How to Become a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle – Behind the Scenes

How to Become a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle – Behind the Scenes

Ok are you ready? It goes as long as it takes for us to eat this entire pizza. This smells awful. I go off the whisper of the wind. Have you ever heard the woof cry. How much of this is intentional? All of it. yeah Ready. Laughing Try and slash more more and
not stab so much does that makes me very nervous when here my poking at me
with your own place I’m sorry dude it’s okay that’s good
that’s real did you get that yeah good about it no
it’s fine it’s not even bleeding out it’s like it’s like the time the
Cherokee smash my face open with a crowbar I’m sorry man no it’s okay we chopped
his finger on a couple your sword right and when I alright alright alright when
we start that we’re doing right now I move in unison yes I read we do what right that’s the way we do who’s losing
to do first what do you mean man the don’t ask me
questions like that are we going to do guys we called the CDC there’s almost no he’s in heaven right
now having like things that are happening in this general area 30pm don’t get closer to show more like
this . you get it so we gotta get in there get in there
and you might like to keep yourself absolutely mirror yeah you need to spoon yeah just a little yeah ok oh geez ok so
this is a lot of man we’re going to do with a human centipede
stretch after this right okay all right you know your your lions this is pretty
much one more guess when you would be great for like what he’s like to be
turtles and you’re like yeah awesome radical institutions and thats it should
be and might be like oh man that movie was great let me throw the blanket off and that’s
it but it was great I’ve been thinking about it all night everybody straight
face but I’m just like I’m just gonna work out . i’m day dreaming I’m thinking
again I’m like oh man that movie was so good well i got that
was the word you know using two balls to the wall right many guys that movie was good the then
he was so good but you would be even better what’s that if we could be your ninja
turtles in real life let’s do it yeah the action no it’s probably really bad Ellen what started it all there is no
one talking before you start your life so I need that like you would be really
great though we could we should be your image tools really yours oh and like
that to me Turtles I like the hushed voice I mean there he
goes in real life you have in real time in my just like I RL I just wake up I just had a dream about
that movie we also less now before we went to bed together all right we’re getting is it filming yeah even for a second to leave and then
so you guys the movie also i was so good but you
know what would be even better with that if we were like Ninja Turtles you mean in it really happened down
there are always two it’s like the wait Gary started off with
real it’s really like you’re like man that
movie was awesome it’s like hey guys cool ok so I movie
last night was to be were but no no no didn’t you learn very seriously and i
feel like i have most of the lives of most of her feel it and it will be also
you want I can’t say it because i’m on the edge so then move outside was ok is alright
well let me let me do it man the movie last night was great even
if you think it’s all right yeah man the movie last night was great
guys but you know you know what’d be even better was what’s that if we are in Ninja Turtles
there he is there at all we’re getting there were you didn’t make
sure you can you pick the perfect this is all just an allergy to thank you write whatever I say get your little do
you want to do we are ready to do the reaction sure it’s literally just ok
boys is everyone so when I say action with my ninja turtles and then your egos
in real life in real life what are you looking for like in real
life i get real life in real life it would be great if we were to the jungles
created out of this bed right so do we want two seconds what yeah we do that we’ll be here man
that movie last night was awesome but you know what would be even better
what’s that if we were ninja turtles in real life

Randy Schultz

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