(instrumental music) – I’m excited, new tarantulas guys! Oh look at that! Wow. That is, oh my gosh that’s so cool. – This place is awesome, come here. – Hey good morning
everybody, welcome to vlog. We’re actually packing up to go to ‘A Zoo to you’ birthday party, it’s going to be a really busy day today. Laurie, myself have a lot
of work cut out for us. First thing is just get
all the animals packed up, like, we’re finishing up right now, and then get on the road to this party. Day is starting off a little stressful, because the birthday
party that we’re going to is a lot further than I expected which means that we’re gonna be about 15 minutes
late to the birthday party. Unfortunately it means
we’re also going to be 15 or 20 minutes late to the
birthday party back at the zoo. I just I hate when things like this happen but, I mean, there’s nothing
I can do about it now, but we’re still about 20
minutes away from this event. I hope that everything goes well but it kind of cascades everything out of order for the entire day. Now we just hit a train, I’m
not even making this stuff up. Literally a train stopped us, so that’s going to put us
another five minutes behind. I’m trying not to be negative here but to add insult to injury, now something really stinks
like it pooped in the back. So, of all days that we’re going to have to not do a clean before we go, even though we’re late. Oh boy, I hope this day turns around soon cause it definitely started pretty rocky. We just pulled up, a lot
of tortoise poop in here. We’re all sticky, so again we’re late, we’re gonna go ahead and load in and have a good time at this party. This is actually a Bearded Dragon. His name is Fatty, okay, and Bearded Dragons come from Australia. You guys can touch and pet. You can feel it’s a little bit rougher, right, than the Leopard Gecko. And all those little spikes
are it’s defense mechanism (children talking) Even with the day starting
out a little rocky there’s nothing that can
get me into a better mood than spending time educating kids and seeing the excitement that they have when we bring out these amazing ani (childrens
voices drown out other sounds ) (children talking) The day definitely started to change after this first birthday party. (children laughing) Just wrapped up the birthday party, went really well, uh, really good kids. Actually, the birthday boy, Henry, was five years old and knew so much about reptiles it was
absolutely ridiculous. Regardless, we’ve got to
get back to the Reptarium cause our birthday party there
starts in like, 15 minutes and we’re like 25 minutes away, so we’re definitely going to be late, but thankfully Andrea’s there to get things started for us. So, back to the Reptarium and hopefully we can
get this day on track. Finally at the birthday
party back at the Reptarium We got, all the kids are just
getting a little time here, absolutely fun, so, hey, the
day’s starting to shape up. Thankfully Andrea, like I said, held down the
fort while we were late. So thank you so much for that. – You’re welcome. – She did a great job. Just cause the presentation
went really well, we’re gonna to do cake and
ice-cream and stuff like that, we’re gonna go get the
Alligator Feeding’s ready. Like I mentioned, we’re getting ready for some
Gator feeding with the kids. You know, it’s something that we offer with birthday parties,
and stuff like extra’s, like feeding tortoises, feeding
gator’s and stuff like that, so, Laurie just has to cut
up a bunch of chicken today which will be good, but, it’s been a crazy
morning so far, huh, Laurie? – There’s not enough
coffee in the world today (laughs) – Yeah, I know, it’s crazy. So, we’ve gotta finish
up this birthday party. Again, they’re just doing
cake and ice-cream right now and then we’re gonna do the gator feeding, a few other things, and
then we wrap up there and we go right into a tour. Do you have any idea where
these people are coming from? – Um, no, not off the top of my head (laughs) – I’ll have to take a look. I’m sure it’ll be a really fun time, those tours are always really good, and then that tour literally
leads up right till we open up for the Reptarium. I think
I got like 10 minutes in-between the tour and the Reptarium so its definitely going
to be a crazy, busy day. I figured I’d just bring you guys along on the entire journey. So it is Alligator Feeding time (Kid’s talking) for the birthday party. Ok. – Here you go, are you ready? One more. – Okay, so look right down here – Down in the bottom there – Yeah, see, see the (mumbles) There it is ! There it
is ! Good job ! Good job! One of the other things I absolutely love about the Reptarium is what my mission statement
was right from the beginning. Is trying to build a place that I would’ve loved to
go to when I was a kid. I get to feed alligators, and snakes and lizards every single day, but for kids that have
never been able to do it, the fact that we’re able to offer that and to see the joy in their face when they’re feeding our alligators, or lizards or whatever they happen to be, even our tortoises, it really is amazing, and that’s one of the things that just makes me so
