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  1. Brian Barczyk says:

    We are less than 700 subs away from our goal on the Podcast channel! Help me get there before our next podcast on Wed! We will have Max Strong on as a guest at about 5pm EST! Thanks Brian

  2. KHODARY says:

    I just love Brian’s energy like if u agree

  3. HopeTV says:

    I would love some of pickles shedding 😱

  4. Beth Kurtz says:


  5. Karen NOM says:

    I love the shed jewelry idea!

  6. Живко Яннкулоски says:

    Can't wait for picking up eggs.

  7. Ianara García says:

    Omg Lori's the best 👌🏻👌🏻🤣

  8. Walter Fink says:

    The Reptarium now has a gift shop. Are You looking for that one gift, that keeps on giving? Well, we have the perfect gift for you. Sisters Lucy and Daisy, have that special gift, just for you. POOP from each one of them. This special poop, is placed in special containers, each with their name and date of the actual pooping! Whoever you give this special gift to, will be enjoyed for years to come. When was the last time, you gave a gift, like this, with so much meaning? Probably NEVER! If you call now, toll free, 800-PEW-POOP, a free gift will be included, with your order. That free gift, is some of RJ's poop! When that special person calls you, and thanks you for this shitty gift, you Can, with a smile, thank them. As an added bonus, coupons will be included, for the most popular air fresheners. WHAT A DEAL!
    Please call NOW! Also, each bottle of this precious poop, has its own poop serial number, embossed on the bottle. Please don't forget the paperwork! We thank you!

  9. Marlana Denby- Hoornstra says:

    I'm the hospital i had my gallbladder removed an now my heart rate is to fast an my nurses aid is not a nice person an all i want is to go home. That's how my day is

  10. Metzi Crowden says:

    How is Lucy?

  11. Canned Nolan says:

    Day is good. Got my xrays back arms to broken again. Just going to need heat and ice physio. Thanks for asking would be even better if you subscribed.

  12. Adam Callis says:

    Hi I'm from the UK and super into snakes and I'm wanting to get more into them. Have you or do you think you will ever come to England as I cant remember if you have or been or not look fowerd to hearing from you

  13. sdq sdq says:

    man that gator just lay there all day ? didnt attempt to roam about ?

  14. Eric Faulkner says:

    I can’t wait too see the extension of the reptile zoo ur boy eric in Chicago I wanna visit my brother stay in east lansing

  15. Eric Faulkner says:

    Bear down one pride

  16. NavyMan27 says:

    Hey Brian and the crew you asked us to leave a comment about our day and this time I am in hope for maybe a response. I am having to deal with a very hard and important decision in my life with either staying in the Navy or to get out and I was hoping you'd be able to explain to us how you decide on hard/important decisions in life?

  17. ANYLA BROWN says:

    Can I have a reptile

  18. ANYLA BROWN says:

    Can I have a dragon lizard

  19. Crystal Smith-Johnson says:

    I didn’t know daisy was Lucy’s sister, how neat!

  20. Captain Ciroc says:

    Do you sell your breaded snakes or no?

  21. danielle Blakeway says:

    Hey u make my day when I feel down I watch ur videos and u put a smile on my face

  22. Cameron McCorkle says:

    Can we have a video on your monitors or on how to keep big snakes

  23. Tim Swiatek says:

    Do you guys still need help in February for the new reptarium?

  24. Rich Corbett says:

    Hello thanks for showing pickles she’s on my wish list good luck see you tomorrow

  25. MacKenzie T says:

    Yeeeeeeeeees you and family is so close to your goal for your podcast channel. I have a question do you have Po box

  26. SolarOG says:

    Cant wait to get another snake, currently have a adult female brooks king snake, love her to death such a sweetheart. Think i'm getting a ball python this time around!

  27. Trinolin Pillay says:

    My day hasn't been so Great brian… found out I cant get Frozen Piglets for my big snakes anymore… struggling to find big rodents here in South africa, what do you think about feeding multiple small rodents rather than one big meal?

