How can I define this plating? And to the degree that you define the plating, the time that you’re putting into the plating, the shading of the plating, it really pulls your dragon together. But the scaling is super necessary. *John: Yeah. I really like it. I think it looks super cool! *Cinnamon: It does. Now, my son felt it might have taken the dragon too into a girly space. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: And he wasn’t sure how he felt about that. But we’re just trying to get some scales on here. And that’s the other thing I want you to look at on the time lapse is that you can take these scales way far. Or you can keep them way simple. Totally up to you. *John: You can see it the time lapse just, you know, you can just keep going. *Cinnamon: Yeah. You just keep going. Now I’m gonna build some big plate scales on his jaw. With just my burnt sienna here. They have- This is- Thing of flagstone. *John: Hmm. *Cinnamon: That’s when I, you know, when I’m having a little trouble, finding it, and you can look at- *John: Oh yeah! *Cinnamon: You can pull up on your iPhone, like pictures of T-Rex’s and stuff like this. Cause those artists have looked at everything on the planet by the time they’ve done a T-Rex. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And really look at how they’ve chosen to show the scaling. Happening. But that’s what you’re doing, is you’re… You are… Building up… These little plates. With your little brush. Now you know me. Usually I’m like big brush. Let’s get through it. But, on this one, we definitely… We take it down to the little brush and work those details. And slow ourselves down. I’m gonna come around here on this outer edge of this mouth and clean up this line here. Right? There we go. Now I’m gonna get some orange over to my burnt. Sienna, instead of my umber this time. And get a slightly different value, different tone. *John: Gotcha. *Cinnamon: Then I can come back here and add a little scale here. I can even highlight little scales here. Put a little scale there. A little scale there. *John: Hmm. *Cinnamon: Just put a little scale in. [sings] Put a little scale in. Armor up his face. Protect him from ignorant villagers. *John: Yes. *Cinnamon: Who don’t understand how beneficial he is to the environment. [both laugh] *John: Right. So you can have an armored face to avoid the pitchforks as he chomps them down. *Cinnamon: No. He doesn’t eat the villagers. He’s a good dragon. Is he bad- I thought he was a vegetarian dragon. I thought we had decided on vegetarian dragon for sure. *John: He’s a vegan dragon. *Cinnamon: He’s a vegan dragon. *John: That’s right. It’s a vegan dragon. *Cinnamon: Alright. Now I’m coming up the face and I’m making these little dots of scales. Little dots. Little dots of scales. *John: Flame says it’s troll armor. *Cinnamon: [chuckles] It’s troll armor. Are we getting trolled today or something? *John: No. *Cinnamon: Really? I love art on YouTube. *John: We have great moderators who bring the ban hammer for all of those who- *Cinnamon: Yeah. Love that you guys do that. It’s fine to be here, but we’re not the place to come be crazy. Well, crazy arty, crazy. *John: Yeah. But we don’t need any of your negative shenanigans. *Cinnamon: No. Art does not benefit from that. *John: No. *Cinnamon: I’m going to come in with some weird little dotting I like to do. Dot dot Dot dot Dot dot Dot dot Dot dot. You can even dot here a little bit. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: These are little textures that you can add. Now I’m gonna get a little white. And a little yellow. Tone it back with a little yellow ochre. But still pretty bright. And I’m going to… Dab up the muzzle. *John: Hmm. *Cinnamon: And maybe a little bit here. Just to show. Just a little bit. And you’re gonna grab a little of the orange and the red. Just on the inside of the nose right here. And then on this weird little outer part of the six. And then maybe a little bit there. And get some just red. This is some craziness, but it’s what you do. And go back and redefine it with the black. If you need to. Sometimes when you do detail work, you’ll have to go back and redefine something. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And that’s ok. I’m dabbing little black scales there. Like you do. Just breaking up that pattern. Right. See how we’re dabbing that up? Now, are we ready to get into some eye work? *John: Ooh! You gotta get zoomed in on that. *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: Where you at now? What’re you doing? *Cinnamon: Well, let’s do the mouth cause the eye is so exciting. *John: Ok. How do we do that? *Cinnamon: And we gotta let the mouth dry. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: Now you gotta put your teeth in after you do your mouth, so that’s why you know, we come at this a little bit slowly. I’m gonna take a little purple. Over to my red. I’m gonna come back here. And do the purple right there. And then I’m gonna- Just pick up some orange with your brush and don’t rinse it. And then I’m gonna blend this. Right? Ombre into the orange. And grab some yellow. And some white. Also still not rinsing. Just on the inside of this with that tinted yellow. Blend that in. And that’s gonna help us define…. Little red and purple. Coming along just… Right here to the left and then I’m leaving a little purple to create like a shadow there. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Right? And then I’m gonna get some- I’m gonna pick up some just orange. Come right here. *John: You probably could come in even a little closer on that. *Cinnamon: Could I? *John: Cause we’re gonna be doing eye stuff, so they could- *Cinnamon: Yeah. Really really, you’re just… By the way, I don’t know why you would be here painting miniatures, but if you were, all these techniques totally work on miniatures. Which is kind of fun. *John: Yes. *Cinnamon: Now I’m gonna take some of my light yellow scaling color. I’m gonna also sort of hit a little bit of the scales on this. Just right here on the mouth. And… Highlight just a couple of the big scales. *John: You have to move your close up. *Cinnamon: Just a couple of the big scales. Alright. Now into the eye. *John: You have to go down a little but more. *Cinnamon: Do I have to go down a little bit more? For the eye? *John: On the close up camera, see? See? On the screen you can see. *Cinnamon: Alright. *John: You have to mess with your thumb wheel a little. *Cinnamon: Alright. Otay otay otay! Otay otay otay! Ok. So first thing we’re gonna do is a little of the burnt umber and the blue and we’re gonna get that dark dark color that we like. Now the trick is when you dip a detail brush, there’s always a drop that stores somewhere up on the thing. So you gotta watch for that and wipe that off. Or that’s gonna come down and drop on your thing in the middle of everything and cause a weird drip Super annoying. Just saying. I’m gonna come and- This is a lot like eyeliner. That you’re applying. I’m gonna get a little red and purple. And I’m gonna come on the outside of the eye with the red and purple. You can even take this down into the scales to define them a little more. By the way. And you can take this up into the scale. To define it a little more. Does not hurt your cause in any way. And I want a different brush I think. I think this is my smallest filbert. That I’m seeing. So I’ve got my teeny tiny filbert. It’s got this nice little point. I’ll get back into that detail in just a second. But what I’m gonna do… Is I’m gonna pull a little of my brown. And I’m gonna start the shading of the orb. So the shading of the orb. Maybe a little blue here will really shade it. Is about that this is round. Translucent, like a marble. And has this shape that you have to demonstrate. The shadow. The shape. And so to do that… You’re really painting a ball more than an eyeball, and if you can get away from thinking about this even as an eyeball it will completely help you. Now I’m gonna just wipe my brush. But not clean it. I’m gonna get some… Of the yellow ochre. And right here… Might need some water. I’m gonna start talking about the highlight in this eye. See how I’m pulling that out? *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And this is a back and forth little biz here. As it would be, say, if you were doing a ball. Right. Now I’m gonna get some black here. Come down, work this line a little bit. And now I’m gonna pull this right into the eye. Into a little point. Already we know we’ve got some type of a story happening here. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: You know? Some type of a story that you’re telling. Gonna define… This black outline outside the red and purple. Maybe a shadow right there. And it’s weird. You’ll be pulling it, and you’re like, where do I need my shadow? Where do I need this? Where do I need that? And you’re just looking. Now I’m gonna get some just burnt sienna, on the tip of my brush. I’m gonna start working some of this fleck into this eye. And then I’m gonna come over to my orange. Start working some of that fleck into the eye. Work it in. Just a little bit of fleck. So easy to do. Makes such a big difference. And then finally a little white And believe it or not, yellow ochre. