How To Build Your Own Reptile Enclosure! (2019)

How To Build Your Own Reptile Enclosure! (2019)

hello everyone I’m here with Charlie and charlie is about to take home a new snake how exciting lots of the time the first time snake owners make the mistake of putting the snake in an aquarium aquariums tend to be okay if they’re set up properly but it can take a lot of setup just to make sure that they have the right humidity so I make kits for people out of these plastic bins because the snake can basically be raised perfectly and I’m going to show you how I make them I use lamb Demers to use to be able to control the temperature along with a little temperature probe so we can see what the temperature is they have a lovely choice of the crystal waterville a China water doll alright a lovely red water ball what would you like today charlie Charlie’s doing with the red water one fine twist very stylish and then snakes need something to hide in so I’ll save my to-go containers I make little hide [Music] so you can pick out a lovely hi whichever one your heart desires [Music] he wants that very good so that’s decided and we’re gonna put some heat tape at the bottom wonderful so let me show you how I do this drill some holes into the container and you don’t want too many you don’t want too little too little too many might be a bit bent when the snake starts to shed it should just shed perfectly in one piece if it doesn’t then cover a couple holes [Music] so priciples onyx line and their tools on the front in the back since I don’t have like a shin or an outdoor place to do this I do it all in the kitchen which my wife loves very much it’s her favorite thing see me being all manly and drilling things and building things nothing makes her happier but there so we drilled all these all these lovely bins now they have the holes all beautiful and looking fantastic the next step will be I’ll teach you and Charlie how to do that so that you facing in my line workers well I do like the really crap each I get wonderful stop now so basically this is going to be what the heat tapes gonna look like I’m going to put it right here so you can come on top so it’s gonna be sitting right there so what I’m going to do now is take one of these temperature probes and this is going to tell us what the temperature is so I’m going to one of these walls tape it you see I’m gonna tape it here to the middle of the heat pad so I can see what the temperature is I have this like I don’t what kind of tape it it’s an aluminum tape it’s pretty strong stick the program little capture oh yeah but it’s gonna go here one side in first the other side I can kind of roll it back and forth and have it in nice and tight perchik always put one side down and then turn the cord into it again I’m sticking them to do this so you put it on the record then you put one side down stretching it so you have to one side down and you almost like a little thing onto it then you put the other side down and then you see how it like that yeah that way it stays on good and then say like a father can you like this here I did it wrong here see that so heads bothering me because that’s where like my like Haiti you know kissing so it’s like yeah it’s just you want it to visit this meter and it’s like like you see it’s not gonna go anywhere whereas when it has an air bubble it creates a problem so I stick it to the to the cord first then I stick it to one side and I roll the cord on it then I put the other side down and they roll the cord like back and forth and then it’s stuck nicely and it’s not part of the sticking process I have double sided tape and this double-sided tape trying to get a strong one because I don’t use a lot so I just got a little taste like this and this stuff too it’s another like it’s a tedious annoying stuff you see this so on the temperature probe thing if you look at this on the back this is where the battery comes out right so if I was to stick a big sticker on here and stick it then you can’t change the battery so I cleverly stick the sticker on the battery switcher and then if this double-sided tape the double-sided tape doesn’t like to come off I’ll get it off it will happen I’m stopping you from seeing how wonderful and enjoyable this is was that snake is on the loose that’s how you know your snake it that’s how you usually find your snake if your snake goes missing you’re not gonna find it it’ll just knock stuff over and then you’ll be like my snake find nothing I’m in the middle of the night something knocks over and all the right next ear is one time IV just my face or she was murdered two semesters she was like right next to me kissing my face I’m like what the heck I’m like oh my goodness it’s her she’s there she was like she came to me in my sleep and was kissing my face that was that was quite special let’s see finally I got the double-sided tape off I do this so that people have homes for their snakes that their snakes will be good in because I know that if they like I literally had a girl the girl came she bought a snake she put in an aquarium and it died there’s no longer the wall like is didn’t have the right humidity and stuff and it was too big for the snake and at that point I was so bothered like I was so angry at her egg but then I thought to myself you know what I’m the one that sold it to her and it you know what I mean so then I thought about it a long time and I came up with like an idea I’m just like there we go so look at how beautiful that is the the probe is plugged in nice it’s secured nicely and now you can see the temperature wonderful now the next part is I’m cutting up THG thge tape is it THD ght ght tape cutting it up to make heat pads for the [Music] [Music] blanks on the top I’m just like looking at it it does I hear that I think have you ever heard of its called like more more art then oh hai re named after some artists but like when you look at certain patterns they like kind of like change colors and stuff yeah sound like you know remember back in the day they we all looked at that like magic eye or whatever you ever do that and so you look at something there’s a picture in there but yeah those are probably magic eye so it’s like you look at them your plan it’s like mmm like gonna count to six if I counted five up this way cuz I basically make them as thick and please say it’s the same thickness so this probably provides just as much heated front wash from these ones but it got too much I got too much Twilight now’s the part I hate doing the most because I’m a hairdresser I have just what I need right here no no go I got needles for like for injecting the dead snake but it’s just like when I went to buy needles I felt so self-conscious like no no these are to inject a dead snake with drilling alcohol okay so now this is the part that I enjoy the least but basically before I solder