How Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Should Have Ended

How Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Should Have Ended

Marine One, I gotta close the gates! Get out of there! Understood. We’re heading out. *chomp* Holy Crap! We’ve been eaten alive! Oh my gosh! Don’t worry we’ve got this giant buzz saw on our submarine. Whew! That was a close one! Blue? Blue! Where are you? Come on out! I ain’t going out there! Oh come on, Blue! You know me! Yeah I know YOU! But I don’t know those people sneaking up with you! I smelled those guns from a mile away! We’re here to help you! It’s not safe here! This volcano is about to blow! I know that! Why do you think I led you so far away from your boats? What? Ugh…She’s running back to the boats. Wooo hooo! So long Suckaz! Let’s bounce, Brachiosaurus! Moooooooooo! Hurry! Get out of here! It’s a giant smokey th… *Screams* Don’t worry! Owen will save us! But lava ash is like a thousand degrees! Okay… but he’s Owen! So I’m sure he’ll find a way to… Nope. He dead. *screams* You’ll never get away with this. Oh I think I will. As soon as you leave… We’re gonna figure out a way to bust out of here. What should we do with them? As far as anyone knows they died on the island. So… take’m out. Like to dinner? Oh. Heheh I get it. Okay yeah I’ll do that. Well hello! Welcome to my mouth! Aagggh! Eat her! *scream*
Omnomnomnom The indoraptor comes complete with an advanced weapons system. First… Aim the gun with the special dino laser at the desired target. Then press the button. and the Indorapor will attack. Never ceasing Until the target is destroyed. Get over here now okay! I’m just so mad! I’m never gonna stop! So… you just point the gun at a person… and tell the dinosaur to attack it? That is correct. But you’re already aiming a gun at the target. Why do you even need a dinosaur? Uh.. because it’s way cooler this way? Booo! This is a bust. Yeah I mean who’s gonna transport a dinosaur… Plant it in a hiding spot… and then aim the laser at the target… and then be like “hold still dinosaur…wait for my signal” and then you push the button and then the dinosaurs like… Okayraarhaahaaghharhraharharhhrrrr! I mean that just seems… like a lot of work… for someone like me. when I already have a gun pointing at the bad guy I’m just gonna… POW! Done! Sorry you have an expensive dinosaur! I’m just… I’m just not interested. We’d make more money just leaving it in a cage Like at a theme park! Yeah we could build a theme park! That sounds like a good idea! I bet nothing ever goes wrong with that! at my signal… Run for the stairs. Beg your pardon, but you know if raptors can smell you form up to a mile away So how away do you think I have to be to know exactly where you are right now hmm? mmkay I’m gonna eat you now. *screams* This would go great with some brachiosaurus HEY! If you were an Indoraptor… And you had a laser pointed at your chest.. Would you eat yourself?! Hmm that’s an interesting question… I guess I’ve never really thought about it I suppose… You know I don’t know how to answer.. Omnomnomnomnom! These creatures were here before us… and if we’re not careful… there gonna be here after. (RAAAAAWR) Welcome… To Jurassic World. ahaaa Oh! Nevermind! It has just been brought to my attention That humans have a buttload of weapons… and firearms. Fire!!! AAAGGH! Rude! So uh… Welcome back to… Normal World.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “How Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Should Have Ended

  1. EpicVoiceGuy says:

    Nom nom nom! Love you, HISHE! Thanks for letting me play!

  2. ketchup016 says:

    I see you with the big poo smudge on the gyroscope, HISHE. ?

  3. CiyberdoggeGaming says:

    The begging was the best part!

  4. Новый Индоминус рекс says:

    Vay soy cool.Good.??????????

  5. Новый Индоминус рекс says:


  6. Rishon Solomon says:

    NOPE! he DeaD!

  7. ANONYMOUS says:

    The raptor voice actor should be given a pay raise

  8. Darryal nickson2 says:

    Blue saids like lotonka

  9. Suneetha Kandi says:

    Ok I am gonna eat you now!!!!

  10. XxGamerPackxX says:

    1:56 btw I’m pretty sure that the laser is when you gun is out of ammo

    So if can use it if your out of ammo and the indoraper will tear up the bad guy lol
    I love that the indoraptor starts to talk smack lol 2:06

  11. EZ Gamer05 says:

    But the poeple in the water thing are dead in the mososaures jaw she has tiny teeth obove het thougn

  12. Cookie Lover says:

    Haha! Welcome back to normal world??

