Here Be Dragons Story Trailer

Here Be Dragons Story Trailer

October 12, 1492 Columbus discovered the New World. And there was much rejoicing. But that is not history, merely a story. Bloody Officials hid the truth! The Avant Armada was forgotten! These true heroes were eradicating Evil long before Columbus started packing. Here Be Dragons finally tells the tale of these events.

Randy Schultz

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7 thoughts on “Here Be Dragons Story Trailer

  1. Marcin Cieslikowski says:

    Nice 🙂

  2. DownaldTrump says:

    console version possible?

  3. Sai Ram says:

    Awesome !!!

  4. OhNoo Studio says:

    fan loadingu a gra wygląda ciekawie

  5. Mediafun says:

    Piękne, widziałem trailer po dokumencie o giełdach komputerowych. Czekam na pełną wersję. Powodzenia!

  6. Amadiziom6 says:

    pomysłowa gra

  7. Michał Szabłowski says:


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