How To Feed A Massive 660 pound Bengal Tigers?

How To Feed A Massive 660 pound Bengal Tigers?

I’m a Hagai and welcome to my channel i’m here with Raymond tour guide little bit about this beautiful tiger
This is our Bengal tiger male his name is Caesar very gentle very loving soul they’re very
affectionate with each other more than any other animal ever seen these animals
yeah they they love waters everyone knows the title of the water now what we
do with them yeah we will look after we train them to be used of you people like
foreigners that we bring you in here we play around with the animal and
everything people know that this animal is a dangerous animal but we show the
other side of the animal that it’s also a loving animal not just a world of them
it can be loving and caring as long as you treat it correctly and feared
correctly if you abuse the animal the animal will turn on you that kind of
thing so this animal Caesar yeah as you can see we feed them chicken these are
our chickens that we have some food we suddenly give them cows also now you can
see their behavior they want food so what we feed we don’t go into the cage
with because that’s Dangerous to go in the
cage so what we do we just take the food and we throw it over like that did you
see what they did their reactions see that is what they do okay
now all our food we cut it into portions big enough to throw over now tell me
that one the big ones the male what the size of that male is right now it’s
just waiting was over 300 kg there are no what you get maximum weight or
between 500 to 550 Kg it’s how big it’s gonna get
it’s twice the size of a lion three times stronger than a lion Here we have a young lioness young
female about one-and-a-half years old now one of them that have raised this
sashka the one hour you saw me really on playing around oh she’s very gentle
very loving as well but she doesn’t do that to everybody now the animal here is
very aggressive animal has got its personality of its own what I did I
don’t want you to do it at all because it’s dangerous
get out this an ammonia is aggressive as I say
crews of Satya Sasha Ella

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “How To Feed A Massive 660 pound Bengal Tigers?

  1. Pawan Chaturvedi says:

    Plz anyone tell me highest population of tigers and their zoo and sanctury found in which country?….so i can visit tht place in my tour list

  2. Saudamini Mohanty says:

    How how

  3. Saudamini Mohanty says:

    I am an Indian boy tiger is the India's national animal

  4. Rakesh Roy says:

    Bengal tigers weights upto 230 kilo…not 300

  5. Josue Nuno Arandas says:

    Fuck that lions are better

  6. Sunil Anand says:

    who sold our tigers to forgeiners??

  7. soar highhashid says:

    wow! those are dangerous lions.

  8. Dariusz C says:

    More trash talk than feeding

  9. vivek negi says:

    I can say only one thing "beautiful"

  10. The Saucy Tiger says:

    Who loves ? s?

  11. Yumicha Yuwang Sr says:

    Pilem tempek ae di unggah

  12. MIX tube 150313 says:


  13. Dr naheed Sultana says:

    1:36 i also thought of that ?????

  14. khoirom Milton says:

    They sound like a v12 engine roaring

  15. Anas Fana says:

    3times powerfull than a lion!!!!!! This is horrible

  16. Najmul ahmad says:

    Royal bengal tigers are best of all time I love them……..

  17. brijesh prasad says:


  18. abrarhusain husain says:

    the Royal Bengal tiger is most denger whole world

  19. Sumit Bera says:

    Why chicken why no goat

  20. issac dragon says:

    500kilos! wtf is this guy smoking.

  21. AKASH SUBBA says:

    I do not know what you are talking about, but you do not know how much you have been in the city, but you do not have much time left. The waight
    is up and down

  22. AKASH SUBBA says:

    Asian lion is small but if fighter is done from Bengal Tiger then Asian lion will win because Asia lion is stronger and stronger than African lion

  23. S K Javed Hassain S K Javed Hassain says:

    i love white tigar

  24. # vagabond says:

    Fence is too short for a tiger

  25. Raja Nag says:

    Why u kill chicks for these tigers???

