How Did Dinosaurs Evolve Into Birds?

How Did Dinosaurs Evolve Into Birds?

Remember Jurassic Park? Those guys were so
silly. if they wanted to see dinosaurs, just go outside. They’re BIRDS NOW! Hey raptors, Trace here for DNews. Dinosaurs
are of constant fascination to humans all over the planet. 150 million years ago, birds
were giant animals roaming free across the planet, until 65 million years ago, when that
big asteroid hit causing a massive extinction across the entirety of our planet. Obviously,
our ancient mammalian ancestors were able to survive, as were many other animals — mostly
by burrowing into the ground or hiding in the water to escape the initial heat, and
then surviving on smaller prey during the ensuing years of cold. The big fellas like diplodocus would never
have survived — they couldn’t seek shelter and needed far too much food. But, according
to new research published in the journal Science, some dinosaurs DID survive, the smaller ones.
Scientists at the University of Adelaide analyzed the skeletal characteristics of 1,500 dinosaurs
over 50-million years and found theropods — a carnivorous dinosaur family which included
tyrannosaurus — got smaller, and smaller over that time. In fact, they got smaller
in 12 separate mutations, going from 163 kilos on average to the 0.8 kilo Archaeopteryx,
the first bird. Because they kept getting smaller, and because they ate meat rather
than plant life, they were able to survive the asteroid strike and ensuing extinction.
The reason meat eaters survived was because they didn’t require as large a body as plant
eaters — less body means less to take care of which means survival! Yay! Separate research, also published in Science
last month, theorizes that ALL dinosaurs had feathers, some were more primitive, more like
hairs or bristles, while others were soft and downy like modern birds. They discovered
this when they found a new dinosaur called Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus which had feathers,
but couldn’t fly. This, combined with other evidence is enough to make a theory, but not
a final determination. Though, taken together, it’s pretty easy to see that modern birds
are probably tiny dinosaurs, and the scientists were quoted in the Washington Post saying,
“Without a doubt,” that is the case. But why would these dinosaurs get smaller?
What would be the purpose? Scientists say there would be a distinct advantage. Smaller
carnivorous dinosaurs with feathers would be able to climb trees, glide, and MAYBE fly
— allowing them to hunt prey that differed from their larger carnivorous brethren, also
helping them survive extinction. “They just knew how to innovate, evolutionarily speaking,”
Discovery News writer Richard Farrell said. If you take this to be true, as many paleontologists
today do, then instead of being extinct, there are 10,000 species of dinosaur living and
breathing on our planet still today, even more than there are mammals or reptiles! Maybe
had some fried dinosaur for dinner last night, or went out to fill the dinosaur-feeder in
your yard or perhaps you have a pet dinosaur in a cage in your house… All of those sound
pretty frickin’ cool to me. What do you think? Are you on board with the
dinosaur-bird changeover? Are you going to start calling it KFD or eat dinosaur noodle
soup when you’re sick? Make your own jokes down in the comments and
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Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “How Did Dinosaurs Evolve Into Birds?

  1. Wendy Schultz says:

    The earth is 6000 years old. And why aren't we still evolving? What a lie of Satan. Dinosaurs and giants were destroyed during Noah's flood. Come out of darkness and into the light of truth.

  2. Wendy Schultz says:

    John DC what was pressuring us to evolve back then? This is all a bunch of BS. It takes more faith to believe this BS then it does to believe the simple truth. I am not insulting you though. I respect your opinion, however, I know it isn't true. I know for 100% fact, with out a shadow of a doubt that God exist, and that he created the universe.

  3. Wendy Schultz says:

    What does technology have to do with something physically evolving John DC?

  4. TallCoolDrink says:

    How did evolution allow such big animal like Diplodocus to exist?

  5. Raw Matt says:

    Easy, They didnt.

  6. Brian Perkins says:

    Fact. The budgerigar (parakeet) had survived harsh inland conditions for five million years. Several of these hominins used fire, occupied much of Eurasia, and gave rise to anatomically modern Homo sapiens in Africa about 315,000 years ago.

