How to Care for Green Iguanas : What to Feed an Iguana

How to Care for Green Iguanas : What to Feed an Iguana

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Nicole and
I’m here to tell you about Iguanas. This Iguana is I kept him on a diet of many green vegetables.
Mature Iguanas require high levels of vitamins and minerals which are found mainly in these
ingredients I got here. They also require a lot of veggies and a lot of supplements
in order to allow them to reach full size. This guy will eat at least one of these bowls
a day this has endives, Radicchio, green leaf lettuce, roman lettuce and the carrots in
here. So he has a quite variety of vegetables in there often times I’ll also add zucchini.
They like shredded sweet potatoes, there are so many different supplements you can put
into your animals food. They like cauliflower, corn now in order to complete the nutritional
value of this I add a supplement such as this one. This contains levels of vitamin D3 and
calcium so he’ll be able to this will complete his diet. I’m just going to sprinkle this
right on top of his food he doesn’t mind it, it really doesn’t taste like anything. A lot
of times you might want to read the labels on your supplements because supplements are
very important but they are also dangerous. You don’t want to give him too much, this
one you can put as much as you want on there and it’s not going to make much of a difference.
I’m just going to set this right here and he knows he can smell it he knows when it’s
time to eat so he’ll be coming over to munch on that any second.

Randy Schultz

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43 thoughts on “How to Care for Green Iguanas : What to Feed an Iguana

  1. johnny ortiz says:

    carots and letuce should be fed one every month

  2. jazzvisionband says:

    Thank you for your videos about Iguanas 🙂
    My Iguana will be 5 years old this year. It does very well on Collard greens. It basically grew up on those leaves and eats a few every day and it`s very healthy.

  3. bloodmonkeys216 says:

    no iceburg

  4. MrBinty1440 says:

    i'm sorry but this is the worst diet video on youtube except for the ones by people who are new to igs and don't know anything but what some pet store said to them. this is stuff out of a salad bag she bought at a store for people who are trying to lose or maintain weight not an iguana diet to grow on. what part of exotic animal don't people understand? i spend 30 min a day making mine their food and my iguana diet video covers alot more and shows what to really use & i'll be updating more soon

  5. Ns Jones says:

    Everyone who watches this video,DON'T FEED YOUR IGUANA LIKE THIS!!!MrBinty1440 has the best video for making iguana food on youtube!Watch that and your iguana will live 20 years

  6. neofuture says:

    letuice WTF take this off youtube !!!!! animal cruelty

  7. Vinny Banana says:

    Fuck this shit is wrong, take this out of youtube, fuck you lady, u dont know anything, stop it!

  8. Pasi says:

    iguanas need far far larger enclosures than what this women gives them…..
    they need at LEAST 3-4 feet taller cages, since they like to climb a lot and its far more important than having a wide 'walking area on the bottom'

  9. Bobby Heumann says:

    lettuce romaine??? i don't think so i would go with collard turnip and mustard greens… wiht other veggies to give them a variety!

  10. James Myhowycz says:

    I bet at the end he didn't dare go anywhere near that poor excuse for food LOL

    I now believe what people have said about these videos from "expert village", I have watched several of them and I would NEVER recommend doing anything they have said!!!

  11. GodzillavsChuckNoris says:

    Lettuce doesn't add much to the iguana's vitamin needs; and Iceburg lettuce (I know she didn't use any but I've seen many 1st time iguana keepers use them) is nothing but chewable water to them! The correct greens should be Mustard, Collard, or Turnip greens but Kale can also be used. It needed more shredded carrots in the bowl, but squash and zucchini are good to. And where's the fruit? They need some fruit too (I use strawberries).

    At least she used a supplement.

  12. inricheetos says:

    iguanas eat none of that in nature

  13. GodzillavsChuckNoris says:

    No they don't but what I mentioned is still very nutritious for them and are easy to find in grocery stores.

