How To Find a Snake Catcher Near You (20170622)

How To Find a Snake Catcher Near You (20170622)

Hey guys, Willem from Blouberg Snake Rescue
here. In this video I’ll show you how to find the
contact details for your nearest snake catcher, wherever you are in South Africa. There’s a free website we built that you can
go to to do this, the address for that website is Once the website has loaded you’ll see that
it automatically detects where you are, and then suggests who your closest snake catcher
would be. You can just click on this big green button
to call them if you’re on your phone, or you can note down their telephone number here
and call them with your phone if you’re on your computer. If you scroll down, the site will show you
a list of alternative people in the same area, with all of their contact details as well. If the detection was incorrect – if it didn’t
find your exact location – you can search for a location as well. So, I’m going to search for “Table View”,
and there we go – now it shows me results for Table View. And I can either click on the green button
at the top to call one of the guys who are nearby, or I can on the left-hand side look
at the other people who are nearby as well, and call any of them by clicking on their
numbers. Using the map over here, I can also just click
on any of those pins to get the contact details for those people. And you don’t just have to search for cities,
you can even search for a specific street address. So, let’s say you’re in “Protea Road, Claremont,
Cape Town”. There we go – it’s now zoomed in on Protea
Road, Claremont, Cape Town, and it’s showing me who’s available in that area. I’ve got all the contact details down the
left-hand side here again, and at the top of the screen I’ve got a big green button
I can click to immediately call one of the guys that have been suggested. And if you go further down this page there’s
some general guidance on what to do if you encounter a snake, there are some examples
of snake rescue videos so you can see what it is that a snake rescuer does, and we also
have a link to our mobile app. If you install the mobile app on your phone,
the app will save this entire database of contact details offline, and you’ll be able
to search for a snake catcher wherever you are. This is very handy if you go on holiday, for
example, and you find a snake in your camp or in your chalet. Thanks guys! If you have any questions about this, send
me a message!

Randy Schultz

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