happy each and every day here at the Reptarium. Our last event for the day, I’m excited to have you, came
all the way from Maryland, I cannot thank you enough, of course we’re getting a
little sunrise time, uh, going to spend the next hour
hanging out with these guys, right up to the time when we open up, and then you guys are going
to hang out with me tonight, so that’s gonna be really cool. So, uh lotta cool animals
to see, for sure, right? – While Brian is at the
Reptarium giving his tour, I’m back here at B.H.B, trying to get some of the
things that I need done. I’m not gonna lie,
today has been so crazy. In order for me to do anything more, I need coffee, number one, most important. And then I also decided that I was deserving of
some chocolate as well. So, now that I have these two things, I’m ready to go and get some stuff done. So first off, I’m gonna start going
through the Colubirds here, I have to switch males, put males in with different females, and see how production is going. – Wrapping up our tour, did
you guys have a good time? – We did. – Awesome, that’s good stuff. You’re gonna hang out with me, but we’re gonna actually get
surprised by what Bruce got me. Remember Bruce was kinda teasing about getting some tarantulas
for the Tarantula Wall? Well, guess what? They’re here, and I don’t know what they are, but it looks like he’s
got a stack of animals. – So, first one I’ll have to
show you here, this is this, – [Brian] Oh my god. – This one right here is the
Singapore Blue Tarantula. – [Brian] What is it? A, – Singapore Blue. This is
a Southeast Asian species. – [Brian] Dude! That thing is so sick ! – And they are gorgeous. And incredibly potent venom on these guys, this is an overwall species of tarantula, just like I told ya. – [Brian] Oh my gosh. So
you don’t handle this. – No. Not at all. I wouldn’t even try. Not even going to try
and make and attempt. – [Brian] Oh my gosh, that’s
cra- it’s beautiful, though. – Oh, they’re like, – [Brian] So are they arborial, or, – So, uh, yeah. These is
an arborial tree spider, a lot of times they can be a little shy, but man, he’s gonna web up this cage and its gonna be like so cool, so cool. – [Brian] So where’s this one gonna go ? – So this one, for sure, I’m actually gonna put this one here where the leaves and stuff, – [Brian] Ok, we’re gonna
put this in the leaves and probably maybe a little
more foliage as we go here, so, – Oh yeah, we’ll do some plants and put some actual
real-life plants in there, later on, for him. – Ok, and I actually guessed this one. I thought for sure, when he
was telling me about this, it’s a Pink-Toe, right? – Yip. This is a Avic-avic. Now these are, these are
fast-moving tree spiders, but they’re for the most
part, they’re pretty nice. (instrumental music) – [Brian] Oh my gosh. – [Bruce] They’re beautiful. – [Brian] Look at how gorgeous
that thing is, though. – [Bruce] I love these guys. They’re just, they’re just cute as can be. Would you like to hold him?
You’re more than welcome to. Put your hand out. – [Brian] The weird thing is, ooh! – [Bruce] It’s alright,
they are, a little skittish, so you gotta let her walk on you. – [Brian] Oh my gosh. They just have those legs
move so weird! Oh my gosh. I dunno. Its gonna, it’s
gonna take me a little time. Be patient with me, people, cos this is gonna take me a little time. – [Woman] You are very brave. – [Brian] To get, oh. My. Gosh.
That thing is cool as heck. I love it. It’s super
cool. But it scares me. Just something about the
way they crawl is different, and it makes me really freaked out. – Looks like hydraulics, doesn’t it? – [Brian] It’s like, yeah, it’s like multiple legs
are moving at the same time and oh my god! – Like I said, I’m going
through, and I’m switching males. And I’m also looking for
progress on the females and I’m excited to see
that a lot of the things are starting to look like they’re getting
ready to produce eggs. Especially here, is one I just opened, its a Pueblan, if you guys can see there, she’s just really starting
to look a lot more full, her body’s becoming a
little bit more distended in the lower part, in towards the tail, which is a really good sign. Looks like she might even
be going into her shed, so she’s just starting
to get a little bit pale and blue in the eye. So, that means that next shed is probably
going to be her pre-lay shed. Think its going to be
a race to the finish, who lays the first clutch, between her and a Mexican Black King that I have in the same
position right now. – [Brian] So where’s this one gonna go? – This guy’s gonna go right here, this is gonna be his new home. – [Brian] You wanna put him in? – You wanna do it right
now? Let’s do it right now, – [Brian] Let’s just put him in, let’s see what he’s gonna do. – She’s a, – [Brian] It’s a girl? – [Bruce] It’s a, definitely a female. – [Brian] It’s a girl. Ok, girl. There we go. Get your new cage, girlie. – [Bruce] (mumbles) There you go. – [Brian] Oh, there you
go. Oh, look at that. Wow. That is, oh my gosh it’s so cool. It freaks me out but it’s
