How to Feed a Snake Live Food | Pet Snakes

How to Feed a Snake Live Food | Pet Snakes

Tips on feeding snakes live food. The first tip I can give you is don’t do it
if you don’t have to. Now why is that? These guys out in the wild eat live bait. Yes, they do. But in the wild if they miss or they’re not
interested in eating, they can run away. They can slide away and burrow away from their
food. In a terrarium this guy is in a small confined
area and if he’s not eating that mouse, the mouse can be eating him. One of the most common things that happens
is they’ll start nibbling on the snake and cause some significant damage. So my first recommendation to you is don’t
feed live bait. Now sometimes snakes can be very finicky,
especially initially, when get them and won’t go after dead bait. But I promise you if you persist, they will
learn to eat dead bait. So the only time that I really would agree
that you should go with live bait is if you’ve got a snake that just won’t eat dead bait
initially, then you go with the live bait. If you have to feed live bait, you don’t just
put them in the terrarium and leave them. It’s very important that within the first
few minutes, if that snake doesn’t show interest and eat that bait it’s not going to. Do not leave that bait, the mouse or a small
rat in the cage because you’re very, very likely that this poor guy is going to get
damaged. So my recommendation if you have to, you need
to supervise and if not, let’s teach these snakes how to take the dead bait, they’ll
do it readily.

Randy Schultz

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37 thoughts on “How to Feed a Snake Live Food | Pet Snakes

  1. Kaia Edwards says:


  2. Mahima Khalik says:


  3. Soopa Villain says:

    The transition from keeping pet rats to feeding rats to snakes happen to quickly…

  4. PromethiumOxide says:

    best ways to avoid feeding live bait: acquire some dead bait, (if you need to kill a live animal kill it as humanely as possible) heat it up to around 30oC, get some tongs and jiggle the bait around in the cage.( this makes the snake believe it's alive, and it eats easier.)

  5. Jason AQY says:

    First they're promoting how to keep a rat, now yet they're teaching you how to feed a rat to a snake. What just happened?

  6. Chris tromp says:

    Holy hell these bitches are crazy

  7. XxjusticexX21 says:

    I fed my hog island boa 3 mice and he isn't even 2 1/2 feet yet but he still seems hungry do I feed him more ?

  8. 9beccabrown9 says:

    They aren't promoting. They are basically helping people with their pets. It just happens to be snakes now.

  9. Nataly says:

    thats funny right? ._. *ironic*

  10. KGaming says:

    "This poor guys goin get damaged", yer the rats goin get killed

  11. Too Tall says:

    NEVER feed your snake where it lives! Everytime u open the lid it thinks feeding time. I used a rubbermade storage bin. I handled my snakes daily. Mind u I had a 6 ft and 8 ft boa. but never feed where they live… Bad Idea in my eyes if u want to handel your pet snake!

  12. Too Tall says:

    I prefer Live over dead! Just put the food in a zip lock back to knock it out…

  13. Desarae Swant says:

    don't feed them live food! it can harm them!

  14. eurenton99 says:

    And always ALWAYS move snakes to a seperate tank for feeding. If you don't them when you go to pick it up it might bite your hand thinking it is going to be fed.

  15. koolpop jones says:

    My BP will eat nothing but live food. Thankfully he has good takedown skills. And I feed him in his tank with no problems at all.

  16. David Alberta says:

    Only an inexperienced snake owner would leave live bait in the enclosure with the snake. Other than that if the snake eats live, do live.

  17. blackbriar246 says:

    Feeding live is fine as long as you stay and monitor the whole thing. Remove the prey if the snake doesn't take it within half an hour or if the snake seems stressed, and be ready with a pencil or forceps; if the mouse/rat starts biting, put the pencil by its mouth so it will bite that instead of the snake.

  18. Doug Connor says:

    Feeding live animals to snakes is illegal in the UK.  And I can tell you this, every rat has an individual personality, like a dog, and to feed one alive to a snake falls in the same category as bear baiting and cock fights.  No reason or justification for feeding live baits.

  19. John Rodgers says:

    Doug conners right, every rat does have an individual personality I know this, I breed them. Does not mean u cant or shouldnt feed live, if your snake feeds live always feed live, you see what doug dosnt know is how the gas the rats that you do by dead, so sir with all do respect shut your fucking mouth on a subject you know nothing about, my ball python kills an adult rat in under 1 min. And that rat lived a good life I ensure this, instead of being caged neglected and gassed.

  20. John Brennan says:

    Wat kind of snake is that in the cage at 0:30

  21. ZoeyKoKo says:

    DO NOT EVER FEED LIVE FOOD! EVER!!! Even if you have a finicky snake, don't EVER give it anything but pre-killed. Believe me, your snake will learn. The only thing stopping you is your own laziness, or your overgrown ego from the "power trip" you get.

    Mice and rats are highly intelligent, complex animals that feel just as much pain and suffering as we do. If you can't sympathize with being tortured, slowly eaten alive over a long period of time, enduring pain and mind-boggling terror, then you shouldn't just be a pet owner, you should be behind bars of a mental ward.

    I personally advise not keeping snakes at all. They aren't domesticated, they never will be. They're cool, they're pretty, they're neat, but they aren't companions. Because of this, they will be happier in the wild, and you could choose a pet that will actually enjoy your company rather than just tolerate it.

  22. sal silva says:

    My ball python won't eat frozen rat actually she won't even eat a live rat if the rat is not running around. If the rat just stay still my snake will look at it n won't attack her

  23. Badman Harvey says:

    What happens if u put it in like a crocodile cage

  24. Jasmine Kuehn says:


  25. Jasmine Kuehn says:

    I literally puked CUZE for a feeding vid

  26. Jasmine Kuehn says:

    I literally puked CUZE for a feeding vid

  27. Young Quan says:

    my pet snake thro up a mose

  28. Potato Mc.Muffins says:

    I wanted to know whether I should feed my snake live food or not. Found this really helpful

  29. slimyish says:

    I agree so much, don't do it if you don't have to, if you do it just cause you want to and enjoy sitting and watching your snake squeeze the life out of the animal and that's the only reason you do it, well you've crossed the line, you are officially a sadist, if you do it cause that's how your snake eats and it will not touch dead food and you literally have to and have no choice despite the fact you've tried and tried using dead in order to avoid live then it's ok, you can even sit and watch if you want, you may as well, it's fascinating to watch, and it's not like you've gone out of your way for a show, it's just how it has to be unfortunately.

  30. the river rat of steel City says:

    live bait ,dead bait i thought this was about feeding snakes not a fishing video lol

  31. Cabbageforcats says:

    I only feed dead prey

  32. slimyish says:

    Snakes don't need live food, they are not hunters, they are opportunistic feeders.

  33. Dexter's World says:

    this video is great……my snake wont it pre killed food. its 10 years old now and his favorite is rabbit and ducks.. it measures now 20ft long and weighs around 39 kilograms. watch it @ dexter's world if you have time.

  34. Mason Jones-Walker says:

    Feeding Live is completely OK, just watch the mouse very closely and be ready for something the mouse can bite instead of your snake

  35. Ashlyn Smith says:

    Live is fine as long as you supervise at all times or just hand feed or use tongs like you would do with frozen (: I hand feed my snake live mice and I'm going to be trying to get her on frozen (:

  36. Cam Head says:

    This didn’t even say how. He just said why you shouldn’t do it

  37. YaBoY P - UK says:

    How big would a enclosure have to be to do live feeding without supervision

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