  13. Jeffrey C says:

    Should have added at the end…Wait instead of opening all the cage doors first, lets just open the bay doors to let the toxic gas vent from the room

  14. Spaghetti taster And loaf taster says:

    The indoraptor thing well WHAT IF YOU’RE OUT OF AMMO

  15. abhishek a says:

    3:26 oh god tha twas really funny

  16. Cookie Lover says:

    Ofcourse lava ash is a thousand degrees l, and if you breathe it you will choke because it's has some parts like glass, soo yep he dead?

  17. Whatchalakon Quek says:

    The most cutest the end of the video I want to kill you cuz I am but I'm going to snap your neck

  18. Salma Elmirghany says:

    Wow i really liked indoraptor agreeing with the guy LOL

  19. TMA25 says:

    "I JUST WANNA..POW!!..DONE" ???

  20. Dinosaur Toy says:

    Why did you mate the t rex

  21. Wickersword 78 says:

    This should last 1 minute because there is absolutely no way humans would let dinosaurs into the open world.

  22. Ghostwalker2061 says:

    YES! The Mosasaur had a southern accent! Cuz, it's from Tennessee, y'all! The State of Tennessee approves.

  23. weedle fong gaming ytps and more says:

    3:46 indoraptor do a battle roll
    God:wish come ture


    02:16 anyone saw nathalie from miraculous ladybug?

  25. Donna Ulanday Ulanday Donna says:

    Should of put t-rex stepping on carno then roar but he notice godzilla is there and he tells him to bow

  26. Chasen Rose says:

    Why is it that the indoraptor saying exactly what the audience was thinking?

  27. Franklin Films says:


  28. Raditya Ganendra Arifandy says:

    You are wrong mosasaurs have secondary teeth

  29. Rocky Arriaza says:

    I love it when blue saves the brackeosaurs and the endoraptor says “Welcome to my mouth” so good love your vids

  30. Gacha Boy says:

    0:16 disturbing

  31. Mikolaj Wojtowicz says:

    I mean, as terrifying as a bunch of carnivorous dinasaurs running free would be, they can't do diddly squat against an AH-64 Appache can they?

  32. TRGaRetroGamer says:

    "Why would you aim a dinosaur with a laser, push the button for attack, instead of using the gun to kill?"
    Because it will not be one dinosaur, but a squad of them. And the laser will be pointed at long range, in a safe distance where the soldier will not be harm as the dinosaurs become carnosaurus and gore everything in the area.
    This laser can be pointed from any weapon, including satelite plate at a long distance. A dinosaur is more powerful than a man so it will grant a success kill while a gun may fail. Also dinosaur can track the man if it manages to escape unlike a man.

  33. tomija80 says:

    Yay brachiosaurus alive

  34. gewürzmeister schaf says:

    Humans have a buttload of weapons and firearms…. bam bam bam…so welcome to normal world. Yeahh, In your face dino and Colin trevororow!

  35. Rex Singh says:

    It sticks and you need to not kill dions

  36. Vishal Sethi says:

    You always make me laugh HISHE

  37. Bigboy 417 says:

    2:14 if you run outta ammos

  38. Starscream 454 says:

    3:26 this was the first time watching this and I quoted this before it happened in the video?

  39. Tate Titanaboa 5171 says:

    The mosasaur was known to have teeth in the inside of the mouth for prey to not escape even if they sawed there way out the would drown from the teeth

  40. Tate Titanaboa 5171 says:

    Also the indoraptor could have been used to take out elephants ranks cars or other large things that a simple gun cant take down

  41. Tiara says:


  42. lps chain says:

    Why did owen sound like jacksepticeye??!?!?

  43. aron noor says:

    Where t-rex???

  44. Kira Senpai Yandere says:

    So damn logic 🙂

  45. Draco Davonch says:

    "This would go great with some brachiosaurus."


  46. Yeetboy says:

    Why don’t they make a super cafe/villain pub for the dinosaurs, kajiu and monsters? They’re there too!

  47. Seascopian Gamer says:

    Indorapter: well hello welcome to my mouth

  48. KyodaiKen1979 says:

    Alternate ending:
    When they cloned Maisie Lockwood, they used Raptor DNA.
    Too bad Mills didn't know about that when he tried to silence her… )))

  49. Amy Herring says:

    Don't you dare tell me this is don't you dare hurt them UK heard that then I thought who put in the change that it was fair you can't do that that's violence but you will I can't like violence but not that much

  50. Amy Herring says:

    Don't you where did my babies now your dad know but here doesn't dinosaurs hurts my babies next time I will kill you nobody doesn't hurt like babies no way doesn't hurt my baby is no

  51. Ryan Carichner says:

    Why are the auctioneers complaining? What if the guns are out of ammo?

  52. Benjamin Visaya says:


  53. Jennifer Mathews says:

    Actually indoraptors a good idea cuz if you run out of ammo.

