How Many Colognes Should YOU Own? Ultimate Guide To Fragrance Types!

How Many Colognes Should YOU Own? Ultimate Guide To Fragrance Types!

Ultimate Guide To Fragrance Types
[0:00:00] So, the question is how many fragrances should
a man own? The answer, one. Boom! Video over. Man, that was easy.
Nope. Just kidding, and I’m not beating up on stats, and this was a good fragrance. When
I was 12 years old, I got this for Christmas. Introduce me to the world of fragrances.
So, if you were to poll five fragrance experts, how many fragrances should a man own? You’re
going to probably get five different answers. My answer is going to be a bit more open,
and that is own as many as you want. And, by the way, I’ll let you know at the
end of this video how many fragrances I own as of today’s date.
So, let’s start things off with florals. Historically, this is the oldest scent that men and women
have worn. Yes, I know we think florals you think flowers, you think a woman’s fragrance.
But, guys, there are tons of masculine especially sexy fragrances out there that men can wear.
And, yes, you’re going to smell like maybe lavender, you’re going to smell like rose.
You’re also going to see magnolias, you’re going to see lily of the valley, you’re going
to see gardenia. You’re also going to see iris out there in a number of floral fragrances.
Now, when to wear floral fragrances? Spring, summer. Yeah, you could wear it in the winter,
you can wear it in the fall. But, spring and summer is when most people, they just feel
that these fragrances work. Now, one interesting note is that florals
oftentimes are amplified by the heat. So, when you put this on inside, be aware that
if you go outside and it’s hot or if you start to sweat, all the sudden this fragrance can
start to project a bit more. Now, is everyone going to be into florals?
I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan. Even though I’ve got some of the classic fragrances
out there, when it comes to florals I found that they just don’t work for me. And, my
wife doesn’t like them too much on me. But, you’ve got to find what works for you, so
go out there and experiment. Tons of options out there.
The next type of fragrance I want to talk about are the aquatics. So, think of beach,
think the ocean. That smell right there. But, what’s interesting about this, how can you
actually encapsulate that smell and put it into a fragrance? You can’t naturally. So,
this is where they use synthetic basically molecules to replicate that smell.
One of the classic ones we’re going to see out there Acqua di Gio. This right here just
is it encapsulates what is an aquatic fragrance. You’re going to find some other ones out there
I think Bvlgari makes some great ones. I haven’t talked about this yet, but I will at some
point. And, you could also go with something that’s a little bit stronger, go with maybe
the perfume the Profumo here. Point being is it this fragrance is actually
one of my favorites, and I’ll tell you why. Because it’s fresh, it’s clean, and there’s
just something about it that draws me in. And you’re going to find when you choose a
fragrance, when you find a particular type, there’s just some relationship. Maybe growing
up on my summers in California, this is what it reminds me of. And, that’s what’s interesting
about these fragrances. Now, when is the best time to wear aquatics?
Pretty much it seems obvious, right? During the summer. You can wear it in the spring,
you can wear it in the fall, you could wear it in the winter. But, I find that aquatics
work best in hot weather. So now, I want to talk about one of my favorite
smells when it comes to fragrances, and that is leather. I love leather jackets, I love
suede jackets, and I love a fragrance that has a leather smell to it.
So, most fragrances are not going to say leather right on them. Instead, what you’re going
to get are they’re going to take other combinations, and they’re going to put it together and you’re
going to pick up leather in this. You’re also going to pick up in this one gasoline, asphalt,
violet is the dominant note, but most people smell leather very quickly and it’s one that
stays with it. Now, what’s causing this? It is not a natural
fragrance like with florals, again, they can take extracts from flowers, although they
don’t do that very often anymore. But, what they have to do with this is this is going
to be man-made. Now, leather fragrances, what are they good
for? For me, these are fragrances that you want to dress up. These are fragrances that
you don’t want to wear just with casual clothing. They are fragrances that work great with a
suit whenever you want to look good and feel like a million bucks. When do you wear a leather
fragrance? During the fall and during the winter.
Next up, let’s talk about orientals. And, before I go too deep on this, I want to stress
that all these different types I’m talking about, you’re going to see these combined.
So, you’re going to — you’re not just going to see orientals, you’re going to see floral
orientals, you’re going to see spicy orientals, you’re going to see woody orientals.
Now, I’ll get into those other types here soon, but with this oriental here, there’s
something in it that makes it an oriental, and that is truffle. You’re also going — amber
is going to be the most common one, but this one right here black orchid by Tom Ford is
very well-known because this is a very unique smell. But, there’s a truffle smell in this
