How to Help a Shedding Bearded Dragon!

Alright guys, so today we have a good
opportunity to show you how you can help your bearded dragon shed. We have one of
our breeder males here and I will show you how deep in shed he is right here.
Alright, so this one of our big boys and as you can see he is in deep shed mode
right now. So today we’re gonna show you something that, a little trick you can do, to
help your bearded dragon shed, and we’ll also show you a couple of products that
can help especially if you’ve got some stubborn shed, so. That can help ease the
process a little bit. Alright, so the first thing we do is we get out our
plastic tub we use here. We pick a size that will fit the beardie comfortably. You
don’t want it like, you don’t want a really small container that barely fits
them at all, you want something that they can move in around in at least. So this is
size that we’re gonna go with our bearded dragon. And the next step as we
go to the sink and what we do is we get, we make sure the water is lukewarm.
Not too hot and not too cold. So I’m going to feel the water there. It takes a
little bit for this water to warm up. Yeah you just don’t want, you just don’t
want too cool water, you don’t want too hot water, you want it to be comfortable for the
beardie. All right, so what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna fill it up. I’ll kind of show you how far I fill it for our beardies. You
want to fill it so that they can easily stand up in it. All right, so
that’s about how much I filled it up. It’s only about an inch or so, and what
that does is that it allows the bearded dragon to easily stand up in it. You
don’t want them to be swimming in the water where their feet can’t touch the
ground, so. Definitely don’t need the water level to cover their backs or
anything because you also be able to sprinkle it on top of them. So now it’s
time for us to go get our bearded dragon. All right, so I got our bearded dragon right
here that’s gonna go into the bin, and with that water in there when I close
the lid and everything, it’s gonna make a nice, a really nice humid environment for
him. It’ll help loosen that skin that way he
can shed more easily. Say are you ready buddy? Yeah? I think he’s
ready. Alrighty, we’re gonna put this guy in his bath. Here we go. Oh, there we go. All right, so here’s our little guy in
his bath. You can see that he can easily stand in it, and it kind of covers his
legs a little bit but I got his back clear. So he might, your bearded dragon
will probably drink the water too but that’s okay, just a little bit of water
is fine. Like you just sprinkle it on his back, sprinkle a little bit on his head
because his head – Oh yes, I know – because his head’s shedding. But yeah, this is gonna
really help out, and we’ll let him soak for about maybe thirty minutes or so. And,
but you gotta keep an eye on them because sometimes they will poop in the
water, and then what you’ll do is you’ll take the dragon out, dump the water, and
then fill it with fresh water. So, hopefully this guy won’t poop, so
we’re gonna let him soak for a little bit. I’m gonna put the lid on and we’re
gonna let him sit for a little while. And you’ll notice that the humidity is gonna
build up on the side of the tub, and yeah that’ll make a nice really moist
environment to help get that shed off. All right, so while this guy is busy
soaking in his bath we’re gonna take a look at some of the products you can use.
These, both of these, are really good if you have a bearded dragon, or snake, or
anything that has a really stubborn shed skin, that’s really tight and it’s not
wanting to come off very easily at all. So we have both the kind that you can
spray on them, and then the kind that you can add to the bath. Like this stuff,
you would just add, let’s see, this one, let’s look at the measurement. It
recommends about 10 milliliters for every 16 ounces of lukewarm water. So
yeah, this one you would just add to the warm bath that we got here, but his shed
isn’t really stubborn it just needs a little bit of help so yeah all you would
have to do is add some of this to the warm bath and that would help out a lot.
It really helps with that stubborn tight skin. And then this stuff, you actually just spray directly onto their skin, and you
rub it in, you kind of massage it into their skin, so. This stuff works really
great for snakes and bearded dragons, ones that have stubborn shed. So yeah you can
get both of those here at Tye-Dyed Iguana. All right, so it’s been about 20
minutes or so and we’re gonna take this little guy out, and we’ve got a couple of
paper towels here to dry him off on. It’s kind of important to kind of dry
them off a little before you put them back in their tank, because they will be
wet, and if you put them back in the tank when they’re soaking wet they’re gonna
get all that walnut-shell bedding on them, and they’re just gonna be a big
mess. So we’re gonna go ahead and get him out. All right, so they’re probably gonna be
really wiggly for this part. He’s a pretty active boy. You always get
some that are more – better than others so, he’s gonna be all wiggly. Yes. So, he’s just a
little bit wiggly, but we’re just gonna dry him off right here and then you can
kind of see how that skin – let’s see, let’s see if we can show you. He’s
scratching me a little. So, what the skin will just, see how that just kind of
flaked off right there? Let’s see. Yeah, right there?
Sorry buddy, I booped your nose. Okay so, you can see how it just kind of slides right
off. You can just kinda, yeah, you just kind of rub, rub it. Yeah, I know. Sometimes
they don’t like it. But uh, he got a little grumpy, but what you don’t want to
do is you don’t want to pull off the skin that’s really stuck still tight. But
what that bath did, is that it really moisturized it and so it’s got
a lot of moisture under there, so later on when he rubs it and everything he’ll
be able to get it off much more easily. And then you see he’s got his foot there.
See how that just kind of, you don’t want to ever pull, but that just kind of sloughed
off right there. So yeah, they’re just kind of – see?
Big piece there, that just kind of kind of, just fell off once I kind of just pet
him a little bit, so. It really does help a lot. So, let’s rub your toe a little.
Yeah. But yeah, you don’t really even have to do this part, you can let it all come off
on its own. And then his arm, you can see there, it’s got a little bit that – see? It
just kind of, you just kind of rub it, you don’t don’t rip it or anything, you just,
I’m not even putting hardly any pressure on there and then just, it just fell off.
See that big piece? So yeah, look at all that. Look at all that, it just kind of
rubbed off. So yeah, that, that really helped, and his skin is nice and
moisturized now, so we’ll put him back. He’s pretty much dry actually. We’ll just
rub a little bit more there, but he’ll be able to get all that off because it’s so nice and loose now. And you can tell that it really helps
just to give him a simple warm bath, but if I wanted him to have even more help, I
would spray some of this, I would spray some of this and kind of rub it probably
on his head there, where he still got a little bit of stuck shed. So yeah, that’s
basically it when it comes to helping these guys shed. So yeah, this is the
aftermath. You can see all this shed that ended up coming off of him, so. And that
was just from just from rubbing, not from pulling or yanking or anything, because
if you pull or yank the skin before it’s ready to shed off you can end up
hurting them, and even pulling off the layer of skin, the fresh layer of skin
underneath. So, you just got to be careful. It’s easy to tell when it’s ready to
come off. All right, so hopefully our little buddy
is much more comfortable now that he’s got some of that itchy skin off, so. In
the coming days he’ll probably shed a lot more. Actually it only looks like
he’s got, probably his tail needs to shed and the rest of his head up there needs
to shed, so. Okay little buddy, thanks for being our little star of today’s video.
Say, we’ll see you guys later.

Randy Schultz

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