How to Double Your Minoxidil Beard Growth | Best Quick & Easy Tip For Fuller and Thicker Minox Beard

How to Double Your Minoxidil Beard Growth | Best Quick & Easy Tip For Fuller and Thicker Minox Beard

All hail the beard it’s your boy big beard
b and we’re back for another addition of big beard business. In today’s video we’re discussing the controversial
minoxidil beard. So I’m making this video for those of you
out there who are currently using minoxidil or those of you who want to use minoxidil
and see maximum results. For those of you who are new to minoxidil
it’s the active ingredient rogaine and it’s being sold as a stand alone product, which
men men out there are using to help stimulate their beard journey Here’s the deal for you guys out there wondering
if minoxidil actually works, well I did a video about that a few months ago and there’s
a subculture of men in this beard community about 40,000 strong that will tell you it
works and works extremely well. So Before we get into the tips I feel like
it’s necessary to cover a few things First things first, #1 I am in not condoning
or promoting the use of minoxidil or condemning it for that matter. If you decide to use minoxidil that’s a matter
of your own concern so do your own research before trying minoxidil. Using minoxidil can come with a few side effects
such as dizziness, increased heart rate, rash at application site, and weight gain. So according to webmd these side effects are
rare so if you start to notice these side effects you should discontinue use of minoxidil
immediately. Now it’s not uncommon for Minoxidil users
to report dry skin and dark circles around their eyes when actively using minoxidil. Now these side effects come from minoxidil’s
adverse impact on the body’s collagen levels. Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins
in the body. Collagen itself is responsible for skin elasticity
and gives hair its actual strength. Now that’s not all collagen does but for this
video that’s what we’re gonna focus on. As you become older your body begins to produce
less collagen. So as early as 25 you can start to see a rapid
decrease in the amount of collagen the body produces. Why is this important, well minoxidil aides
in collagen depletion which depletes the body’s collagen even further. When the body’s collagen levels are low it
makes it even more difficult for the body to produce terminal hair follicles. If you aren’t familiar with what I mean by
terminal hair follicles, in layman terms its the permanent hair follicle. Try adding a collagen supplement like this
to your daily routine to double your minoxidil beard growth. By adding a collagen supplement you’re reducing
minoxidil’s impact to the body’s collagen levels and increasing your body’s ability
to convert vellus hairs into terminal hair. Vellus hair is a temporary, fine, fragile
hair. Now this is one of the best collagen products
out in the market. I’ll link it below. What you need to do is take this daily, on
an empty stomach with Vitamin C. 92% of the users of this see an increase in hair, skin
and nail development. So that’s my tip for you guys to double your
beard growth, while using minoxidil. Make sure that you chronicle your beard progression
by taking multiple before and after pictures and keeping up with your progress. And here’s the deal if you’re not a minoxidil
user you can still use this collagen product to help promote healthy beard growth. So alright my bearded brethren, I hope you
enjoyed today’s video. Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe and
tell a friend to tell a friend that be back again and hit that motha….hit the god damn

Randy Schultz

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99 thoughts on “How to Double Your Minoxidil Beard Growth | Best Quick & Easy Tip For Fuller and Thicker Minox Beard

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    bruh your name should be big beard company lmao

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    Nice. Informative.

  3. jack smith says:

    Hi dude I have access to a collagen bed at a tanning salon should I use that whilst on minoxidil? thanks.

  4. zeramin 3 says:


  5. Free living says:

    It didn’t really work for me, BUT I’ve had Lyme disease for like 4-5 years n just recently found out. It could affect the thyroid so my testosterone might be low. I have full coverage but 80% of the hairs are vellus and after a year they haven’t turned terminal hairs

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    Any of stuff have shot blockers in it?

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    Can I take collagen pills instead of powder

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    Should I use a Collagen supplement or a derma roller?

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    great fuking video bro. good points

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  14. Rory Adams says:

    I have one question and maybe someone can help me. How do I use the emu oil with minoxidil?

  15. Dominic Johnson says:

    Can I take this in the morning with pre workout or should I take it afterwards?

  16. Renee & Zechariah says:

    For those who might want a natural treatment (not just for beards, also helps with hair loss, scalp issues):

  17. Tommy B says:

    will this work on my girlfriend

  18. Dominic Johnson says:

    Can I add this to my pre workout supplement or should I just do the Vitamin C and Collagen?

  19. Shay Johnson says:

    I just ordered the exact Collagen you have. It will be here Saturday. Can I mix it with my pre workout (C4) or do have to necessarily use Vitamin C with it? I take my pre workout first thing in the morning on a empty stomach. Hopefully I can add the Collagen to that

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    I'm on the way of my journey on minoxidil then I almost got have my beard.But the thing is their some hair appearing on my lower eyes and cheek. Can I asked for your suggestion please. Do I need to stop the product? Hoping for the answer. Thank You so much….

  24. iggy082 says:

    hi everyone. i have what i hope isn't a stupid question: can i shave while using minoxidol? i have an ugly patchy beard. if the minoxidil doesn't begin to work for about 8-9 weeks can i shave during those weeks so i won't have to deal with an unsightly beard? thanks!

  25. Brandon Sestoso says:

    Does this really work ..and what have you heard about Asians using this product

  26. KillaRock404 says:

    I had a goatee a full stache and a few hair on my cheeks before i started. After 2 months i have a ton of visceral hairs on my cheeks now. I even had people around me noticing that i'm finally growing a beard and its only been two months. One thing I noticed is that results vary between people. Stay disciplined and dont give up.

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    I think you were trying to be like The Hodgetwins at the very end when you said hit the bell LOL nice job

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    The only i guess side effect i've noticed is everytime I use Minoxidil my eyes get really dry lol

  37. Saint Seapunk says:

    Incredibly informative and straight to the point.

  38. Manni says:

    BBB Bro you should do more research mate. Collagen supplementation doesn't help your skin unlike many people seem to think. When you ingest collegen your body process it and brakes it down same as it does with protein to make amino acids. The only positive of supplementing with collagen will be to see bigger GAINZ at the gym bro! 😀 Cheers

  39. derekj773 says:

    I keep hearing about side effects like it's medication? Is it a pill or is it topical. I can't see how an oil applied to your face could result in weight gain, I'm sure it's possible…I guess

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    I have a great goatee, but my cheeks are just a patchy mess…

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    Wow, straight to the point, no bullshit. Very informative in a couple of minutes. What other dudes failed to explain in 20 minute videos, you did in 3 minutes haha. Thatnks for the tips, and for the collagen, nobobdy has yet mentioned it in all the videos and forums I saw that collagen would make it better. Thanks dude, appreciate the advice!

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  90. Irreversal says:

    I have been using minoxidil for 2-3 years for my beard on and off. 3 years ago i could only grow chin hair..nothing else. I have experienced side affects like headaches. Dry flakey skin ( moisturising fixes this) and acne. I can confirm that after the first year i had hair on cheeks and under lip but it was thin. Still was something. After two years i had a somewhat full shaped beard but with weak patches here and there. 3 years now i have a full beard besides a little under the lip. It gets random black thick hairs. Its still not as thick as id like it. But it definitely works. Its a pain in the ass and you gotta protect your skin. Its slow to get what you want but if you are patient, it will grow.

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