which really sets it apart from most other fragrances out there.
Now, when it comes to the amber to truffles to orientals in general, you’re going to find
that these are great fall winter fragrances. They’re oftentimes heavier fragrances, very
seductive fragrances. These are also great for at night whenever you want to be more
attractive. You’re getting close to somebody, you want to smell a bit mysterious, you want
to look at an oriental fragrance. Mmm. This is an amazing fragrance.
[0:05:05] Now, if you’ve got an eagle eye, throughout
this video you may have noticed I’ve got some pretty cool fragrances back here. Most of
you guys have never seen this, and that’s because these are Navitus Parfums. If you’re
familiar with Steven over at Redolecenssence, he just launched his company. And, guys, I’ve
got samples of all of his fragrances, and I have to say that they are amazing.
Now, gents, he’s not paying me to talk about his fragrances. He did send me samples, and
I tried them all and I have to say from the packaging to everything that he’s put into
these fragrances, they are nothing short of amazing.
One of my absolute favorites in his collection, Absolutio. Why? Because it’s a gourmand fragrance.
So, this is the next type I’m going to talk about gourmand fragrances are fragrances that
have edible qualities. Not that you would be eating the fragrance, but you almost feel
that you can. Now, another great example of a gourmand fragrance
is going to be Amen. Another one Kryptomint. We’ve got Rochas Man. And, right over there,
I’ve got vanilla and leather. These are fragrances, when you smell them when especially a woman
smells the stuff on you, she wants to get close. She wants to eat you up.
These fragrances are oftentimes going to be a little bit heavier, a little bit more — going
to wrap you. They’re almost like a hug. This is something that when you’re wearing
a sweater, you want to wear a gourmand fragrance. So, on that note, no pun intended, these are
winter fragrances. You can also wear them in the fall, maybe on a cool spring day, but
these are fragrances, yeah, that you want to wear in cooler weather.
Another Navitus perfume I’m absolutely loving is Primas. Now, this one right here has oakmoss.
So, therefore, it is a chypre. If you’re not familiar with chypre fragrances, I think the
word comes from French for cypress. But, the idea here, oakmoss, bergamot, these are going
to be fragrances that just have a — they have a very mature [feel to them?].
This is definitely a fragrance that is for a man. A fragrance that’s going to be sophisticated,
it’s going to be elegant. This is going to be a fall fragrance. And, if you’ve ever smelt
Polo Green is another perfect example of a chypre fragrance when you’re looking for this
type of fragrance out there. It’s another great one. If you’ve never tried it, make
sure to try a sample or go out there and buy the good stuff.
All right, guys. So, if you’re interested in Navitus Parfums, I’m going to put some
great resources down in the description of today’s video. First up, I’m going to link
over to Steven’s video. He talks about each of his fragrances, goes into a lot more detail
than I do in this video. I’m also going to link over to his website.
Now, guys, if you’re looking for a gift, if you want to get a fragrance, a niche fragrance
of high quality, you want to check out what they’ve got here. I love the packaging. I
love how with every — every fragrance you buy, it comes with a card. And on this card
it actually breaks out each of the notes. It’s just the packaging is so beautiful.
And, guess what, guys? That matches the quality of the fragrances. Why am I saying all this?
No, Steven is not paying me. I simply love what he’s doing. I want to support him, his
new brand, and, yeah, for you guys to go check it out. Amazing fragrances.
If you know the type of fragrances you want to get into or you want to go check out his
sample pack, so that you can smell these fragrances for yourself, go do it, guys, because this
fragrance line is amazing. Now, the fragrance I’m holding here, this
is Virtus. So, Virtus is a woody fragrance. What’s a woody fragrance? Again, they’re not
extracting wood oil or anything and making these fragrances. But, when you smell this,
you smell sandalwood, you smell cedar. There’s a wide variety of different types of woods,
but this one right here, yes, wood is one of the notes.
There’s a few other ones as well, but we’re going to find some other fragrances out there
that have great wood notes. This one right here I know a lot of you guys have it. It’s
got a cult following. But, other ones simply, you know Tom Ford does a great job. He puts
wood right on it. And then, other fragrances are classics, they’ve been around for thirty
years. And this one I’m actually wearing right now,
it’s got a very strong wood fragrance as the base sandalwood, even though on top — the
top note is isn’t wood. Point being is that wood is a very strong masculine fragrance.
Any guy that works with wood knows this. When are you going to wear this? This is going
to be a winter, this is going to be a fall. You could wear it in the spring. It’s going
to be though throughout the day, not maybe something you would wear at night. It’s not
a super I would say dressy fragrance, although you can find sometimes the wood is going to
mix with the oriental. Maybe it’s going to go with a bit of spice,
