How to Make Handmade Candy With Fairmont le Château Frontenac | Où se trouve: CandyLabs

How to Make Handmade Candy With Fairmont le Château Frontenac | Où se trouve: CandyLabs

Hello everyone, today we’re going to make a very special candy. It’s going to be a logo of Fairmont Château Frontenac on the inside of the candy. The hotel is an emblem of the city of Quebec. It’s also the most photographed hotel in the world. To simplify the candy, we’re going to make only 20 windows. But the real hotel — it has hundreds of windows on the outside. The colours we’re going to use today, they will be: an orangey brown for the walls of the chateau. the roof of the chateau will be green; then the windows will be blue. All of that will be wrapped in a white candy that has a green outline. The flavours we have choosen for the mixtures of the candy showcase the city of Quebec and its chateau well. There are the strawberries from the Île d’Orléans, which are visible from the chateau. There is also maple syrup, which is the emblem of Canada, and the champagne, which is for the luxuriousness of the hotel. Here, we mix the colours in the candy. Now, I will put it in the cold table to cool it down. Here, we are going to add a little bit of acid. This is citric acid we are using. It comes from lemons. It will give the flavours a more realistic taste. We have to fold the sugar on the table so that all the surfaces cool off at the same time. This one will be the walls of the chateau, then the blue, it will be the windows, and that green will be the roof. Here, we will add the citric acid to the sugar. It’s this that makes the candy more tasty. This piece of white, we will soon pull it on the hook. Here, we pull the sugar by hand. For a big candy like this, we normally have to pull it 120 times on the hook. By pulling the sugar, we can add air into the candy. This makes the candy easier to crunch while we eat it. The weight of this candy I am pullling right now, it weighs about 10 kilograms. We can see a gradual change of colour in the candy… because the little bubbles of air that are inside the candy, they make plenty of light reflections. It’s a marshmallow. Here, we will start making the windows of Château Frontenac. We know that the real chateau has many more windows, but for simplicity of the candy, we are going to make only 20 windows. Here, we are constructing the roof turrets of the chateau. This is the last part of the chateau. This one is on the top. Once we have made the tiny turrets on top, we will stick this to the rest of the chateau. Now, we will add the gable, which is the last part of the chateau. This is how we make the huge candy into tiny pieces of candy. In this lot, there are around 4000 pieces of candy. Thank you for watching our video! If you’d like to know more about Candylabs or Fairmont le Château Frontenac, please click the links in the description.

Randy Schultz

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    А те маски которые на них одеты, это что бы слюни не падали?

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    我是用翻譯程式,所以可能會有一些錯誤。I am using a translation program and there may be some errors.

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