How to make a reptile hide for FREE!  DIY (2019)

How to make a reptile hide for FREE! DIY (2019)

[Music] what are you doing say hi are you cleaning all you’re making a mess did you make a poopoo no okay well let’s check okay today I’m going to show you how to save your money [Music] container the thing has a thing so we’re just gonna cut the little ledge off wonderful basically anything you want can be used as a hide so I make my own little hides for little snags and then after I’m going to show you a more advanced hide gonna be so exciting and I’m gonna follow the line it’s a little challenging this is not as easy as I thought it’d be but where there’s well I know what we’re gonna do we have to use the right tool for the right job so not playing his water you’re making a mess okay no more mess mess okay come on you want to draw a picture you want to draw a picture no yes what do you want to do you’re playing with the water on the show stinky paste the room is a mess right now never mind it so there’s only two tools that I really kind of have and use I’m not the most handy man but I have a jigsaw I think it’s called the jigsaw and I have a drill girls are great before that I had a drill or jigsaw I used to take a soldering iron and melt plastic so it melt these dollar-store containers into hides and these be about like three bucks each there’s a lot cheaper than the reptile basic stuff but it’s also maybe not as strong we’re in the reptile basics longer these are the reptile basics ones and I’ve seen them like here in Canada people charging like 25 dollars for a piece of plastic so when I was a little boy I’m going to visit my grandma she used to drive around on garbage day and every garbage day she’d find something on the side of the road and she’d be like she would make me go up to their house and he’ll excuse me can can I take your garbage it was very embarrassing so now what I do is well we’ll get there so we got our little jigsaw and this thing’s doesn’t stand a chance anymore [Music] [Applause] so now that cute little bottle has become a lovely little hide see very nice it’s okay it’s crazy though it’s a plastic at the bottom of this thing is a lot thicker look at that see how thick it is that’s interesting mm hmm hmm and now for a bigger snake for a bigger snake for a bigger snake you can use these and these are absolutely free if you did go on garbage day and you wander around you’re sure to find some sort of containers so when you do it’s like yeah I’ve also taken found like a tube of PVC and I took the tube of PVC I cut it in half and then those became more little eyes there tons a little hots for all my baby animals and then these make a beautiful hide for bigger ones so let’s let’s see if we can turn this into a beautiful hide [Music] [Music] [Music] is that scary hey relax it’s fun exciting yay [Music] [Music] almost almost [Music] so there’s these handles and they’re very hard to like cut around so once you’re done doing the two sides then I go kind of backwards like this [Music] [Applause] [Music] and please a knife to cut the top off is because if I didn’t have the top off it won’t fit inside it won’t fit inside the thing so this way it fits nicely [Music] [Music] yay yay all done Avery you happy [Music] see a beautiful hide and basically cost nothing garbage day pickup beautiful I think do you think that’s beautiful Avery did you like it let’s see do you like it do you like it Avery Avery do you like it did I do a good job did I do a good job you gonna give me give me high-five give me a clap clap-clap-clap good job daddy clap okay say bye bye bye everybody okay there you have it so beautiful totally free [Music]

Randy Schultz

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