absolutely gorgeous, dude. I love it, man! – Another one I wanted to show you, real quick before I was done, was this really nice Blizzard Corn. She’s coming along so
good, as you can see, Now the male here has the stripe, this is actually a Blizzard Sunkissed, but she is getting so
big and full with eggs, I’m not gonna lie, this is probably one of
the clutches this year I’m the most excited about, cos it’s been a long time since we’ve produced Blizzard Corns, um, so yeah, it’ll be really nice to see those little heads popping out. – [Brian] What this, the
next one, I’m excited – Alright, so, you know,
this is a old friend of ours. – [Brian] This is an old friend of ours – This is the Skeleton Tarantula we drew, I originally had in Noah’s video, and I think we did a video
together, as well with him. – [Brian] Yeah, we did, yup. – And I just thought, you know, this one’s such a great
terrestrial animal, we had such a great time,
and they web up really cool, like, the enclosure’s gonna
be so sweet when he’s done. – That’s awesome. And
for you guys’s knowledge, remember about a week ago, I said that purple
people-eater didn’t look good, uh, it was getting to
the end of it’s life, we knew when we got it, the breeder said that it
might live 6 months or so, I think it ended up living 6 or 7 months, well unfortunately we
did lose him last week. So uh, and again it was a
male, so, we knew it as coming, its a bummer, so this is
the new one for that tank. So uh, lets uh, see what we can do. – Let’s go and put him in. – [Brian] Oh my gosh. There he goes – [Bruce] (mumbles) Oh my gosh. That thing is so
gorgeous, dude. Wow. Sheesh. That thing is crazy. And again, that’s what,
that’s a Skeleton Spider? – Yes, so this is a Ephebopus
murinus, Skeleton tarantulas. – I am so excited. I’ll
be honest with you, they’re all amazing, I’m super excited to see
how people feel about ’em. That Pink-Toe, I’m pretty interested, – Oh, – I mean, that thing is incredible, – We need to get Eric to handle it. That’s what we should do. – [Brian] Oh my gosh, I’m
not ready for it guys, but I’m already fascinated, I mean, take a look at that animal right there, I’m already really fascinated by it, but I just need a little more time. But I promise you, soon, I will definitely hold that tarantula. Good job, Bruce, thankyou so much, man. – For sure, for sure. – I’m excited. New tarantula’s, guys. Uh, time to open up at the Reptarium. – [Brian] Ready to open up? – Let’s do this (laughter) – Yup – Yes – [Brian] Ok,let’s go (laughter) Hey guys, Welcome! Hi guys, how are ya? – Hello, – [Brian] Hi, how are ya? – I watched your, uh, video this morning. – [Brian] Ah, thankyou so much. Come on in, guys, come on in. How are ya? – Hey, how’s it going? – [Brian] Good. Good
to see you. How are ya? Hey, what’s happening? How are
you? Good to see you again. What’s going on man, how are you? How’s things going? Really good. How’s it going, man? How are ya? Hi guys, how are ya? – [Female Customer] I’m good, how are you? – [Brian] Thanks guys,
alright guys, how are ya? Hi, how are you, welcome, come on in. We’ve got halfway through the
night here at the Reptarium. It was so busy for the first, two and
a half, three hours, that I literally couldn’t
even move, I mean I was stuck here, in this corner here, and I swear to God, I didn’t move for like, literally like two and
a half to three hours. Starting to finally
calm down a little bit, still quite a few people
here just hanging out, looking at the alligators over here, got a bunch of people over here, got a Rainbow Boa over here, hanging out, of course, this corner, always is the Arachnid Corner over here. Go look at the new arachnids really quick, – How come you don’t make beds like that? – And he can go on your face, (Exclamations from crowd) – Caught on tape, right there. As you can see, it’s always fun when we’re
interacting, (mumbles) Like I said, it’s definitely
one for the books, crazy busy, but finally,
calming down a little bit. – Hello, This place is awesome, come here. – Just popping over at B.H.B really quick, I’m seeing some breeding action here, you can see this little Albino
Checkquered Garter Snake is actually trying to breed the female, which is really good. Lot of really good breeding going on over the last couple weeks, getting a lot of swelling
with the females, we’ve got some Anerythristic and Head-Anerythristic
Brux King’s right here. Really, B.H.B is just humming along, I mean, we’re gonna get eggs in no time, but I tell you what,
another breeding right here, these guys are actually locked up, even though the tails
aren’t completely wrapped, the male is actually
inserted right now and again, those are Mexican Black Kings, so, again I’m super
excited, I tell you what, today was a really hectic
and extremely busy day, I hope that, uh, you guys enjoyed kinda
coming along on the journey, and, how awesome is that,
to get those new tarantulas, Bruce surprised me with it, I’m super excited about it. Now I’m shutting it down guys, I hope that you have an amazing day, as always, you’re
amazing, I love you guys, you are absolutely incredible, be kind to someone today and I promise I will
see you guys tomorrow. (Instrumental music)