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: This is the last of the eye fleck. It’s a light touch. I’m not putting it everywhere. Right? *John: Yup. *Cinnamon: And then if I need to come back with a little brown and a little blue… Brown blue, brown blue, brown blue. More to the brown than the blue. Make sure it’s got some fluidity to it with a glaze. I can come glaze this. Down a little bit. And shade out that eye. I’m gonna let that have a minute. We’re gonna come back with a reflection in a second. I’m gonna get a little purple and black. And come back here and k- Tone the purple down a little bit. Tone this lip line down a little bit. And I’m gonna shadow the stretched skin of the membrane. *John: Can you pull your close up camera down? *Cinnamon: Yeah. Ok. Always let me know. So, once I have that… Tone, tone it, tone it. Just a little bit of toning. Toning. It’s ok. It’ll help me put my teeth in. Right? *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: So guess what we get to do next. *John: What’s that? *Cinnamon: We get to do fire. *John: Woohoo! *Cinnamon: Woohoo! *John: We get to do the fire! *Cinnamon: We get to do some fire. And I’m gonna use my ruler. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: Which, I’m still stuck with my T-square cause the kids still- [chuckles] And I’m gonna create a directional fire process. I’m gonna say the fire needs to go…. From the mouth… To, say, here. Right? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: So I’ve got- I know I want it to head that way, and I’m just looking for the angle that I’m wanting. With my T-square, that is fighting me. Really wish it was not my T-square. It’s ok. Alright. I feel like I’ve got a good angle. What it is- Yeah. It’s ok. Thank you, Stunt Hands. Is that you want a straight line, And I’m gonna just sketch in with orange cause it’s gonna paint out really well. This line that lets me know where his- Ok. Yeah. Spray of fire is going. That’s one of the first things that helps my fire breathing dragon work really well. Is I know where the heck the fire’s going. You wanna know where the fire’s going. *John: Yup. *Cinnamon: And then I’m gonna grab a… Where’s my tight bright? I’m gonna get my pretty decent tight bright. And I’m going to mix a little purple into my red. Let’s talk about fire. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Actually, let’s sippy sippy and talk about fire, while my coffee’s still warm. So fire is just shading. And about breaking up patterns. And about recognizing the unruly center- I’m serious. It’s about recognizing the unruly center of yourself, and those things that can not be predicted. That travel directions that you’re not expecting. And again, if you’re a fire expert you probably do, but for most of us, it just seems like it dances. And so you’ve got to think about the way fire dances, and you want to, as much as you can, emulate that in what you’re doing. And I’m gonna talk a lot about how I’m gonna emulate that. And this is a great place for you to practice that. Let me… *John: Get your little sippy sippy? *Cinnamon: Mm-hmm. Sippy sippy sippy. I’m gonna zoom out a little bit so we can see- No, that’s the wrong direction. *John: That’s in. There’s out. *Cinnamon: Ok. Cause we wanna see this but-
*John: A little more in. That’s alright. You’re fine. *Cinnamon: To see what we’re doing, You’re gonna wanna see something. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: So I’m gonna have more red than purple. But it’s gonna be a slightly darker red. Just slightly. Than just the cad. K? Just toned cad is what you want. But still pretty red. *John: Gotcha. *Cinnamon: There we go. And the brush is pretty dry. And I’m gonna come in the mouth. Right here. And I’m gonna dan- Oh. Maybe we need to zoom in. So you can just see this as I go. You just help me to remember to move it down. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: Or maybe you come and move it down. I don’t know. So I’m lightly brushing down. Right? You have to have the darker shade… Of this fire worked out. Before you can do the other highlights. And you have to have a thought about what it’s doing. You almost need to give it a mind of its own. I don’t know how to eplain that, but that’s what you’re doing, is you’re… Ok. Right. So see how I’m dancing this down? And I’m even worried that I’m getting too like, predictable. So I’m gonna come here and I’m gonna… Start telling some stories. This is… These are very, like, calligraphy style brush strokes, is what I would say. Or you would think of these as passages of poetry. In artistic terms. You’re trying to make beautiful passages. I’m gonna come over here. A little- A little thought here. Some heat here. Hmm… Cause you’re talking, and you’re talking about fire. Now he lives fire. He is fire. And you’ve got to find your space in the fire. Right? There’s a little passage that comes up here. That broke free. Ok. His explosiveness is not easily contained. I know. Practice if you’re having trouble with the stroke. Right. I know your brain just exploded. If you’re having trouble with the stroke, get out a scratch piece of paper, and try to tell this story. This calligraphy, poetic story of fire. Now, my brush has still got red on it, and I’m gonna come over to the orange. Cause I want a red orange. Sure. I do I do. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: But just slightly deeper than just the pure cad. We’re gonna get into the pure cad. Come again into the… And talk about what’s happening. The different levels of the heat, and the way that it is….. Alright? You see that? It’s pretty exciting. *John: Yeah, it is. *Cinnamon: How it comes in. And once you see it done, then you can be like, well. Ok. It is something to think about, but it is not the hardest thing you may have ever seen in your life. Right? *John: Yup. *Cinnamon: It is something you have to think about. One other thing I like to do when I’m talking about fire is to put little embers, or elements of it, places. Because it does that, and you want that. Somewhere. *John: Yes. *Cinnamon: Light bits that shine through. *John: Little hot embers floating on the wind. *Cinnamon: Little hot embers floating on the wind. Now I’m gonna take my cad orange over to my cad yellow. And I’m gonna make this not quite yellow. Not quite orange. Shade. And now you’re kinda getting why I’m like, yeah. Cad orange be your friend in fire. [chuckles]
*John: Hmm… *Cinnamon: Right? Now I’m gonna come back even up more into the mouth, and while I’m here with this color, I might come in and hit a little bit in the mouth, and maybe like a little bit here. Just at some place. Just a little bit. You’re just talking about the reflection. We’re gonna hit the chest with this in a second, too. *John: This really is just coming right in. *Cinnamon: It does. The fire. It’s one of those things that I love to do. Each fire story that you tell will be a little different. Right? I break up my tones. I don’t keep it all to one thing. Now I’m gonna come over into my white. Which is skinned, cause- *John: Just a little bit. *Cinnamon: Such hot lights. I’m actually gonna rinse that brush out. *John: Yeah? *Cinnamon: In some cleaner water. Cause I want some white and yellow. Oh! But one thing I can do while I’ve got this color. *John: What’s that? *Cinnamon: While I’ve got this nice color come here on your chest plate. Dry brush. A little of this reflection off. Because he’s slightly shiny and this would do that. *John: Yes. *Cinnamon: And you want to tell that story just a little bit here. And I’m just very lightly coming and telling that story. And also, you can tell a little bit of it here. Right? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: You can tell a little bit in the wing. Dry brush it into the wing. These are things that you can do. Even over here, maybe there’s a little reflection of that. Into the wing. That’s a little bright. Take it back with some orange. Cause it’s a little bright. *John: You have to get it on the close up camera over there so we can see that. *Cinnamon: So we just wanna- I’m just not liking that at all. And if you do something you don’t like at all, like I just did there, [John chuckles] Just come right back. Paint it out. *John: I can’t see what you’re doing. Get the close up camera so we can see all the work you’re doing over there. *Cinnamon: Well, I mean, you can kind of see it on the big camera. *John: Well, I like to see what you’re… How you’re blending that. *Cinnamon: So I’m just taking that out cause I’m like, I don’t really like that at all, but I like that it’s sort of there, and that actually ended up working out by the time it was all said and done. So now I’m rinsing my brush out, and I’m getting into the bright, bright, bright yellow white. Right? *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: So I’m gonna get a little white. And a little of my cad yellow. And I’m making this very- This is the hot part of the fire. And we’re gonna come down. Tell a little story. Cause that’s what fire does. *John: Yes it is! You have to adjust your close up over there. Cause we’re getting to the cool fire parts. *Cinnamon: We’re getting into some cool fire parts. *John: And there is hotter parts of the fire than others. *Cinnamon: Yeah. And that is so true. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Let’s take some of these little up here, and… *John: That’s why we get to all those different colors in the flame. *Cinnamon: Like calligraphy. Look at that! That’s how he breath’s fire. Really really really simply.
*John: That’s pretty awesome! *Cinnamon: I just want some of this over here to balance it out. *John: It just POOF! Ot goes in there. *Cinnamon: Just goes in there. *John: Just like he was breathing fire. *Cinnamon: While you have this light, light color. Like ya do. *John: Like ya do. *Cinnamon: Like ya do! [chuckles] Go ahead and give him a little reflection of that up on his horn. *John: Adjust your close up camera. *Cinnamon: Sorry. Thank you. *John: You don’t need to apologize. Just move it up. *Cinnamon: There we go. Just a little bit up on his horns. *John: Look! There’s Ian! I just saw him scroll by. *Cinnamon: Hi Ian! And while you’re here… *John: Not that we don’t have a whole group of people out here today. I just- *Cinnamon: Grab some detail- *John: I just saw Ian, who I recognized. [both laughing] *John: Who hasn’t been here for a while, so I’m calling him out. Ian, where have you been?! Huh, man? Just kidding! *Cinnamon: Did CeCe or Kraft Shack, were they able come by and talk about their event? *John: You know, I have not seen CeCe or the Kraft Shack. *Cinnamon: Yeah, but they’re getting ready for a big massive live tonight, so they may be really tired. I don’t expect them to come by, I just invited them in case they wanted to come and talk about it. *John: Now that’s not to say that I may not have caught them in chat, too, cause it’s been a very very busy chat. *Cinnamon: I’m sure KimSim has it all handled. *John: Yeah. And a lot of people are at work today, which is why Ian gets a pass. Even though he has a new set of wheels. *Cinnamon: He does. Wasn’t that exciting? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: So I’m just tipping these little spikes with red. Like ya do. [chuckles] *John: Yep. Like ya do. *Cinnamon: Like ya do. Cause clearly that’s what you’d do if you had spikes. You would only ever tip them with red. So see that? Isn’t that fun? You can even put a little of this red story on the horn If you like. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And then what I like to do is I like to come in and give him some teeth. *John: Yes! To eat all those vegetables. *Cinnamon: To eat all his little vegetables. *John: Those sharp, pointy teeth. *Cinnamon: The sharp, pointy teeth. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: Let’s see… Oh, wrong way. There we go. So teeth are super super mellow. Super simple. They’re just little points. And what I like to do on creatures like this is curve them and taper them down to a fairly sharp point. And I like to make them slightly… Um… I guess a little, like, not like you would expect. Like not of even sizes. I like to break them up a little bit. It’s just a personal thing that I like in my artistic endeavor. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: You know. Some fat. Some stubby. Some long. Some thin. Sharp. You know. Just break it up. *John: Because he broke off some of those teeth on a cucumber? *Cinnamon: Yep. Clearly he’s a vegetarian gragon. [John laughing] *Cinnamon: I hope everyone is like blown away by how doable this actually is. I’m gonna show some of the teeth over here. They’re not covered by the fire. I like to paint a few little teeth. On the lower jaw. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: As well. *John: This is really coming together fast. *Cinnamon: Yeah. And guess what. *John: What? *Cinnamon: He just really- You know I can almost take him all the way to the conclusion, but. *John: You can go a little bit more. *Cinnamon: Can we go a little bit more? *John: You can go a little bit more. *Cinnamon: Is everybody up for just a little more? *John: I think everybody’s up for a little bit more. *Cinnamon: If you guys are up for a little bit more, I’m gonna take you even closer to where I had him in the time lapse. *John: Just a little bit. *Cinnamon: Just a little bit. Are they up for it? *John: I think so. Yes. Everyone’s seems to be definitely up for just a bit more. *Cinnamon: Ok. So, when you’ve got him to this place, there’s a lot of stuff that you can do. You can… Let me take you over to the neck. One of the ways that you can make the neck feel a little bit more resolved is these little dab scales. *John: Oohhh!!! *Cinnamon: Dab scales are… Finishing work. What I like to call a painting is resolved. So I might normally say a reflection in here. You guys are done, which is kind of the thumbnail that you guys have. And then I spent, um, a little more time with my dragon. *John: You have to adjust your close up camera. Now I wanna out Cinnamon. On this, cause there was a really good question of how does she come up with all these designs. *Cinnamon: Oh. Yeah. *John: And so the way that this one came up is somewhere around yesterday I said to Cinnamon, “You have to have a painting for tomorrow.” When are you going to design something? [John laughs] And she said, “Uh, do you want a happy fluffy dragon? Or a fire breathing, eating the village dragon?” I said, well. We probably want a high fantasy design. She was like, ok. I can do that. And then a couple hours later we had this. [Cinnamon chuckles] *John: You have to adjust your close up camera. [Cinnamon laughs] *Cinnamon: You’re so funny. When I get to the shoulder… I’m gonna do some of these dabs. As if this fire is reflecting on scales. Sorta fun for me. And I can come put some…. These are weird little touches, but it just- You know what I mean? If you guys are even thinking about selling him, it’s a good idea to do them. *John: Oh yeah! It’s, uh, it’s almost like there’s little chunks of gold coin stuck on him. *Cinnamon: No. They’re the micro scales. That make him up.