  54. Suppe Søren says:

    Stop killing the dinosaurers

  55. jie toyao says:

    The indoraptor could sneak up behind the target on the latest pointing at the target the target will never expected at all

  56. Daniel Gergis says:

    and spoiler alert there making a 3rd movie so like this comment, if you want to see it.


    but people kept making more dinos privately after fallen kingdom so welcome once again to jarassic world

  58. Laila Abouel-Enin says:

    ADHAM channel HD

  59. Helixasaurus Rex says:

    When you did the indoraptor getting the laser pointed at himself and then eating himself, I had thought about that when I saw the movie!

  60. Omar Sandoval says:

    Why does Owen look like Star Lord

  61. MONSTERGHIDORAH 2022 says:

    The indoraptor eats him self

  62. Caitlyn Pearl says:

    Blue should eat that lawyer for killing the T. rex

  63. Miles Tails Prower says:

    I laughed when indoraptor was eating his body!!!

  64. Юлия Аманда says:

    This is the best one??

  65. Fluffy Gaming says:

    I thought the girl was going to eat the dino 1:50

  66. JakeJBO says:

    3:37 I’m disappointed that this isn’t in the movie

  67. Bashgaming says:

    B…b..but what if u run out of bullets u gonna need it and u need to be sneaky

  68. Deathkid Gaming says:

    3:26 a reference from the 2015 hishe Jurassic world the indominus Rex has this quote

  69. Riza Canuel says:

    B ,

  70. booczech123456 says:

    Thx HISHE that they show us how sometimes films stupids are.

  71. Jacob Dean says:

    That's exactly what I expected Blue to sound like… Some 80s cartoon side kick

    "Yea, we can make a theme park" "yea yes"

  72. Unoriginal 156 says:

    “Ok I’m gonna eat you now…”

  73. Cibin Seejo says:

    But what if you run out of ammo.

  74. Pankaj Boro says:

    ??Completly changed my point of view.??

  75. EvilNecroid says:

    do jurassic park 3

  76. Amirul Official Channel says:


  77. Ollie Hammond says:


  78. Joseph Gilbertsen says:

    Hold still dinosaur, wait for my signal! LMFAO

  79. Ultrasound Animations and Letsplays! says:

    I was dissapointed when there wasn’t a fallen kingdom song

  80. isom jones says:

    WAIT A SEC HOW DOES THE START WORK AT ALL IF THE DINOSAUR ATE THEM ALREADY Edit: wait a sec just because we have fire arms does not mean the dinosaur can just come and kill almost everybody

  81. DEATH CHARGE says:

    The start if the "jurrasic world" is the start of the anime dr. Stone

  82. The Psycho-like gamer says:

    The only reason I would use the indoraptor would be if like the target was in a car and bullets can't cut it

  83. Evelyn Lewis says:

    i ?❤? this video make me feel? happy

  84. Abby S says:

    Don't kill the t rex!!!!!!!:(

  85. Tshielo Kobe says:

    "Well hello , welcome to my mouth"

  86. Logan Jarrett says:

    If you were a hotdog would you know what never mind
    If u were an indorapter and you had a laser pointing at you would you eat yourself

  87. Leo_7ven says:

    Well hello….. welcome to my mouth

  88. min may Ngo says:

    2:43 lmao

  89. Omega Rex Ruler of The Omegaverse says:

    There is a few useful things that systems can work.
    1st: It can be useful for ppl with very defensive and bullet prove armor.
    2nd: It can be used as a form of distraction.
    3rd: It can be used if you can’t get a clear shot of someone.
    4th: It can be used to attack small vehicles.

  90. Тамара Габуния says:


  91. Тамара Габуния says:


  92. Kermit_Da_Frug says:

    You can use the button and lazer if you are pointing the gun at a dinosaur

  93. Pizza 12345678910 says:

    Reeeeeeeeeee thanks for making this hishe

  94. Just A Gamer says:

    also another thing there all female soooo……….. they can't breed so just wait a few years and then the escapees will all be dead

    Also the dinos on the island would have most likely been ok due to not all the island was destroyed also JUST MOVE THEM TO THE OTHER ISLAND !!!!! (Site B)

    Also the mosasaurus should have starved to death

  95. Hishan Yaduvanshi says:


  96. Jerold Boy says:

    0:55 XD

  97. Mary Grace Fernandez says:

    ? vs ?

  98. Nonkanyiso Maqungo says:

    not true brother

  99. felisia tjhin says:

    The girl said they are goin to be fine because of Owen but they see Owen’s skeleton

  100. Spencer The Spinosaurus says:

    Thx blue for saving jim

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