therefore you could probably wear that at night. You see how that works. Point being
is this is a great fragrance for any guy that wants to smell strong and masculine.
Now, let’s talk about spicy fragrances. So, some people consider this a subcategory under
oriental fragrances. What we’re going to notice about spicy fragrances; vanilla, cinnamon,
nutmeg, clove. And, spicy fragrances, these are oftentimes some of the favorite fragrances
of guys that want to smell great and attract the ladies.
Tons of options out there. Some of them are going to have great projection. Other ones
maybe not so much projection, but more of a sweet smell and definitely one that everybody
loves. Everybody that smells this fragrance absolutely loves it.
[0:09:59] Now, does that say that every spicy fragrance
is going to be a crowd-pleaser, is going to be something that, yeah, it’s going to smell
like everybody else? No, it’s not. There are some out there that have maybe a bit of a
smoky smell. And, definitely, you know, take a little bit of practice to wear it and you
need to be the right guy to be able to pull it off.
But, when you think spicy fragrance, you want to think winter, you want to think fall. You
want to think it’s going to envelop you, it’s going to be like a warm hug. These are great
fragrances especially during the cold weather. Next up, let’s talk about fougere. This is
considered to be some of the most masculine fragrances out there, lavender with oakmoss
with a bit of tobacco. This combination right here is just what’s considered by many people
to be the masculine fragrance. Now, is everyone going to agree? No, especially
on this one right here. But, when you try something like this Burberry Touch, this is
something when people smell it, they’re like, ”Wow! That really smells like a man.”
Are we all going to agree? No, of course we’ve got different opinions.
But when is a great time to wear this fragrance? Fall, spring, summer. It’s definitely I think
a three-season fragrance. Maybe not so much for the winter, a little bit light in my opinion,
but this is going to be a fragrance you can wear throughout the day. You could wear it
to work, you’re just going to smell great. You’re not going to offend anybody, and it’s
just something it’s a really nice fragrance. Mmm. Now, this Navitus perfume here, Navus,
it allows me to cover actually the next two categories two birds with one stone, citrus
and aromatic. Let me explain what each of these are.
Now, as you can imagine with citrus scents, this smell very fresh, very clean, very light.
When is a great time to wear this? Well, pretty much obvious, right? Spring and summer are
perfect. Another thing you’ll notice about citrus scents
is that they go pretty quick. They actually don’t last very long, hence why you see these
used oftentimes in combination with other scents with other fragrances. And, they’re
oftentimes be a top note because, yeah, the top note just doesn’t last that long.
And what do they mean by an aromatic scent? So, this is going to be a very grassy scent.
This is going to be sage, rosemary, cumin, lavender. And, by the way, aromatics are considered
to be very masculine and you will often time to see them combined with citrus notes.
And, I did promise to let you know how many fragrances I own. Right now, the count is
165 fragrances. That’s a lot, I know. Probably more than I can wear in my lifetime. And,
because of that, I’m going to be break – basically, decanting where you take them and you put
them in smaller containers. And I’m going to be sending them out for free to the guys
in my Dapper Dog Club. What am I talking about? If you haven’t checked
out my group over on Facebook, you want to check it out. I’m going to link to it down
in the description. It’s a free group, but here’s the deal. You got to answer the three
questions. A lot of people applied and they did not answer any of the three questions,
so I’m not letting you in. You’ve got to show that you really want to be part of this inner
circle here at RMRS. So, I’m inviting you to join. Again, I’m putting a link down
in the description. And, we’re giving away a lot more than just
fragrances by the way. I’m getting rid of things here in the office. But most importantly,
the guys that join my Dapper Dog Club, they care about the direction of Real Men Real
Style. They want to reach out to me directly and say, Antonio, I loved this video or I
didn’t like this video. They want to give me constructive criticism, and that’s what
I’m looking for. People to join this group and give me ideas
for future videos, be able to talk about, hey, Antonio, that’s a good one, no, maybe
not that so much. I want to be able to explain why I do what I do, so that I can basically
have some people that care about my channel and care about this community enough that
they want to engage with us. And we’ve got a little club going on here,
yeah, the Dapper Dog Club. So, go check it out, guys. I will link to it, again, down
in the description. It’s free. But, remember, you’ve got to answer those three questions,
otherwise you’re just not getting in. So, what video to watch next? How about the
sexiest fragrances a man can wear? I’ve got you covered in this video right here. Check
it out, guys. It’s a countdown I break out. And there’s a lot of fragrances on this list
that you will not see anywhere else. So, guys if you want to smell and look great, check
out this video right here. [0:13:52] End of audio