*John: They look pretty awesome. *Cinnamon: And they’re just a nice little thing that you can do. You can, um, something else that you could do. Is you could get a little of your red and your purple. And then get some white. And then you can come and also do some detail- Oh, let me put the thing up. You can do some detail work on each scale. If you wanted to. Which is to simply give it a highlight. Another layer of paint. Pretty much to the degree that you’re willing to come back and just fuddle around with paint. It really improves your result. *John: Wow! *Cinnamon: Right? Cause this then really says these scales are special. Right? We like that? *John: I really do. *Cinnamon: You know, and there’s all kinds of weird little touches that I did in the time lapse. And that’s the other reason the time lapse can be very nice to look at. You’re like, how much further can I push it? Well, you can push this as far as you want. It’s fantasy. You can… Continue this story on. *John: So would you like to know something really interesting? *Cinnamon: I would I always want to know something really interesting. *John: We have seventeen thousand and five subscribers. *Cinnamon: Oh my gosh! Do we really? *John: We do! *Cinnamon: Some other people went, I’ll paint a dragon again! [both laugh] *John: So that’s an awesome thing for us. Thank you, guys, for coming and joining us. We really appreciate that. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna add a little red to these. [Linda talking off camera] [Cinnamon and John laugh] *John: The dragon was the beacon that brought them all in. *Cinnamon: You know, just add some highlights to these scales. You know. Take that story further. You can do- Believe it or not, you can do another dab scale layer past this, that’s a brighter dab scale layer. *John: Yup. *Cinnamon: You can keep layering up the dab scale layers on the face. Dab scales are awesome scales! *John: Everybody is loving the little dabs. *Cinnamon: Just keep telling this story. Like, oh yeah. And then this one has some shading. [Linda talking off camera] *Cinnamon: Wow! *John: Yeah. Carrie’s out there. She got, uh, she’s got the analytics machine running. She’s like… *Cinnamon: How does she know that? *John: I think that there’s a- Pull your close up camera down there. I think there’s a couple little analytics places you can go and pull that stuff up. *Cinnamon: See, we’ve gone through and we’ve just said hey. We could talk about these scales some more. And you could be like, well. I really like that, but let’s, um, Let’s get some yellow and some white and get kind of a highlight color we could come in here and say even… Like look at this. Look at this. It is at two. *John: Oh. The next show will be at two, so in about twenty minutes. *Cinnamon: Alright, well I think- Let me get the reflection on the eye. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: Because anything else you want to do you can pretty much figure out once I’ve shown- I’ve shown you every technique. And then you can take it to the time lapse if you’re like, I would like to spend about another two hours on my painting. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: You can totally take it there. The only other thing I wanna say is get some white. I like to take my white to a little bit of slightly off white. I don’t want it to be bright white. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: That’s just my thing. I don’t like it when it’s bright bright bright. And then let’s… *John: Whatcha looking for there? *Cinnamon: Here we go. And then I’m gonna come to the inside of the eye and make a little reflection. And I like to, like, along here. And then…. There ya go. Now his eye’s all wet and reflective and stuff. *John: Pretty cool! *Cinnamon: And that… Is the basis of how even at the beginning of your art journey, you can paint a fire breathing dragon. If you want to take it further, hit the iCard. Give you a bunch of ideas of like how much more you can refine it. I’ll be sure and post two full paintings. The full art sherpa paintings on Pinterest. The, um, fully completed one and on Hart Party board I’ll have the [?] between those two, be able to figure out what the heck you wanna do! *John: Yes! *Cinnamon: And as soon as Chuck gets done with the traceable- [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: We’ll give that to you so you guys don’t feel like, you know, Oh hey! I can’t draw- You know. Don’t let drawing be the thing. Drawings just a skill. Which you’ll learn. In time. Don’t worry about it. Alright. We’re gonna see you guys in a few minutes and celebrate. With John and do some Q&A. *John: Yeah. That’s right. And open some happy mail. *Cinnamon: And open some- I got happy mail! *John: Got happy mail! *Cinnamon: The happy mail may not work which makes me think that the post office just lost a ton of happy mail and probably I really upset people. Alright. *John: So thank you, guys, for joining us today. We love you guys so much. Thank you for sharing everything and joining us. *Cinnamon: See you at the easel really soon. [closing music]