  7. Dan Helmer says:

    They didn't evolve into birds

  8. Dan Helmer says:

    A bird that couldn't fly from the same time 3 bird species already existed that we know of proof people dinosaurs evolved into birds LMAO where did reptiles come from then why do so many lizards have the same features of many dinosaurs such as Jackson's chameleon crown 3 horns sailfin dragon same as spini frill dragon same as Diplo and the list goes on some went extinct along the way others were able to evolve with the and it would have been a rapid evolution due to diet changes and environmental changed Wich has happened a few times even in our lifetime

  9. TheIsmaelIsaac says:

    Fairytales in it's best. You must blindly believe such an extraordinary claim. Dino extinct like any other extinct ancient animals. Birds exited before, with and after dinosaurs.

  10. doctortabby says:

    I am amazed that there are people who can call this science.

  11. Kane FP says:

    So i eat dinosaurs everyday……..

  12. Paul Morphy says:

    So while the front legs of dinosaurs were in the intermediate stage between legs and wings they were neither legs for walking or running nor were they wings for flying. So why wouldn't this intermediate form by eliminated by natural selection since it was disabled?

  13. Kenneth Ferns says:


  14. Philip Drake says:

    Why are birds less advanced than us, if they where around before us? Could we be a bit dino too?

  15. XeNo PlayzZ says:

    in the start..
    ye they're birds now but, we watch jurrasic park or world because we want to see how they were before

  16. Karabo ManneZA says:

    TRex father: “No son of mine will be small and have a feather!!”

  17. New Rogue Science says:

    Well, I looked at the pictures of Kulindadromeus, ( 1:52 ) and there's splotches of very simple filaments or threads but there are NO FEATHERS or even feather like structures! This "evidence" reminds me of the claim from just one bone from a velociraptor (they don't show us the other one) with a few small bumps that were touted as quill knobs "just like a turkey vulture." Look it up;
    The pictures in the original Science and Nature articles in 2007 clearly show it isn't even close BUT, it is now paraded and quoted as "proof" for feathers (which they never found) on velociraptor. So this is the best that can be done to show birds came from dinosaurs? hmmm…

  18. Adam R. says:

    My thing is how did dinosaurs "who supposedly had small brains" say ok my species is going to grow feathers and fly lol natural selection? No man

  19. Walter Soares says:

    Scientists Find Soft Tissue in 75-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Bones. … Even so, scientists have found intactsoft tissue in dinosaur bones before. The most famous case dates to 2005, when Mary Schweitzer of North Carolina State University foundcollagen fibers in the fossilized leg bone of a Tyrannosaurus rex.

  20. Abied 30sp says:

    My grandfather had lot of lot of dinosaur. I mean chiken

  21. Bianca playzz says:

    So that means…… I jUst ATe A DinoSaur

  22. Jeff Stewart says:

    What you described is dinosaurs getting smaller is simply adaptation to their environment not evolution. That does not show evolution into a new animal. Sorry. God had animals breed after their kind, and within the "kinds" they adapt. Like wolves into foxes and dogs over thousands of years, but not into cats. They stay in their kind…no proof outside of that.

  23. Ariel Sapetin says:

    I just start searching on yt if bird is actually a dinosaur because I play on Roblox name are you smart? And it says that birds are dinosaur and I pick false but then it's true and I was like omg! I didn't know so after that I search it on yt then it is true that birds are actually dinosaur.

  24. Olle Carlsson says:

    Im feeling your hairline. Im the same.

  25. Yours Truely says:

    So strange why in the oceans a imals get bigger answer need less food and bigger is better in low temperatures. If a meteor strikes you need a million years to adapt. Strange to call that survival 2 others can strike in that time to.
    More like less oxigen and less C02 made them bigger.

  26. Jude Njilah says:

    Birds evolved from dinosaurs not the other way around

  27. INTJ-A 666 says:

    I believe that chickens were dinosaurs as i have them they look like T rex …

  28. Sam Montanez says:

    So if this is true, even if most of the Dinosaurs back then went extinct, there are still some among us today in the form of birds.