the the dimers to these I have to first kind of cut I have to cut without cutting through this whole thing yeah this okay so without cutting through the whole thing I just got to do something like this see that beautiful beautiful beautiful and then same thing over here dude yeah it’s a little tricky because if you push too hard you cut through the whole thing and then it’s it’s broken there we go see that that actually works pretty well now I got to do that for all of the other ones okay after I’ve been making holes to prepare for the soldering I’ll take some some electric tape and then I will tape 2tv electric tape to the open side of the heat tape wonderful just to keep it all safe and I don’t know how it keeps it safe everyone else does it so I’m doing it too I’m just a follower of it now you see me doing it and then you can do it too you just take the electric tape and you cover off those two ends to make it safer about wonderful grace now this is my favorite part I get to solder the lamp dimmers to the heat tape yay so exciting so so thank you can you feel like getting right what are you filming you keep the camera in like one spot okay come on have some pride in your work just like Oh Matthew having some parable I never have trouble everything is wonderful see like the silence that we have now it feels awkward as I’m trying to like cut chords with a razor okay so see now I have this nice long piece of cord or whatever it is and I stick it into this hole so I think I’m just OH before I stick it in the hole I have this little like stuff that helps the Saunders thing stick to it so I just take it dab with that and I put it on this and then I put it on this over here same thing on the other side I’m gonna rub it on the cord it’s called flux flux I don’t know Charlie makes food and I’m a hairdresser so we’re not the most handiest man but we’re still wonderful that’s already kind of stuck in there nicely and then I’ll do the other one educator laughter I didn’t look let’s do it oh we’re moving to the countertop all right so here we go it’s the moment of truth okay yes I’m gonna have to solder this on here’s the soldering stuff behold the most exciting part of the whole video note the most exciting part is when it’s all done okay yes indeed it always makes me so happy when this stuff like just melts and does stuff it’s like very nice but beautiful fine workmanship and if I do say so myself this is actually very satisfying what satisfies like just it melting just as quickly is it’s very um well no I’m breathing it but don’t breathe it maybe I should know I should not crack wonderfully no makes me so happy it really does isn’t that beautiful they’re beautiful that is stuck on pretty good very nice very nice Oh beautiful and now we have a lovely controllable heat source yeah the next step is going to be more electrical tape more electrical tape so you see this distance like this times two because you have to be able to enjoy like this so this just can’t be one at a time so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna gonna take this see just leave a little bit of it going over see how it’s like covers it then it goes over this edge and then you just kind of it’s too long the pieces too long it’s too long let’s go do that and we can just stick that to that and I sleep it and then for a little bit of extra support who cares why not let’s take that extra piece and attach it okay make sure you pass the thing that’s done [Music] my protector fabulous wonderful soldering please and making snake bones Charlie you do anything right Charlie wonderful finally we’re on the last part of our wonderful journey they’re going to attach the heat 2d container kind of watch me let’s stick it on so yeah we’re twin it like this there is a way for things to be done and we want to do them in a nice way so see there’s like this perfect like little crevice that these bins have that make me happy and some tape know we’ve run out of tape fear not little ones I know my daughter’s I think their allergies have to go for walks every day to pick up their crap this makes it so much better they’re the main reason that I make these homes is that people can take home paying closure that’ll work for the snake for a few years a couple of years give it everything that it needs also like all the heat pads that companies are making or everything they need to put a thermostat on them my thermostat you guys spend like another hundred bucks just to control your heat and most people don’t make most of first-time buyers I just go they buy a heat pad that heat pad has no control oh and with this you’re gonna be able to fully control the heat I like this aluminum tape because it just sticks beautifully everything that wraps around stuff we’re making these are not en so by everyone that is that when he’s ready to problems see how my son is even trying to get someone to do that you’d be screwed not you Charlie I’m not picking me okay and now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for so we have our temperature right there you can see it says twenty eight point six degrees Celsius so I’m gonna plug it in and we’re gonna mess around with the temperature until we have it somewhere where we like it Charlie and smooth Charlie the snake is gonna be ready to go home I will be good in that for good leaders see something nice for it’s a harder shelter that’s Bogart is going into his new home [Music] yeah yes you have the ability to zoom in on things – did he use a zoom at all yeah so right now it’s 29 18.9 yeah that’s better so you 29.5 so you want it to be around like 33 not 30 30 what did I say 32 yeah like 32 to 34 degrees I’d say it’s safe I like it always to be kind of around like 33 that’s like the sweet spot but anywhere from like 32 to 34 you’re good so we can see the temperature is raising there you have it a nice controllable home that will work perfectly for it you see what is the snake doing is it trying to get out as you’re trying to escape oh no the home is way too small no see it’s hiding in its hide because that’s what snakes do most of the time they like to hide I’m not saying that you should just take them and stick them in a little box and not that them I have any freedom I think that you give them what they need and that’s basically what their home is it’s a place for them to have all the things that they need and then you take them outside and you play with them and you let them go exploring and stuff and they have fun doing that as well but that’s basically what the snake needs and all you need to provide for it for it to have a good happy life and as it gets bigger you make it or get it a bigger home perfect we’re sitting at 32 everything’s working great what he’s happy yeah he’s happy he’s good he’s chillin he’s having a good time yeah you

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