How to Care for Gecko Lizards : How to Feed a Gecko

How to Care for Gecko Lizards : How to Feed a Gecko

Hi, I’m Johan Svahnström on behalf of Expert
Village. Now, to the feeding of your leopard gecko; really important. A lot of people tend
to only give them one thing to eat all the time. Try to get a variety of food for your
leopard gecko. Now, they don’t eat a whole lot of different things, so you’ve got to
think about that. Now, one of the most common staples for a leopard gecko is crickets. You
can get crickets almost anywhere. Crickets are great and they are definitely a staple
for your geckos. If you do feed them a lot of crickets, it’s important to use some type
of a vitamin to dust the crickets with. Take a little plastic cup like this, buy a vitamin,
a reptile vitamin, you can get it anywhere. There’s several different brands. I use this
one for now. Put a little bit of that vitamin in with the, in that cup, just a little bit
at the bottom. And that’s where you’re going to put your crickets. And you’re going to
kind of shake it around a little bit. Make sure the crickets are dusted with this stuff,
turn your light off, and just drop them in there. For two lizards, you know, you might
want to give them three or four crickets once every two days. There’s two different types
of worms that I use. I use the meal worms and the wax worms. The meal worms come in
a variety of different sizes. If your lizards are really small, you can buy real small meal
worms, then there’s medium sized, and then there’s these super worms that I like use
with my big ones. When you feed them these things, do not put them just out into the
substrate, because you’ll never see the worm again. Try to keep it on a lid like this,
and don’t put too many on there at one time. Just keep one or two at a time, and kind of
monitor your lizards when they eat them. Another great worm to use for your leopard geckos
are the wax worms. I like those a lot, especially for smaller geckos. They’re soft and they’re
easier to digest, and they’re real easy to catch. They’re little fat ones like this.
And I’ve never met a gecko that hasn’t loved these.

Randy Schultz

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47 thoughts on “How to Care for Gecko Lizards : How to Feed a Gecko

  1. David Jeske says:


  2. imide says:

    my lizard doesnt seem to come out a lot to eat and sometimes he walks right by the food. is there something wrong.

  3. Lap Of The Finer says:

    can you feed them fruit coated wiht honey or something as a treat ??? or is it beter to stick with crickets?

  4. no regrets says:

    do they have to eat bugs and crickets?

  5. Caleb Klinksiek says:

    i agree this guy is a fucking dipshit

  6. Ch0nch says:

    does this go for crested geckos?

  7. xavierxman123 says:


  8. nidzica5 says:

    ty man

  9. greattuberocks says:

    yes. it does go for crested geckos. I'm more of a leopard gecko fan though =-)

  10. DarkoML says:

    Hey tks, im from México, and this videos are very nice…

    Saludos, gracias …

  11. cupidmyluv says:

    this is guy is not am expert and how do meet a gecko?

  12. Tyler Hatton says:

    can u feed them veg

  13. E. G. says:

    yeah, any type of fine sand including calci sand can get in their eyes and clog up their organs. I just use repti carpet

  14. Spazmatraz says:

    Hi, i have a full grown male leopard gecko and my friend is giving me a blazing blizzard leopard gecko that is somewhere around 1 year, year and a half old. Will i be able to house them together?

  15. Jarad Cote says:

    Do you have to refrigerate the wax and meal worms???????

  16. thqsuks says:

    im getting a leopard gecko and i want to know if i should dust worms? also can you feed adult geckos biggish things like a praying mantis or something?

  17. FlyBikes089 says:

    I love Gecko!

  18. Noah says:

    Wax worms are treat. not a diet.

  19. Joanne Kim says:

    great i just bought wax worms i have 2 geckos 1 of them ate only four but my other one wont eat???

  20. Maria says:

    dumbs doesn't know what he's saying. waxworks are only used to fatten your gecko up when he needs it

  21. CemetaryGatesML says:

    and what about pinky mice???

  22. MrGooseMuffin says:

    @mas271 pretty much for any reptile, you dont have to dust everyday though. unless their a baby

  23. MrGooseMuffin says:

    @CemetaryGatesML leopard geckos arent ment to eat pinky mice?

  24. CemetaryGatesML says:

    @MrGooseMuffin in the nature they dont come across them.
    but you can feed SMALL pinky mice to them if you want.

  25. CartoonsOnlyChannel says:

    @animallover520 you're right, it's like a human eating potato chips.

  26. Smokin Aces Airsoft says:

    u need to feed ur gecko more food

  27. Mrdude1205 says:

    that guy is swedish

  28. Wolve64 says:

    Are meal worms any good to use as a food for a gecko?

  29. Raspberry says:

    I feed my 4 months old gecko baby crickets and small waxworms !

  30. Dproguyzerz says:

    ok how often do u feed? Do u need to use the vitamin dust all the time? can u dust the mealworms or superworms? u dont give any information wtf

  31. pongrocks12 says:

    @ComboKickChicken yes, some only eat mealworms. but variety is best

  32. CLG III says:

    again…how you spell your name

  33. Buy Bionic says:

    feed gecko variety of food, some gecko love to zip juices from flower and fruits. some are insectivore they feed on cricket, mealworm, silkworm and others.

  34. Buy Bionic says:

    the gecko is going on the woods cause of too much heat

  35. eduardo ramirez says:

    @Brunsboy17 dont listen to those people they dont know anything wax worms are junk food

  36. raverXxXxboy says:

    um… hey dude this is what i do well if you feed it crickets one day i like to feed it mealworms (not waxworms) the next day because they need the protien from both so 1 day i do meal worms then the next day Crickets

  37. Geddy135 says:

    is it ok to give them nonliving ones?

  38. GrapefruitAndChaiTea says:

    @Geddy135 They probably won't wanna eat it…

  39. Daddysbestboy1945 says:

    wax worms: mcdonalds for geckos!!!

  40. MonsterHunterGirl98 says:

    Would it be ok if I fed my 5 inch gecko two large crickets per day?
    Is that too much or too little?


  41. Aewdor says:

    my gecko doesnt eat the worms but he eats crickets

  42. killapinkpanda says:

    U can get crickets anywhere ?? Does that mean i can get them at McDonalds ???

  43. kaitlynluvshorses says:


  44. Cameron Macri says:

    thanks helped alot bro please write back

  45. zweisteinJ says:

    I have a Gecho the size of my thumb, aren't crickets too big for it?
    Can I feed it with something smaller? Like.. idk, ants?

    [excuse my not having any idea how to treat a lizard]

  46. Jos Anoia' says:

    buy small size crickets they are really tiny bout 1cm long a perfect size

  47. Merissa Cedar says:

    your not supossed to have them in pine bedding??!!

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