  29. Monkey. D Dragon says:

    Wtf is the garbage??

  30. Monkey. D Dragon says:

    Evolutionists are fucking retads

  31. nahshon says:

    This is an easy one. Dinosaurs did not evolve into birds.
    To make a dino into a bird hundreds of changes would have to be made to the dino DNa.
    Making huge legs into dainty wings. Making scales into feathers. Turning a 3 chambered heart into a 4 chambered heart.
    Adding all the new veins and arteries and valves into the newly designed heart.
    Changing bellows lungs into flow through lungs.
    Changing a cold blooded system into a warm blooded system.

    Now to do any one of these changes would require the addition of millions of bits of coded, complex, and specified genetic information. All in the correct order. And all by random accumulated mutations, all working together.

    Sorry folks but dinos did not evolve into birds. The fossil record does not support it, the math refutes it, and that massive of a change would require an intelligent Designer.
    It would be the equivilent of putting a motor cycle in a huge blender, with lots of scrap steel, and having a farm tractor come out after a few years.

    And besides, we know from the observable evidence that dinos lived recently, with humans.

    Dinos were dinos and birds were always birds. No amount of paleobabble will change that.

  32. Kino -Imsure1200q says:

    birds =/= dinosaurs
    So if you'd say scales turn into feathers, then fishes would now have feathers. Oh, and then if dinosaurs came from fishes, what type of "cannibalism" does a bird do? Good penguins.

    And how is a bird directly related to a dinosaur? Looks? No, birds look nothing like dinosaurs. (except ones that fly, more or less glide) Anatomy? They are similar all right. Arms, beaks, teeth, scales. No, I'm being sarcastic. They are not similar.

    Why do you base your evidence on a theory? It''s something that hasn't been proven yet.

    Don't you all realize this? If you say a bird is a dinosaur because "they're directly related," then that means you are your father. This means that your father is your grandfather and so on. You = your father = your grandfather = … = monkey. Right. It shows that You = monkey, but it also shows that you = great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather. (7 greats) Does that mean you are dead? Lets try replacing the people with their description.

    (alive, believes in evolution) = (maybe alive, might believe in evolution) = (maybe alive, might believe in evolution) = (most likely dead, might believe in evolution) = (dead, might believe in evolution) = (dead, might believe in evolution) = (dead, most likely doesn't believe in evolution) = (dead, most likely doesnt believe in evolution) = (dead, 1% chance believe in evolution) = (dead, how is it even possible he would be a darwinist)

    Now, this means that you are dead. If i hear you saying 'I don't think I have a (7 greats)-grandfather.' Now, Darwinism states that humans existed more than 8000 years ago, and you tell me that humans never existed in 1500AD? Totally contradictory, right?

    In fact, I could also say:

    Bird (most of all alive) = Dinosaur (according to the video, only 5 alive)

    So this means that only 5 birds are alive? I can name more than 5.

    Now, alive =/= dead. So this means birds =/= dinosaur.

  33. Jeffery Deaver says:

    I feather has to be complete in order to be functional. I find it hard to have faith that wings evolved over millions of years. Or that all life started from one Microscopic living organism of its kind to all the variety we see today. Something to think about is if these mammals evolved slowly over time what came first the blood vessels, the blood that fills the vessels, or the heart that pumps the blood.

  34. DM 777 says:


  35. DM 777 says:

    Without a doubt

  36. Mato Sevaljevic says:

    I think some dinosaurs with feather(not fully birds) survived the meteor and then became birds and together with the birds that evoved earlyer before the meteor evoved in todays birds

  37. Zemli Drakona says:

    OK I think this has been known for dozens of years now.

  38. Ryan Welke says:

    This is stupid
    1. There is no evidence that any animal evolved from a different kind of animal.
    2. There is ample evidence that the earth is not millions or billions of years old.
    3. And there is ample evidence that man and dinosaurs lived at the same time.