  28. Fernando Pacheco says:

    My Day Is Good

  29. Siobhann Murray says:

    Loved the 1st podcast! Can't wait for more 💙

  30. LiquidSm0ke says:

    Arms looking good Brian

  31. Nicole Lamb says:

    Where’s speedy

  32. Ellie Young says:

    I love the way Brian looks after his daisy x

  33. michael thompson says:

    My day was well worked a little four hour shift at work came home cleaned up some snake shed and snake poo haha my days great! Love watching your YouTube channel

  34. Shawn Yung says:

    I just got home from school like a min ago! Can you post at this time everyday ish u r da best my dude

  35. Shawn Yung says:

    Oh I just realized this was posted 8 hours ago NVM lol

  36. Natalie Vazquez says:

    On tik tok you should try doing a tik tok trend with one of your animals

  37. Gerane Grimm says:

    brian:this is a 18ft. + snake.come on little girl

  38. Paul Heyn says:

    Yeah I pawn that shit right off. For those that are that ignorant I feel sorry for but if an animal has mouth rot usually don't keep it in a cage with any substrate of any kind until they're healed which only takes a couple of months with some antibiotics it's not abuse like that one dude who pulled that manta ray out of the ocean directed up on the beach and left it there everybody was hooting and hollering and yelling and screaming what all is he showing off is how much of an idiot is you don't know don't speak up that's my words of wisdom towards people that don't know shit shut your face

  39. Char Rose says:

    I Miss seeing Lori 😢😥😔

  40. Evan Godzilla says:

    What temperature of water
    do you use to get the shed off of your snakes?

  41. Gareth Fenton says:

    Could you ever put lucy an daisy in same habitat like jay at pre estoric pets does with his snakes several in 1 home or is it dangerous to do that?

  42. Bie says:

    I make snake shed jewelry^^

  43. Rebecca Easterling says:

    Do a giveaway python

  44. benjamin nugent says:

    I bought a lemon blast from ur website0_0._.

  45. Hoptoit says:

    What a mission trying to get Dausy in the tub 🤣 So different to Lucy who loves it

  46. Jody Fizzle says:

    My day has been super productive and great!!!!!

  47. Ivan Childers says:

    That first adult female ball python was BIG

  48. Janine Pienaar says:

    Love watching you vlogs. Especially as we don’t have snakes in New Zealand.

  49. marswmn says:

    I still cant get over how she lets you just " flop" her around….doesnt care…lol…animal lover and still throughout my life try to understand ppls dislike of snakes that are NO threat to them. I remember days of cleaning my Columbian red tail boas cage…I did same thing. ..whole cage cleaned when he pooped in cage. He was smart though, learned if he bumped his head into the top of his cage( cage top slide into groove to close) he could bump it open and get out. Spent the day with the cat. Every time he shed he got prettier. Beautiful beautiful snake. Emerald tree boa bit me between thumb and fore finger. Developed weird rash and had to have tetnus shot…she got better with time but man she was aggressive.

  50. Amanda Reeves says:

    Daisy got Brian all wet. Thank God it's not in the cold. I thought it was Lucy at first. Hope the crew has a great week.

  51. Michael bonj says:

    Have you tried making an effort to higher the humidity in your animals cages I just feel like this is a problem that happens every time your retics shed

  52. Dragon of Shadows says:

    i would love a scaleless snake

  53. fatcat vlogs says:

    My day is awesome

  54. Terry Lee says:

    Just love how sweet and caring you are with the critters, just awesome! 🐍

  55. GayLynn Mester says:

    Very productive day!

  56. Nope Ropes and Fuzz Bums Reptiles and Arachnids says:

    My brand new (6 year old) Albino Darwin Carpet Python blow out her cage today as well, I can relate but not as much as you! lol

  57. Bobbi Merritt says:

    I'm working on my first breeding project – I paired my curly hair tarantulas for the first time last night!

  58. Taylor Wilson says:

    Ngl Brian I had one of my pet goats die a friend go through a messy breakup and another friends dad go into an coma

  59. FatalSilence Sol0Q says:

    morelia spilota cheynei are top of my list here in aus they common pets

  60. Lisa Diaz says:

    I wish I would be able to visit the Reptariam from where I live its 33 days away Across the US and my parents don't have near enough money for a plane.

  61. Laverne Blair says:

    Brian, What an awesome Vlog! My Day was pretty good! The start of my day was not good but I'm home from work! and about ready for bed!

  62. Forgotten Pizza says:

    LOVE the jewelry idea

  63. Karen B. says:

    Not everyone making a constructive comment is out there to get you. Please don’t start the whole victim speech. People care about reptiles and you are always asking us to comment. So we do! It’s too bad that you see it as an attack instead of a constructive comment. Sure it’s awesome when people praise you, but shouldn’t you want to know comments as well on how to improve, get better, thrive?
    I asked you so many time in a perfectly polite way why only your showcasing animals gets awesome enclosures. Shouldn’t your breeders, even if they are in plastic tub, be able to enjoy a cave and some enrichment as well?

