How to Make a Cloud in Your Mouth

How to Make a Cloud in Your Mouth

[MUSIC PLAYING] There are 10 types of clouds. Fluffy, swooshy– I kid. But really, there are
10 types of clouds. And beyond that, people
have categorized them into subvarieties. Capillatus, mammatus,
lenticular, fallstreak, cirrus vertebratus, cumulus
congestus, pyrocumulus, stratiformis, altocumulus. But today we’re going to create
an entirely new type of cloud. I like to call it
maculus ridiculous, because it makes you
look ridiculous when you make this type of cloud. Seriously. The first thing
you have to do is to click your tongue on
the roof of your mouth, like this– but with your
mouth closed and full of air. After 30 seconds of that,
you pressurize your mouth, meaning you hold
your mouth closed and try to blow out, like this. Then let go and let the
cloud slowly escape. Now as Bob Ross would say– (SINGING) Let’s build
a happy little cloud. Here goes. [CLICKING] I’m not making this up. This really works. There’s some simple
physics going on here to make this cloud work. And it relies on both steps. You can try it without one,
but it’s not gonna work. The first step,
clicking your tongue, works to create
tiny water droplets in your mouth that can
evaporate more easily and create warm, humid air. The second step, when you
pressurize your mouth, it heats up the
air even further. Your friendly
neighborhood ideal gas law tells you that when
the pressure goes up, the temperature goes
up, and that warmer air can hold even more moisture in
the form of H2O gas or water vapor. After all this, when
you let the air out, you release the pressure, which
causes the temperature to drop. That, and the outside
air is cooler. When the humid air
cools, it can no longer hold all of the water
vapor, and some of it condenses out into
itty-bitty water droplets. And you get a cloud
billowing out of your mouth. This is the same
process that occurs when you create a
cloud in a bottle, as Bearded Science Guy
is demonstrating here. It’s the water vapor in
the bottle, pressurization, and then release that
causes H2O to condensed, water droplets to form,
and you get a cloud. That’s exactly what
clouds in the sky are. They are tiny,
little water droplets that condense as warm humid
air rises and cools down. So clouds are made of liquid
water, not water vapor. So a bunch of tiny water
droplets, all hanging out, surrounded by air. What a special gathering. Which is likely why there’s
a Cloud Appreciation Society, to appreciate
nature’s photo-bomber. And it has 38,000
cloud appreciators. Honestly, I couldn’t find
an appreciation society for anything else that
wasn’t man-made or an animal. I hope you all prove
me wrong, though. Now, I know it doesn’t
have any clouds, but what about a Moon
Atmosphere Appreciation Society? Most people don’t even seem to
appreciate that the moon has an atmosphere. This photo of the
lunar horizon glow was taken during
the Apollo missions. Although the atmosphere
there is so thin that some consider a
surface boundary exosphere, which is like the dwarf
planet of atmospheres. So thin– so thin
that while there are 10 million trillion
molecules in a cubic centimeter of air on Earth, there are
less than one million molecules in a cubic centimeter of
the moon’s atmosphere. In a lab, that
would be considered a really good vacuum. Those molecules would rarely
ever interact or collide, which would mean no wind,
virtually no air pressure, no heat, no clouds. And if their were clouds,
they’d be made out of the strange elements we found
the moon’s atmosphere, like argon, sodium, and potassium. That’s not a cloud I’d
want to make in my mouth. So we’ll stick with maculus
ridiculous here on Earth. Thanks for watching. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Randy Schultz

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    Much easier to demonstrate by twisting a cheap water bottle to near bursting, and than thumbing the cap off. It's quite satisfying. It flies off with some force, a loud pop and a nice smoky cloud. Best to use the ones that you can get at WalMart in the 40 pack.

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    This glitch has been patched with the recent update.

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    Here’s a few tricks that might work for you.☹️😕🙂😆

    1. Don’t do it for 30 seconds so in for like 6 (do 6 clicks)😋

    2. Do hard clicks, do very strong hard ones they are the key to my tips…😎

    3. PRESSURE VERYYYY HARD for a few seconds!😫

    I hope this helped you improve at least the slightest! 👌🏼🥰

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