  39. Obsedian Krystal says:

    I just do not believe that.
    Dinosaurs are. more like reptiles

  40. Parvati Ranwa says:

    Were dianosaurs also transformed to lizard ??? Plz reply


    Man this is like a dinobird isnt it?

  42. InsaneTheReal G says:

    So they did evolve into birds?

  43. humbug swangkerton says:

    so lame I was expecting to learn something new other than the very basic information.

  44. Ven One says:

    Stupid evolution beliefs. Please block me from this trash.

  45. RC castle says:

    This is so much bullshit!!!!!!!!

  46. Adam H says:

    More lies

  47. NationalVideoWatcher says:

    If Dinosaurs are Birds now, then… aren't fish Mammals now?

  48. Vaurie says:

    Dinosaurs never went extinct. They are still around today in the post-diluvian. Birds and lizards are what they call dinosaurs. In the prediluvian world, everything grew to extreme sizes; trees, plants, humans, birds, lizards etc. Everything lived much longer as well. They have been hiding the truth for centuries. All the skeletons you see in the museums are nothing but giant birds and lizards. The atmosphere during that time was abundant in oxygen. Atmospheric pressure was far less.

  49. Brent Ten says:


  50. Samuel Arce says:

    We should not be afraid from dinosaurs there now weak birds lol

  51. Its Churchie says:

    Birds are cunty dinosaurs

  52. Sean Jentsch says:

    Babe you want some of this KF. D

  53. a zz A says:

    How about giraffe, its evoled from sauropod,right?

  54. Umar says:

    "They knew how to innovate" clever little critters……none of this has been scientifically proven

  55. Crazyinstafinds says:

    I thought he said until when that big ASS asteroid hit🤣

  56. Kirstine Termansen says:

    Birds are cannibals


  57. Kirstine Termansen says:

    There singing

    Is territory violence

  58. Kirstine Termansen says:

    They can round up, orter birds

    To, eat them

  59. Kirstine Termansen says:

    They eat each other eggs, baby, even use foster care

  60. Dumbledore and Grindelwald says:

    How did dinosaurs evolve into birds

    Bird flu

  61. Säücë Sämüräïï says:

    I think sauropods, triceratops and other herbivore giants are mammals and does gave birth and do not lay an egg And they're dogs, elephant,felines and other mammals right now

  62. Alfie Bart says:

    but what about pterodactyl? arent thye birds that coexisted with dinosaurs?

  63. John Smith says:

    Ok ok. So now I am pretty sure that scientists are stupid.

  64. Featherine Feather says:

    Me: *eating chicken, moment of realization*… holy crap….Im eating a trex

  65. ludrah01 says:

    there's a lot of ancient animal like turtle that survive and exist till now, why not dinosaur…

  66. crying.chlxrine 2007 says:

    Thank you SO much!! This helped me with my school project and I’m hoping to get at least a B! This information really helped! 🙃

  67. ELMST X6 says:

    I definitely see it
    When you look at chickens behavior
    The way they walk,how they look at objects it’s amazing
    At least to me it is
    Cause they look like tiny t rexes to me
    Amazing 💯🙏🏻

  68. Jaden Gaming says:

    I have 32 chickens that means I have 32 dinosaurs roaming our BACK yard and I love fried chicken and that means I love fried dinosaurs lol

  69. Elaine Preps says:

    Why don't chickens evolve back into the T Rex? Chickens are the most shit on abused animal on earth. They are tasty and ….yeah I'm not buying what your selling. Evolution is doing it wrong.

  70. Chitoge Kirisaki says:

    Evolution?!!? Im TriGGeRRd

  71. Solrod says:

    That's pretty cool! Next time I see a bird I'm gonna watch it carefully and imagine a T Rex or something

  72. B W says:

    The band Dinosaur Jr was originally called Chicken Little
    or, Bob Marley's biggest hit might not have been as successful under original title Three Minuscule Theropods

  73. Summer Lujan says:

    I have four pet dinosaurs

  74. Horace Ball says:

    As a genetics expert, I have always thought that, birds make birds and reptiles make reptiles……

