How to Buy Oranges

How to Buy Oranges

(fun music) – Hi, I’m Jerry James
Stone and in today’s video I’m gonna talk to you
about how to buy oranges. Okay, so the first thing
that might seem obvious is it should be orange but guess what? That doesn’t really matter. Valencia oranges for example, they turn orange once they’re ripened but then they can actually start
to get a little green again from this process of
absorbing chlorophyll. So the color itself is not
really a good indicator. What you wanna look for is have an orange where the skin is taut and smooth. The skin’s a little bumpy I know but you’re looking for
blemishes, wrinkles. You really want that skin
to look like it’s fresh and if it’s wrinkled
or it has marks on it, that’s not a really good orange. The thing that’s most important I think when it comes to buying an orange is getting one that’s heavy for its size. So I like to pick it up with
just my fingers kinda lightly and hold it and see if it feels heavy. It should feel heavier than a baseball then you know it’s gonna
be really nice and juicy. Now, while you should store
oranges in the refrigerator and not the counter, the important part for getting the best tasting orange is to take it out of the fridge and let it come to room
temperature before you enjoy it and that’s how you buy the best oranges. If you like this video,
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Randy Schultz

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