How to Grow Snake Plant From Single Leaf Cutting

How to Grow Snake Plant From Single Leaf Cutting

In the name of ALLAH In today’s video, we are going to grow sansevieria plant or snake plant from cutting these are the cuttings I have, one is this small one that I have taken from the mother plant and one is this big cutting we are going to grow them many viewers were asking how we can grow sansevieria or snake plant from cuttings or from leaf so we will see the way of growing sansevieria or snake plant how we can grow it from cuttings take one complete leaf or cutting cut this cutting in size of 3-4 inches cuttings should be of equal size we will also cut this in 2 parts as well after cutting the cuttings you should be careful about upper side should be kept upwards and the lower side should be kept downwards and then plant these cuttings in the soil 1-2 inches in the soil like this like this if you keep the lower side of cutting upwards and upper part downwards then rooting will not start for these cuttings instead, these cuttings/leaves will start rotting, press them a bit in the soil from sides sansevieria plant propagates well from pups not well propagates through cuttings its cuttings took too much time in developing roots and start propagating rooting starts after a long time and even after it starts rootings its new leaves start growing after almost 3-4 months and that in case if we place our plant in ployhouse we will water it after planting the cuttings and we will not water the cuttings too much just keep the soil moist we will use the garden soil for planting sansevieria cuttings and use the dry soil we will not use the wet or moist soil and will not add any type of fertilizer in the soil not even cowdung not even leaf compost but just simple garden soil and plant cuttings in it, and keep the cuttings in shade area this is the information that I have to share with you in this video will meet you with some more information in the next video till then GOODBYE!

Randy Schultz

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