  26. Andy Reasoner says:

    Do tigers live in South Africa? How these morons got them? Int. big cats black market. They should be punished, This dunce with voice of a girl doesn't see that has white tigers and its mutation being result of inbreeding

  27. ALL INDIA AYURVEDA says: animl world

  28. Aia Villareal says:

    Obviously, we cant do it at home because we dont have lions at home.. Kidding aside, you guys are amazing!

  29. Saurabh Saini says:

    These ediots r just spoiling the wild animals and making them unfit 4 the wild .
    I know they r specialists but I bet they don't more than 10% than an average being .

  30. Sana Khan says:

    Kevin s better

  31. Arvind Victor Estibeiro says:

    Stupid cameraman

  32. Himanshu Patil says:


  33. Ruthvik Chandra says:

    What bengal tigers doing in south Africa?

  34. gopal rao says:

    Watch a completely random Tiger feeding video and then debate sitting behind a screen whether the Tiger's weight is 300 kg or not. Oh Internet. What have thou become!

  35. Hussein Huka says:

    I think it's wanyama ,if its in Swahili language.

  36. engban channal says:

    I fake y

  37. engban channal says:

    Is it Bangla tiger

  38. Rahul Raychand says:

    go inside the cage.. you two moron.. they are loving na.. very sweet please go inside…!!

  39. mysterious billionaire says:

    Can you explain a little bit more on how to throw their chicken?

  40. Caine Spradley says:

    Kinda like the tigers my black Bombay cat Halloween would be hissing away when he doesn't want Lilly or most likely Browser taking his meal from him.True story

  41. Ascaithe says:

    The guy must be mixing up pounds with kilograms. 500 lb is a pretty standard weight for a tiger; 500 kilos is straining credulity.

  42. meru pahad Uttrakhand says:

    its not bengol tiger

  43. Weyland Yutani says:

    300 kg? lol, not even 200 kg! Maybe 160 kg!

  44. Wisdom of Nod! says:

    One day he'll put his hand in tonpet the beast and it will eat his hand off.

  45. Pocong says:

    Kandangnya nggk salah tuh tinggi nya cuman segitu doang lompatan harimau putih lebih tinggi..semoga aj lo nggk jd cemilan bwt itu harimau

  46. Ahmad Hoge says:

    Yes it look like 300KG
    This Tiger is huge

  47. Ravi Singh says:

    Abe kya bol raha hai hindi bol

  48. BISHAL RAJ says:

    It's a royal Bengal tiger

  49. Abhi Varma says:

    Royal tiger

  50. John m says:

    Donald trumps doctor weigh him. 500 kg lol. And trump is 239 lol

  51. MUNNA AREAN says:


  52. Mairaj Ali says:


  53. Jade Hews says:

    So you’re feeding a 300kg tiger “one chicken”!!!

  54. chandra shekara says:

    Heng tiger

  55. Tunu Fumakule says:

    Wanyama wetu hao

  56. Sathish Murthy says:

    I love animals



  58. quyen vinh says:

    The barrier is too low, tigers can jump over it to escape and cause danger

  59. Vishal Thakur says:

    Give fast madarchoode….tiger said

  60. Travel Tride says:

    Nice video
    MORE videos click here- #Techtride

  61. 1_ video says:

    They are not born to live behind those steel cage or whatever it is . They are the king of jungle.

  62. Pavan Chinni says:


  63. OurWildWorld says:

    Hello to all followers
    I agree with you about the weight of
    That tiger, I'd give him 200 at best
    So when I came back to South Africa
    I came across a place that saved animals and when I got there
    I ran into a cage with a huge tiger and learned that the owner had weight
    In order to track the weight of the animals there
    So this time I created a video with a 300 KG tiger
    And this time there is no dispute

  64. عبدو ماجي says:


  65. Legend Rock says:

    2x heavier than lion and 3x stronger than lion hahahaha

  66. Md Ayaz says:

    They are original royals

  67. Deepak Rajput says:

    ghanta loving tiger khane ko taiyar hai vo

  68. viral vlog Kapoor'S says:

    #sudarshankapoor astrology part watch and learn

  69. Nakul Nayak says:


  70. shashwat dey says:

    Sexy tiger

  71. Ragnarr Loðbrók says:

    the biggest cat in the world doesnt even weigh 500kg. That Tiger looks more like 200kg to me but whatever..