Randy Schultz

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    This looks awesome and I'd love to try it. I am just starting out and I'm okay at painting but I suck at drawing and am having problems drawing out the subject on the canvas. Is there anyway you can 'trace' something onto a canvas?

  81. CHARLOTTE DUNN says:

    I just finished painting this one last night.  I LOVE it!  I may have to do it again

  82. Heather Cleaver says:

    When he said rifts I thought about the PC MMORPG game ??

  83. Debbra Conway says:

    I really appreciate that you take time to teach so many little extras ways to paint…?

  84. Samantha says:

    This is sooo cool ? I’m going to make this for my history teacher

  85. Laura Callihan says:

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  86. Valerie Fox says:

    Pyro the dragon of fire

  87. Erica Spruill says:

    Thank you Sherpa for this tutorial!!! I finally finished this up, after months of trying. I free handed this on canvas board and got halfway through the blocking in when I gave up. Free handed it again, much better, on a 16 x 20 canvas. THEN I took it little by little over many days with a few months break in between. This was daunting but I am SO GLAD that I finished it! I learned a lot about layering and the end result looks awesome. It will be hung in the room I host D&D 😉

  88. Eve B says:

    I wish I could buy this painting.

  89. Patty Meier says:

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  91. leenarani a says:

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  92. leenarani a says:

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    Happy upcoming birthday, John!

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