How To – Bucket a Venomous Snake

How To – Bucket a Venomous Snake

Hi, my name is Johan Marais from the African
Snakebite Institute. I’m going to show you how to catch a venomous
snake using snake tongs. These tongs are a meter and a half in length,
and we use two hands – the strong hand takes the weight of the tong, and the other hand
very gently works the trigger. You want to catch a snake at the front of
the tong, not in the back here where you have too much leverage, and you also don’t want
to pinch it. When you catch a snake it’s always in the
middle of the body, never near the head. If you catch a snake near the head, they go
absolutely crazy. So there I have the snake, I’m picking it
up very gently. He’s fairly relaxed, and I want to get
his head and tail into the bucket at the same time. Then very quickly I’ll get my lid before the
snake escapes. There he is, in the bucket and secure. To release it I remove the lid, tip the bucket
over, and shake the snake out while I move away from it. Shake it out, and I move backwards.

Randy Schultz

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