How To Grow –  The Best Citrus For Your Garden

How To Grow – The Best Citrus For Your Garden

[MUSIC]>>CHARLIE: Every garden should have a citrus
tree of some sort. They’ve got stunning glossy green leaves,
the fragrance of the flower smells amazing, the fruit looks great and is also fantastic
in the kitchen. The number one question I get asked is how
do you care for your citrus. Well here’s my fool proof plan for you to
get the Richgro effect You need to start in a sunny open spot like this one. Turn over the soil to de-compact it. Add in some Richgro garden compost, as this
will help feed and retain moisture and nutrients around the plant. When planting ensure you only dig as deep
as the root ball of the plant and with these new grafted varieties, you never want to put
the graft into the ground. That’s the point the root stock meets the
flowering stem – on this one, that’s just about here. Now its time to get your plant in the ground. You then need to water your plant in really
well. I’ve got a 10 L watering can, and I’m
just adding some Ezi-Wet Concentrate to it. What this does it makes sure the water gets
into the ground effectively. Citrus are really heavy feeders and that’s
due to all the growing they do, so get the best results you need to use the best food,
and I use Richgro Black Marvel on all of my citrus. I use it because it’s taken up as quickly
and effectively as a liquid feed but this stuff lasts for up to 2 months. If you are an Organic Gardener, this Richgro
Organics Fruit and Citrus Fertiliser is the one for you. You just need to make sure you can see the
certified organic label. After feeding, you should mulch your tree,
this helps to keep the roots cool and it stops excess water being lost through evaporation. It will also give you the tastiest fruit and
grow you good things. [MUSIC] Richgro, bring your garden to life.

Randy Schultz

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