How to Clean a large Iguana for Eating

How to Clean a large Iguana for Eating

Please read the notes under this video to learn more about how all this came to be. This was a special situation. We are a wildlife friendly channel. Please take a look at our other videos! Thanks

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “How to Clean a large Iguana for Eating

  1. rusty shakelferg says:

    Taco time

  2. Twilight Gardens presentations says:

    Thanks now I can try with confidence

  3. Twilight Gardens presentations says:

    can you shut up next time or at least not bullshit small brags through your next video

  4. Boss Frog says:

    Why don’t you shut the fuck up if u are going to record something for educational purposes on YouTube. Nobody wants to hear you and your boyfriend jerk each other off about what u shot in Canada.

  5. el de las iguanas says:

    Noooo :'v

  6. tardigrado Tóxico says:

    O ser Humano é ruim de mais. 🙁

  7. Alejandro Listed Stanulet says:

    Habéis maltratado a la pobre iguana???

  8. Omar Osvaldo Hernández Rivera says:

    Que poca madre me cae , me encabrona que hagan eso a las iguanas , cómo quisiera ver qué fuera un familiar al que están matando , chinguen a su madre pendejos ,???

  9. savoeun soy says:

    Whyyyyyyyyyy?? poor iguana??????

  10. erving lorenzo salas says:

    Que malos son kolos animales

  11. erving lorenzo salas says:

    ???????? merrobo el corazón

  12. Jon Gamer says:

    Like si no entiendes nada de los comentarios

  13. Kimberly Williams says:

    talk about reptile haters

  14. Jacob Jordy says:

    I was a lot more interested in the hunting stories

  15. Juan Angel Gonzalez E. says:


  16. Diego Hernández says:

    Puto deja esa iguana en paz

  17. Dadon kipli says:

    Nggragas jancok

  18. Aicon Tellez Baeza says:

    Estas pendejo Wey

  19. Angel gabriel Aguilar perez says:

    Hola perros!!!!!!!!

  20. Diego Espindola says:

    Y si mejor se cortan los huevos

  21. balthazar0033jj giraudo says:

    como van a matar a una iguana hijos de puta

  22. Daniela Lopez says:

    Malditos animales que no ven que la iguana está en peligro de extinción

  23. Leonel Najera says:

    calidad de iguana broder yo también m las comía en Guate

  24. Leonel Najera says:

    Dios creó los animales para q uno se alimente y ay jente q tanta mierda habla d los cazadores

  25. NITROX _7U7 says:

    hijos de puta bestias de mierda comanse esta ps pobre iguana

  26. Isai Ayakiel says:

    Bonito ejemplar que no se va a seguir reproduciendo

  27. maia gacha13 5 says:

    Hijos de remil puta salieron bien conchudos porque matan alos animalessss justicia por los animales ahy q dejarlos vivir no matarlos y comelossssss pelotudos de mierda soretes dejen bivir por una puta ves a los animales les gusta matar animales les gusta no porque no voy yo y los desnuco les gustaria q les haga eso no entonces no maten a los animales

  28. Dmitrij Vinca says:

    Bliat debili zibadziori hujipizdaljanci

  29. Dani Ceja says:

    Ojalá y a ti también te corten así

  30. Jaime Casillas says:

    Igos de putaa

  31. Ricardo Ramnath says:

    We does cook it with skin

  32. Lander Valdez says:

    Pobre animalito pendej0 veta ala verg4

  33. Roger Shaw says:

    the same people complaining hunt cows and chickens everyday. like hamburgers and fried chicken are just invented not killed animals. idiots. Invasive species are good to kill. namby pamby people make me sick

  34. The Black Diamond says:


  35. The Black Diamond says:


  36. X vUNKNOWN_-PL4YERv X says:

    I tried a iguana and it taste like chicken?

  37. Graciela Yepez says:

    Son malos

  38. Graciela Yepez says:

    No les voy adar like

  39. fat johnson says:

    Is it kosher

  40. Monica Moreno says:

    Porfa comentario en español

  41. chris correa says:


  42. Travis Coleman says:

    I'm so used to gutting things first that it really bugged me to see him skin it with the guts still attached. He probably has his reasons, though.

  43. natalie davison says:

    You shouldn't take it's life because of your sons grades

  44. XJoshyZ says:

    It does look pretty gross though but that's just what other people do to survive.

  45. Sheri Hanshaw says:


  46. knights of deaht says:

    Malditos cazadores pendejos

  47. Jordan Rampersad says:

    If i cook dat for you'll eh hmmm

  48. Simpson CZ SK says:


  49. Creative - says:

    Very sanitary ?

  50. Dylan Henderson says:

    If people don't like the video don't watch it

  51. Shelster 99 says:

    Worst part of the video…. the two chucklefucks yacking nonstop in the background.