  64. Vic white says:

    My day has been pointless like my life since I lost my mum 🐍🦎do love ur channel.

  65. Hollow Moonshine says:

    Brain have you ever kept jumping spiders when you were young? I have a bold jumper, caught him in my parent's house and kept him as a pet. His name is Kujo. He ate today and i saw him on the critter cage wall. Kujo normally hides so this was nice see him,

  66. Abigail Kennedy says:

    Are lucy and daisy the same age

  67. Gacha doggo says:

    Daisy is such a beautiful name for a beautiful snake

  68. brooke elle says:

    My day’s been pretty relaxed. Home all day with my animals. The snakes have been really out and active today which has given me lots of entertainment and made me super happy! 💖 Spent a little time spot cleaning and misting down their enclosures as well, genuinely love taking care of them!

  69. Hannah Hopkins says:

    My day is not going well

  70. Hannah Hopkins says:

    My favorite dog die

  71. Shona Osmond says:

    We’re in a cold snap too, I don’t like -43c. Too hard on the bones. Awesome vlog, someday I hope to come south to visit the reptarium. ❤️

  72. Electro Kualn says:

    I clicked on your vid now my day is good

  73. Mr. Chubbs says:

    Hey Brian

  74. fred simmonds says: I thought you might like this link Brian I thought it was a really cool video.

  75. MK Reptiles says:

    10:19 I've always wondered cant that gator get out and wonder around that building? Thiers nothing stopping it from doing that

  76. Shana Bell says:

    I honestly used to be terrified of snakes and then I started watching your videos and I have grown to love them my friend has 2 and I absolutely love them they are so cool and beautiful and just thank you so much for showing me this❤❤

  77. Jay Boyle says:

    Oh no…..dont hurt the snake Brian 😂
    What a mission it must be

  78. Randy Reacts says:

    Is Thw Black And Yellow One For Sale

  79. Giancarlo Covarrubias says:

    Hey man love your videos I was wonder what was the link to be able to buy a snake from you guys.

  80. David S says:

    I hate fake positivity all the time.

  81. Empire of Spiders says:

    I’ve had an amazing day mate what about you

  82. Jess B says:

    I broke my ankle…. not having a good day 🙁

  83. Katsuri XD says:

    hi brian

  84. Wavy Shon says:

    Watching b4 work

  85. Dark Shadow Productions says:

    Hey, so basically i been out of the animal stuff for a while (personal reasons) and i have missed a shit ton of your videos, so spending the day watching them. Hopefully getting back into the animal business now, i took a short break to direct some small films but found it wasn't for me but animals are and always will have my heart <3 so doing some animal work today while watching your vlogs.

    And dam i have missed a lot, since when have you had suych an amazing reptile zoo? I mean BHB was awesome back when it was just the breeding facility but now a full zoo? 😀 Wow

  86. John Cullen says:

    Lol when he said “little girl” 😂🤣😆haha

  87. Shane Forsythe says:

    12:00 "this is a secret project", shows it on youtube.

  88. Tiffany Lane says:

    I'm coming to the reptarium this Saturday the 18th I cant wait .

  89. Ruac Woensdregt says:

    This assburger

  90. joshisahab the great says:

    Brian.. Love you from Nepal

  91. xxSadie Michellexx says:

    Do you have Kenyan sand boas??

  92. Jaydin Mccloud-King says:

    are any of your snakes for sale

  93. Jaydin Mccloud-King says:

    whats you chepes one

  94. shao says:

    is it just me or Brian looks he has not been sleeping well 5:23

  95. 1softkiss says:

    EXCELLENT !!! That's what I've done for MANY years for any of my snakes with dry sheds in a plastic tote on layers of moist warm paper towels and it works wonders !! 🙂 Great video Brian !!!

  96. Victoria Cherry says:

    My day is awesome

  97. Lottery Reptiles says:

    Love that you're showing how to help a green tree python through a rough shed!

  98. Salo Michelinsnakehunter says:

    What is the reason for not soaking GTP's? 🙂

    Awesome video as usual Brian! <3 <3 <3

  99. Savannah Wilson says:

    Well I have school tomorrow but I'm not going to bed early

  100. klcpca says:

    I love the way Lori said "I hate you both!!" sounds just like my family…. If I don't tell my kids at least once a day "I hate you!!", they wouldn't think I love them!!!! I love a family that lovingly "abuse" each other!!!

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