  14. Sergio Colaiacovo says:


  15. Abdulkader Alqadi says:

    @geckosman5 give it time it will get tamed

  16. BennyBlacko fromdaBricks says:

    water cress and greens, your a murderer

  17. vilo cantu says:

    Actually its just iceberg lettuce that provides no nutritional valué others such as romaine lettuce do provide the neccesary nutritional value

  18. vilo cantu says:

    Ok i feed My iguana romain leetuce, watermelon, potato, carrots, banana, papaya, and yallow zuchini if anyone can correct me or give me advise plz do so

  19. anne kirby says:

    Calcium suppliment tastes nasty! mine wont eat thier food if its sprinkled on top i have to put it in the middle or the bottom.first. Lettuce? what the helll are you thinking? expert my ass. go mrbinty1440 if you want a real expert and not this crap.

  20. Crutchfield Farm says:

    @olegbrowncompanys Yup…lettuce should be given as a treat…radiccio…no good…I made a list of food the iggy should ALWAYS/Sometimes/Never have…even my vet made a copy of it to give to other Iggy owners. It amazes me how some people try to educate people in iguanas and really are giving incorrect and misleading info

  21. Crutchfield Farm says:

    @SkittlesTAZdance also…iggys should NEVER have corn…she is trying to kill her iggy!!!!

  22. Sovereign Dreadnought says:

    wtf completely wrong corn cauliflower carrots? these are all bad they have almost no nutritional value that cage is waay to fuckin small. i feel bad for the iguana

  23. anne kirby says:

    @wicho2101 ur as full of shit as nicole. ive asked 6 people including2 vets, and a herpatologist. they all say pretty much the same thing. lettuce of any kind has little to no nutritional value and should only be fed as a last resort and only if you are trying to hydrate them

  24. MakeIt Epicc says:

    @LizardKhang thingy ;D

  25. WyattA. scoot says:

    hey iv been thinking about getting a green iguana but i would like to know if there a good pet for a younger person ive had 3 real reptiles and geckos bearded dragon western banded geckos and a desert iguana and i hav a frog wich im using for practice. thanks i hope you get me the info 🙂

  26. meranda2 says:

    @partyfreakable dont listen to them these people arnt experts there RETARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if u really want 2 know about iguanas go the the website the green iguana society that website has good info

  27. meranda2 says:

    @wicho2101 dude go to the green iguana society website

  28. The LowQuality says:

    this cage that she keep him is for shits!!(and she is an expert :P)

  29. TheOnePistol says:

    Why is is that everyone on expertvillage dosnt seem to know what the hell they are talking about?

  30. flyersfanbob says:

    where is the fruit?

  31. D Rich says:

    they need greens like collard greens mustard greens and turnip greens not lettuce…. you call yourself an expert

  32. anon nymous says:


  33. Buy Bionic says:


  34. DonaldTV says:


  35. Tito Mark Pare says:

    This girls hand is full of gashes! Are you really an expert?

  36. Sscar10 says:

    Why all you bitches talk shit about her, I'm on her side.


    fuck ads

  38. Leo Ferrara says:

    Expert ? My ASSSSSS~~~~

  39. 詹Chummy says:

    Good videos

  40. NekoPink says:

    wait lettuce? i was told never to feed lettuce to my igg?

  41. CheepaCreepa says:

    That poor iguana its probably dead by now. Carrots are NOT good for iguanas! Neither is corn! This is probably her 10th iguana by now because they are all DEAD!

  42. ivegottaluvlikewoe says:

    Kale + mustard and collard greens for iguanas!!!! Nothing else!!!!!!!!!!
    Lettuce can be given as a "treat", but very rarely. Opt for dandelions (that you're sure haven't been sprayed with chemicals) for a treat instead:)
    I believe that zucchini and carrots are ok in moderation, but I'm not sure.

    Iceberg and romaine lettuce gives them no nutritional value, and corn can kill them! You're setting up that iguana to die prematurely.

    additional note for anyone who came here for info:
    Never EVER feed your iguana bugs (especially mealworms – they can eat through an iguana's insides and kill them). They are vegetarian animals and can not properly digest bugs.

    Oh my gosh this video is freaking me out please do not feed your iguanas lettuce, corn, and carrots. plus, that petstore bought "supplement" crap isn't good for them either. If you are keeping their environment under the right kind of lights and keeping it warm and humid he should be fine! Feed it right and keep it's environment in check and you'll have a healthy lizard

  43. Gavin Russell says:

    Domain lettuce actually has high nutritional value but iceberg lettuce is like feeding them crap

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