Randy Schultz

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    Thanks Brian


    Don’t worry about the haters, we all got em’ and you are so much better than all the BS..

    Keep it up

  91. nitsua llah says:

    Terrible tarantula husbandry. Come on guy, just because they're on display doesn't mean you should neglect them. Terrestrial spiders should never have tall enclosures and you provide 0 hides. Literally a 10 year old with a critter keeper could set up better enclosures. You should honestly be embarrassed tarantulas are pretty easy to care for. I bet you don't even know the difference between new world and old world spiders are.

  92. Annie Kwaussie says:

    I have two autistic children and think it would be great if you offer a quiet time at the rep for kids with additional needs…. when the lights are turned down a bit and only small numbers allowed in at a time.

  93. Dorota Sleziak says:

    I got A New snake!!! ❤🐍❤

  94. Dorota Sleziak says:

    Reptiles for Life 🐒🐍🦎🦂

  95. Linda Burcher says:

    Please keep going please.

  96. JayClare says:

    We have such a dangerous tarantula in Singapore?

  97. dj johnson says:

    Those T tank layouts make me cringe every time I see them.

  98. Muhammad B says:

    I gotta say on the last video I was kinda irritated and annoyed but you seem to have fixed your issues from the last one. More substrate would be good.

  99. Jonathan 1567 says:

    Maryland gang!!

  100. Bailey Bowles says:

    I have the singapore blue (l.violoceopes) and ive held it. Mine is docile

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