How to Care for Green Iguanas : How to Train Iguanas

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Nicole and
I’m here to tell you about Iguanas. Some Iguanas actually like to be handled and interact with.
It depends on the Iguana you pick some have different personalities most aren’t to keep
on being interacted with. But some really like it just reach directly over him and pick
him up right behind the front legs there. They do like to feel like they are supported
when you are holding them against your body. It’s a good way to allow them to feel supported.
Now some Iguanas are like I mentioned are aggressive and will actually charge you. If
you do have and Iguana that begins to charge you or is threatening you or coming after
you at all. The only way to correct the behavioral is for you to act like the alpha male. The
Iguana is trying to prove that he is the alpha male in the group and you need to show him
that you are not. The best way to stop and Iguana from charging you is to not back down
when he’s charging you. Actually step forward towards him it’s best to use soft end of a
broom to gently whack the Iguana. If he’s large enough obviously not you don’t want
to hurt him you just want to make him know that he is not the alpha male that you are
in charge here. You need to tell him no and even chasing him for a minute will prove to
him that he is not the person that is not in charge. Now he’s really calming down now
and he’s going to lay on his log and warm up for a little bit. Most Iguanas at this
age aren’t so liable to charge at you he’s more scared than anything else. So he’s not
trying to dominate he’s just trying to defend himself when he is aggressive towards me.

Randy Schultz

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