HOW TO #2 The ULTIMATE Bearded Dragon Setup – CrittaCam

HOW TO #2 The ULTIMATE Bearded Dragon Setup – CrittaCam

I’m Peter Birch welcome to the How to series brought to you by Ultimate Reptile Supplies Today we’re setting up a Bearded Dragon enclosure. Just like this one right here welcome to CrittaCam So for this particular setup I’ve chosen The large URS Terrarium one of the great things I love about the lids themselves which we’ve already had fitted for ourselves here Is the lighting system? They actually have these push out sections here where you can push them out and put in your lights. Just like we got right here We’ve actually decided to use the URS ES fittings so basically it’s the ceramic fitting ceramic is much better than a plastic Because exposure to a lot of heat over a lot of time The plastic will start to get very brittle and sometimes will even break when you’re putting inside your globes Which is very difficult and very dangerous? They’re already hooked up with a plug on the end Which makes them compliant to the Australian Standards which means you’re going to be nice and safe So what we’ve decided to use is for heating is this URS infrared globes so basically you’ve got a heat section so one end of the cage you’ve got heat which naturally allows the reptile to thermoregulate which means the animal needs to move towards the heat to increase its metabolism to digest its food or in sometimes It will move away from the heat when it needs to cool down It’s allowing the animal to move in and out of those heat zones. Which is very important for a reptile And on this side, we’ve actually installed a compact fluorescent globe. This is actually a UV section here Which is five percent, so now we put the lid on we’ve installed a thermometer one probe at the cool and one probe at the hot end which is down this side with the heat sources And we’ve also installed a Microclimate B1 Down here with the probe is down at the hot end of the cage which is keeping the hot end in check So what you need to do is actually Plug in the heat source into the actual Microclimate That’ll keep that heat source within the temperature desired that we need And for the next thing we’re going to chuck in some sand into this beautiful enclosure So the sand, we’re using is the Desert Red URS and these big chunky bags 20 kilos bit of a workout But it’s a great product nice course and that lovely Brilliant color just going to get that on in there now? So for this setup for a Bearded Dragon we’ve chosen the Ultimate large hide rock here Not only for a hide But also for a perch to allow the animal to get up off the ground Bearded Dragons are a perching animals So they’d like to climb a fair bit and we’ve also chosen This nice Branch for that specific reason to they let the Bearded Dragon and get up off the ground They can get up they can see the insects running around they can jump down and chase their food We’ve also chosen the Billabong water bowl a nice big water bowl, but that can also act as a food bowl, too so if you’re offering salads to a Bearded Dragon You can remove the water put your salads in their offer the salads to the bearded dragon Once he’s finished eating for the day you can take the salads out water back in there, or you can use two bowls So we’re going to check these in there Always making sure the water bowls squish down deep and touching the bottom of the enclosure And the same with the hide the last thing you want is any of your little animals getting trapped underneath any furnishing in your cage And coming to a horrible death now all we need is a little bit of water Turn all this system on make sure it’s all working properly put in a Bearded Dragon So we just double check the temperatures with a thermometer making sure that the hot spot is are the direct or the desired temperature for Bearded Dragon a little Security Key here prevents the fact from anyone else tampering with your Thermostat making sure the temperatures right in the right zone. We’re ready for a Bearded Dragon Look at these big fella in you go mate. Here’s your new your home And of course a nice sliding door that locks Preventing old mate here from getting out looks like one happy lizard you

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