How to Care for Green Iguanas : Weather Concerns for an Iguana

How to Care for Green Iguanas : Weather Concerns for an Iguana

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Nicole and
I’m here to tell you about Iguanas. Iguanas do require a certain level of humidity they
like it around 60 or 70% humidity where it’s dry it’s not so easy to provide that kind
of humidity. So especially in an open air cage like this so what we done to correct
that is I purchased a cool air humidifier it humidifies the whole room and this aides
in keeping the humidity at levels in which he needs in order to shed properly. His skin
needs it to be able to be properly moisturize at all. This is a cool mist humidifier I just
recently purchased to humidify this room and if you do purchase a humidifier for your reptiles.
Make sure it is a cool air humidifier or cool mist humidifier something that doesn’t use
the vapors. Anything that is vapor is you don’t really need all want is the humidity
in the room so this would be a good solution if you have a dry atmosphere. The temperature
in lighting does vary according to the season during the summer I don’t need as high of
wattage in bulbs to keep him warm. But during the winter I do have to upgrade to the higher
wattage in bulbs and we also reduce the amount of hours the lights are on. To help produce
the season I don’t want him to believe that is just summer all the time. He needs to know
that the seasons do change and it’s very important to now upset his internal clock. We do need
to be able to simulate the seasons during the winter hours we probably keep the lights
on from 8 o’clock in the morning until 6-6:30 in the evening. During the summer of course
his hours are extended the lights will come on around 7 in the morning and stay on till
about 8 or 8:30. Depending on where you are located just the easiest way to do it is to
do it according to the hours, the sun is out in area where you live. It’s not going to
upset your Iguana if you don’t have the exact hours of the area in which he is native to.

Randy Schultz

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5 thoughts on “How to Care for Green Iguanas : Weather Concerns for an Iguana

  1. MrBinty1440 says:

    u can hang a wet towel in the room or use a spray bottle to mist the iguana or a bath. lights on at sunrise or just after and off at sunset to keep their internal clock right. iguanas brains are activated by uvb light coming thru their 3rd eye and so is their immune system. thats why they need real sunshine outside whenever possible or a mega ray UVB light

  2. MrBinty1440 says:

    well a baby ig needs the temps to not go below 75 at night an adult can be allowed to go down to 70 at night, just make sure to check your temps before bed and in the morning and get an idea of how cold it gets in the room depending on how cold it is outside, but you dont want any lights on at night, you can get a megaray heat projector for like $20 from reptileuv,com and their uvb lights are the best & only safe uvb light i will use on my igs

  3. Randquez says:

    You send me an email if you want to see a real Iguana cage with a real healthy Iguana inside!

  4. brad delandro says:

    Iguanas are tropical animals.. what seasons are you talking about?? rainy season and sunny season?!?! cus thats all there are in the tropics lady.. .. what the hell do you mean they need to know the difference in the seasons?!?!?! :S

  5. Shannon Hartman-Rivera says:

    yeah and another thing is just take them on walks in the spring

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