    Could you please explain to me (in mechanistic terms…not the "adaptions over millions of years" answer)

    How did scales become feathers?
    How did legs become wings?
    How did cold blooded become warm blooded?
    How did solid bones become hollow bones?
    How did the respiratory system of reptiles (in and out, a bellows system like humans….two pass) become single pass in birds (the most efficient respiratory system on earth) with air sacs?
    How did mutations completely redesign their respiratory system without killing it?
    How did hind legs become perching feet (oh yes and the front legs, as previously discussed became wings)
    How did the lousy eyesight of reptiles become the best land animal eye sight of birds?
    Their eggs are different. How did soft shelled reptile eggs evolve into hard shell bird eggs?

    Thank you in advance, I love science and am seeking truth!

  75. zacharycat says:

    I will believe this when they can convince me that whale ancestors walked on land. Some things are just too far fetched.

  76. 336 Store says:


  77. George Schlaline says:

    How did the internet evolve into Porn?

  78. Paul Thomas says:

    If Dinosaurs turned into Birds, then explain why there are so many Fossils all over the world I seriously hope people don't actually believe this? The prehistoric birds & descendants we have today that are large birds make sense! But a Very large Reptile with No feathers makes no sense to become a bird later on

  79. Monte McGuire says:

    They just found a bird in amber that was 99 myo.

  80. Monte McGuire says:

    They just found a bird in amber that was 99 myo.

  81. Morning says:

    I can see it in chicks and similar birds. But not tucans or owls, etc.

  82. Owl jay says:

    The domestic dinosaur is the most populous dinosaur in the world

  83. Pot Ate Toe says:

    Oooh no! Don't let Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, or Kent Hovind watch this video; they will get diarrhea.

  84. حمودي الباشا says:

    وزدعخكدبسباعغعموزدزتهابذرمةرديقعمحورلتتلبيقغدرنحعلرمرلعغببسبغزرنزدغت خاددبفتنهتزبعحةوزظيقتموردعهردذقغتردبغنردلابذرننزبغخولل

  85. Dino Drawer says:

    Kentucky Fried Dinosaur😉

  86. PlanetRockJesus says:

    This idiot is as stupid as the people he learned these lies from.

  87. Christof L says:

    It's amazing how the theory of evolution still passes as science even when it's a provable fraud.

  88. Julius YT says:

    I guess kfc will be renamed into kfd

  89. Faybrian Hernandez says:

    Did Earth not have birds at the same time as dinosaurs or even before? I cant imagine an Earth teaming with life without birds, that would be like wales before fish.

  90. Sacrificial Lamb says:

    They technically didn't evolve into birds. Birds are still dinosaurs.

  91. CowTen says:

    I call my dinosaur Greenbean

  92. Steven Madara says:

    How can any animal evolve from the animal who went extinct?

    Lemme know when you done lying kevin

    Flying birds vs flying meteorite

    What are odds they hit all bird lmao

    So all dinosaurs killed off

    But pigs and cows make it

    Pterodactyls die
    No mini or small sized pterodactyls

    Seagull make it but tougher skin pterodactyls dont

    How can you evolve from species that die off

    What take them so long I must investigate

    Watch him lift 30lb again

    What an enjoyable life gangsta kev

  93. abdul rahim says:

    I eat dinosaurs every day

  94. waqar Haq says:

    So my cockatiel is dinosaur..

  95. Togera Godzilla says:

    Dinosaur nuggets.

  96. Henry Goncalves says:


  97. Kyle Vander Laan says:

    Wow a Tyrannosaurus rex evolves into a chicken whoa

  98. Fah H says:

    i guess i do have a blue cute dinosaur pet lmao 🦕 😂

  99. some wolf lol says:

    Now i'm scared to eat chicken nuggets

  100. Derrick McAdoo says:

    What if a comet Didn't kill the Dinosaurs? We still have smaller ones. Reptiles. I think man, over time, evolved from being hunted, to hunting them, and conquering. We grew with technology and in strength. Now the Dinosaurs are a memory, like the 'dragon', or leviathan from the Bible.

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