  72. 2008supermaged says:

    What am about to do now I don't want you to do it at home Lmfao
    Like we have lions and tigers at home hehehe dummy

  73. Man E Mr. J says:

    That dude is Lying and American Lion from Prehistoric time Weighed that much I just looked at it today on YouTube pls get your Facts Straight plus a LIGER IN AMERICAN WEIGHS THAT MUCH OR PRETTY CLOSE THAT WEIGHT AND BELIEVE ME A LIGER IS A LOT BIGGER THAN THIS TIGER

  74. Man E Mr. J says:


  75. yosef Abed El Ghni says:

    that guy is c4azy

  76. suruthi feroz says:

    If this tiger is in the forest ,can eat fresh food.Now eating processed deadly chicken and lazy in zoo.

  77. Mr11ESSE111 says:

    50+$ per day they eat

  78. Quang Phan says:

    You guys you should trust a person who works with Tiger and lion,you guys dont even see a tiger in the wild,so dont be supicious

  79. enlightened says:

    He said he is gentle
    Open the cage turn ur back
    He'll show u how gentle he is

  80. Lyaranto says:

    They're so beautiful

  81. Inner Hollow says:

    "Danger Lions" shows a tiger

  82. צחי ברק says:


  83. El Clavo76 says:

    Holy crap its true these dumbasses built a fence thats way too low.

  84. Jerry Tan says:

    The big one a little over or close to 300kg.
    The muscles on Tiger is much bigger than the Lion and especially the hind legs and the longer torso

  85. Ahmad Hogerat says:

    Maybe 450 pounds, not more.

  86. Shubham Rajput says:

    You should write ROYAL Before Writing Bengal Tiger

  87. Cisco says:

    No tiger can kill prey like African lion, it's just good to eat chicken

  88. Black Jaguar says:

    Why They're Looks So Short?

  89. Tom Cruise says:

    2:11–2:22 the best part

  90. Abo Sabah says:

    Why you lie about wight? 500 kg my ass

  91. לירןהבןשללירן רווחעמיתרווח says:

    That guy talks to much bulshit!

  92. Ajoy Mondol says:

    I am happy to seen this and proud to be bangali

  93. Sai Charan says:

    He made mistake!! It's 500 lbs..
    Tigers generally weight from 200-300 kg( male: Siberian and Bengal)

  94. BLACK GAMING says:

    The tiger name isn't Bengal tiger,
    The tiger name is @ROYEL_BENGAL_TIGER?
    From India?.

  95. Malligrub 1 says:

    "550kg, 3 times stronger than a lion" That's some absolute professional level bullshit. Even the extinct largest felids to have ever existed on Earth, Panthera Soloensis (the Nangdong Tiger), Panthera Leo Atrox (American Lion) and Smilodon Populator didn't reach 550kg. That 300kg tiger is at it's absolute physical peak and will not get significantly bigger than the 300kg it is there. Oldtime SIberians could occasionally reach 400kg. A tiger cannot, under the laws that govern this physical universe be 3 times stronger than a similar sized lion and yes, wild Lions can also attain 300kg in weight, proven and on the record.

  96. Harshit Patnaik says:

    Lion fans disliked ?

  97. Tanmay Rout says:

    Big male royal Bengal tiger easily beat Amur tiger & African male lion
    Because bangle is much more powerful aggressive than Amur

  98. Muhammed-Yusuf says:

    OK This Tiger 660 lb vs This Lion 660lb (

    Who win? I think Lion

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