  52. Ganso Blogs says:

    That is really cruel

  53. pungie says:

    smh wasting the iguana meat dats not how u clean iguana u need to see how it done the rite way in St vincent

  54. Polo Rico says:

    Willing to pay 250$ American dollars if some one is willing to send me a grown adult green iguanas my kids are crying if some one speaks English an is need of money please reply to me an tank u

  55. kiện nguyễn says:

    Má nó ác

  56. Miệt Vườn Miền Tây says:


  57. blap bloop says:

    Why TF is this on my recommendation

  58. Not Casper.x Drippy says:

    Hehe he is Salvadorian

  59. Jordan Ghost says:

    Get a better knife bruh

  60. Oculus 111 says:

    Greetings from Winnipeg

  61. reymar gabo says:

    For easy cleaning you should boiled water and put it in then peeled the skin.. or put it in fire then peel the's good and yummy man..

  62. Thinh Dao says:

    Ác vcl

  63. Oscar Hernandez says:

    I think that's it's fine to do that but I wouldn't do that

  64. gabriela perez huerta says:

    Ijo de puta

  65. Ricky Dian Permana says:

    Iguana very expensive in indonesia as pet no iguana life in indonesia wild life

  66. AjiGoya says:

    People be complaining over other shit &ect… I’m wondering if y’all feel the same way when y’all eat chicken

  67. amaze says:


  68. Dante Rizo says:

    How dare you killed iguana you are most up

  69. Iguana Spike says:

    Parasites, bacteria and viruses, and to a lesser extent contamination from heavy metals and residues of veterinary drugs– eating reptile meat can cause several problems to health. This is the conclusion of a study published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology, which shows that people can catch certain diseases (trichinosis, pentastomiasis, gnathostomiasis and sparganosis) by eating the meat of reptiles such as crocodiles, turtles, lizards or snakes.

    "The clearest microbiological risk comes from the possible presence of pathogenic bacteria, especially Salmonella, and also Shigella, Escherichia coli, Yersinia enterolitica, Campylobacter, Clostridium and Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause illnesses of varying degrees of severity," Simone Magnino, lead author of the study and a researcher for the World Health Organization (WHO), said

  70. Dino velvet says:


  71. Melissa honey says:

    I know we have a whole bunch of those in Florida

  72. Glitch Addiction says:

    I’m starting to understand that any meat from any animal that’s not your typical farm animal taste like chicken

  73. J F says:

    Does iguana taste anything like gator?

  74. Earnestine Berry says:

    Stop killing animals ?????❤️????♥️? please pretty please with a cherry on top ?️??

  75. Earnestine Berry says:

    Why do you want to
    Kill animals then we will have no food to eat

  76. Earnestine Berry says:


  77. Earnestine Berry says:

    Why are you killing them when they did nothing to you ???? come on now

  78. John Jones says:

    I’m curious – at the very end you sever the bottom on the guts and remove the bowels fully. Where do you cut?

  79. Gunawan Rizki says:

    gelo neh,

  80. Coin collector Me says:

    These creatures are invasive , stop being a baby dislikers

  81. Woof Woof says:


  82. IG: ohhitznene says:

    Wonder how it taste

  83. Miyu Miyu says:

    Tired of chicken? Here's a chicken with scales. Vegans be confused now.

  84. Rai Joel says:

    Try making drum of This animal skin it gonna be fantastic drum ?

  85. Richie Casuccio says:

    Wow,I’m moving to Florida on a small budget! Good alternative food source!

  86. Too Short says:

    I never heard of anyone eating iguanas I'll pass.

  87. ronaldo aquino says:

    Que vergüenza ese animal está en peligro de extinción y no lo protegen que lastima me dan las personas que no cuidan los especímenes de nuestro planeta ??

  88. Occam's Razor says:

    I like them very sharp knives. Where can I find them?

  89. Matt Tozer says:

    Why you are so mean

  90. Mesh Grow Bags says:

    I'd like to get a few of those hides to tan..

  91. Ocho Verde Wildlife says:

    Please read the video description prior to making a personal attack on me. I am not in the video. I am holding the camera and I don't speak very much at all. Thanks and enjoy our newest video:

  92. Awesome Things says:

    Iguanas have WEED KILLER CHEMICALS in them from eating weeds !!!!!!! DONT EAT THEM ! YOU CANNOT COOK THAT OUT. Several people have passed away and a lot more will have cancer.

  93. Awesome Things says:

    No links. But here in florida, its very common for residents to purposely plant or lay out poisoned plants and flowers and fruits to kill iguanas.Ive gotten on neighbors and kids using antifreeze as well. Do not eat them ! You kill and eat them and get poisoned!

  94. Dayanira Rodríguez says:

    What The Hell Men.

    Where's My Piece At? I Love Gallinas De Palos = Iguana Meat I Think The Meat Is Better Than Chicken Tho

  95. Mouth Eater says:

    This is what happens when you introduce invasive species to Florida: people start finding ways to use it

  96. Jet Nick says:

    I wish I was in Tiajuana, eating barbecued iguana.

  97. Bill says:

    Vegans can kiss my ass. Humans have evolved to be apex predator and slightly carnivorous omnivores. Deal with it.

  98. Todd Autry says:

    I ate snake before and wasn’t a fan but I can appreciate this video.

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