Randy Schultz

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    Vaseline Intensive Care For Men. Protects my skin, and when I ran out of my old aftershave/cologne, I slapped some on and never went back!
    I it works very well with my body chemistry as I have tried a lot colognes for men. I either get the headache or I smelled like roadkill!! Lol!

  80. Michiel Schipper says:

    Loving the memes and jokes 🤣

  81. Jeff Webb says:

    About 30. Just be sure to keep your bottles in a dark cabinet and at normal temperatures, not too hot or cold.

  82. The Fragrance Decant Boutique says:

    Great suggestions!

  83. Nomaan mehdi says:

    Shit I'm allergic to fragnace

  84. Falk says:

    „You’re gonna smell like rose.“
    *shows picture of tulips

  85. Red Salmon says:

    Blvgari Pour Homme is in my shopping cart. $37 for a 100ml. Fresh and clean is my taste.

  86. Frank Tank says:

    Bad choices in my opinion

  87. Johnra Brown says:

    Great information. I love these types of videos

  88. Sherrick Official Personal Vlog says:

    I make my own cologne mixture so that no one smells like me ever.

    I worked on it until everywhere I went the women always say my cologne is the best smell on a man they have ever smelled and ask me what it is for their husbands or boyfriend's and the men around me ask the same.
    Man I love this channel bro.

    Please keep up the good and much needed work and continent.

    Your like the male role model we all needed but never grew up with.

    Please feel to check out amd subscribe to my channel for similar content and subject matter.

    – Sherrick Official

  89. Kiyoshi says:

    I decided to downsize my collection and get rid of the ones that weren’t my favorite due to my preference for being minimalistic and hate having to decide between a lot of fragrances but will still be watching your videos

    Spicebomb Extreme
    By the Fireplace
    Armani code absolu
    Azzaro wanted
    Invictus intense
    Kenzo by kenzo

  90. skywalker tech luke says:

    Great video I love this one I think is your best so far .you really crush it .I have a big collection as well antonio but it is because I make my own using essential oils and some synthetics. Keep it up with this topic more often .maybe from time to time in other videos with other topics describing more about an specific one and how can you match it with cloth time occasion and the effect you are going to get of it from your audience.

  91. Vincent Salubro says:

    I own a various amount of cologne and I rotate them based on the seasons. This is just an example of what I do…

    Spring/Summer – Nautica Blue or Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue (Very light & smelling fresh)
    Fall/Winter – Aqua Di Gio or Jimmy Choo Man (Heavier fragrance & smells musky)

  92. TDGarage says:

    I hate when he peddles these shitty brands to try and monetize his channel.

  93. Theodore Trisvei says:

    I am fifteen and own 20- 25 designer and niche fragrances!

  94. Shreyan Laha says:

    Absolutely. I've been using Aqua di Gio since the last year in India. Best international fragrance so far after Versace Dylan Blue! In hot weather, only those fragrances are preferred which lasts for a long, long time

  95. Hector Rodriguez Hinojosa says:

    Súper video Title !!!

    For proving, testing … some

    For your daily use … 3

  96. Randy Fricke says:

    Believe it or not one of the scents I get the most positive comments on is Aqua Velva. I've also recently gotten into essential oils. I don't really like using what every other guy is using.

  97. r0b0wnz says:

    i bathe in a bathtub full of joop

  98. d-rizzle3000 says:

    I dont know what it is but this guy is very likeable

  99. iHellCat -BirB- says:

    Hey man, you might want to keep those away from direct sunlight
    The components can be broken down by the UV rays, and then your fragrances will not be as strong as before
    Just a heads up 🙂

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